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Under TV tropes as a model here, in your time playing D&D, as a PC or DM, what is the scariest, most tearjerking, most heartwarming, funniest and most awesome moment you can think of?

Saddle up your dragons and get ready, because I have plenty of very long stories to tell. The others are coming in a separate post, when my wrists aren’t killing me because of tendonitis. They might be a tiny bit embellished here and there, but all good stories are.

Scariest and Most Awesome Moment: Becoming a God

I had played Basalt for a rather long campaign. It had ended, but our DM had gotten a brilliant idea: to go back to an earlier age of the same campaign and run a game in the same world. Ultimately, our party’s fate in this new campaign would tie into the elaborate worldbuilding we had co-built for the first campaign. Time passed and we had a lot of fun with the campaign, and were fast approaching the endgame. 

Our characters became very detailed and elaborate, and the twist of the campaign shouldn’t have been a surprise to me, but it was. Before I get to that, I want to mention the characters themselves a bit more:

 Falx Cenzer was our battlemaster. He was a man of the people and a hero of the common folk. His ambition was unmatched, and he wanted to change the world for better. Falx’s greatest fear was time. He feared he was always wasting it, that there would never be enough of it to do what he needed to do. His smile could always put a room at ease. 

Garener was our necromancer. They were a healer of the mind, a gentle soul who spoke to the dead to help the living accept their grief. Garener saw no use in fixing such a temporary and immeasurably small world, nor in discovering its secrets. They believed that our lives had no meaning except what we made of them. Beneath their philosophy and magic, Garener was terrified of death.

Inari Farland was our spellsword. She had been born to a great pirate queen. At an early age, she showed an aptitude for sorcery but not for thievery. Her ‘no-nonsense’ attitude and intolerance for crime led her to become a naval officer under the land’s prince. Underneath her formality and skill, Inari is plagued with a fear that she isn’t doing the right thing.

Izazel was my cleric of knowledge. He insisted that there was a meaning to life, and he adamantly refused to die until he found it. In his own words, “Once I find it, I’ll lay down and perish. Until then, no such thing will happen.” He wanted to know everything there was to know about the world.

Our campaign was bent on finding the Fountain of Immortality and with it archives of all time, written across the walls of its chamber. Falx wanted to find it to maybe, just maybe, have a shot at living longer. Garener wanted to know if death was escapable, and if there was anything in store for the world. Inari wanted to see if there was a ‘right’ thing. Izazel wanted to see all of the unbiased past and bring the truth to light.

We discovered that the fountain would not function unless immortality was ‘traded’. A god must willingly give their power to the pool of water- or a god could be murdered in it. 

Luckily for us, Falx’s connections were able to locate the mountain the fountain was under. As was orchestrated by the DM and Falx’s player the entire time, Falx had stolen the representations of dreams that floated in the fountain. He melted them down. His glaive looked different. We thought nothing of it.

We marched across a small continent and reached the mountain, and found the entrance to a cave several miles deep. It was a hollow ‘spire’ of sorts, covered in mirrors and illusory projections of the past. Embers spiraled from it and into the night. The water in the several story high fountain at the bottom gleamed like liquid mercury. 

Izazel and Garener spent days recording engravings, hailing messengers, and trying to get to the bottom of the cavern that only seemed to get deeper. Inari scouted ahead and mapped the strange bridges that always seemed to change. We had sent Falx to bring our archaeology guild to the scene. We couldn’t excavate it alone. 

Our guild arrived, and disturbing news came with. It was of a green dracolich that we had fought when she was alive. Ahkma, the dragon, was pursuing the fountain with an army beneath her. Someone had told her where it was. The paladins of the fountain that had aided us on our quest joined us, sworn by oath to defend it. We called upon our oldest allies in the farthest corners of the mountains. 

Izazel and Inari had reached the fountain. Garener, Falx and the others busied themselves with tactics on the outer cliffs. We could see the legions approaching. We had known that Ahkma had an army further south, in the city-state she ruled. We had known that she wanted the fountain. But we didn’t think she would go so far as to become a dracolich.

So there we were when the our allies, and a city guard stood against a city-state’s militia. Garener held back a decent portion of the soldiers in a ‘bottleneck’ of a mountain pass. Inari defended them from javelins and arrows with protective magic. We didn’t have time to stop Ahkma from reaching the cliffs, so Izazel, Falx, and the paladins had planned ahead and waited to fight her in the tunnels where she couldn’t fly. 

If this story wasn’t long enough already, here’s where it gets scary and awesome. 

A blast of wind rushed through the tunnels. We were almost knocked to the ground. A deep, unsettling feeling seemed to choke us. Ahkma was approaching. As her toxic breath filled the halls and left two of the paladins coughing blood, Izazel noticed that Falx was nowhere to be seen. We fled to less airtight halls, hearing the horrible snapping of Ahkma stepping onto and breaking the collapsed paladins.

Before we saw dragon claws, before we saw her venomous clout of breath, a javelin struck the leader of the paladins in the throat, pinning her to a wooden beam. Wilhelm was her name. Falx stepped out from a hall. There was a collective cry of anguish at the table as we connected the signs. We should have seen it coming. The moment Falx unsheathed his glaive, the paladins’ moments were numbered. Three of them fell. 

Izazel ran, like a coward. He couldn’t fight his battlemaster companion, but he could outrun him. Izazel knew the patterns of the tunnels and overlooks. Falx did not. Iz hid behind a statue, six or so stories below where he had left the dracolich and traitor. He held a page of notes on the use of the fountain to his chest. Falx could kill him, but he could not have the notes. 

I looked my DM in the eye. I called for Divine Intervention. And it worked. Isthmus, the god of knowledge in our setting, came to life from the mirrored crystal of the statue. With the combined power of cleric and god, we altered the illusions and histories on the walls. 

 Isthmus struck Ahkma’s wing with a moving platform, sealing it into the stone. She broke it away, flightless and enraged. In that horrible moment, the ancient dracolich launched herself across the floor of the cavern. She pinned Isthmus to the fountain and lacerated the god’s throat. She drowned him. 

Izazel had been dealing with Falx. His scream of horror was cut off by a magical spear to the gut. Falx’s player had a wicked smile on his face. He spent his last superiority die to knock Izazel off the edge of the platform. We were twelve stories up.

Outside, Inari was gravely injured and our allies had retreated into a safer valley to tend to the wounded. Garener’s player broke down laughing. Earlier in the game, they had a curse put on them by a hag we had to deal with. The curse was that they would cause a grim and horrible explosion on death, which would virtually guarantee that they would kill all of their allies and everyone around them. 

With that, Garener insisted that all of out allies flee and their player pulled out a secret of her own that we also should have expected. Garener had a phylactery, and would become a lich on death. Cackling like only a nihilistic necromancer can, Garener flew above the militia and gave one last speech about the meaninglessness of life. And died. A very large portion of the army was killed or injured in the explosion. And Garener had every last one of their souls. It would take them a day to reform, but they had done what they needed to. Our allies finished off the soldiers who remained hostile, leaving those who chose to the chance to run.

So, Izazel. He fell twelve stories. And by perfect and unintentional roll of the DM’s dice to find out where his corpse would lie, he struck not the bottom of the cavern but the water of the fountain. Remember when I said Isthmus had been killed on the fountain? Remember when I said that Ahkma and Falx didn’t have the notes necessary to use the fountain, because Izazel had them? It turns out the ritual, which is all verbal, isn’t as hard to do while falling twelve stories as you’d think.

And that, my friends, is how my cleric became the god he previously served.

Why Sangwoo Became Affectionate

As my best friend @officialperidork said, chapter 6 is basically an ecchi. We are presented with a soft, sensual, and sexually charged tone which is a dramatic shift from what the readers now understand to be the norm. But we don’t really get an explanation and I doubt a handjob would turn Sangwoo from knife-happy to cuddly.

After reading @killingandstalking ‘s theory that Sangwoo’s mother may have sexually abused him, everything becomes clear.

Recapping the interactions in chapter 5, we see that Sangwoo was initially carrying unconscious Yoonbum to the basement but stopped midway and instead brought him to his room. We are not given a motive for this. I doubt it was a sudden change of heart or pity. I think Sangwoo recalled an event from his past where he was sick as a child.

Sangwoo places Yoonbum on his bed, helps him drink down the salt water, and tells him to rest. Later he comes back to the room and asks if Yoonbum is okay, and here is when Yoonbum shares how he wants to eat at the same table as Sangwoo from now on.

This is a key shift in the roles of the characters. Sangwoo has not shared the big table with anyone else to our knowledge and made Yoonbum sit on the small table like he did as a child. Now child Sangwoo shared the small table with his mother and must have questioned why he and his mother couldn’t eat at the big table too. By expressing how he wants to eat at the big table, Yoonbum makes a connection to child Sangwoo. Child Sangwoo only ate with his mother.

If they both eat at the big table now. Sangwoo may be able to “change” his past.

His Father doesn’t exist.

Yoonbum now has the role of child Sangwoo.

Sangwoo now views Yoonbum the way his mother viewed him and so he begins to comfort him the same way. He introduces to Yoonbum to intimacy in the same room he was as a child, and thus the fear of his mother has passed and he is now in control of how the “child” is handled.

In chapter six, we see Yoonbum explaining how since that incident, Sangwoo hasn’t hurt him, ordered him around, or made him do chores. Yoonbum is no longer the housewife. Sangwoo has taken on the role that his mother had and takes care of the abused “child”.

Dealing with the aftermath when “father” is gone

normally Yoonbum would be sprawled on the floor getting beat by now because of “father”

Showing empathetic concern

definitely not something “father” would do to “mother”

Changing the subject/showing affection

Yoonbum is even drawn like a child getting his cheeks pinched

Overall gentleness in caretaker behavior

Yoonbum explains that it feels like he’s living with twins that have a completely different personality from one another and it took time for him to get used to this. He goes on to say Sangwoo bathes and dresses him daily, which is really not like him. He normally would not give a damn if Yoonbum was hungry, dirty, or hurt. 

We do not know how long this behavior continues. We later see them sleeping in Sangwoo’s room, under the same covers. I think we can assume with the abusive dad, Sangwoo’s mom often slept in Sangwoo’s rooom instead…and that’s when things get really fucked up. 

Sangwoo solidifies his role as the mom.

1) He teaches sexual acts in the room he was haunted in

he even thanks Yoonbum after the blowjob 

2) He caresses with damp hands

3) He provides food rather than having Yoonbum cook

4) He explains the situation the way an abused parent would

Again, time passes after this. And then Sangwoo tests his loyalty and Yoonbum tries to make his escape and royally fucks up. I’ll make a post about that too later.

BONUS *when you’re your own mom and you cuddle yourself??*

killing stalking is a wild ride that we’re all going to get thrown the fuck off of

(BMC) Mythical Creatures AU, pt 1: Boyf riends


This AU will be split into multiple parts.
First will be a bit of intro on the boyfs and their lives (that’s this), next will be the squip and maybe some RichJake, then it’ll all be random and ship based.
So…. Yeah!

I think I’ve seen one of these around before, but I don’t remember whose it was or what it was on— So if it seems like I’ve copied anything, please tell me! It definitely wasn’t intentional!!

