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OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I received this same ask 4 times, in less than 24h. It just took me some time to answer it because I had to gather data.

I didn’t had a tumblr when that video was out so my detailed analyses wasn’t shared with ANYONE! But now you asked and I am ssoooooo glad you did. Because OH BOY!! I can easily spot a liar. And Jungkook was clearly caught in a lie.

Here we go : It starts with Taehyung doing a Vlive. A viewer asks him to go to another member’s room. 

He states that he doesn’t know their room’s number.

So He texts the other members to ask them about their whereabouts (using a group chat). You can hear him texting around 5:20. Somebody (we will discover later that he was talking to Jin, who was taking a bath) offers him to go to JK’s room and even gives him the room’s number. 

But he definetly texts JK to tell him that he is coming (5:35 to 5:41). He was smiling as he kept looking at his phone, waiting for a reply. However, He will not wait for an answer from JK. Because normally he is known to be always on his phone especially if the other members are doing a Vlive (Remember when Jin and jimin were doing a Vlive and kookie just came in). So he will assume that it is not a nuisance. Just a fun way to entertain Armys.

I want you to focus here: The text was sent at 5:41 and tae was in front of JK’s door at 6:14. Be it more than half a minute. 6:14 to 6:18 V will be calling Jungkook while knocking the door. JK will answer at 6:21 (It took him 7 seconds) to ask who it was. Of course he knew it was Tae tae. the members always joke how they can know eachothers just by their breathing or footsteps. He was just delaying the time. One more thing to take into consideration. The hotel rooms are not soundproof. Is this why JK is playing the music? (We will comeback to this point later). At 6:28 JK will be like asking someone ‘Who could it be?’. Then quickly finds the first excuse that comes to mind ‘I am not wearing clothes’. Because think about it, no other excuse could have worked better. This is also the first excuse you think of if you want someone to not just barge in into your room.

He will keep making unnecessary noises before opening the door. as if he was trying to hide the footsteps of someone (6:45).  Only at 6:49 JK finaly opens the room. It took him (6:14 to 6:49) 35 seconds. Knowing that he didn’t even wear pants… that take 3 seconds to put on nor the least tie his bathrobe belt that took him 7s on camera. So even the mere 10 seconds were precious doing something else? 

The light was  dim. And I could understand someone staying in a weak lighted room. (i am like that too). BUT a soft lighted room, naked and with some soft music he doen’t even know? This is called a mood setter to Bang Bing Bara Bing Bang. Maybe being naked can mean being at ease by himself in a hotel room (Who will believe that?) But why did he not take his makeup off. Jungkook is known to be allergic to foundation, so he is usually the first one to take it off. But our boy had a full glam on. Who were you trying to impress BOYAA~~

AND the anxious bunny got scared. But again why would you be scared? If you were in the room alone. We will just assume you were watching some video or masturb…. BUT there was someone else in the room … SO?

After that V was about to answer JK’s question “I wanted to be on V…” When a song starts playing. He first thought it was the ringtone of the phone on the table (7:16). But it was JK who was controlling the song using his OWN phone via bluethooth. So Whose phone was that? It was jimini’s phone (Chimchim used that same phone the next day for his Vlive).

Add to this jimin’s hoodie … (Don’t ask me how we knew. It is scary but we know their clothes. there is even bogs who just follow their fashion).

Then JK will keep asking again and again. “Why are you here?”. Tae will give him a simple obvious answer “to do V app”. and JK will be like “Ahh~~~” (Seriously boy why are you so nervous?!)

Jungkook will spot lot of food trash. He will say that he ate it all ALONE?! (JK was dieting) … So he is telling me: he was in the room naked, with the dime light, and the unknown romantic music? Eating bread? BOY I know you can’t lie … BUT THIS? You were totally eating something else but mainly not just bread

Can we talk about the bed? wasn’t the bed too well made? maybe that was the thing that took them time to open the door? Because if he was alone in a Hotel room while everything is all over the place. Why is the bed the only thing that is tidy? Even the pillows?

At 7:59 you could hear the bathroom door open while JK was adjusting the light and V was laying on the bed. Then Jk will tell Mr J “You scared me”. He was clearly not talking to Tae (8:05). That’s when we were 200% sure someone was hiding, AKA Mr J. 

At the start of the video The bathroom door was closed. But then the light in the bathroom was turned on and the door was slighty open. (Do you believe in ghosts? maybe but I believe in Jimin more). 

The mood in that video was so awkward. The tension was unbearable. And Jungkook was restless. Again out of the blue JK will say “I didn’t wash up yet” as “I still need to take a shower, so you better leave as soon as possible”. yet Tae answers by “I didn’t shower either”. Even V’s face darkened during a moment. remember how his face was all smiles at the start. 

The “I am too nervous to hear you, and have a proper discussion, so i will just talk about whatever” will keep going on and on. V will try to propose singing a song. But our bunny will be like “My makeup is smeared” … Boy why do you keep giving us clues we could have just ignored? *sigh* The makeup BTS get, is not the one you girls put. It is stage makeup. Made so even if they run, dance, be exposed to strong hot light. It will not budge. The fact that it smeared … and that he is concerned about it …OH GOD …*use your imagination da*mit Imma not describe everything. This is not smut GAH* 

There is also this discussion. V made JK believe that ALL of BTS sang before him. BUT Jk was like “How can it be true when one of them was with me the whole time kinda attitude” (8:58). he is so sure even if he didn’t watch the Vlive. 

Recall how he said he was hungry, that’s why it took him 5 decades to not even finish that small piece of bread? then says he was full? then asks to eat ramen??? Boy? Have you heard of logic? Yes it happens to me to be hungry exactly after finishing a meal. BUT I will finish the meal first … *He looks cute tho! Focus Mimi focus. don’t get distracted by that bunny*

A lot of people misunderstood this part. They tought Jin was taking a shower in JK’s room. No no no! It was Tae informing kookie that he came after Jin notified him via text. AND Jungkook will ignore that and keeps asking Tae “Can we stay on V for a long time?”. 

Plus him glancing at the washroom all the time. I’ve never seen more obvious than that … 

And this last part, was the cherry on the cake (13:42). Just watch it. You will laugh for 5 min at Jungkook trying to stay as calm as possible. Also, Tae “WE are coming”. JK: Are YOU going..”

The door also closes as soon as V leaves (4 SECONDS: the exact time it took V from the washroom to the door). The doubtful. Is that we didn’t hear JK rushing to close it either. That means it was Mr J who did.
If you have good ears around 14:03 you could even hear Jimin’s voice. 

A liar doesn’t make sense and is full of contradictions. Seems to be thinking hard. Is nervous, tense, and fidgety. Makes few complaints or negative comments. JK was hiding Jimin but the question is: Why was he hiding. The non shippers will tell you he was probably not wearing makeup. I say nop, he wasn’t wearing something else … 

So what do I think? 3 words: JIKOOK IS REAL!

Thanks for the ask ^^
By @mimibtsghost 


staying in the Royal Suite


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Tomorrow i’ll bring you kitchen hoods and other appliances.

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*slams fist on table* Stop shipping 16 year old Peter Parker from the new Spider Man with 30-something year old Wade Wilson from Deadpool. If you’re gonna ship them, either age up Peter or age down Wade. I have seen TOO many posts about shipping them and keeping them the same age as they are in the movies. That’s not okay even if it’s fictional

Good Girl CH 12: Homework

“We’re home!” Chanyeol yells as we walk into the entryway. We all take off our shoes, Kyungsoo stops and holds me up so I can kick mine off easier. He doesn’t let go of my hand, instead leads me towards the kitchen where the others are waiting. They are all there; digging threw the fridge or cabinets finding snacks or something to drink like a normal family after school. I can’t help but find it strange, how different they are right now compared to how perverted, and even kind of rapy, they were on the first night we met.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo calls to me, bringing me out of my thoughts. Him and the others have collected around the island, eating the snacks they found and sharing them with each other. They all are staring at me, concern on their faces, Luhan comes over to me and places a hand on my forehead.

