table rocks


OMG Laboradorite tables - already sold, i might have to watch for more of these though.

Check out this peaceful scene at Table Rock Wilderness in Oregon for International Day of Forests. See old growth Douglas fir and western hemlock along four terrific trails as you hike up to the “fortress” of Table Rock. Breathe in the rich, forest air and remember the poem by Robert Frost, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.” Photo by Bureau of Land Management, @mypubliclands.

boyfriend!tom things

-sticking your cold feet under his butt on the couch when you’re just chillin out

-when he vacuums and is carrying around the long cord he flips it around like a whip sometimes with stupid sound effects because he knows it always makes you laugh

-when you go with him to premieres/press and stuff every so often he’ll catch your eye and either cross his eyes or wink or just smile really cute at you

-nothing hotter than when he’s driving and he slides his hand into yours on the center console and lifts it to kiss the back of it. or rests his hand on your thigh

-he would have his hands just casually down your pants all the freaking time like whenever y’all are snuggling on the couch or in bed and he had a hand near your hip he’d just slip his fingers underneath the waistband of your pants or your underwear not even in a sexual way he would just do it out of habit and rub little patterns on your hips with his fingers

-he loves watching you put your hair up like he gets in a trance every time you put it into a messy bun he just thinks it’s so cute

-when he spoons you in his sleep sometimes his hands will drift up your body until one of his hands is basically just holding your boob in his sleep lol

-you’re an intense knee bouncer, like, rock the table at a restaurant knee bouncing, and it used to annoy him but now he’ll just put his hand on your knee to tell you to stop and keep it there so you don’t start again

-when you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re far apart on the bed you’ll move in close to him again and he’ll unconsciously snuggle into you more or nuzzle his face against your hair or your back depending on how he’s sleeping and it’s the cutest

-you send each other lil videos or links that remind you of each other all the time

-he does this weird thing where he refuses to dirty a spoon if he feels like he doesn’t have to so he’ll like eat a cup of applesauce without a spoon and you always mock him for it even though it’s honestly kinda sexy but you’ll be like “hey when you’re done eating out your applesauce can you…” and he’ll push his hand in your face or flick you or some shit

-frequently when tom is gone he’ll text you super random questions out of the blue at random times like “what’d you have for dinner?” and it always makes you smile because you know he’s just missin you :’)

-he’s not afraid to post on social media about you and you make frequent appearances on his insta. esp when he’s really deep in the feels while he’s away he’ll post cute instas of you with sappy captions like “missing you ❤️” or “soon needs to come sooner”

-also always comments on your instas shit like “😍 😍 😍” or “baaabe” 

-gently touching his face post-sex when you’re in that romantically-stare-at-each-other mode and tracing over his nose and his lips and that freaking left eyebrow

-when he comes out of the bedroom in the morning yawning and stretching and his shirt rides up a lil and he’s wearing those low-riding sweatpants anyway and you see a nice bit of his stomach mmm yeah

-watching Your Show™ together all nestled against his chest and sometimes you get really comfy and sleepy and he pinches your side every so often to make sure you stay awake for it

-and when he’s away you try to watch episodes together at the same time in your respective locations but frequently he isn’t be able to and you watch the new episode without him and he threatens you like “if you spoil ANYTHING for me” even though he’s the one who struggles with keeping spoilers to himself


we got a lot of requests for more parts of living with tom, so this is sort of a cross between that and just some random thoughts we had about boyfriend!tom :) 

hope you liiiiiiike

xoxo, L & A


These are a few of the cool rocks I found at the rock shop located at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Top left is a Tiger Iron table from Australia, 1.6 billion years old, top right is a Blue agate end table(my favorite color), middle is a fossil bed writing table, bottom left is a pyrite dollar in matrix, and finally bottom left is pyrite and quartz on a sphalerite matrix. All so cool and so expensive.