Also, my ‘please give me stuff to do headcanons/parodies on’ plea is still a thing,,,,


Jeremy: Dryad
Michael: Satyr
Squip: Demon
Christine: Sphynx
Rich: Half-dragon
Jake: Incubus
Chloe: Succubus
Brooke: Cloud nymph
Jenna: Harpy


-Being a dryad is basically hell for Jeremy
-His lifeline is connected to some stupid pine tree that’s still only half grown and is found, more often than not, in various stages of wilting
-He can’t go more than a mile away from it either
-Well, he can, as long as he’s holding a twig from his tree
-Michael found out this loophole years ago, and Jeremy’s been using it ever since
-(He never asked Michael why he’d been carrying around a twig from his tree to begin with)
-Michael, as a satyr, eats a lot
-And he’s not picky as to what ‘a lot’ includes
-He can eat anything, from wood to grass to cloth
-Once he ate some plastic hanging from Jeremy’s tree and had to be admitted to a hospital
-Jeremy was furious
-And guilty
-Michael also likes to eat soft drink cans
-He has a whole collection at home
-He lets Jeremy drink the inside, and then eats the can
-Jeremy’s a vegetarian
-Michael will only eat meat if there’s nothing else around
-Eating it makes him feel uncomfortable, being part goat and all
-Jeremy loves rain
-It feeds his tree and makes Michael smell like old wool
-Sometimes the two of them go for long walks in the rain because why not
-When they come back, Michael’s soaked and Jeremy looks like he’s never been better
-Jeremy also loves music
-Well, he loves Michael’s music
-Michael, as a satyr, can play some mean pipes— not to mention his guitar skills
-His music also is somewhat charmed
-When Jeremy’s tree was under attack by insects, Michael strummed a few notes and they all fled
-Speaking of fleeing
-Jeremy is 100% a runner
-He’ll wake up at 6:30 sometimes just for a run around the block
-He likes feeling the wind in his hair and his sandals (he hates closed-off shoes) slapping against the ground
-As a dryad, he’s also pretty damn fast
-Michael hates running
-His goat legs make it impossible
-He’s great at climbing though
-He loves to scuttle up places (usually with one of Jeremy’s belongings) then laugh when Jeremy can’t reach
-They’re both scared of fire
-Jeremy because if it gets anywhere near his tree, it could literally kill him
-Michael because if it gets anywhere near Jeremy’s tree, it could litetally kill Jeremy
-This makes it very easy for Rich, who’s literally half dragon, to taunt them
- 'Yo, Heere! Do you smoke? 'Cause I could light a cigarette for you with a breath!’
'U-uh, I’m fine, t-thanks’
'Oh riiiight, you’re part tree, aren’t you? Maybe sometime I’ll stop by your house and check your other half out. Spark things up a little!’
-Jeremy has a bit of a crush on Christine
-She’s a sphynx, and tends to speak in a really long riddley way
-Jeremy thinks it’s adorable
-He also tries not to stare at the way her tail swishes when she’s nervous or how her eyes gleam like gold or how she—
-Shit he’s in love
-But like…. He also likes Michael?
-But Michael’s a dude and probably uninterested??
-Life is complicated
-Welp, guess you could say he’s… Pine-ing
-Jeremy makes a lot of tree puns
-Michael rolls his eyes but secretely thinks they’re hilarious
-It’s not much of a secret
-He laughs every time Jeremy says one
-Jeremy once startles Michael into bleating
-Michael gets revenge the next day by decking Jeremy’s tree full out in Christmas lights
-And cramming the star on Jeremy’s head
-Jeremy doesn’t take it off for the rest of the day
-It’s June

Cooking with Harry Hook would include:

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  • You doing most of the job
  • Him being like a little kid, ready to help you with whatever you are cooking

  • Him actually hindering you

  • You try to show him the way to do the things but him being too distracted cause he looks at you and doesn’t listen to what you are saying

  • You leaving him for a moment and regretting this decision seconds later 

  • “Harry, what the hell have you done?“

  • “Followed your instructions.“

  • “Then why have you put the shell of the eggs in the bow?!“

  • “Obviously, because It was written to break them and put them in the mixture“

  • You getting angry

  • “(y/n), I wanna help.“

  • “No.“

  • “But-“

  • “No!“

  • Him sitting next to you annoyed and trying to act hurt

  • You try not to pay attention to him because you know you’ll feel bad if you look at him

  • Harry getting bored

  • Him trying to get your attention but with no luck

  • Then he sees the flour and a mischievous grin appears on his face

  • He throws it at you

  • You turning around with a dead glare 

  • “That happens when you don’t allow me to help ya.“

  • You taking an egg and breaking it at his head

  • Then a war beaks out between the two of you

  • In the end you are laughing while the whole kitchen is covered with flour, eggs, chocolate and everything you have laid your hands on. 

  • “My princess, ya look so dirty.”

  • “Why not help me clean myself, huh?”

  • Harry having no hesitations and following your suggestion. 

  • He grabs you by your tights and places you on the table and connecting his lips with your neck licking the chocolate you have there

  • You moaning and burring your hand in his messy hair

  • Him biting you and leaving marks on your neck

  • Kitchen sex 

  • You both getting way dirtier than before

  • “I thought you would clean me, captain.“

  • This leading to shower sex

  • Both of you ready to cook again whenever you can
A Kingsman and Statesman Affair

Pairing/Characters: Eggsy Unwin/“Galahad” x Reader/“Moonshine”, Merlin, Statesmen, OFC “Cheska Aragon”, OFC “Senator Ascott”
Warnings: Beginning of smut but no explicit smut, blood, violence, angst, assumed character death, kidnapping
Summary: When a Statesman and Kingsman work together, all seems to be a success but when a mission fails and a Statesman goes down, one Kingsman feels like he loses everything.
Word Count: 2.4k+


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Does This Make You Happy? - Alex Summers pt. 3

Summary : When you decide to go on a date with the ice-cream shop boy, you come to the realization that you’re still in love with Alex. When you talk to him about it, things go in a completely different direction.

Word Count : 3.1k

Warnings : angst, sadness, fluff,  minimal cursing, smut, oral (f), unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it)

Prompt : (70) “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”  (74) “I can’t take the lonlieness anymore.”

Pairing : Alex summers x mutant!reader

A/N : last part to this little mini Alex Summers fic. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and please remember that you are always welcome to message me!

part one | part two

master list | requests | prompt list

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One month and two weeks. A month and two weeks since you saw Alex. You had visited Leo quite often, seeing as though the entire group of people would drag you out to the mall just so that you’d be able see Leo.

As you sat at one of tables in the food court of the mall, you couldn’t help but glance around, hoping to find Leo in the sea full of people. Sighing you stand up, deciding that he’s probably just to busy to come and say hi. You pushed in your chair starting to walk away when you heard your name being called out.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey wait up!” You turn around to see Leo rushing towards you, a smile on his face. You smile back, standing there and waiting for him to catch up to you. When he did he wrapped you in his arms, calming your nerves a bit. Leo pushed away and walked the two of your over to an empty table, his hand still connected in yours. You gave a weak smile, repositioning yourself in your chair. “So how’ve you been?” He asked, a grin on his face.

Shrugging, your free hand went to the bracelet that Alex had given to you. You never took it off, never have and never will; it was just something to keep you calm. “Good I guess, just trying to get back into the swing of things.” Leo nodded, seeming to understand your situation. “How are you though?” Leo mimicked your previous actions.

“Things are good, I think I’m falling for someone.” He beamed, eyes locking with yours. Your heart started thumping hard against your chest, and you thought that you may have a heart attack at any moment now. Gulping you glanced to the side of him.

“And who is this mystery person that you speak of, Leo?”

You could tell he was nervous just by the look in his eyes, but his voice was calm and smooth. “You.” His words made your head turn back to meet his gaze. “Y/N, I know we’ve only known each other for a month or so, and you’re still getting over that Alex guy, but will go on one date with me? Please?” Leo didn’t sound desperate, he sounded like he genuinely wanted to take you out on a date. And you being you, said yes because you didn’t want to be a mean person.

Leo cheered so loud, that most of the people in the food court turned their heads to see what was going on. Leo sat back down after a minute of doing a little happy dance. He looked down at his watch, sighing. “I have to get back to work, but tomorrow night I’m taking you out.” He stood up, pushing in his chair. “I’ll be at the school by 8:00.” With that, Leo gave a small kiss to your cheek and walked back to the ice-cream shop.

What had you just gotten yourself into?

The following day came all to quickly. When you got back to the school you were harassed with questions from your friends about Leo. “What happened?” “Did he ask you out?” “When are you guys going on your date?” “Can I help you pick out your outfit?” You laughed at your friends, pushing them away just enough to where you had your own room.

“Yes he did ask me out, and yes I said yes. We’re going out tonight, and yes you may help me with my outfit.” Your friends cheered, smiling and saying how cute you and Leo would be, but then again they said that when you and Alex started dating too. Shaking away the memories of Alex, you let your friends lead you up to your room and start getting you ready for your date.

Jubilee blasted her music, her, Jean, Ororo, and yourself screaming out the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Jean did your makeup, Ororo did your hair, and Jubilee picked out your outfit. You knew that with this bunch, your outfit was going to be tight and short, so short.

After two hours of getting you ready to perfection, the girls showed yo what you were going to be wearing. It was a Navy blue short sleeve dress with flowers sewn onto it, with a black leather jacket and black wedges. In your opinion, it wasn’t that bad. You grabbed the dress, heading to the bathroom and changing into the outfit picked out for you. When you lifted your head, you could hardly recognize the person in the mirror. You took in a deep breathe, opening the door and stepping out into the bedroom. The girl’s jaws dropped down to the ground when they saw you. Your cheeks flushed a bright pink, your head ducking low.

Only fifteen minutes passed before you and the girls decided to head down to the front doors and greet Leo. Just as the four of you reached the last step, Peter opened the door and on the other side of the thresh hold stood Leo. He wore a black tux, white shirt, and a tie that was wrapped loosely around his neck. His face lit up when he saw you, his eyes sparkling. You smiled back, not being able to help the blush that burned your cheeks. Leo walked in, going straight towards you and giving you a tight hug. You hugged back of course, but it felt different… your heart didn’t speed up and you didn’t get butterflies in your stomach. Somehow, now you began to question whether or not you really wanted to go on this date.

Leo grabbed your hand, tugging it softly. “Ready?” He asked. You turned your head and looked at him, nodding with a small smile. As the two of you walked out and your turned to wave to you friends, you saw Alex watching you from the top o the stair case, his eyes red and puffy. He looked broken.

You took in a deep breathe before closing the mansion door behind you. Leo lead you to what was most likely his car, and opened the passenger door for you. You smiled at him before getting into the car and fastening the seat belt around your body. Leo got into the drivers side, started the car and than began to drive away from the mansion.

“So I was thinking dinner, and then a walk around the park?” He said, almost as a question as he drove. You nodded, looking out the window and watching as everything passed by.

Leo pulled up to a somewhat fancy restaurant only a few minutes later, helping you out of the car before walking into the restaurant. He had already reserved a table and gotten a space in the back near the window. The two of you sat down in silence, then waited for the waiters to come and ask for your orders. You were distracted, very distracted. Your thoughts kept wondering to Alex, the way he looked when you left with Leo, and the day you and him had your first date. Even though it was three years ago, it still felt like it was yesterday.

You could remember smell the burnt food that Alex was trying so desperately to prepare, the mini food fight the two of you had, fighting over which pizza toppings to get because you’re food was ruined, and your first kiss while you two were cuddled up on the couch and talking. Your heart still ached whenever you thought of him.

A cough pulled you from your haze, and dropped you back into reality. The waitress stood by the side of your table impatiently, notepad and pen in her hands. Leo looked at you, like he knew you really didn’t want to be here, but he kept a smile on his face.