“Are you alright?” Luhan worries.

“Yea, I was just observing,” I laugh away their worries.

“Well aren’t you going to greet us?” Kris opens his arms to me expectantly. Without hesitation I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist, burying my face in his chest. “Did you have a good day at school?”

“Yea, it was fun.” I mumble back.

“Fun?” Kai scoffs, “Those teacher are fucking nuts giving us that much homework to do before break.”

“You boys are going to have to do that later, we have a meeting with our dongseangs.” Suho says from the other side of the island, and like Kris, he opens his arms when he looks to me. Kris reluctantly lets me go and I go hug Suho, he looks down at me affectionately, “Baby, you can go start yours in the dining room alright?”

“Do I have to do it right now?” I sigh, not wanting to do my homework ever, not when I have so many people I could be playing with. I can tell right away that Suho doesn’t like me questioning him, but thankfully Xiumin saves me by scooping me out of Suho’s arms and placing me on the counter in front of himself. He positions himself in between my legs, his hands on my hips, our faces even.

“Why baby? Is there something else you would rather be doing?” He smirks.

I nod, placing my arms around his neck, “I want to play with Daddy.”

“You can do that later,” Suho says firmly, “Then we can all play together.”

“So strict,” Xiumin rolls his eyes but helps me down off the counter. “Go to the dining room and do your homework.”

I pout as I shuffle away, stopping briefly to hug Lay, Chen, Baekhyun, and Luhan, before I find my way to the dining room. I sit down at the table that could sit 16 people, spreading my stuff out I barely take up a fraction of the space, sitting where the boys can’t see me from the kitchen. Their voices travel into the room, fun conversations that have them laughing. Annoyed that I’m stuck doing my homework I pull out my headphones and start listening to the music on my phone to tune them out. Starting my homework is the biggest struggle of my life, so I start with English, something I know fluently. That only takes me ten minutes, leaving me with math, my worst subject. After only a few minutes of trying the problems I’m already ready to pull my hair out.

My torture is interrupted by someone pulling out one of my ear buds, Namjoon smiles down at me, “How is it going?” His smile shifts into a cocky grin once he realizes what is wrong. “Need some help?” I look away from him toward the kitchen to see the others there talking in the doorway with my daddies, I mean oppas.

“Please?” I slide the notebook over to the empty seat next to me that Namjoon quickly slides into. “Joonie, I have no idea how you enjoy this stuff, I just makes me want to cry.”

He laughs, “Don’t cry, I’m here to help, now what don’t you understand?”

“Absolutely everything, math is not my friend,” I groan.

“Why didn’t you ask one of the guys for help if you were struggling that much?”

I pout, “Suho did not look friendly when he sent me out, so I figured I was not to interrupt. It looked like they were having so much fun.”

He rolls his eyes at me, “Don’t be fooled by their normalness, they are the same guys you saw kill a man a few days ago. They may seem like teddy bears and puppies but I can honestly say, they horrify me sometimes. Be careful.”

“Always with the warnings,” I tease, trying to lighten the sudden tense mood. “How about you help me out at the top student?”

He cracks a smile at me as he begins to look threw the problem to see where I went wrong, finding it in no time. We lean closer together as he explains it to me, not really paying attention to the noisy boys in the kitchen.

Chanyeol’s voice carries into the dining room, “Where is Namjoon?” Namjoon and I both look up to the doorway at the sound of his name.

“He’s talking to Jooyoung,” Hoseok responds.

Xiumin suddenly sounds hostile, “About what?”

“She looked like she was struggling with some homework so he went to see if he can help,” Yoongi explains casually, not understanding the sudden anger.

Namjoon and I lean away from each other when we hear the group basically running into the room. We try to look as innocent as possible, even though we haven’t done anything wrong, the accusing looks on the other’s faces makes us feel as if we have. Namjoon stands and bows to his hyungs, a natural looking smile on his face.

“What is going on?” Kris glares at Namjoon’s closeness to me.

“I needed some help on a problem,” I explain simply with a smile.

“Why didn’t you ask one of us?”

I shrug, “Namjoon came by and offered.”

“We should start our meeting,” Jin says cheerfully.

“Baby, do you still need help?” Lay asks as he comes around the table to my other side, completely ignoring Jin.

“Are you struggling with the new stuff the teacher introduced or the stuff that you missed?” Sehun questions, leaning over the table to see my notes.

“I’m good now, Joonie explained it really well, thank you though,” I give them my best smile. “You guys can go do your meeting, I’ll be done by the time you guys are done.”

Lay doesn’t seem to believe me, “Are you sure?”

I nod.

“Lets do this and be done with it,” Xiumin pouts as he shuffles out of the dining room to the hall. I wave as they all leave, Sehun and Lay being last because of their reluctance to leave me alone with my homework. When they are all gone I put my headphones back in and try my best to do it. Thankfully I hadn’t been lying when I said that Joonie explained it well enough to me, I’m actually able to make it threw my homework in record time, cheering out loud when I finish. I pack my stuff in my back pack before deciding it should be okay from me to grab something from the kitchen. With a massive amount of snacks I somehow manage to just pick an apple. Using one of the knifes from the drawer I cut my apple and go sit in the room where I did the one on ones.

I cozy myself into the couch with a blanket as I eat my apple, but my boredom gets the better of me a few minutes later. I can’t get myself to wander anywhere, fear of breaking the rules so I decide napping will become my new pass time. For a few minutes I play mindless games on my phone before sleep takes me. Though I don’t sleep for long before I hear people calling for me, panic and anger in their voices. It takes me a minute to fully register what is going on, the voices go from yelling for me to yelling at each other.

“What the hell?” Xiumin yells from the kitchen.

“Her stuff is still here Hyung, don’t worry,” Jin’s calm voice tires to reason.

“Did you try to scare her again?” This time it’s Kris yelling.

Joonie tires to defend himself, “No! We didn’t really even talk about you guys, she said something about Suho being upset with her or something, that’s it.”

“You guys!” I call out. There is silence for a minute. “Marco!”

“Polo!” Chen’s sweet voice calls back. I hear them coming my way.

“Marco!” I say again.

“Hello there baby girl,” Chen smirks as he comes into the room, followed by the 18 other men. He sits down next to me, pushing the hair out of my face.

“Hi,” I give them a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“Nap time?” Kris teases.

I nod, “Math makes me sleepy.”

“Were you able to finish?” Joonie asks with a smile.

“Thank you for your help, you are a life saver.”

“I think you boys should be going,” Luhan gives them a tight-lipped smile.

I pout, “But they just got here.” Bad decision, really bad decision to say that.

“You want them to stay?” Suho raises a brow at me. The other’s just glare at my friends.

I hesitantly nod, “I want mama Jin to make his ox bone soup! I haven’t had it in a while and it’s perfect on a cold day like today.”

“You know what JooJoo,” Jin comes a little closer to me, but keeping a good distance at the same time with all these eyes on us, “We will be coming over on Friday so I will make it for you then okay? These guys seem like they want us out of their hair.” He gives me his cute smile that I return. Out of habit he reaches out and pats my head, another very bad decision.

Chen automatically slaps Jin’s hand away, “Ya, who said you could touch her?” He glares the older boy down, and surprisingly he actually looks really scary. In fact I see all the others take a step forward, a chilling glare set on poor Jin.

“Sorry, it’s out of habit,” Jin apologizes profusely.

“Habit? How often do you touch her?” Kai growls.

“You guys,” I try to calm tense situation down, “I think you are right, it’s time for these guys to go home.”

“We will see you guys on Friday,” Jin gives me a thankful smile as he drags his boys toward the doorway.

“Can I walk them out?” I look to Chen with my cutest smile.

Chen huffs, “I guess.” Without another word, or glance towards my glaring oppas, I jump off the couch and follow the boys threw the living room and into the hall.

“Joo,” Jin is obviously concerned, “What are you doing?”

