table senpai

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)

Notice Me Senpai!

So I thought I’d put a together a list of the various senpai and what items they like sense I recently got this app and I haven’t found much tips for it yet;

Will be updated whenever new info is discovered!

Nerd senpai:

Cute tea set, pink frilly table cloth, chess set

Young senpai:

Cute tea set, pink frilly table cloth, Fluffy pink pillow

Lazy senpai:

Fluffy pink pillow, strawberry shortcake, taiko drum

Art club senpai:

Cute tea set, Fluffy pink pillow, jukebox

School Festival senpai:

Pet dog, Rose vase, pink sofa

Science lab senpai:

Pet cat, small orange tree, reclining chair

Gamer senpai:

Frilly armchair, reclining chair, Pet dog

Gourmet club senpai:

Strawberry shortcake, reclining chair, ice cream machine

Delinquent senpai:

Jukebox, stuffed bear, reclining chair

Basketball captain senpai:

Pet cat, gum ball machine. stuffed bear

Drama club senpai:

Frilly armchair, strawberry shortcake, stuffed bear

Goat senpai:

Rose vase, small orange tree, stuffed bear



Student council president:

Reclining chair, stuffed bear

*If you are not getting a senpai then you most likely need a higher brand of coffee

**this list will have the senpai in order, ??? means a senpai I have yet to meet!

We’re hosting a COSPLAY BINGO game at Anime Expo this year!! 

Stop by our Cosplay Senpai table in the Entertainment Hall (by the cosplay sets and repair center!) to pick up a sheet! 


Once you score a Bingo, drop off your sheet to us and will put you in a drawing for a COSPLAY STARTER KIT! 

Complete with…… a 25$ Arda Wigs gift card, 11″x25″ Sample Worbla, 2yrds of Fosshape, a roll of craft foam, a hot glue gun, Mod Podge, a wig head, wig caps, a wig comb, and WHATEVER else we can toss in there!! 

Pick up your sheets whenever – drop em off by Sunday at Noon! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SUNDAY AT 1:00pm!