“So, Miss, what would you like to order?” The waitress asked. You were so off in your own little world you had completely forgotten about the menu. You coughed, scanning it quickly before ordering. The waitress left, grumbling something under her breathe. Yo sighed, taking a stray piece of hair behind your ear. Leo looked a bit disappointed at the fact that you looked and were acting like you didn’t want to be there with him.

“What were you thinking about?” Leo asked, folding his hands in his lap. You shrugged, head hanging low. “It was about Alex, wasn’t it?” He knew. Oh boy, he knew.

You nodded slowly, sighing heavily as you looked up. “Yeah, I just… I can’t-.” He shook his head, cutting you off.

“You’re not ready to move on, I get it.” He gave a sad smile. “But let’s at least enjoy tonight, right? We both got dressed up and ready, so let’s enjoy our meal and then I’ll take you back to mansion. Deal?” You nodded, happy that he understood.


You and Leo talked while you ate. You acted normal, even though you knew that both of your were hurting. He was upset that you were still in love with your ex, and you were upset that you were still in love with Alex and always would be.

After dinner you still walked around the park, still talking but mostly about your powers. Leo seemed awfully interested in them, but you didn’t mind, it felt nice to have someone actually like who you  were .

“So, can you like fly and stuff?” Leo asked. You laughed shaking your head.

“No, and no.” You held out your hand. “But I can do something else.” Leo took your hand, feeling a spark shoot through his body as he began to levitate  off the ground a bit. He gasped loudly before breaking out into a smile. You walked in a circle, Leo’s body still floating as you did so. He came down slowly, his body feeling all buzzy now. You chuckled. “It’ll take a while for that feeling to  go away.

Leo nodded, sighing softly, “Guess it’s time to take you home now?” He asked, You nodded, mumbling a small ‘yeah’. He followed your wishes, taking you back to the mansion. The drive was  silent, but it was also calm, something that you had never really experience before. When you arrived at the mansion, Leo insisted on walking you to the front doors. You thanked him for the night, apologizing for the way you felt but he simply shrugged it off. With a kiss to your cheek Leo left the mansion, leaving you outside.

You took in a deep breathe, pushing the door open. Of course, no one was out on the main floor, they were probably already in bed. You walked up the steps, your feet leading you to Alex’s room, instead of your own. Before you could even knock on his door, it flew open to reveal a mess that was Alex. His eyes were still puffy and red, but now his hair was a mess as well. You sucked in a breathe, not having seen him like this since he got back from the war.

“Hi.” You breathed out, your eyes not leaving his.

Alex shifted. “Hey.”

“C-can I talk to you? For a minute?” Alex nodded, moving out of the way to let you in. You watched Alex sit on one of his chairs in the room, and slowly you sat on the bed.

In unison you both spoke, “I’m sorry.” Your eyes shifted upwards as did Alex’s. You coughed, letting him speak first.

“I’m sorry about what I said, I didn’t mean it. Words just came tumbling out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying, and I’m just… I’m sorry.” He held his head in his hands.

“I’m sorry too, for not letting you explain and for blowing up on you like I did.” You sighed, looking down at your folded hands. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.” Alex’s head lifted a bit, to where you could see his teary eyes. “No one has any of the qualities that you do, and I fell for your qualities and now I can’t thin about living life with someone else if I’m not with you.”

“I can’t take the loneliness anymore.” Alex’s voice cracked, making your heart clench. You hated seeing him in pain, just as much as he hated seeing you in pain. Yo stood up, walking over to him and kneeling in front of him. “I need you, please. I need you in my life, Y/N.” He pleaded, and you nodded, your own tears streaking your face. Thank god for waterproof makeup.

You scanned his face for a minute, before leaning upwards and pressing your lips to his in a very much need kiss. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back, he needed this just as much as you did. The two of you stood up, hands roaming each other’s clothed bodies and tugging at the materials. You were the first one to pull of Alex’s t-shirt, than his sweat pants. After that he pulled off your jacket and dress, leaving you in your panties and bra. You could see his ember harden under his boxer briefs, making you smile and giggle softy. His face instantly lit up at the sound of your laugh.

“God have I missed your laugh.” He said, diving down and catching your lips in his. His hands reached under your ass, tugging you up and forcing you to wrap your legs around his lower back. He carried you over to the bed, laying you down on your back, and not once did he break the kiss. You used each other’s oxygen to keep your kiss going, to keep the moment moving.

Alex took his time in gliding his lips down your neck and then your clothed chest. His hands cupped your chest, squeezing your breasts through the thin material of your bra. You squeaked at his firm grip, forgetting how hard he used to hold your breasts in his palm. His hands slid behind your back, pulling the material down and throwing it to the side. His lips attached to your right nipple, sucking and licking at it softly. A tiny moan escaped your lips, making Alex smiled against our skin. He pulled away from your nipple, a light purple mark began to form on the soft flesh. He did the same thing to your left nipple, leaving purple marks on your skin, letting you know that you were his and only his.

His lips and tongue dragged down your stomach, leaving the same purple bruises, until he reached the top of your panties. His eyes shifted upwards as he pulled off the last of your clothing, leaving you completely exposed to him. Alex’s mouth worked wonders on your pussy, he ate you out like no other, and you became even more excited when you felt his plump lips wrap around your throbbing clit. Your back arched as he began to flick at your clit and wet lips, the feeling all to pure. Your fingers were tangled in his long hair, his hands pushed your hips down and kept you in place. He sucked and pulled at your pussy lips, creating a popping noise whenever he let it go. He ate you out for a few more minutes, just to get you worked up before he pulled his boxers down. His length sprung free, pre-cum dripping from his tip.

Reaching out for his member, Alex stopped you and in one swift movement had you on top of him. “We’re taking this slow, princess.” He said in a soft tone. You nodded, reaching between your bodies and giving him a few pumps before lining him up with your entrance. You gasped as his cock started to spread your walls. Since you two hadn’t had sex in over a month, it took you a few seconds before you were adjusted to his size. You moved up and down his length slowly, taking your time with each thrust of your body. Alex grunted, his hands held onto your hips, guiding your slow movements.

You placed your hands on each side of Alex’s head, using your upper body strength to keep yourself up. Alex swept your hair behind your neck, allowing him to see your face clearly. You gave a small smile, that faded quickly as you let out a soft moan. Alex was extremely long, and when you were on top like this it meant that he could easily reach the unknown parts of your body. His tip hit your g-spot each time you lowered yourself onto him, making your body jolt and twitch slightly. Alex loved seeing the expressions you made when he hit that certain spot.

Not being able to hold yourself up and longer, you collapsed onto Alex’s chest, your movement’s slowing. “Alex..” You whispered, slightly moaning.

“Shh… I got you.” He said softly. His hips thrusted upwards into your pussy slowly, chasing on your orgasm. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your lips slightly parted as you let out hot breathy moans onto his neck. “ Fuck… I forgot how much I loved your tight pussy.” He grunted, hands holding you tightly against him. You moaned at his dirty talk and his sudden harsh thrust into your aching core.

Slow sex was great, but also agonizing painful. He chased on your orgasm, changing pace each time he knew that you were about to come undone. He didn’t do that this time, when he knew that the both of you were getting to your peak he just let you come around him, shaking and breathing heavily. He came inside you with a grunt, fingernails digging into your sore flesh. The both of you were breathing heavily, chests rising and falling as you tried to regain your breath.

Alex pulled out, mumbling a soft ‘sorry’ when he felt you wince at the loss. He kissed the side of your head as he helped you lay on your side. You gave him a tired  smile, wrapping your hand in his. He smiled back down at you, his free hand pulling the covers over your bodies to keep you warm.

“I love you, Alex, I never want to lose you again.” You mumbled against his chest. Alex nodded.

“Me too, Angel, me too. Now get some sleep, okay?” He whispered. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you slept the rest of the night, happy and complete once again.

I’m not serving a menu, I’m serving a story, I’m serving my soul. I’m serving a conversation and I want you to talk back to me, I want you to dialogue with me. I’m triggering something inside of you, the memories of inside of you. And if I do this I know that I’m doing the right thing.
—  Dominique Crenn, “Chef’s Table”
Here's a funny one

So in I think math class? The boy who was my first boyfriend, a big guy, on the football team, not so smart, classic suburb living country boy; as we were taking a quiz dropped his pencil, and so he leaned over the part of the desk that the chair and table top connects and proceeded to cause a weight shift in the desk that couldn’t be computed, so what happened? Glad you asked. The desk decided it was time to flip, and flip it did. We all watched as the desk and student as a unit tipped and turned ass over tea kettle. And to this day I could message anyone from our graduating class and mention “the time when Adam B**** flipped over in his desk” and we laugh for a hot minute

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What if Lance was dancing around the streets in his home or whatever, and he has earbuds and stuff. Then he twirls and bumps into Keith, and they stare and it's all awkward. Then Lance gently places an earbud in Keith's ear and then they just dance together throughout town

I’m about 98% sure that you got this idea from the Apple commercial and I’m not complaining. I kind of did this is a hurry so I’m not really sure about it. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy!❤️

Also, I recommend listening to Palace by Sam Smith while reading.

Ever since Lance was little, he loved to dance. There was just something about moving his body, that seemed beautiful to him. Whenever he heard music, he just became lost in it and couldn’t help but dance, no matter where he was. He remembered fondly the late night trips to the grocery store that turned into impromptu performances for anyone that saw. Usually, he would get a small round of applause from the old ladies that were shopping or sometimes the store clerk if they cared enough.

This time though, he was on the street. In the middle of the day, with snow fluttering all around him and the people walking past him on the sidewalk. Although the air was brisk around him he couldn’t help the warmth that flooded his chest as music started flowing into his ears.

My head is filled with ruins

Suddenly nothing else existed. Just himself, his music, and his elegant steps down the sidewalk. It was like the sky had darkened and there was a spotlight on him.

Most of them I built with you

The people around him didn’t even look twice at him as he twirled past them. He caught a snowflake on his hand and blew it back up at the sky with a smile.

On my way to something more

He stepped onto the crosswalk, bending at the waist in a sweeping bow and back up. Then bending back with a smile and started a small spin at the curb.

You’re the one I can’t ignore

“Omph,” he grunted as he fell onto someone. He started falling back before he was grabbed around the waist. Lance gulped and looked up to see a guy around his age with dark hair and violet eyes. He looked at Lance with wide eyes, seeming just as surprised as Lance was at the fall. They paused in awkward silence as Lance tried to find something to say or attempt to pull away from the man. He reached for his right airpod and reached up to put it in the other man’s ear. Thankfully, the man smiled slightly as he put it in.

Yeah, I know just what to say and I regret ever complaining

Then it wasn’t just Lance. It was Lance and him. He pushed himself away from the other before grabbing his hand and pulling him down the street. He led him through to a small courtyard.

About this heart and how it’s breaking

It was like they were in sync as they brushed snow off of a table and connected hands pulling them over each other’s heads. Their foreheads touched together and a hand brushed down the side of Lance’s jaw.

It was incredible to watch the man dance. He jumped onto the table and leapt off again with a twirl. He hopped on top of a car with a flourish and looked back with a smile. Of all the people that Lance could have run into, he was lucky enough to get a dancer.

It was beauty we were making

He kissed his fingertips and raised them at the sky, closing his eyes as snow softly fell on his face. He let himself fall back off of the side of the car, knowing somehow that he would be caught. His arms wrapped around the man’s neck as he spun him around and he gazed into his eyes. He felt like he had known this guy all of his life, but he was sure that he had only met him a few minutes ago.