“Walking you out,” I give him a sad smile, “And apologizing for making your guys friendship so stressed.”

They all smile at me, waving my apology away, “You didn’t ask for this situation, there is nothing to apologize for.” Like before, Jin reaches out to pat my head but he stops himself, “I got get used to not doing that.”

“Yea, no more physical affection with you,” Joonie declares.

“So no hug goodbye?” Kookie pouts cutely.

“Sorry Kookie, I would prefer for you guys not to get in anymore trouble because of me,” I pat the baby’s head.

“This is where we must part,” Hoseok jokes.

“See you guys in school tomorrow, see you on Friday Jin oppa,” I wave to them as they leave, the door slamming shut behind them. With that done I grimace at the idea of going back into the living room where I know they are all waiting for me. To think, this morning started off so fun and playful and now I’m horrified about what could happen when I go back into that room.

“Baby,” Baekhyun calls sweetly.

“Coming daddy,” My response is automatic. I go back the way I came to see them all sitting on the large couch, like actual dads about to scold their child. Standing in the middle of them room in front of them I feel awkward under their intense gaze.

“New rule,” Xiumin snaps, “No one is allowed to touch you but us.”

I nod, “Yes.”

“Come here baby,” Kyungsoo waves me over. Like a good girl I go around the coffee table to stand in front of him. Grabbing one of my hands he pulls me down into his lap. “Baby, I don’t ever want to see you be that close to other boys ever again.”

“Look at Kyungsoo-ya being possessive,” Chanyeol teases as he begins playing with my hair. “It’s good to know this is a group effort.”

“It’s time for you boys to go do your homework,” Luhan declares as he pulls me on to his lap.

“But I thought we were going to play,” Tao whines.

“We are, you guys are going to do homework,” Kris smirks.

Xiumin points to Lay, Chen, and Baekhyun, “That includes you three.”

“So you guys get her all to yourself?” Baekhyun glares.

“Just until you guys are done, so I would hurry up if I were you.”

The group of younger boys grumble as they get up from the couch and head to start their homework, leaving me with Xiumin, Kris, Luhan and Suho. When they are gone the four men look to me, and suddenly I feel nervous.

“Could I go change?” I ask shyly.

“Why? You look so cute in your uniform,” Luhan teases.

“Yes, baby, you can, I take you,” Suho stands up and holds a hand out to me.

“Why you? I want to,” Luhan holds me tighter in his grip.

“How about we all just go?” Kris suggest, standing up as well.

All the men agree but pout when Luhan refuses to let go of my hand as we walk to my room. Once we get there they decide to sit down on the bed to wait. I walk inside my closet to dig around for something to wear, but with so many options, it isn’t as easy as it usually is. After a few minutes, I’m standing there in my bra and underwear, Kris calls to me, “Baby are you almost done?”

Luhan starts teasing me, “Do I need to come in there?”

“Give me one more second, I can’t decide what to wear,” I continue scanning the shelves.

“I like this one,” An arm snakes around my naked waist while the other reaches out to grab a cute peach colored romper. My face turns red at the realization that he is pressed up against me when I’m wearing nothing but my underwear. My embarrassment is soon replaced with the same tingles I had last night as his hand slides up my stomach to cup my boob over my bra. “I like what you’re wearing now better though.”

I moan, “Daddy,” As he starts kneading my breasts. “Be gentle, they are sensitive.”

He chuckles, “I’m sorry baby, daddy wants to be gentle with you but you were naughty.”

“Naughty?” I can barely get the word out before he drops the romper and starts using both hands to play with my chest.

“You were too friendly with those boys. We don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry daddy, I’ll be good,” I whimper.

His hands finally slip under my bra to play with my nipples making me tingle all over, the squeezing and pinching only turning me on more. I don’t even try to hold in my moans, not caring if they hear me. He chuckles in my ear, “Baby, do you like when daddy is rough with you?”

“What the hell are you doing?” Xiumin growls in the doorway, “If you are going to play with our baby you have to be gentle.”

“But Hyung, our little baby seems to like it when we play rough with her, don’t you baby?” He pinches my nipples hard, send a burst of pleasure threw me.

“Yes Daddy!”

“Fine, then I want to play too,” Xiumin closes the door behind him.

The Description Of Death At Columbine

The Columbine Effect > Victim #1 LAUREN TOWNSEND. TABLE 1.

#1 Was found lying on her left side , bent at the waist , head to the north ,feet to the east ,under the northwest corner of the table. She was dressed in a blue top , denim pants and dark boots. Multiple bullet holes were noted in the back of the shirt. Bloodstains associated with the upper two holes were consistent with drainage of blood was present under the left arm. A linear blood drainage stain was present in the rectal area. Bullet holes were present in the right thigh area with surrounding blood drainage stains consistent with the position of the body as found. Transfer bloodstains were present on the lower legs and on the sides and bottom of the boots. These bloodstains were not associated with injuries to the victim. Bloodstains on the carpet indicated that the legs of the victim were moved to the east through wet bloodstains to their position as found. The position of Table 2 and the surrounding chairs were marked on the carpet and then moved to view the body. Additional bullet holes were noted in the front crotch area when the body was moved. LAUREN TOWNSEND WAS AN INNOCENT CHILD.


#2 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 2. She was dressed in a black shirt , denim pants and black/white tennis shoes. An entry wound consistent with a shotgun discharge was present in the lower left back of the body. The plastic shotgun cup/wad was present in the wound tract. Several associated pellet holes were present adjacent to the main entry wound. Drainage of blood from the wound was minimal and consistent with the position of the body as found. Drainage of blood from the nose/mouth area was consistent with the position of the body as found. No other bloodstains were present on the body. A single shotgun blast entered the lower left back ,traveled straight upward ,and the pellets were contained in the upper left back area. The acute angle of travel through the body indicated that the victim was in a prone or near prone position when shot.


#3 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 6. He was dressed in a dark T-shirt , denim pants , and white/black tennis shoes. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Numerous wood fragments and pieces of foam padding were dispersed in the area of the body. Drainage of blood from the right side of the head was consistent with the position of the body as found. A large pool of blood was present on the carpet extending to the west of the victim’s head area and under the victim’s chest and right arm. The victim’s eyeglasses were present under the lower portion of the face. No bloodstains were noted on the pants or shoes of the victim. No impact blood spatter was noted in the area.


#4 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the west of table 14. He was dressed in a grey shirt , denim pants ,and brown leather boots. A large concentrated bloodstain consistent with drainage from the rear of the neck and the upper chest was found under the body. This pooling of blood continued onto the carpet to the west of the body. A large concentrated transfer bloodstain was present on the lower back area of the clothing and body. No wounds were present in this area of the body. A single bullet entered the left arm ,continued through and entered the left chest ,and exited the back of the neck. A second single bullet entered the upper back leaving an atypical entrance hole and lodged in the left chest. A third single bullet entered the back and lodged in the left chest. The bloodstain originated on the exterior of the outer shirt , soaked through the thermal undershirt and onto the skin of the victim. A strap from the victim’s backpack was present under the left arm of the victim and the backpack was found to the west of the body. The bottom of the backpack was heavily blood soaked. No corresponding stain was present on the carpet under the position of the backpack as found. A pattern in the pooled blood to the west of the body was consistent with the size and shape of the backpack bottom. The bloodstain patterns were consistent with the backpack initially lying in the pool of blood of the victim ; and then moved to the floor to the west of the body.

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#5 Was lying found lying on his right side under Table 9 in the middle section. He was dressed in a tan shirt , denim pants and black/gray tennis shoes. His right arm extended to the south and the wrist area was positioned on top of the right rear stile of chair 9E. The chair was found lying on its back to the south of the victim. An injury to the fingers of the right hand was and a small pool of blood of dripped blood was found under the position of the hand. A concentrated pool of blood was present under the head ,neck and shoulder area of the victim. Eyeglasses were found under the head of the victin ,partially on the upper face. Chair 9E had a bullet path through the chair , entry in the seat cushion and exit in the front upper wooden rail. Wood fragments were dispersed over the body. A number of wood fragments were embedded into the right forearm of the victim. An injury to the right ear was noted upon repositioning of the body prior to transport. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Additional injuries to the torso were consistent with shotgun pellets. The fatal injury was a single bullet that entered the nose and exited the back.

