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Requested by anon.

You never understand why your siblings make the most ridiculous choices in love.

“Why are so pompous about your lovers, Bex?” you ask your sister. “It can be clearly seen they’re the lamest people on earth. I mean Marcel was really lame centuries ago, Matt Donovan was just an ordinary human and now, Marcel again? Are you kidding me, sister?”

Rebekah rolls eyes and ignores your comment. The rest of the table looks you in curiosity.

“Oh, please,” you sigh. “Don’t get me started. You guys are not the perfect examples for us, are you? Let’s talk about Nik’s choices, shall we?”

“Gladly.” Rebekah grins. “I’ll explain his type: Lunatics.”

“And blondes.” you add. “Oh wait, there was this ginger lunatic, right? And the doppleganger. No, no, that’s Elijah’s type!”

“What?” Elijah pouts. “Why are we talking about my love interests?”

“Because they keep dying?” you want to say but behave yourself quickly. Instead, you say, “Because you fell for three doppelgangers, a vengeful witch and a werewolf girl who died and became a hybrid?”

“And Aya.” Klaus adds. “She was a vengeful bitch either.”

“Yeah,” you giggle. “Kindred spirits with Aurora.”

He gives a deep breath and Kol laughs.

“Good point sister.” he says. “I never realized-”

“Oh yes cause you are such a decent lover, right?” you interrupt him. “Come on there, brother, you only liked witches because of the power they held and after a thousand years when you finally got the magic you wanted so desperately, you fell for another witch? Shocker, really.”

As he gets his answer, everyone in the table giggles.

“Okay I cannot make fun of Freya at that moment so I wanna make a toast to our late boring brother Finn, who also loved another ginger lunatic during his entire life.”

Your sibling stucks between laughing or arguing but Klaus toasts.

“To our youngest sister who thinks her choices are better than ours. But that’s another night’s story since the list is too crowded.”


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Imagine Peter finding out you broke his Italian table.

——— Request for anon ———

“I am so, so, so sorry, Peter! It was an accident, and—” your apology is cut off by the finger he holds up to stop you.

“You know what,” Peter begins, brow raised as he stares down at the demolished table, lips pursed in curiosity, “surprisingly, I’m not even angry at the moment. I’m still shocked as to how you managed to break that table. It was solid Italian wood.”

You glance sheepishly up at him, rubbing your shoulder as you let out a high pitched sound of uncertainty, “Well, I’m not exactly sure myself. It just… Happened?”

Cheers ladys and gents! Good reading, good drink and good smoke. Perfect. 

Not gonna brag, but I make a mean Mint Mojito…

[Side note] the mint in the drink is fresh. I muddle mint in the syrup. Muddling it prior to mixing the drink is in my opinion the best way.

finnpoe drabble, 780 words, based on this post. because when your friend tells you to write something “right god damn now” you gotta. also on ao3.

Poe didn’t know Rey all that well yet. She had only been back for a week, and since then she had mostly been in council with General Organa. But she was crucial to the Resistance, she was a promising pilot, and she and Finn were important to each other. He wanted to get to know her.

But not if it meant this.

“Finn never takes that jacket off, you know,” Rey said, squinting at him from across the mess hall table.

“Uh huh,” Poe said, trying to appear greatly interested in his off-brown mush of a meal.

Rey gave her spoon a few taps on the table as she looked with curiosity around the hall, tilting her head this way and that, and Poe stupidly let himself believe she would drop the subject.

“Is there something between you?” Rey asked, and Poe dropped his own spoon.

“Nope!” Poe said, taking several scrambling attempts to pick the spoon up again as it skidded away from him.

Rey’s eyebrows rose alarmingly fast, and Poe briefly considered diving under the table.

You’re a Resistance fighter pilot, dammit. You can withstand interrogation. Resist.

“Um. No,” Poe repeated, more calmly.

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iknownothingswrong replied to your photo “My mom bought this fantastic table for my dad back in the 70s. He gave…”

oh. my. god. you’ve probably gotten this question a lot so I’m sorry. any info on this table? any sort of indication on who made it or when or anything? I need to find it. shit.

No worries, iknownothingswrong! There’s not a mark to be found on it and I’ve always kinda figured that it was a homemade piece. The top is an old printer type tray or letterpress drawer so it’s basically just that, a separate frame around it which holds down a piece of glass (or if you are cheap like me, plexiglass) to cover it and keep dust out of all those little cubbies, and then a pair of legs. 

My mom bought it at a junk store back in the 1970s and that’s all I really know about it. Never seen another like it! But I’m sure it’d be easy to make your own if you knew what you were doing. 

Here’s a better shot that I took a while back of the whole thing.