I’m gonna miss you, I’m still there

It was like they were losing track of time, only concerned with each other. They danced without thought, spinning around each other with no real plan. He easily lifted Lance, spinning him around in his arms. He held onto his shoulders as he eased Lance down to the ground.

Sometimes I wish we never built this palace, but real love is never a waste of time

He slowly dipped Lance closer to the ground, stroking his hair at the back of his head making a small smile slip across his face.

He pulled himself up and pushed away from the man, an eager smile on his face. As if they were communicating telepathically the man stepped back slightly and nodded his head. He stuck a knee out in front of him as Lance took a running start. Lance used the knee as a sort of springboard and leapt up. The man caught his other foot and pushed it up. He flew up into the air, weightless, like he was one of the snowflakes floating around them. Strong hands caught him by the waist, easing him safely down to the ground. Their noses brushed as his feet touched the snow beneath him.

He looked up into the man’s eyes and felt his start to close slowly. Before his shut completely he saw his start to as well. They both leaned in, completely lost in the moment.

A loud car honked beside them.

They jolted away from each other, surprise colouring both of their faces. Even as they backed away from each other, there were smiles stretched across their faces. They looked into each other’s eyes until they finally turned and headed their separate ways.

But real love is never a waste of time

It wasn’t until two blocks later that Lance realized that he hadn’t taken his airpod back.

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The Flick Of A Switch // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Series Masterlist

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Public Smut, Jealousy, and Swearing. 

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC 

Word Count: 6,165

Song: I Think I’m In Love by Kat Dahlia 

A/N: I highly recommend you listen to the song after you finish reading because it is just spot on with this chapter.

“And what about the Dread Doctors?” Theo asked the question we all had in our heads as we sat around the table.

The pack was currently at Scott’s house for our regular meeting. Everyone was trying to come up with seemingly impossible solutions to the insane problems we we’re facing in the supernatural department.

And, yet, all I could truly think about was the way Stiles was staring at me from across the table. How our eyes connected along with our imagination, both of us clearly thinking about how we could just leave and pleasure each other right now.

“I think we should just leave them be.” I stated, my eyes never leaving Stiles’.

“What?” Scott’s confused voice broke my trance away from him and I was back in reality.

“Look,” I sighed, now looking at my Alpha. “We know nothing about them or what they actually want. It won’t make a difference if we try to stop them when we don’t even understand what we’re up against. I say, until we get more information, we should just leave them alone.”

“You know, Scott, that actually makes sense.” Stiles spoke up for the first time tonight and I felt warmth on my skin at his approval. “I have to agree with her.”

“Me, too.” Malia confessed and I looked around the table to see everyone nodding at me.

“No, we can’t do that.” Scott shook his head in denial. “They’re killing people.”

“And if we try something prematurely, they might just get away and kill more people in the process.” Stiles instinctively expressed his opinions through his hand gestures. “We just can’t risk it.”

“Fine.” Scott sighed, after pondering his words for a while and gave in. “You guys are right.”

Stiles and I shared glances again, this time smiling at each other. It’s something we’ve been doing a lot, lately.

“Great, so can we get to the fun part of this meeting now?” Lydia asked, clapping her hands together in excitement. “How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

“What is it with you and the typical middle school games that you like so much?” I smirked, my attention leaving Stiles and now focused on the banshee.

“I have no shame in enjoying good fun that’s equally as scandalous.” She smirked back and I couldn’t hide my small laughter.

“I’m up for it.” Malia shrugged and soon enough a chorus of agreement filled the McCall dining room.

“Awesome, let me just get something to drink first.” Stiles quickly ran to the kitchen and everyone was mentally leaving the serious supernatural mode to careless fun mode.

“I’ll get an empty bottle.” I offered, getting up from the chair and walking towards the kitchen.

I smiled once I was inside and spotted Stiles getting two glasses from the cupboard. I watched as he placed them on the counter and strode over to the fridge.

“Why two?” I asked, pulling him out of his own little world. Stiles’ head popped up from behind the refrigerator door and I surprisingly felt myself swoon at his cocky smile.

“I thought you’d like one, too.” He shrugged, pulling out a small bottle of soda and closing the door with his elbow.

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” I smirked, leaning against the kitchen’s door frame.

Stiles opened up the bottle of soda and poured all of its liquid into the two glasses in front of him. Just as he was finished, he turned around to throw the container away in the trash bin.

“No, no, no!” I shouted, stopping him in his tracks. Stiles, immediately, froze and turned around just enough to look at me with a confused expression. “We need that to play.”

“Oh, right.” He nodded, pointing at me and stuck the empty plastic bottle under his arm. Stiles grabbed the two full glasses and approached me with a grin. His face was inches from mine and we playfully stared into each other’s eyes.

“Thanks.” I grinned back, taking the drink from his hand and the bottle from his underarm.

“No problem, princess.”

And then Stiles, suddenly, did something he has never done before. It was as if the entire world had gone into slow motion as I watched him lean in closer to me and place a chaste kiss on my lips.

Stiles and I have been having constant sex for about a month now and we only ever kiss went its sole purpose is to turn the other one on and spark profound lust. We have never just kissed before, not without expecting hot sex to come right after.

For Stiles to randomly kiss me and not have any other intention behind it was news for us… and it actually brought butterflies to my stomach. Yes, butterflies.

Stiles didn’t seem to recognize what he just did because he left the room without another word. I decided to follow him in his footsteps and just push away any questions I had. If Stiles wasn’t going to dwell on this, then, neither would I.

“Sorry, man.” I heard Theo speak as I entered the dining room. Once I was inside I noticed him sitting in the seat Stiles was originally in.

“It’s fine.” Stiles stated, but not without suspiciously narrowing his eyes at the werewolf he didn’t trust first.

With my drink in one hand and the empty bottle in the other, I sat back down in my seat. Which was coincidently next to Stiles and for the first time since this has all started, I felt a bit nervous.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” I exclaimed, placing the bottle in the middle of the table. “I’ll go first.”

I anxiously spun the bottle and all eyes watched in awe as it stopped moving and pointed towards, the one and only, Kira Yukimura.

“Which will it be, kitsune?” I smirked, leaning back on my chair. “Truth or Dare?”

“Let’s go with truth.”

“Such a prude.” Stiles said through fake coughs and everyone laughed at his witty comment.

“I am not a prude!” Kira protested and she looked like an adorable puppy as she pouted at us.

“Okay, then answer this.” I proposed, slowly taking a sip from my drink to add suspense. “Is sex with Scott sweet or is it… kinky?”

Her face immediately became flushed with embarrasment and Scott nervously laughed beside her, scratching the back of his neck. I didn’t need to have supernatural hearing to know her heart rate must be off the charts right now.

“Kinky.” Kira answered with such a low voice, I almost didn’t hear her just confess she and her boyfriend were freaks in bed.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Stiles bursted out laughing, completely shocked like the rest of us. “Attaboy, Scott!”

I laughed, along with the rest of the pack, as Stiles stood up and reached over the table, excitedly high-fiving his best friend.

“Okay, my turn.” Kira quickly spoke, desperately wanting to get out of this uncomfortable topic.

She spun the empty bottle and it landed on Stiles, everyone else was relieved they wouldn’t be the one suffering Kira Yukimura’s wrath.

“Dare.” Stiles smirked, challenging the japonese descendant.

The mischevious grin on her face hadn’t gone unnoticed as she folded her arms on the table and leaned in closer.

“I dare you to kiss Lydia.”

“Okay.” Stiles carelessly shrugged, getting up from his chair.

“I’m not finished.” Kira intervened and he stood there, waiting for her to speak. “With tongue.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in response. It was a known fact that Stiles was in love with Lydia, heck even she knew it. And Kira asking him to do this dare would be so nerve-wrecking for him.

This is the girl he’s always wanted to be with, afterall. Kissing her alone wasn’t going to be easy for him and Kira knew that. Especially since this would be their first official kiss together. It’s Kira’s revenge for his snarky comment, to make him feel all flustered and shy.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Stiles easily walked over to Lydia. He didn’t seem to be nervous at all, instead he actually seemed to move without a single care.

He hovered over the redhead and placed his hand behind her neck. I watched as they both leaned in and their lips touched.

A strange and unkown feeling came over me, seeing Stiles kiss Lydia. It was an unpleasant feeling and, for some reason, I felt inclined to turn my head away. And that’s what I did, my eyes focusing on the clock hanging up on the wall.

I could hear the pack cheer around me and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t shouting along with them. I’ve always wanted Stiles and Lydia to get together, so why am I not celebrating right now? And why do I feel like actual crap right this moment?

When I heard Stiles walk behind me and in front of his chair was when I looked back at the pack. They all were smirking at the two that had recently kissed and I just wanted them to stop.

“I do believe that it is, in fact, my turn.” Stiles sat back down and my heart fell into my stomach as I watched him wipe away her lipstick from his lips.

He spun the bottle in the middle of the table and I stared at his fingers, the same fingers that have done absolute wonders on my body.

I swooned, thinking back at how just this morning they were buried deep inside of me. Expertly moving against my sensitive walls, pushing me over my edge.

“Emma.” The sound of my name leaving Stiles’ lips had me pulled back into reality.

“Huh?” I asked, my eyes looking up at his golden brown ones.

“It landed on you.” Stiles pointed to the bottle and I noticed that it had, indeed, landed on me.

“Oh, uh.” I cleared my throat, swiftly pushing back my dirty thoughts and saving them for later. “Truth.”

“You, too?” Malia questioned, laughing at how I was also being a prude.

“Okay, then, Dare.” I shrugged, my interest in this game beginning to fade as I gazed at Stiles’ plump lips.

“No, no, no.” Stiles shook his head, smirking. “You chose Truth, now stick with it.”

“Fine.” I narrowed my eyes at him. Everyone else percieved it as me challenging him, but by the way Stiles’ eyes dialated slightly, he certainly took it as a seduction attempt.

“I think we can all agree that you’ve had your fair share of boyfriends in the past-”

“Where are you going with this, Stilinski?” I interrupted and Stiles chose to ignore my question.

“Which means you’ve had different sexual partners and different experiences.” He stated and I, immediately, knew where he was trying to get to.

“Just ask the question already.” I sighed, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Who was your best?” Stiles asked, genuinely wanting to know the answer.

“Not one of my ex-boyfriends, that’s for sure.” I practically whispered, but by the look on Stiles face, everyone had heard me.

“Oooh, this is getting juicy.” Lydia squealed, but all I could do was study Stiles’ expression.

His eyebrows lifted in wonder and I could read the very obvious question swimming in his pupils: Am I your best?

“Wait, who was it, then?!” Scott’s excited voice rang in my ears and I watched as Stiles’ eyes widened in fear.

“Let’s just say, he’s the person I last had sex with.” I answered not Scott’s but Stiles’ burning question.

He pursed his lips, trying to hide the incoming smirk, and grabbed his drink. Stiles’ intense stare leaving mine as he took a sip from his glass. I could feel the cockiness radiate off of him, clearly thrilled at the knowledge that he’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

“Seriously?” Malia audibly groaned. “You’re gonna be that vague?”

“I answered the question.” I shrugged, now looking over at the were-coyote.

She rolled her eyes at me and I mentally thanked every possible god out there for her not pressing further. Or any other pack member for that matter.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Stiles’ body relaxing back into the chair and I reached over to spin the bottle.