Daniel Mauser was an Innocent Child


#6 Was on his back under Table 16 against the north table leg or support. His right leg was extended to the west and his left leg under his right thigh. Possible Burns were seen on his left hand , the center and right side of his gray , long sleeved shirt and two dark areas on his blue jeans. He was wearing white athletic shoes , white socks , and a ball cap with the letter “ M ”. His head was towards the east. Blood was on his face and the left shoulder of his shirt. A hole was in the left front shoulder of the shirt. His right hand held some type of writing instrument. KECHTER suffered a gunshot wound to the chest ,with a left -to- right trajectory with possible wadding in the right lung. He also suffered burning from an unknown incendiary ( explosive or flammable ) device.

Matthew Kechter was an innocent child Victim #7 ISAIAH SHOELS. TABLE 16.

#7 A black male ,was to the south of ,and slightly under , KECHTER. He was generally facedown with the left side of his chest slightly above the floor. His legs were extended generally to the west. SHOELS head was towards the west. He suffered a gunshot wound perforating the left arm ,entering the left chest ,and exiting below the right armpit. Two pieces of wadding were found in the right arm of his shirt and a possible shotgun slug between his two shirts.

Isaiah Shoels was an Innocent Child


#8 A white male , was seated on the floor leg area of computer station number LMC 17. This station was at the west end of the south side of the south row of computer stations. His back was against the west panel with his right leg partially bent under his left leg , which was also partially bent. His arms were crossed at the wrists and in his lap. He was wearing a short sleeve blue shirt , blue jeans ,white socks and brown and black boots. He suffered a tangential wound to his right shoulder and a perforating wound entering on the right side of the neck and exiting on the left.

Steven Curnow was An Innocent Child


#9 A white female was found under Table 19. Her shoulders were against the west side of the table ,her head tilted to the north ,and her legs extended to the east. She was wearing a green short sleeve shirt over a black shirt ,light blue jeans ,white socks and black boots. She suffered a defensive wound to the right middle finger. There was blood on the right side of her face , her right hand ,and the right and center portions of her clothing. An apparent contact or near contact wound was visible on the back of the right hand. Another wound was visible on the right side of the head.

Cassie Bernall was An Innocent Child


#10 A white or Hispanic male was on the floor in front of the south side of the north bank of computer station 7. He was on his right side , head facing southwest ,with his left leg extended south and bent at the hip and his right leg bent under the left. His left arm was under him and his right arm partially under his head. He was wearing a blue and green coat over a white shirt ,black pants and black athletic shoes. Three pellets had entered his right shoulder and exited the lower back. He had a head wound with seven holes and a shot cup in his head.

Kyle V was An Innocent Child


#11 A white male ,was on his back with his head pointing east. His legs were bent at the hip with his knees towards the north and his lower legs pointing west. His left arm was across his stomach with a fingerless black glove on his left hand. His right arm was extended by his side and his right hand was around the grip of the TEC-9 pistol. Gray tape , holding two match strikers to the inside of the forearm ,was around his right wrist. He was wearing a black T-shirt with the word “ Wrath ” in red on the front ,black cargo pants , black boots and white socks. A large knife was on the left side of his belt. His face was bloodstained and a pool of blood was on the carpet under his head. Ammunition on his body included 14 rounds of 2 ¾". Federal shotgun shells in an ammunition belt around his waist ;in a bandoleer were 19 rounds of Federal 00 buck shells ;numerous live shotgun shells in a pouch in a pants pocket. There was a near contact wound to the left temple with a corresponding exit wound through the right temple. He also aspirated blood. He could have been capable of some involuntary movement. A pool of blood on the carpet to the north ,east and south of KLEBOLD’S(#11) head ,as well as to the west under his left shoulder. There was a bloodstain on the area on the back of his left arm above the elbow that was not consistent with being formed with the arm in the position found. In addition , some of the blood flows on the face were also formed with the head in a position other than found. These flows were consistent with KLEBOLD’s head resting on the right side of the face to allow the blood flow on the left side out of the wound. There were bloodstains on his right bicep and left center portion of the neck. The underside of the bill of the ball cap to the north of KLEBOLD appeared to be blood-soaked. This cap was in close proximity to the bloodstained area of the left knee of the pants worn by HARRIS.

No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world

Body #11. ERIC HARRIS.

A white male was to the north of KLEBOLD. The upper back was leaning against the bottom shelf of the west side of Row 6 with his head pointed south. His skull was open at the top and the shelves behind ( to the east ) of him and the ceiling above him and the carpet below him were bloodstained. The heaviest areas of blood staining above the floor level were on the bookshelves to the east ( which his body was resting against ) were in line with his waist and legs and above his body. The stains on the ceiling and shelves were consistent with HARRIS receiving the gunshot wound to the head while he was in a seated position. At least two indentations were found on the underside of the metal shelves above and slightly north of the position of HARRIS hips and legs. The physical evidence was consistent with HARRIS’ torso generally facing west with his buttocks on or near the floor and his back near or resting against the west end of bookshelf Row 6. His head and upper torso moved to the south or left. His arms were by his chest with his forearms and hands angled up towards his face. He had a fingerless black glove on his right hand , which was next to a green pouch with shot shells. His legs were somewhat extended to the west. He was wearing a white T-shirt , black pants with a green ammunition belt , black boot and a knife strapped to his right leg. He had an ammunition pouch in his left cargo pants pocket. That pouch contained 10 rounds of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells ,each shell labeled as containing 15 pellets of 00 buck. Two single-column magazines with 9 mm rounds were in a pants pocket. A black ball cap with the letter “B” was between HARRIS’s left leg and KLEBOLD’s head. HARRIS had a shotgun wound to his head with the muzzle in his mouth. Bleeding was observed through his nose. At this time skull fragments from HARRIS ,some with circular holes through them were collected. When the body of HARRIS was being moved into the body bag , a mass of blood fell out of the open skull and landed on the carpet where KLEBOLD’s body had been. No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world The events that unfolded at Columbine High School on April 20 1999 were tragic and very sad but we all have to learn that you can’t treat people any kind of way and not expect them to just continue and let it happen it’s not right and it’s sad that it took something like this to happen for them to realize it but those teachers knew Eric and Dylan were getting bullied they didn’t say anything because they saw them as weird and outcasts because of how they dressed and the fact that they were not on a sports team everyone knows the jocks ruled the school.And on the other hand Eric and Dylan did not have to kill those kids they could have just damaged the school Last note. This is what caused Columbine The Jocks bullied E/D the teachers/staff did nothing about it the other kids didn’t help them defend them so that caused them to hate the school then the people who attended and the worser their depression they began to hate the world. When they tried to be normal/themselves people made them feel powerless and no one wants to be powerless so what do you do you make yourself strong and they felt that their revenge would make them strong and being strong meant weapons. They went to that school and let out all the hell they endured that’s why people said they were laughing as they were killing people. They were doing this because it was a I have the power now type of situation. They wanted to make them feel what they felt they wanted them to feel the nothingness just like them. E/D felt they weren’t worth anything so they had no problem with death but it doesn’t have to be that way never let people mistreat you and be kind to others and stand up and always do the right thing. (TheColumbineEffect) R.I.P April 20 1999

(Show me your broken heart and I’ll take you as you are)

Warped Tour 2017 Lineup!

