table break

-slamming fists on table- Just! Because! A person! In! A same! Sex! Relationship! Is! The! Bottom! -breaks table- DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE CUTESY AND HELPLESS


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Well what had happened….

We’re playing an underdark campaign; party includes barbarian (me), monk, fighter, and cleric, and we’ve been taken to a large city. We’re not welcomed of course and I’m a CN dwarf barbarian. The cleric, a drow tells me not to get into trouble. Naturally I make my way to the closest tavern.

DM: So you enter the tavern and take a seat at the bar. While you’re waiting on your drinks you hear a group of loud Duergar boasting in the corner.

Me: Do they look tough?

Monk: Don’t…


DM: yeah they’re pretty huge

Me: I go over to the table and challenge their strength!

Monk: WHY?!

Me: I’m a barbarian no one’s tougher then me!

DM: alright so you go over to their table and challenge them all to an arm wrestling contest. Roll for strength for all 3.

Me: Aw yeah! Let’s do this, rolled 16, 19, and 20.

DM: You beat them quite easily, they all howl with laughter and say. “Lugo! Get out here we’ve got a tough guy!” The largest Duergar you’ve ever seen steps through the back door, he’s so huge he shouldn’t really be considered a dwarf. “So you think you’re tough?”

Monk: See! this is why you don’t do this! You’re screwed man.

Me: I ain’t scared lets get it!

DM: Roll strength, my man I’m just saying walking a way is always an option

Me: Rolls a nat 20

DM: Whelp, You square up to arm wrestle and destroy the guy. You slam his hand on the table so hard it breaks the table. The room goes silent all the Duergar in the room just look at you.

Monk: You’re so screwed they’re going to kill us all and it’s all your fault!

DM: The Duergar start cheering and start to carry you off chanting “Bring him to the temple of Asmodeus.

After being taken to this temple they make me a champion of Asmodeus and I get covered in tattoos and become the leader of a sect of barbarian Asmodeus followers. The rest of the party meets up and they all stare at me. The cleric is the last to show up and just goes bananas.

Cleric: What did I fucking say! What did you do?!

Me: I’m huge now, and I kinda lead a pack of Asmodeus worshipers.

Cleric: I fucking hate you so much.

Me: I’m huge though.

The rest of the party just busts out in laughter, me and the cleric now butt heads on everything, it’s great this campaign is going to be hilarious.

i just really, really hope louis knows how genuinely loved he is and what an important role he played/plays in the band. i know he’s heard it before, but i’m gonna say it until my throat is raw: without him one direction wouldn’t be one direction. none of their voices are even close to how unique louis’ is. and of course they’re all extraordinary, but he brings something different to the table. it breaks my heart he felt so discouraged for so many years.

and he didn’t only play an important role vocally. he took one for the team over and over again, until that one turned into hundreds. he was faced with the brunt of their label’s wrath, all because he stood up for what he knew was right, just like he’s been doing his whole life.

most importantly, he didn’t only do it for him; he did it for his brothers. the brothers that would take bullets for him. you can see how heavily they depended on him right from the beginning, and i think even if he was the youngest of the band it would still be that way. it’s his spirit that drew them to him, just like it drew all of us.

you’d think that spirit would be crushed from all the rejections, all the “no, you can’t have a solo"s, but instead he’s wielded them and used them to become stronger. he could’ve turned bitter and hateful, but instead he chose love. he’s given that love wherever he can, notably towards countless charities. he’s dedicated himself to lifting others up and making them feel better, so much so that it’s his first instinct when he’s feeling down. i can’t think of anyone that inherently selfless.

i can never fit enough words into a post to express just how special louis tomlinson is. i can say he’s stubborn for the people and things he cares about, i can say he’s an unyielding light in the darkness, i can say he’s a fireball who won’t take no for an answer, i can say he’s inspiring, i can say he’s a soldier who won’t give up no matter what hardships and tribulations he faces, i can say he’s hilarious, i can say he’s an angel on earth who is charitable, kind and good. i can say the entire dictionary and it still wouldn’t be enough.

i can say i’m so fucking proud of this boy and what he’s accomplished, and that i can’t wait to see what other paths he goes down and what other adventures he undertakes. i’ll be there for him, supporting him, every step of the way. it’s the least i can do for someone who made me believe that life is something worth fighting for.

Mun has poor self-control when she goes to Target, so she always buys cool but unnecessary items… This time it was a glass terrarium with a wooden base. I filled it with aquatic plants.

Iplier Seating Chart Anaylsis

Ok lets just look at the seating arrangement for a second…

So going off the idea that Dark and Wilford are the heads of the table, lets break this down:

The Host was literally at Dark’s right hand with googleplier to his left which could represent a hierachy of their importance to Dark.

Then on the other end of the table we see Wilford has Bim Trimmer at his right hand with the Silver Shepherd at his left.

Leaving Dr. Iplier and Ed Edgar in the middle… Mr. King of the Squirrels left out the picture, and Septiplier dying in a corner…

What if the arrangement was based on alliances amongst the egos?