The game went on for an hour and it was, actually, fun. Laughter was the constant theme of the night as we watched each other do some pretty stupid and embarassing dares. Not only that, but we discovered a lot of dirt on one another and I was contantly shocked. Like Kira, for example, lets Scott chain her up in bed.

“Theo.” Lydia raised an eyebrow once the bottle stopped in his direction. “Which will it be?”

The werewolf that wasn’t in our pack, but still hung out with us anyway, thought for a bit before answering. I took the last sip of my beverage, everyone waiting for him to respond.


“Is it true that you have a crush on Emma?” Lydia smirked and I, immediately, spit my drink out in shock.

“What?!” I exclaimed along with a very familiar voice, the same voice that makes me melt whenever he sexily whispers into my ear.

I turned around to see Stiles looking at him in surprise and I’m certain we have the very same expression planted on our faces.

“You like Emma?!” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, continuing our previous question.

Theo cleared his throat and I could see the faint blush on his cheeks. He sat up straighter in his seat, trying to shake off his embarrasment.

“Yes.” He confessed and my eyes widened in response. Theo looked at me for the first time since the bottle landed on him and he seemed actually nervous. “I do.”

I felt anxious and it wasn’t a good kind of anxious. It was the type that you felt in a very bad and terrifying situation. Usually how I feel everytime I have to face the scary side of the supernatural.

“Oh.” I stated and from my peripheral vision I could see Stiles staring intently at me. “Okay, well you answered the question. Now you have to spin the bottle.”

I quickly tried to change the subject away from me. Look, Theo is great looking and what not but just… God, no.

Theo’s face faltered just for a second and if I hadn’t been paying close attention, I would’ve missed it. He reached over to the bottle and spun it. It didn’t take long for it to find it’s next victim and I, immediately, felt my body go rigid as it picked me.

“Of course.” Stiles sighed and I didn’t have to look at him to know he just rolled his eyes.

“Emma,” Theo grinned and my skin itched. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I let out a sigh of defeat.

“I dare you to go on a date with me.” Theo smirked and my stomach, instantly, turned.

My first instincts wanted me to look at Stiles and plead for help through eye contact. But, I knew that if I looked at him right now it could possibly raise suspicion. So, to save our own personal fun, I had to figure this out by myself.

“No.” I shook my head, folding my arms against my chest.

“No? You can’t say no to a dare.”

“I can when it’s invalid.” I pointed out, leaning into my seat.

“How is this invalid?” Theo raised an eyebrow, challenging me.

I felt all eyes on me, including Stiles’. They desperately wanted to know what I would come up with to keep myself from going out with Theo Raeken.

“Because if we were to go on a date, it wouldn’t be tonight. And since we’re playing right now, you have to pick a dare for me to complete at this exact moment.”

“Fine.” Theo sighed. “Then, I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the game.”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed, offended at his request.

“Well, I was going to dare you to kiss me. But, I don’t want our first kiss to be in front of everyone. So…” Theo lifted his hand and called me towards him with his index finger.

“Why do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“So, we can chat.” Theo shrugged. “And to get closer to each other.”

“Theo, you’re disg-” I began to protest but he interrupted me, instead.

“A dare’s a dare, Emma.” He taunted. “And I triple-dog-dare you.”

Everyone let out quite comical gasps at his challenge and I rolled my eyes. That is, everyone except for Stiles. If looks could kill, Theo would be long executed by now.

A sense of comfort flushed over me as I thought about how protective Stiles is. I know for a fact that he’s just glaring at Theo because he doesn’t trust the guy and would do anything to keep his friends safe. I profoundly admire his dedication to his close loved ones.

But, Theo’s got the upperhand here. A dare’s a dare, afterall.

“Fine.” I sighed and the entire pack looked shocked as I stood from my seat and made my way towards him.

I watched Stiles carefully as I relunctantly sat on Theo’s lap. To say he was furious was a complete understatement.

“Hi.” Theo whispered in my ear and an eerie chill ran up my spine. “You’re very beautiful.”

“I am here to fufill the dare and not your nasty little fantasies.” I turned to talk to him, our faces inches apart.

“Alright.” Theo stated, but not without smirking first. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, anyway.”

“Too late.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

The game went in full spin and about two hours later, we all decided we had enough. It was, without a doubt, the most interesting game of Truth or Dare I’ve ever played.

Stiles’ eyes never left me the entire time. Well, occacionally he would glare over at Theo, but for the most part his attention was on me. It made my skin tingle and my cheeks blush.

There was even a moment when Theo’s hand settled on my upper thigh and I could feel the anger coming off of Stiles from where I was seated. His eyes were so furious I, honestly, thought that a laser beam would, suddenly, burst through his pupils and destroy the werewolf.

When I was finally able to get off of Theo’s lap and be free, I had never been more grateful. Look, Theo is handsome and all, but he’s just not for me.

My first instinct when the game was over and everyone stood up to either eat or use the bathroom was to walk over to Stiles.

However, a finger lightly tapping on my shoulder stopped me before I even could. I hesitantly turned around to whomever was trying to grab my attention, but not without noticing the roll in Stiles’ eyes first.

Of course it’s you.

“Hey, Emma.” Theo smiled too wide and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Look, I’m sorry if that made you uneasy in anyway.”

“Whatever, Theo.” I sighed, turning back around. But he placed his hand on my arm instead.

“Wait.” He called and I watched Stiles’ eyes look at his hand on my skin before I returned to the werewolf.

“What is it?”

“I, um-” Theo nervously scratched the back of his head. “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me this Friday. Not as a dare, but as an actual date.”

“Not gonna happen, Theo.” I denied, immediately.

“Emma, I know I can come off as a bit cocky sometimes. But, I need you to know that I’m not.” Theo sighed, letting go of my arm. “I really do like you. I think you’re amazing and so beautiful. All I ask is for one simple date. One chance to show you there’s so much more to me than meets the eye.”

A pang of pity hit me as I watched him talk with such innocence in his voice. He really seemed to be telling the truth and normally I would be into a guy like this, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel compelled to him.

“I’ll think about it.” I sighed, looking for an answer that wouldn’t hurt him. “Okay?”

“Okay.” Theo smiled sweetly and I smiled right back.

The second I turned around I was met with a very annoyed Stiles Stilinski. His eyes watched closely as Theo walked passed him, his attention focused on the werewolf until he finally left the room. Funny enough, that’s when I noticed everyone else had dispersed as well. Stiles and I were alone for the first time tonight.

“What’s with the look of murder on your face?” I chuckled, grabbing the packet of peanuts that were on the table and popping a few in my mouth. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s actually very hot.”

“Who the hell does Theo think he is?” Stiles scoffed, finally looking at me.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, sitting down on my original chair. “But, he clearly thinks he’s the shit.”

“How uncomfortable was it? To sit on his lap?” Stiles asked, his expression worried as he sat in the seat beside mine. “O-Or did you like it?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, a scoff making its way out of mouth.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Sorry.” Stiles sighed, rubbing his face with his right hand. “It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” I leaned in closer to him, noticing a small glimpse of fear in his brown eyes. “Stiles?”

Stiles blinked quickly before shaking his head and leaning against the back of the chair.

“I don’t trust him.” He spoke the statement he’s said to all of us over and over again. It’s practically written on his forehead at this point.

“I know-”

“Emma, did he ask you out after the game?” Stiles interrupted, his nerves too anxious not to.

“Yes.” I answered, eating more peanuts.

Stiles didn’t say anything, he just nodded. I am certain that I’m mistaken, but a part of me feels like I just saw hurt flash quickly in his eyes. However, it was gone before I could even check twice.

“What did you, uh, say?”

“I said I’d think about it.” I wiped the salt from the peanuts off on my blue jeans. “But, I lied.”

“You don’t want to go on a date with him?” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hell, no.” I shook my head and chuckled.

“But, he’s like super good looking?”

“Do you not remember when I said I don’t ever want a boyfriend, again?” I questioned and Stiles’ eyes fell to the floor.

“Vividly.” He whispered so low it was almost inaudable.

“Stiles.” I spoke his name in a seductive tone and his head snapped up to look at me. “I know you care about my safety, but I could care less about Theo Raeken, right now. Do you know what I really want?”

He shook his head and with a smirk on my lips, I rested my hand on his right thigh.

“To go in that bathroom and let you have your way with me.” I grinned, my fingers lightly squeezing him.

“Here?” Stiles swallowed nervously, peering around the room to see if anyone was near.

“Mmhm.” I nodded, standing up to plant a kiss on his lips and then his jaw. Working my way up to Stiles’ earlobe, nibbling on it and scraping his skin with my teeth.

Stiles let out a satisfied hiss and I knew he’d be putty in my hands in a matter of seconds.

“What if they hear?” Stiles asked, closing his eyes as his fingers gripped my waist. “This house is in fact filled with werewolves.”

“Then, I guess we have to be really quiet.” I mumbled against his neck, the vibrations making him moan.

“Shit, let’s go.” Stiles excitedly spoke, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bathroom.

A hushed giggle escaped my lips as I let him rush me to the small room. I gently closed the door behind us and Stiles picked me up to place me down on the sink counter.

His mouth desperately crashed on mine and my hands grabbed his cheeks, keeping his lips in place. They felt so amazing moving against mine and I softly moaned into his mouth when he pushed his tongue inside.

Stiles’ tongue played with my tongue as his fingers rapidly unbottoned my jeans. Goosebumps made their way on my skin and he unzipped my pants, pulling them down and off my legs.

The denim fell on the floor and I spread my legs for him to settle between them.

“Damn, you’re such a good kisser.” I whispered when Stiles’ lips moved from my lips to my jaw and across my neck.

“You, too.” He smiled against my skin, lightly sucking on my pulse point. But, he didn’t dwell for too long beause we have a strict rule about no hickies.

The second he no longer had his lips pressed against me, I took the advantage to pull his shirt off his body. My teeth biting down on my lip as I appreciated his toned stomach.

“I don’t get how you swoon every single time you see me naked.” Stiles chuckled in a quiet voice as he opened the buttons of my pink blouse.

“Stiles, the sooner you realize you’re sexy as fuck, the better.” I whispered straight into his ear and he smirked at me before placing a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“Holy shit.” Stiles breathed out when he slid my shirt off my arms and, finally, noticed the pair of matching red laced panties I was wearing.

“Do you like it?” I smirked, looking up at him seductively.

“You have no fucking idea.” Stiles quietly moaned, attaching his lips back on mine.

All of the whispering and sneaking around had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and my core getting wetter by the second. But, it was when Stiles removed my panties and put them up on a towel hook that I felt my skin tingle with excitement.

Stiles’ fingers slid the slickness in my folds and his lips worked fervently against mine, his middle finger moving slowly up and down.

My hands were wrapped around the back of his neck, my mouth concentrated on his and my mind focused on how he circled his finger on my clitoris.

He drew patterns against my nub and I felt my body relax into him. Stiles is definitely great with his mouth, but damn… his fingers are my true weakness.

Stiles’ other hand slid across my back and unclasped my bra. He quickly took it off and threw it some place unkown when he sqeezed my breast with his hand.

I let out a breath of satisfaction and his fingers increased his pace on my core. I moaned into his mouth at the feeling of two of his skillfull fingers now pumping inside of me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he quickly moved inside of me, my body clenching in pleasure. It was when Stiles’ hooked his fingers against a sensitive spot that I knew I needed all of him right now.

Without even saying anything or detaching my mouth from his, I pushed his fingers out of me.