No dates next to a band’s name means they’re on the full tour

Journey’s Left Foot Stage:

I Prevail
Attila (6/16-7/02, 7/06-8/06)
Bowling For Soup (6/27-7/02, 7/26, 7/27, 7/29, 7/30)
Watsky (6/17-7/14, 7/16-7/18, 7/20-7/21, 7/23-8/06)
Futuristic (6/16-6/23, 6/25-8/06)
New Years Day
Sammy Adams (6/16-7/28, 8/01-8/06)
Hawthorne Heights
Never Shout Never (6/27-7/07)
Jule Vera

Journey’s Right Foot Stage:

American Authors (6/16-7/19, 7/21-8/06)
Our Last Night
Save Ferris (6/22-8/01, 8/05)
Beartooth (6/28-8/06)
Goldfinger (6/16-6/17, 8/04-8/06)
Streetlight Manifesto (6/24 only)
Hands Like Houses
Neck Deep
Andy Black
Dance Gavin Dance
Memphis May Fire

Monster Mutant North Stage:

Stick To Your Guns (6/16-7/02, 7/06-8/06)
Silent Planet
Fit For A King
The Acacia Strain
Candiria (6/21-8/06)
Being As An Ocean
Hatebreed (6/21-8/06)

Monster Mutant South Stage:

After The Burial
Sworn In
Too Close To Touch

Skullcandy Stage:

Big D And The Kids Table (7/06-7/16)
Twilight Creeps (8/4-8/6)
War On Women
William Control
Bad Seed Rising (6/16-7/04)
Street Dogs (7/06-7/16)
Alestorm (6/21-8/06)
Barb Wire Dolls 
Riverboat Gamblers (7/29-7/30)
Sonic Boom Six 
Stacked Like Pancakes (7/16-8/06)
The White Noise

Hard Rock Stage:

The Ataris (6/16-8/01)
Fire From The Gods
Valient Thorr
TSOL (7/22-8/06)
Municipal Waste (6/16-7/02, 7/06-8/06)
Strung Out (6/16-7/11, 8/04-8/06)
Sick Of It All (6/21-8/06)
Bad Cop / Bad Cop (6/16-8/06)
The Dickies (6/16-6/22, 6/24-6/25)
Doll Skin (6/16-6/25)
Suicide Machines (7/18-7/21)
Anti Flag (6/27-7/24)
The Alarm (7/7-7/16, 8/04-8/06)

Full Sail Stage:

Bad Omens (7/04-7/24)
Trophy Eyes
Shattered Sun (7/26-8/06)
Boston Manor
Courage My Love 
The Gospel Youth
Carousel Kings (6/16-7/05)
The Fantastic Plastics (6/16-7/02)
Separations (7/06-7/24)
tiLLie (7/26-8/06)
Playboy Manbaby (6/22 & 8/06)
Farewell Winters
Naked Walrus (6/23 & 6/24)
One Last Shot (7/07-7/10)
Knocked Loose 

My Little Girl - Auston Matthews - Father daughter

Originally posted by spookylatta

Okay yes another father daughter imagine but I really love writing theses and the song that i kinda based this off of is one of my favorites. My dad and me used to dance to it all the time so I am happy to share this with you guys. As it means so much to me!

Link to song :

Auston bit his lip as he sat on the plane him and the guys were on their way to Arizona to play the Coyotes. It would be Auston first time home since his first NHL season had started. It would be the first time since before he left he would see her again. Auston turned his phone on and smiled at his lock screen a little girl with dark hair that matched his was in a ponytail she was smiling showing her missing tooth. The guys had seen picture of his little girl but never met her Mitch was at his place when he face-timed her the one time but besides that the guys have only really heard of her. Auston was just sixteen when he had Mia him and his girlfriend at the time didn’t think about it too much at the time. But when they found out she was pregnant it was a big bomb drop neither had expected. Auston parents were disappointed in him to say the least but they helped him through it all.

Mia mother parents were not pleased with their daughter being sixteen and expecting a baby. So much that they wanted her to get rid of Mia when Auston had heard he was heartbroken he knew it was a stupid thing to do at sixteen but he didn’t want to give the baby up or not have it at all. his mother was very mad with the idea and spoke up saying that if she had the baby that they would take it. So after a lot of fights between the two families Mia mother made the choice of having the baby. But after Mia was born she left Mia’s life at first Auston had hoped maybe it was because of her parents. But with her not even bothering to send anything of Mia birthday and only a couple months later posting a photo on her Instagram of her and a new guy to where she moved. Auston knew that Mia’s mother would not play any role in her or Auston’s life.

He opened his photos and smiled as he flicked through the photos of Mia from when she was a baby till now at four years old. He remember going to Sweden to play hockey it was hard. They took Mia with them but whenever Auston had to go away for a game and didn’t come home at night she would throw a fit. His mother always said she was a daddy’s girl and it was never going to change. Auston smiled as he found a video and put his headphones in and clicked play

Keep reading

All The Little Things - Part 1

This is my first fanfiction, so please read through it and give me constructive feedback! Main ships: Feysand, Nessian, Elriel.

I’ll try to update every Saturday, but no promises. Tell me if your reading this, and I’ll tag you on my next chapter.

Feyre works at a coffee shop, not for the money, but because she enjoys it. Why would she need money anyway, when her boyfriend, Tamlin, works for one of the most global, most successful companies, Hybern? But Tamlin has a bad temper and an abusive nature. She longs to get away from him and get a Fine Arts degree at Prythian University. It seems impossible to escape him – that is, until a certain handsome stranger walks into her life.


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


“Hey, what would you like today?” I asked the man behind the counter. He paused, and his dark, violet eyes scanned the chalkboard menu.

“A white chocolate moccha, chai tea, vanilla frappuccino, caramel macchiato and a latte, please.” I was momentarily shocked before I realised he was ordering for his friends at the table, too. There were two more men with black hair like his and two women (one short, with black hair and another tall, with golden blonde hair). The man’s eyes twinkled with amusement at my temporary shock, the lights like tiny stars.

You don’t have time for this!

“I’ll bring them to your table, shall I?”

“Yes, please.” His voice was educated and refined. I found myself suddenly conscious of my rural, lower class accent.

“Thank you.” I turned to prepare the drinks. For some reason, his appearance triggered hidden memories of my childhood – good ones. I remembered when my family had camped outside in the woods, and we had tried to spot constellations. After a while, we gave up and just stared at the beautiful night sky.

Out of the window, I spotted Tamlin’s Maserati roll to a stop in a parking space. As I poured the drinks into cups, I quickly texted him.

Last orders.

I arranged the drinks on a tray and hurried to the table. Normally, I would read out each order and personally hand them over, but I was in a rush. In my haste, I banged the tray on the table.

Wincing, I apologised, but the people smiled reasurringly at me. Huh. Some of the customers would yell at me for half an hour then demand to see the manager. “I’m in a bit of a rush today.”

Alis walked through the door and I gave a sigh of relief.

“Alis! Help me out, will you?”

“Course.” As I passed her, I slipped my apron over her curly, brown hair and handed her the reciept.

“Table 16.”

“Good luck for the interview, Feyre.”

“Thanks,” I called back as I climbed into my boyfriend’s car.


I gave Tamlin a quick kiss and settled back into the my fabric seat.

“How was work?” he asked as he hit the accelerator. His green eyes slid to me quickly, then back to the road. I could just see them beneath the curtain of golden hair.

“The usual,” I sighed. “What about Hybern? How’s the deal goin?”

Hybern was the company Tamlin worked for. They were always in competition with another company, Velaris. Although Velaris was insignificant in size when compared to Hybern, the CEO of our company had a personal argument with the CEO of Velaris.

A couple of weeks ago, Hybern had come into lots of new money. They had enough to buy Velaris, but the CEO was giving them trouble.

“Don’t worry about that.”


“I said, don’t worry about that.” His voice held a definite air that told me this conversation was over.

But I knew the deal was giving him a lot of stress. He locked himself in the study for hours, stayed up all night and drank more. He was shutting me and Lucien out.

I clenched my teeth. If only he would listen, I knew I could help.

My anger disappeared and was replaced by a fluttering of nerves as I beheld the building before me: Prythian University. It was one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Deep breaths.