“Did I hurt you?” Stiles broke our heated kiss and looked at me, confused. “I’m so sorry.”

My heart swelled at his genuine concern and I bit down on my lip, shaking my head. Stiles, finally, understood why I had taken his hand away when I opened his pants and let them drop onto the floor.

He smirked at me as I licked my lips, appreciating the view of his boner straining against his boxers. Stretching out my hand, I palmed him over the cotton and Stiles hung his head with his eyes closed.

Pressing my mouth back on his, I pushed his boxers down enough to expose his dick. My hand wrapped around him and slowly pumped, Stiles’ forehead resting on my bare shoulder.

I took my time to work him and he kept kissing my skin when I increased my pace. My fingers grazed the precum on his slit and his hips twitched.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” Stiles whispered and I smiled. He let out a hushed groan when I stopped pumping him.

Something seemed to snap inside of him because he roughly gripped onto my thighs and quickly positioned himself in my entrance.

I bit down harshly on my lip, grabbing his shoulders, as he slid inside of me. My nails dug into his skin with his cock filling me up entirely.

He was buried deep inside me and both of our bodies throbbed in excitement. Stiles fit his face in between my breasts and pressed soft kisses before I hitched my hips up, begging for him to do something.

He waited a few seconds before moving and I leaned my head on the bathroom mirror hanging right above the sink.

Stiles’ cock slipped in and out of me with ease thanks to how wet I was for him. I mean, kowing that I can have sex with this attractive boy whenever I damn please has kept me constantly wet and ready for Stiles to just take me and fuck my brains out.

Which was was he was currently doing.

A strangled moan escaped my lips when he attached his mouth on my nipple and Stiles immediately brought his hand up to my mouth. His fingers pushed past my lips and made their way inside.

“Suck them.” Stiles commanded with a husky voice and my core clenched around him in response.

Never breaking eye contact, I grazed my tongue on his skin and I could taste myself on it. Stiles picked up the pace of our connecting bodies as he watched me gladly suck on his fingers. Sure, it’s main purpose was to hide my moans, but it certainly didn’t fail to make us both even hornier.

Reattaching his mouth on my nipple, Stiles pounded his hips harder into me and I was thankfull his hand covered my filthy moans.

All I could think about was how much I loved this whilst being consumed by the feeling of him fucking me with no mercy.

It was when he bit down harshly on my nipple that I felt my peak near itself. My back arched and my core throbbing against his member.

“Fuck, I’m not gonna last much longer.” Stiles whispered and I hummed against his skin.

His lips moved to my neck, nibbling as one of his hands let go of my thigh and moved to massage the back of my knee.

“Go ahead, cum for me.” Stiles whispered straight into my ear, his hot breath dancing on my now sweaty skin.

My toes curled at his dirty words. It wasn’t often then he used them, but damn when he did… God help us all.

Stiles moaned into my neck when my hand moved towards our connecting bodies and pressed against my clit. It took me about three seconds of rubbing my nub before the wave of ecstasy crashed down on me and I was drowning in the waters of my own intense orgasm.

My body shook with such force that the cup that held toothbrushes fell into the sink. Stiles didn’t even bother to care because the feeling of my core clenching tightly around him had his own release reach him.

Stiles bit down on my shoulder and I could feel the muscles of his back arching against my hand as his hot liquid spilled into me.

The only sound that followed our incredible orgasms was the both of us panting whilst we came down from our highs. Stiles breathed into my neck and my legs and arms fell limp in exhaustion.

When we were both back into reality, Stiles pulled out of me and I felt cold without him there. He grabbed toilet paper and wet it, cleaning his dick from both of our juices. Stiles kindly cleaned me next and I blushed at his actions.

He helped me down from the sink and placed me on the floor. The second he let go of me, my knees went weak and I began falling.

“Whoa, there.” Stiles chuckled, grabbing me by the waist before I could actually hit the ground. “Having trouble standing?”

“Apparently.” I quietly laughed and he laughed with me.

“Here, hold onto the counter while I put your clothes back on.” He helped guide my hands to the surface and I gripped it.

Stiles slowly let go, trying to see wether or not I would slip again. My legs were wobbly, but I managed to hold on tight.

He took my panties off the hook and kneeled down in front of me. Carefully, I lifted one foot at a time for him to place them on my legs. Stiles slid them up as he stood.

I smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed, when he lifted it over my ass and snapped the waistband against my hips.

The jeans were a bit harder to put on me, but Stiles managed to do it suprisingly well. His arm wrapped around my waist and he told me to let go of the counter. I did what he requested and he pulled me towards the lid-covered toilet, sitting me down on it.

“Can you put your shirt and bra on?” Stiles asked, grabbing the two pieces of clothing and I nodded.

I took them from his hand and put them on my body, watching with a smirk as he put his own clothes back on. I don’t really know why, but I always get turned on whenever I see him either taking off or putting on his belt. It’s a strange confession that I have yet to tell him.

“Do you think they’re right outside?” I asked when he was fully dressed again and fixing his hair so it didn’t look like he just had sex.

“Shit, I forgot about that.” Stiles groaned.

With a sigh, he slowly opened the door just enough to peek through the small crack. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before pushing the door all the way open.

“They’re not even here.” Stiles stated, looking around to see if he could find anyone and eventually gave up. “Can you stand now?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, getting a grip of the hands he extending to me. “Let’s see.”

Once I stood up from the toilet seat, he slowly let go of my hands. Watching me carefully the entire time. We both immediately smiled when I was actually able to stand on my own again.

“You did it!” Stiles exclaimed, celebrating my conquest. “Good job!”

And then, for the second time tonight, Stiles kissed me unexpectedly. It wasn’t a kiss full of lust and it wasn’t chaste either.

One of his hands slid around my waist and the other got a hold of my cheek. I was so surprised that I didn’t even have the idea to stop him. I kissed him back fully and I could feel my head spinning in response.

Stiles slowly broke the kiss, but he kept his face close to mine. He pushed a loose hair behind my ear and my cheeks heated with a blush. Stiles smiled as his gorgeous brown eyes pierced into mine, making my heart flutter.

Suddenly, everything changed in one instant. I felt myself falling into a pit that I desperately wanted nothing to be a part of.

It was as if a switch has been flicked and it turned on this feeling that was deep inside of me, now bringing it to the surface.

It now all made perfect sense why I felt horrible when Lydia and Stiles kissed. Why I kept looking over at him when I was on Theo’s lap. Why, even though he’s cute and would be great to get into bed with, I wasn’t the least bit interested in going out with the new werewolf.

Looking at him now, I realize I see something I didn’t the night before. The person who was just a friend moments ago is now the only person I ever imagine myself with.

“Come on.” Stiles grinned, slipping a hand into mine. “Let’s go find our friends.”

My heart beated faster than ever as I let him pull me outside of the bathroom. He looked around the dining room, trying to find the others.

But, I couldn’t concentrate on helping him. I was too terrified at that fact that I fell in love with the one person I wasn’t supposed to.

I fell in love with my friend with benefits.

I fell in love with Stiles Stilinski.


Right, so I wanted to try and give myself a challenge here because a few folk pointed out to me that I tend to write a lot of quick and snappy scenes without really stopping for a moment. So here we go, this is my attempt at trying a nice, calm, development chapter. Sit down and relax, folks.

I also want to thank you all for 300 followers! It means so much to me, you have no clue! ;w;

Once again, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango!

I tried.

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This is awkward

a “we’re exes who got accidentally set up on a blind date, fuck my life” au 

“I am going to murder you,” Jyn growled the second Shara Bey answered the phone.

“Honey, you’ve been trying to do that for years,” her work colleague said at once. “C’mon, surely the date’s not going THAT badly?”

She laughed without humour. 

“Yeah, of the millions of people in all of London, you have somehow managed to set me up with my ex from two years ago.”

Shara, far from being the sympathetic best friend she was supposed to be, just burst out into raucous laughter.

“Oh my god,” she spluttered.

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Payback (Feysand Week: Day One)

Day one of Feysand Week: Movie Night 

Warning: NSFW, but no actual smutty smut smut! 

Summary: Feyre’s friend group has had a movie night as long as they’d been friends. This one’s just as dysfunctional as any other.

Real World AU (an easter egg: the movie they’re watching is a movie adaptation of Throne of Glass!)