I wanted to get a degree in Fine Art. I had sent the university my personal statement and links to my online portfolio. They had sent a letter a few days later, asking me to come for the interview.

Today was the interview.

I picked up my artwork folder and Tamlin smiled at me. Any trace of his temper was gone. His mood swings were becoming more frequent and sudden. It almost scared me.

I kissing him and got out of the car.

“I love you.”

His reply was immediate. “I love you too. Good luck.”

With a final exhale, I stepped through the doors of the university.

Take Care - Pt. 1

Description: After your sister passes, nothing is the same in your house, your father becomes so much more protective and when you finally turn 18 he has you pack all your things and move to Seoul, South Korea with him and his extremely illegal job that he happens to dominate. However, moving comes with way more benefits than you imagined.

  • A/n: Saw this in a dream and I felt like the writer gods spoke to me and here it envisioning like 5 chapters not sure yet but enjoy and re blog if you liked it :)
  • Genre: angst, fluff, I think this is the only chapter there’s gonna be without smut omg I’m so nasty
  • Word Count: 5,250

The drive in the back of the car that day was the loneliest and most silent one yet, mostly because she wasn’t there with you. You could never forget anything that happened that day, your dad called it “formally saying goodbye” but truthfully, it never felt like you said hello. Your conversations were full of, “I’ll be back in the morning” and “shh, don’t tell anyone” and then she’d disappear through your window. She had a window in her room once, but then one of the security guards found out she was sneaking out, informed your father, and he got it sealed. The funny thing about it is while you stood in the semi circle of people dressed in black, clenching fists full of dirt awaiting the utter of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, you couldn’t cry, you felt nothing for her, because what’s a loss if you never had it in the first place, besides, you were 10, you only cried when your pets died or if you broke a crayon while coloring too hard.

You sat around the dining table built for 16 but accompanying two. Your father sat at the head with you facing him a good distance away at the opposite end.

“Mimi isn’t doing a good job at cleaning,” Your statement echoed in the large dining room and earned a look up from your father.

“And why do you think that?” His voice was raspy and you never spoke to him enough to get used to it.

You pulled two fingers along the table and lifted them to inspect the remains of the white powder your father’s workers were filling bags with the other night. “Coke,” you said to yourself, but of course, he heard, he hears everything.

He let out a soft chuckle and folded his arms across his chest, “Well I’m going to have to have a talk with Mimi,” He stared at you and furrowed his brows before chuckling again, “You look more like your mother than Bella did,”

Your heart raced at the mention of your mother and sister in the same sentence. You never met your mother. She got sent away when you were a new born and when Bella was eight. Yes, sent away. You see, there are drug dealers, and then there’s your dad. He wasn’t only the boss of his pack, he was the boss of all the packs in California and being the leader of such a big pack definitely attracted hunters. He was in love with your mother, so in love that she became his weakness and the hunters’ main target. When she was pregnant with you, word got around and while innocently coming from the grocery store; her car was slammed into by two vans on either side. Unfortunately you’d have to do some more eavesdropping to fill the gap between the car accident and her forced departure to base 2, because asking direct questions is exactly what got your sister killed.

“Will I ever meet her? Will I ever even be able to come out of this god damn house!!” you slammed your hand down on the table allowing the rush of emotions to get the better of you. Your father didn’t even flinch.

“Of course you’ll be coming out of this god damn house,” He said in his calmest tone completely ignoring your first concern, “We’re moving to base 2,”

He pushed himself backwards in his chair from the table and the sound of his intention to get up had Mimi rushing around the corner to come take up the dinner plates.

“What?” you barely managed to get the words out while you still tried to register what he said, “Why are we moving?”

“They’ve been trying to reach me for years, from before I met Lila,” He stopped suddenly mid sentence when he realized what he did, he said her name, you knew her name now, Lila. As if he was hoping you’d ignore it, which you did, he continued his explanation, “I’ve given them too many ways to tear me down, not one, but three. They tried one too many times to kill your mother, so I sent her away, and they succeeded with your sister. I will not let them take you away from me too,”

“Wow,” you smiled devilishly and folded your arms across your chest, mocking his positioning.

“What?” He questioned furrowing his brows yet again.

“I didn’t know you had time on your hands to care,”

“Why would you think I don’t?” He slightly raised his voice which only made your blood boil more.

“Because you don’t. I was a mistake, neither I nor Bella was planned but we came. You’re not mad they killed her because she was too inquisitive, who knows? Maybe you set that up yourself –

“Shut the fuck up!” He stood from his seat and shook the table so hard that it connected with your chest but you still kept talking.

“You lock me up in here all day and every day so you don’t have to worry about me getting exposed to whatever the fuck is going on here but guess what dad? I know! I fucking know! You’re Los Angeles’ own Pablo Escobar and a complete recreation of the devil himself! The guys hunting you aren’t bad people! You’re the bad guy and I’m in your fucking trap!” You pushed yourself away from the table and briskly walked towards the door connecting the dining room to the hall. “And I’m not going to base 2,”

He grabbed your arm so fast and firm that you winced loudly at the pain, “Since you’re so aware of what goes on around here,” he growled lowly, “You should know that no one but me has a say in anything,”

“Ah let her go Dom, can’t you see she’s internally screaming?” The orders of the only man that could calm your father down had him obeying quickly.

“Kim Seok Jun, my Asian fairy god brother,” Your father’s frown turned upside down in a matter of seconds when seeing his best friend and right hand man walk through the door.

“Dominique whatever the fuck your last name is, my black pain in the ass,” They greeted each other with a short manly hug.

You had never felt so unwanted in a room in your own house before. You stepped back with the intention to eventually leave the room quietly but Jun addressed you unexpectedly, “Pack a lot of winter clothes, it’s usually cold around these times in Seoul,”

Seoul? As in South fucking Korea? That’s where base 2 is? Makes sense, it’s literally across the world in an entirely different hemisphere with a language and people so far from English that if you went out into the street and screamed “Hey everyone! I sell drugs and keep my daughter hostage and kill people all while wearing a suit!” they’d think you were advertising food.

“I don’t have any winter clothes; I’m a black girl in L. A,” You sassed.

“Well then grab your stuff, we’re going shopping,”

You weren’t right about a lot of things, and that was hard to admit to yourself, but you knew for a fact you were right about this: You were the only eighteen year old in the entire west coast that had never been to a mall.

“You like pink?” Jun asked while holding the thick fur coat against your skin and putting a black coat on the opposite side, “I like the pink,”

You smiled a bit at the way he was trying to bring out his inner “fashionista” and nodded in agreement with his choice. “Can’t I just get both?” You joked but he still put the two coats in the cart adding them to the pile of things you had picked up before and headed toward the cashier.

“Anything else you want to get? Shoes maybe? Oh look,” He reached behind you and took something from off the shelf, “A beanie, that’s what they call it right?”

“You’re such an elder,” you both burst out with laughter at the joke that wasn’t that funny, but well needed for you both.

It felt good to be outside with Jun again. After Bella died, your visits to amusement parks and movies and the annual circus all stopped and it wasn’t until eight years after that you realized you genuinely missed him. He was everything your father was too busy to be, well he didn’t read your bed time stories and tuck you in, Mimi did that, but he taught you to ride a bike and warned you about boys and taught you to “never settle for being the bitch on the side lines cause you got you a boss face like your papa”.

It wasn’t long before you had cashed everything and headed out the mall and back home. The drive was as silent as expected, you didn’t drive out very often so you decided to take in everything out the window rather than engage in a conversation.

When you got back to the house a few cars were parked up front facing out and your father standing between the two in the middle. He was talking to a tall man dressed in a full black suit with a face that was highly recognizable, “Hey isn’t that the bodyguard?” You pointed to the man so Jun could see exactly who you were talking about.

He squinted his eyes and looked in his direction all while trying to properly align the car in the driveway, “Oh yeah, well, not after today,”

“What do you mean?”