Ships: Feysand, Nessian, Amren x Varian, Mor x OC


It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember that my friend group has had a movie night every other Friday. I had encouraged the idea when the group were all still in their early days of high school, when I had first joined the tight-knit group that, at the time, had consisted only Mor, Cassian, Amren, Az, and Rhys. Now, the group has expanded to include me and my oldest sister, Nesta.
Each person has a job on movie night.
Rhys and I’s spacious loft is the location this time, so our job is only to clean up and ensure the TV is working properly.
Cassian and Azriel are in charge of bringing whatever alcohol they feel like bringing, and, whenever they get drink duty, all of us are in no condition to go home, so the night turns into a sleepover.
Amren and Mor are in charge of food—popcorn, candy, whatever, but I’m inclined to believe that Amren has likely left Mor to do everything herself.
And finally, Nesta chooses the movie.
At sometime around 8 PM, Azriel shows up at our door, holding a bottle of red wine, ever the classic man, and rocking a stunning, toothy smile.
“Turn down the charm, mister,” I tease, smiling and giving him a hug.
He laughs, and greets Rhys before setting down the bottle on the counter.
“My partner in crime’s held up back in our apartment. Nesta stopped by right before I left, and with the look on her face, I think he’ll… be a while.” Azriel says with raised eyebrows, causing Rhys to snort.
“A lucky man,” Rhys says, and I shoot him a playful glare, “Of course, not as lucky as I am…” he adds quickly, dodging me when I step around Azriel to try and slap his shoulder. He grips my waist to hold me back, but ends up leaning in and placing a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. The kiss quickly deepens, and we make no move when we hear the door open again and Amren’s groan as she walks in.
I move my hands to Rhys’s waist and break the kiss, stepping to his side. I smile at Amren, who grimaces back, taking off her long, black cardigan (it’s the middle of summer—I have no idea why she was dressed so warmly), showing off her large ruby necklace—something new, as I had never seen this necklace before.
“Did Varian get you that?” Rhys beats me to the question, and Amren answers it in passing, hanging up her cardigan.
“Yes. For our three-year anniversary last year.” She says simply, sitting down at the kitchen table and getting out her phone. I hear the FaceTime ringtone a moment later, signaling the end of the conversation.
“Five’s a party!” says a new voice coming from the doorway, and I turn to see Cassian holding 2 6-packs, who clearly had been dressed to impress, but now his pants are wrinkled, his hair has come out of its bun, and—
“Your shirt’s inside out, Cas.” I say, turning my laugh into a cough. As if on cue, Nesta shows up in the doorway, clad in a short dress with cutouts that leave very little to the imagination, and she’d actually bothered to do her makeup—not that she needed it, anyway. So she had intentions when she went to Cassian, then. And they weren’t necessarily… pure.
Exasperated, she reaches in her bag and pulls out a DVD. I recognize the cover art, knowing it as some sappy love tradgedy about war. That’s so like Nesta that I stifle my laugh.
Cassian kisses her forehead, and she stares him down as he unbuttons his shirt, turns it the right way, and buttons it again.
“One more left,” says Rhys, breaking the silence that had settled over the room—except, of course, the sound of Amren talking to Varian, who was away on business in the city of Adriata.
Cassian sets down the beer, and a light air of chatter settles over the room as each person busies themselves. Rhys and I alternate between fetching blankets from the hall closet and stealing kisses where Amren can see them to get her annoyed, while Cassian and Azriel have eached cracked open a bottle of beer and are slowly sipping. Nesta pours herself a class of wine after inserting the DVD into the player.
Amongst the preparations, Mor finally decides to show up, holding a reusable grocery bag full of snacks. This elicits a positive cheer from the room—we all prefer it when Mor brings the snacks.
Trailing behind her, a tall brunette with striking green eyes smiles, carrying another bottle of wine—white—and smiling.
Mor sets down the snacks on our counter, smiling.
“Guys, meet Raphaela. Raphaela, this is Azriel, Nesta, Cassian, Feyre, Rhysand, and…” she cranes her neck to see Amren, “Amren.”
Raphaela smiles wider, revealing a charming, gapped smile.
“I brought wine,” she says, holding up the bottle like a peace offering. I step forward, gladly taking the bottle while Azriel gets out more glasses.
“Thank you,” I say, “The more the merrier—speaking of which, Mor, can you unpack your surplus?” I tease, and Morrigan laughs in response, taking Raphaela’s hand and kissing it before taking out all the food.
Thirty minutes later, everybody’s settled. Mor and Raphaela sit alone on the smaller of the two couches, Mor’s legs tucked beneath her and head resting on Raphaela’s chest. Azriel and Cassian sit next to each other on the couch, and Nesta’s sitting between Cassians legs, on the floor, his arms both draped down her shoulders. Rhysand and I share the armchair, my legs draped over his lap and off the side of the chair. Amren, however, has not moved from her place at the kitchen table—but now she’s connected her earbuds and is talking lower. Usually, she’d pay attention on movie night, but her favorite boy toy isn’t here and she’s… preoccupied.
The opening sequence begins, introducing the plot, characters, and settings, and I’m beginning to get cozy and invested in the movie when Rhysand shifts, moving his hand that had previously rested on my thigh much higher. I brush it off initially, until I feel Rhys’s gaze on me. It’s clear that he has no intention of watching this movie.
He moves his head to rest in the crack of my neck, and for a good twenty minutes, I’m able to focus on the movie. That is, until his hand starts making idle strokes on my thigh. I inhale sharply, and feel the fingertips of his other hand dig into my hip that’s exposed because of my cropped shirt. I try to slow my breathing, but I know I’m still breathing heavier than usual.
Slowly, as if he has all of the time in the world, he moves the hand on my hip, inch by inch, as the plot of the movie progresses on. About halfway to the point that I know he’s aiming for, I realize that I’m not wearing any bra. Rhys realizes it too, when I accidentally shift at the realization, moving his hand higher up, to the underside of my breast. He lifts his face up to where we’re almost eye to eye, and I can’t resist claming his lips with mine. This sets him off, as his calloused fingers begin working my breast. I stifle a moan, biting down on his lip, probably hard enough to draw blood. The calm that had settled over me disappeared, and I’m suddenly hyperaware of every point where his body is touching mine. He pulls away from my lips, but I can feel the evidence of the his excitement under my legs, resting on his lap.
When I feel his hand quickly move from my breast, and I almost groan in dissappointment, before his hand moves down to the waistband of my leggings. The moment I feel his hands slip underneath my leggings, I get up quickly, leaving Rhys looking confused. I mutter something about having to use the restroom and walk towards Rhys and I’s bedroom, unplugging my phone from the charger. I send him a simple text of “bedroom”, and, in less than thirty seconds, the door of the bedroom is opened, a feverish look on Rhys’ face.
I slowly rise from the bed, sauntering to where Rhys stands, easing his back onto the door. I nip at his neck, one hand in his hair.
“You,” I mutter accusingly against his neck, “Payback time.”


I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for Day 2: “I could have lost you”!

the signs as shit said/done at my school

aries: *complete silence* “i’d blow all of you”

taurus: guy who stapled their leg for no fucking reason like why the fuck would you do that


cancer: trying to buy scooby snacks during english

leo: creating an illuminati inspired triangle and putting it at the center of our table to bring internet connection back to our laptops

virgo: reading a script and almost reading the SUCC i hid inbetween one of the words

libra: “and me and my husband nicknamed her crush fudgy dix”

scorpio: cutting out animals off tissue boxes and keeping them in your pencil case

sagittarius: making a dent in the wall from ramming into it like 10 times

capricorn: “i don’t want to hear about your fucking panties kelly anne”

aquarius: pretending to deepthroat a ruler while thinking the teacher wasn’t looking

pisces: asking “¿señor ackerman, te gusta dirty jobs?” to the english teacher

anonymous asked:

Hey Do you remember your story- padawan obi wan makes a cakes and Jedi council lives that? It's very funny and amazing story. Can you write continiet this. In Clone wars? Obi wan cooking (?), coucil is delighted and clones (212-cody, waxer e.t.c ) is Surprised that their general is known in the temples of delicious cakes. Thanks you very much.

“…What?” Obi-Wan looked up at Cody in surprise, a sparkle of delight going through them. “Could you repeat that?”

“Um, we have new supplies of flour, egg, chocolate, vanilla, milk and a few things I’m not sure what is? I’m not sure why we have it though sir but its been allocated to us an-” Their General jumped to his feet and practically bounced towards where their supplies were. “Sir!?”

“Its for us Cody! Relax!”

Cody blinked a bit before calling out. “Also some of the council is coming to see you tomorrow!”

“Good! I’ll have to thank them!”


The camp was filling with the most delicious sweet smells the clones had ever had the pleasure of experiencing and it was all coming from the tent their General had confiscated and had them install a stove, a solid table, water connection and several smaller tables.

There had been temptation to peek in but orders were orders.

No one tried though Cody had requested their General come out at some point to eat.

Av flour dusted man, sans armor with his sleeves rolled up to the elbows, stepped out, quickly ate and then fled right back inside the tent without an explanation.

“Best answer I can come up with is that he’s baking.” Trapper shrugged.

“He must be baking up a storm then.” Longshot stared at the tent, licking his lips. It just smelled so nice.

General Skywalker looked tired when he returned from scouting with the 501 but when he caught the smells…he dropped his bag in surprise and then zeroed in on the tent before his face cracked up in glee. “Obi-Wan! Are you baking!?”

“Don’t you DARE come in here Skywalker. Sanctity of the kitchen includes this tent now!” Came the response and Anakin cackled, rubbing his hands together. “You are!”

“Yes and you’re staying out of this tent until I am DONE. I haven’t had ingredients and time for baking in ages.

“Skyguy?” Ahsoka blinked from the tent to her master.

“You’re in for a treat Ahsoka. Obi-Wan’s baking is legendary in the temple.” Anakin rubbed his hands together some more. “…Wait Obi-Wan are the council coming?!”

“Yes. They’re the ones who sent me ingredients!”

“Ah kriff. Mundi always eats up the best pieces first.”

“I’ll save you a few mooncakes Anakin.”

Anakin just sulked a bit. “He’s still going to eat the best pieces…”


Their general was a mess of flour, chocolate smears and wrinkled clothes but he looked happy as he opened the tent up to let out the heat and stretch in the light. “Mmmmn, hello master Yoda.” He nodded down to the waiting green skinned master, amused by the sulky look.

“Hello to tyrant of the kitchen again I have to say.”

“Sanctity of the kitchen is not to be disturbed, not even if its a tent.” Obi-Wan crossed his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrows. “Now if you want any baked treats, I suggest you behave or I may have to revoke your privileges.”

“Bah, tyrant.” Yoda huffed as Obi-Wan waved Cody over, smiling at his commander with a smear of chocolate in his beard.

“Um, sir your face…”

“I’ll clean in a bit, can you get Boil and Trapper to help serve this around?” He gestured into the tent to what must have been at least fifteen or twenty trays filled with delicate little things the general had baked by hand. “Make sure everyone gets one.” He patted him on the shoulder before going to clean up. “And don’t let Mace bully a spare before everyone has one!”

On The Door Step - part 2

 Parings: Dean x Sister!Reader x Sam

Summary: In 2000, John Winchester opened the door to his current motel room and found a little girl at his feet, sleeping peacefully with a fuzzy white blanket tucking her in a wicker basket. Now, nearly 16 years later, (Y/N) has still yet to find herself in the world of the Winchesters.

prologue     part 1

Warnings: Season 11 spoilers, cursing, violence (I think that’s it)

Words: 1,850

A/N: Just wanted to thank you all so much! I have been in a dark place for the longest time, and knowing that there are you guys who like this story has made me unbelievably happy. I’m not going to bore y’all with details, so here’s the second part. Also, I tried finding the types of motorcycles that are in the Men of Letters bunker, but I could not. If you know, could you tell me? Thank you and enjoy! (tags are at the bottom).

(Y/B/M) = your birth month

A week.

It’s been a full seven days since my last outburst at school. A hundred-sixty-eight hours and counting, and all I can feel is jitters. I. Can’t. Sit. Still.

My leg bounces uncontrollably under the table while my fingers drum on the tabletop. I try to focus on the paper due for my Forensic Science class, but my mind keeps moving on to other things. More important things than summarizing a forensic fiction novel.

My fingers thread through my hair before I push away from my desk and scurry into the hallway. I need some air.

“Cas!” Dean shouts, his voice carrying and bouncing off the tiled walls. I run towards the room in which the voice originates from, finding Sam and Dean hovering over Cas’s twitching body in the library.

“What’s going on?” I question, adrenaline pouring into my veins making my shaky hands worse. “What’s wrong with Cas?”

“(Y/N), stay back,” Sam softly commands, slightly pushing me back towards the table. “Go get water.”

“This is part of what Rowena did, isn’t it?” I try to take a step forward, but Dean stops me.

“Go get some water,” Dean demands before turning his attention back to his friend. I glare at the back of their heads before hurrying to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. When I return Castiel is back in his chair, sweating even more than before, and Dean takes the glass from me and sets in on the table before instructing me to go back and finish my homework.

My hands ball into fists and my teeth grip the inside of my cheeks. Don’t do it. “Is Castiel okay?” I force out, trying to even my breaths. “He’s my friend too.”

“I’m okay, (Y/N),” Castiel interrupts Dean from giving me another order. I push past Dean, picking up the glass of water and handing it to Cas. He most certainly not okay.

Dean takes a seat across from Sam while his fingers tap on the keyboard like there’s no tomorrow. Most likely looking for a case or something that revolves around their current struggle. They try to keep me away from the stuff they hunt and the struggles they have, but I still hear them talking. This time around, they’re battling The Darkness.

From what I’ve heard, this is going to be even worse than either apocalypse.

I sit in the chair next to Castiel, examining him closely as I try to figure out what the hell Rowena did. Even though I never met her, I know she’s a witch and what she vaguely looks like, all thanks to Charlie.

“Listen to this, maybe something here,” Sam says, drawing my attention away from Castiel. Sam’s eyes are on the screen of his laptop as he continues, “Uh, in Denver, three women were at this Cafe Elta, when their waiter- for no apparent reason- stabbed and killed one; one survived and the third vanished after furniture seemed to slide around by itself.” Sam scoffs at the article before glancing to Dean asking, “What do ya think?”

Dean doesn’t answer him, but simply pulls out his phone, calling the local police station. 

I jump from my seat as Sam stands from his. “I wanna come.” I blurt, standing tall in my spot and narrowing my eyes at them. “I want to help.”

“No, (Y/N).” Sam doesn’t even take a moment to think about it and I glare at him for it.