“New base, new staff princess,” He let out a long sigh and opened the car door to step out. You followed behind.

“What do you mean new staff? You’re leaving? Everyone is leaving? Why would –

“Princess, calm down, I’m not leaving, besides,” He took the large shopping bags from the back seat and slammed the door shut with his back, “I’m not staff, I’m your dad’s best friend plus my family is in Korea, I’d be going home anyway,”

You both walked pass the horizontal line of cars that began to disappear one by one from the driveway and went into the house. “You’re family? You’ve been with our family ever since I was a baby, I didn’t think,” You stopped yourself from completing the sentence realizing that reminding him that he’d been absent from his family might be offensive, but he just chuckled.

“I’m not here all year round you know, we see each other,”

Mimi hurriedly walked downstairs with two large suitcases in her hands evidently empty judging by the way she effortlessly carried them.

“Toothbrush, makeup, lady stuff, nail polish, pretty face things and things for your curly curly hair,” Mimi handed you the first suitcase with a smile decorating her cute wrinkled face.

Wait, Mimi was staff, that meant – but she’s been here for so long wouldn’t she be considered family?

You took the suitcase from her and put it beside you but frowned deeply when you saw her demeanor change, “I’ll miss you bumbum,” She brought you in for a tight hug before you had a chance to respond, “If you ever need anything, you know where to find me,” She whispered before releasing you, nodding at Jun and walking through the front door leaving the other suitcase behind.

A large lump grew in your throat and tears stung your eyes threatening to fall from the glistening balls.

“Hey,” Jun caught your attention with his obvious attempt to change your mood, “Mimi is irreplaceable, we can’t deny that,” He lifted the bags of clothes and filled the once empty suitcase and started to close it up, “But you can’t make her departure get you so down bumbum,” You laughed at his attempt to mock Mimi and wiped away the small, stubborn tears with the back of your hand.

Jun lifted the suitcase from the floor and motioned you to go through the door, “Hold on, we’re leaving today?” You hesitated to move and stared at Jun in complete disbelief.

“Yes, yes now go, you look fine, come on,” You both quickly moved off towards the door, Jun in front of you, but you stopped for a brief second to look at yourself in the standing mirror near to the door.

You had on faded blue jeans, (one of the few pairs that weren’t distressed or cut short), an oversized plain white sweater a little under your mid thigh and black combat boots. You actually did look okay with, as usual, the exception of your hair. You quickly caught it all up in a half bun, cursed the two curls that fell out at the back and ran through the door to meet back up with your dad that was now standing beside one car with the back door open and waiting for you.

“Hop in, we’re already late,” He got in himself after making sure you were secure in the back and Jun had put your suitcases in the trunk.

It was bound to be a long trip. If you had learnt anything from the many private tutors your father hired to home school you, it was geography and South Korea was days away.

“So are we gonna live in like the heart of the city or like Busan?” You broke the silence as soon as the car drove off.

“Well your dad and I will be in Incheon, it’s just outside of Seoul,” Jun looked over his shoulder for a small second to address you then smiled to our Dad, “You’ll be staying in a penthouse in the city,”

Your eyes lit up at what Jun had just said, there had to be a catch because if you had known what came in the ‘base 2 package’ you would have opted to move years ago, “I’ll be living alone? Like by myself?” You scooted over closer to your father and held on to his shoulder like a toddler, “Like the adult I am?” Both you and Jun laughed but your father answered you sternly,

“You’ll be accompanied by a bodyguard whenever you’re to carry out any daily activities and he will be required to spend the night just to make sure no one comes in on you,”

You rolled your eyes and let out an annoyed growl, “I’m not gonna live with some old stranger,”

“He’s not much older than you, he’s 22 this year and hardly a stranger,” Jun added

“You two know each other?”

Jun and your dad chuckled lightly at your question before Jun decided to answer, “Yes, in fact we’re very close, I don’t think you’ve ever met him though,”


“Taehyung, my son”

The drive to the private terminal was long and the flight was even longer. All three of you suffered from jetlag, horrible, unforgivable jetlag. Jun had driven you to the penthouse which, to no surprise, was already decorated with expensive furniture that was grey, black or white but the most satisfying aspect was that the fridge, the grey fridge, was packed with western food.

After losing the battle with yourself to sleep instead of unpack, you allowed the grilled cheese sandwich and half glass of orange juice to knock you out on the couch, the grey couch.

You didn’t dream, ever, so the ringing of the doorbell had to be real. You grunted at the sound and placed a cushion over your head.

The door bell rang again, this time loud enough to annoy you to consciousness. You had fallen asleep on the couch with half your body hanging off and your head nestled in the crease of your elbow which was as uncomfortable as it sounded. You struggled to lift your sore self from your position and practically dragged your feet to the other end of the penthouse to answer the door. It was quite a long walk from the living room to the main door and you couldn’t fathom why they had to put you in such a big ass place.

The bell rang again twice on your journey to the front door and you yanked it hard stopping your visitor mid knock, “Yes?” You failed at your attempt to sound stern and your ‘yes’ came out in a squeak instead of a shout.

The gentleman standing there let a small chuckle slip out and quickly covered his mouth when he realized what he did, “Sorry about that, it’s just, sorry,” His voice was deep like your father’s but definitely not as raspy, his was soothing.

He slowly let his hand fall from his mouth and his perfect fingers lingered a little too long on his perfect set of lips before resting at his side. He had short blonde hair that fell a little in his face but still allowed you to see past it and basically lose yourself in his dark brown eyes. He wasn’t exactly tall but taller than you, much taller than you.

“uh – miss?” He waved his hands in front your face to snap you out of your gaze and you blushed in embarrassment.

“Sorry, um, I wasn’t expecting anyone, who are you?” You furrowed your brows when he smiled at your question.

“You weren’t expecting me? So neither my dad nor yours told you I was coming?”

“Hold on, you’re Taehyung? You’re the bodyguard?” You couldn’t get proper sentences out because you hadn’t fully taken in the beauty of the person standing before you.

“You sound disappointed,” He did his little box smile again and sunk his hands deeper into his pockets rocking back and forth like an impatient child. You couldn’t help but laugh at his action.

“I’m not disappointed I’m just…surprised I guess,” You opened the door with a smile wide enough to suggest to him that he was welcomed to come in, and he stepped towards you but not past you just yet.

Taehyung towered over you and stared down at your face before speaking. He inspected all the small details of your face including the little crease on your cheek he suspected got there because you just woke up. He was used to seeing Korean women with the usual pale skin, straight hair and almost always the same body type, nothing like you. He lifted his hand to pull down on one of your curls and watch it bounce back up and smiled at you in amusement.

“Well I’m happy to hear you’re not disappointed, but why are you surprised?” He whispered loud enough for you to hear.

You parted your lips to respond but you genuinely didn’t know what to say, you wanted to tell him you didn’t expect him to look let alone sound this attractive but he wasn’t some stranger you met in a store, he now worked for you, well, for your father. Either way, whatever you had in mind was not going to happen.

You closed the door behind him as he stepped into the penthouse looking around and nodding in approval of the style, “Fan of class?” He spun around and almost hit you over not expecting you to be standing so close behind him, “Shit,” He steadied you both, “It’s like I’m trying to lose my job,”

“Are you always this clumsy?” You joked

“Honestly, yeah, always,” He sunk his hands in his pocket, an action you deduced to just be a bad habit of his that couldn’t possibly compare to any of yours.

“I uh thought you were going to live here…no suitcase?”

“Well,” He walked over towards a column in the living room and leaned on it for support, “I wanted to formally introduce myself before I come strolling in, and my suitcases are actually just downstairs,”

“Okay, fair enough…I’ll go first though,” You rested your back against the column opposite the one Taehyung was on so you could comfortably face him, “I’m y/n, I like coffee and things that make me laugh,”

“Alright well you already know my name, I’d tell you what my friends call me but you can decide a nickname along the way oh and I must mention, I make the best coffee and enjoy making people laugh,” He gave another one of the box smiles you were slowly getting addicted to. You laughed again at his introduction inevitably in full agreement with the ‘enjoy making people laugh’ part.