“Why not? I’m going to be 18 in (Y/B/M). And don’t give me that “it’s for your own good” bullshit.”

“You have school tomorrow.”

“Let me skip school, you two did it all the time growing up.” I point out, stepping closer to Sam while he gathers his computer and books. “I want to help save Cas.”

“We don’t want you growing up like us,” Sam says softly, trying to stay quiet so the officer on the phone with Dean can’t hear us. “We’re trapped in this life, you’re not.” He walks away, heading towards his room so he can pack for the trip. I cross my arms, looking to Dean and readying myself to continue the argument with him, but he collects his things and leaves the library with the phone tucked between his shoulder and cheek.

Huffing, I crumble into the chair Sam was sitting in, burying my face in my arms.

I don’t wanna have to worry about their safety. I can’t keep doing it.

“I’m not going with them,” Cas coughs and I lift my head to look at him. “You won’t be alone again.”

I smile weakly at him.

“Let me go with you, please?” I plead, adjusting my bag straps on my shoulder. I pout, hoping I can work my puppy eyes on Dean and Sam, but Dean just smirks at my attempt. He wraps an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into a tight hug, giving me a kiss on the top of my head. 

“Be good, okay?” Sam says, wrapping his arms around my shoulders once Dean had let go. “Don’t get expelled while we’re gone.”

“Okay,” I bury my face in his chest, wrapping my arms around his middle. “Promise you’ll make it back?”

“This is a milk run,” Dean smiles. “We’ll be back before you know it.”

That’s what Sam said last time.

I nod, weakly smiling as I step away from the Impala, watching as the two giants tuck themselves in the front seat. They wave good-bye before Dean hits the gas peddle and speeds off down the road. Once I can no longer see the car, I pick up my helmet and head back into the garage. I push out my 1932 Harley Davidson Flathead before shutting the doors behind me. It’s technically not mine, but it was left here by the previous Men of Letters and since no one was using it, I had Dean help me fix her up.

Securing my bag on my shoulders and making sure my helmet is on properly, I start the engine and it roars to life. The journey from the bunker to Lebanon High School on a map seems very long, but in reality, it’s too short for my liking.

I like school, but I don’t like the people there.

I park in the first spot that I can find and tuck my helmet under my arm as I make my way to the front entrance, watching from afar all the kids that pile in. We’re a small town, not many children my age… not many people actually. About 400 people actually.

Scurrying to my first class, I tuck myself behind my desk and place my book bag on the floor near my feet. I start to day dream, wondering what kind of things my brothers are doing at the moment.

Why can’t I help them? I’m not wanted at this school.

I watch as the room fills with blabbering teenagers, squirming a little in my seat as they glare at me. They know I’m an outsider. They know that my brothers and I have only been here a couple of years. And I feel like they know everything about me.

The school day drags on, and all I want to do is go home and spend my weekend watching movies with Castiel and try so desperately to not focus on the fact my brothers could be hurt as I’m sitting here in a cafeteria munching on Lays chips and observing the behaviors of my fellow classmates.

“Do you have to stare?” A girl sitting at the table across from mine questions, flipping her long brunet hair over her shoulder and glaring at me. “Do you think you’re better than us or something?”

I raise a brow at her, ready to bite back. However, I think better of it and choose to stuff another chip in my mouth.

“What? Not even going to answer her?” The blond guy sitting next to the brunet snaps back. “You’re right, Karen, she thinks she’s better than us.”

“Well you’re not,” the brunet, Karen, hisses, swiveling in her chair to face me. “Your family is poor and useless. Your brothers are nothing but alcoholics in line to die from liver cancer.” She spits and I clench my fists under the table. My body screams for me to lock my fist with her jaw and connect my foot with the blond’s crotch, but I can’t.

My brothers will be pissed.

“You and your brothers are filthy and don’t belong here.” Karen continues and I hold on tight, fighting back the words I want to say, the actions I wish to take. I have to force myself to imaging I’m breaking the mirror in my bathroom, the mirrors in the bunker while chanting, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t-

“Aah!” I glance up from my lap, watching as the window panes break apart and fall on top of the teens closest to them. The kids wearing glasses toss them off their face, the glass in the lenses breaking and cutting their cheeks. The students scream, running for cover under the balcony, protecting them from the raining mirror shards that fall from the roof.

I gasp, ducking out of the way and hiding under the table. My eyes connect with Karen’s before they fall to her arm that’s sliced open from the glass. I wince, pulling away from the break in the table where a few fragments slipped through and stuck to my shoulder.

The glass stops falling, leaving the cafeteria floor sparkling like a child recklessly tossed glitter while they were pretending to be a fairy. A teacher makes his way to aid Karen’s wound and another teacher begins to sweep a path to my table. She offers her hand to pull me out, but I’m too stunned to take it.

I did this. The ceiling was never mirrored. I did this.

“(Y/N), C’mon,” the teacher says, and I pull my eyes away from the mirror fragments. I can’t bring myself to take her hand as the burning from the open wounds in my shoulder scream at me.

I did this.

What’s wrong with me?

“We need to clean your shoulder, come out.” The teacher demands, and I feel tears slip out of my eyes. She takes it as a sign of my pain and assures me everything will be okay. But these tears are not due to the pain in my shoulder, they’re because I’m scared.

It’s not going to be okay. If Sam and Dean find out what I did, they’ll hate me. They’ll push me away. They’ll kick me out.

They’ll leave me.

The teacher grabs my hand, having enough, and pulls me out from under the table. She helps me to my feet and walks me to the nurses office while I sort through my thoughts, trying to plan what to tell them if they find out what happened. They’ll defiantly find out, but what if they think it’s not me. That’s possible right?

I don’t want them to leave me.

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Words of Love From My Soul to Yours

1400~ words


“I love you.” The three words are simple, yet hold so much meaning. And even despite saying it all the time to each other, Victor’s eyes still shine with adoration as Yuuri says them now. “So much,” Yuuri goes on. “There are so many reasons why. I couldn’t even begin to name them all if I tried. But if it’s for you, then I’ll do my best,” Yuuri says, determined. “Just know we’re going to be here a while.”

Victor laughs, his thumb stroking over the back of Yuuri’s hand. “I have all day,” he says. “Tell me.”


Victor asks Yuuri what he loves about him, and Yuuri is all too willing to tell him.

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you’re like the thing that makes the universe explode

“Kid, the only people who don’t know that you like Suvi are people who haven’t met you and Suvi.” 

Sara Ryder hasn’t slept in a while. It makes for strange, albeit honest, conversations. ~1200 words, heavily featuring Drack.

“Scott has this theory,” Sara says, “about doorways.”

Drack looks at her sideways, a little like she’s lost her mind. Maybe she has - she’s been awake since yesterday, possibly the day before. She’s forgotten. It all blends together in a haze of code, coffee, and pie anyway.

“Yeah?” he says, poking at the tray of biscuits he’s just pulled out of the oven. Seemingly unsatisfied with the poke, he slides the tray back in, grumbling about shoddy Initiative tech.

Sara brings her legs up onto the bench and crosses her ankles. “You know, between me and Gil, we could fix the temperature control on that.”

“Then I wouldn’t get to complain,” he says, setting the timer for another five minutes.  

She shrugs - she can’t fault him for that logic - and takes a slow sip of her coffee. She’s probably long hit maximum saturation of caffeine in her bloodstream, but decaf tastes funny. “Open offer.”

He turns around and leans back against the counter. “So. Doorways.”

“Doorways,” she says. “Scott has a theory that our brains have evolved to subconsciously associate doorways with change. So if you’re stuck on something, just leave the room. Tech, email, crappy mood, whatever. Your brain automatically switches gears when you leave the room.”

“Huh,” Drack grunts. “That also why you guys walk into places and ask everyone else why you showed up?”

“Probably.” She takes another sip. “Anyway. He read an article when we were kids, and never shut up about it. I’d be banging my head against a problem, and he’d just ‘leave the room, Sara,’” she lilts her voice upward in a mockery of his deep baritone. “Never fucking worked.”

Drack crosses his arms. “And doorways are what’s keeping you up?”

“Oh,” Sara says, “no.” She glances at the door: still shut. “I have a crush on Suvi,” she says, as evenly and plainly as if she were mentioning the rain on Havarl. Because she does. A big one. And that, far more than fixing her twitchy assault turret, is what’s kept her awake since yesterday, possibly the day before.

He snorts. “No kidding.”

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N.Horan Imagine

Smiling up at him, he sent her a cheeky grin as her cheeks flushed. His white button was the only article of clothing she had one. Her eyes bright as he moved around before taken the seat beside her, this was perhaps the only quiet and private moment the two were going to get before the rest of the gang around. It wasn’t unusual for her to be there before the others but it was for her to be one of the first to arrive at the distinction. Maybe it was the tempting knowledge that these few hours were the only ones they would get alone. 

Chuckling slightly he placed the plate of food between them before the pair went off to picking their desired fruit. The home was cold as the air blasted through the vents preventing any sudden warm air, but yet her skin was on fire. The light red marks turning slight purple reminders of the night they had shared before. The way his hand rested on her thigh, to the soft trace of circles his thumb left on her skin. 

“Freshly picked like you like them..” he stated as he watched her bring the strawberry to her lips. Looking down at the fruit before her, she smiled up at him. She wasn’t sure when it had happened but she managed to slowly fall for him. What she didn’t know was that the moment she craved his touched, he craved her more. 

“They’re lovely Niall, sweet just like you..” she mumbled as he chuckled softly. Licking his lips he traced the juice down her hand. Looking up at him with bright eyes, she watched as he took her hand in his. Closing his eyes softly he turned her palm over. Her small fingers hit his tongue as he hummed softly. Her eyes fell closed as he took each of them to his lips, licking off the sweet taste of fruit.

Fuck.” sighing he looked up at her lust filled eyes before she could register what as happing her back was rested against the cool glass of the table as his lips connected with his. The corded muscles in his arms rippled, his biceps flexing as he hovered above her. 

Lust swelled when he drove his lips forward, aligning their lower bodies, as he groaned out. “You have no idea how crazy you make me..” The pressure of him straining behind his sweats, leaving little to no doubt about just what she made him feel. Her mind ran a million miles an hour, as she tried but failed to keep her desire at bay. 

“The other’s will be here soon, Ni..” she breathed as his lips brushed lightly against hers. His bright blue eyes were fervent, ablaze with an emotion she couldn’t identify. 

“I could work with that…” 

Niall deftly pushed her panties aside, his thumb grazing her most sensitive area. He softly eased a finger inside her, and the sense of responsibility flew out the window. Resting his elbows as he continued to kiss her fiercely, his skilled fingers bringing her to a state of bliss.  The tension coiled tightly in her stomach, a pressure that her chasing relief. She rocked her hips against his hand, craving more, and she swallowed back a moan. 

“That’s it, baby girl,” he egged her on, voice guttural in her ear. “Let go for me.”  

Her breathing quickened when she glanced up at him, their gazes locking. His eyes were almost black, filled with a stark hunger that fueled the knots in her stomach. Sliding another finger in to join the first, pushing in and out of her until he had her gasping. Just as the palm of his hand found the right spot, a voice was hard by the front door. 

“Niall? Y/N.” 

Their eyes widen as Niall was quick to pull his fingers out and bringing them to his lips. She watched with her mouth agape, as he groaned lightly throwing his head back. “Fuck baby can’t wait to finish what we started..” he growled as she stood up fixing his shirt on her body. 

“Alison, Hey..” 

“You guys okay?”