“Why’d you take the job as the bodyguard?”

“Well to be honest with you I thought you were six and I love taking care of kids plus I needed to kill the time,”

“Kill the time?”

“I just graduated university but my dad said I can’t ‘join his force’ until I’m at least 25,”

“hmm,” You hummed, taking all the information in, “so you’re girlfriend won’t have a problem with you living with me and being everywhere I am?”

“As soon as I find one, I’ll explain to her that this is just business and she has nothing to worry about,”

You both laughed at his answer for a while before you finally broke it, “Well, you’ve officially won me over Taehyung, you may share my abode,” You did your best old English impression lifting your hand towards the room.

“Why thank you madam, I shall go get my things,” Taehyung walked backwards smiling before expectedly bumping into a wall and turning around to go through the door.

He had joined you in the living room an hour later after settling in and sat a safe distance away from you on the couch. You were still very tired from all the travelling you had done earlier and therefore still a slave to sleep.

“So you thought I was six huh?” you said groggily while bringing your feet up in the sofa.

“I did, but I’m obviously wrong I mean, you’re…a lot older than six, however, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing,” He tilted his head to the side to look at you from a different angle.

“And how would that be a bad thing,” You stretched your feet outwards until your toes were brushing his thighs.

“Y/n,” He spoke softly, “I don’t think it’s safe for you to do that,” he looked down at where your feet made contact with his.

“Oh, sorry,” You quickly pulled away but he grabbed onto your ankles tightly and gently placed your feet in his lap.

“I mean…it looked uncomfortable,” He rubbed your feet but didn’t seem to realize he was doing it, and did a good job too.

“Not to be rude but, you’re suppose to just make sure I’m safe, no need to worry about my comfort,”

He scoffed at your words and looked down at your feet and began to rub deeper into the skin which was only making you fall into sleep, “Is that really all you want?”

Curse you and your dirty ass mind because everything but what he really meant was flooding your thoughts. He continued to rub your feet and you continued to drift while fighting the sleep as best you could.

You noticed him scrunching his face deep in thought while gliding his hands up your shin and back down to your soles, “What’re you thinking?” You managed to utter in your deep state of tiredness.

“Trying to come up with something to make you laugh,” He answered honestly and that alone made you chuckle.

“Why?” You gave him your best half smile while your eyes finally came to a close.

“You have a pretty smile,”

You reached for the cushion beside you and playfully threw it at him but it didn’t get further than your waist, “Ah stop being so cute, I’m not suppose to like you so soon,” Your words were unfiltered but you were too drunk in sleep to care.

Taehyung slightly chuckled at what you said and watched you fall asleep. He lifted your feet slowly from his lap when he realized you were gone off completely. The intention was to meet you, maybe learn a thing or two about you along the way, follow you to the store or to a salon and make sure no one tried to hurt you which he knew particularly be hard. He’d heard about how ruthless the people in this business were in America, but it still could compare to the people here.

He took another look at you before walking off to let you rest. One of your hands lay hanging off the couch and another was tangled in your hair, you wore a pair of leggings and a fitted top which hugged your body nicely. Taehyung hated feeling like a perv but the longer he stared at you, the harder it became to look away. His thoughts were short lived because of a knock he heard on the door.

“Hmm, y/n expecting someone else?” He hummed to himself while strolling towards the door.

He pat the side of his belt to make sure his gun was secure in its case and pulled on it just in case he needed to take it all the way out.

The person knocked again, ten times harder than before.

Taehyung was now pressed against the door and turning the door knob but as soon as it clicked open the door was thrown forward and Taehyung was on the floor. A tall, muscular man pushed his way inside and pointed his gun at Taehyung.

The loud bang the door made when it was forced open had you flying out of the couch and onto your feet. Your eyes went wide at the sight before you and you stumbled down in an attempt to dress back.

The taller man bent down to get closer to Taehyung who was already on his way up so they ended up meeting half way. Taehyung pushed him onto the floor and straddled him wrapping his hands around the other man’s throat.

“Okay okay you win!!!” The other man laughed and Taehyung pushed himself off in a split second.

“What the fuck Namjoon you actually scared me!!” Taehyung placed the gun back in his waist and wasn’t the least bit surprised to see you awake and in shock, “Now look what you did,” he said to Namjoon scolding him for waking you.

You were beyond confused but more relieved to know that it really wasn’t an intruder, but someone Taehyung knew.

“This is her?” Namjoon pointed at you and smiled. He had blonde hair like Taehyung did and was a little taller with a rounder face and very deep dimples.

You walked over to where they were standing and stood beside and slightly behind Taehyung.

“Aww, she looks so cute behind yo- daaamn that’s a nice as –

“Okay alright y/n this is the most annoying human being you will ever meet on earth but we call him Namjoon for short,” Taehyung cut off Namjoon as if he didn’t already get out what he needed to say.

“Uh, hi,” You were still in shock and the two men realized, well, Taehyung did. He placed his hand on your back and brought you closer to him in an effort to calm you down.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” His whisper did everything to you, calm you down being one of them. You looked up at him and smiled to let him know you were okay.

“So who exactly are you?” You turned your attention to Namjoon who hadn’t taken his eyes off of everything below your neck since the conversation started.

“Kim Namjoon, first year trainee in all this madness,” He flashed you a cute smile and held out his hand for you to shake which you accepted while smiling back at him.

Taehyung glared at him and changed the topic quickly so the handshake didn’t last any longer than it had to, “He forgot to mention he also has to go back to work now,”

“Oh don’t be such a buzz kill Tae Tae,” He pinched at Taehyung’s cheeks but his hands were quickly swatted away, “I have a few hours of free time,”

Taehyung’s face was as straight as an arrow and his gaze laced with annoyance ad irritation from his older friend.

“Y/n, I understand you’re new to Seoul, I could show you around a little bit if you want,” Namjoon smiled at you completely ignoring Taehyung’s deathly stare.

“She’s tired, she just got off a two day flight and she would like to rest,” Taehyung sassed not once moving his hand from your back. You brought a hand up to stifle your laugh.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take you out another time,” He looked Taehyung up and down, “One day when buzz kill isn’t here,” He tauntingly eyed Taehyung and you let out a small laugh at how childish they were behaving but Taehyung didn’t budge.

Namjoon gave you another smile, pat Taehyung on the back and left the penthouse shortly after his promise to you.

You walked around Taehyung to stand in front of him and grabbed hold of his hands when you saw he was still a little tense and upset. “Oh come on buzz ki –

“Don’t call me that,” His command actually scared you because of how stern he said it. It surprised you how he had been so sweet before but became completely dark so sudden.

“Okay,” you squeezed his hands gently and looked up at him, “Can I call you Tae Tae,”

He smiled sweetly when he looked down to see your messy curls and how sleep ridden you were and a pang of guilt hit him, “Tae is fine…you haven’t gotten a proper nap y/n,”

“I know, it’s hard to fall asleep, and I mean, you see what happens when I do,”

“Let me help you with that?” His smile widened with his question hoping you’d say yes

He picked you up from the ground and threw you over his shoulder and you let out a small squeal in surprise to which he just laughed. He took a deep breath to calm himself down after realizing that your cheeks were connecting with his then moved along the path towards the living room.

“Ah you’re so heavy,” He laughed and pretended to fall which was probably the biggest mistake of his life.

While trying to act like he was struggling, he actually fell sending both of you crashing down onto the floor. He fell flat on his back and you fell on top of him landing on his chest with both your feet in between his. You were both laughing hysterically at what just took place, “I’m so sorry,” he managed to talk through his laughter but you couldn’t do the same.

You were honestly too tired to even open your eyes and your laughter died out as you involuntarily rested your head on Tae’s chest and found yourself falling asleep for the third time that day. It was comfortable and soft. His chest rose and fell gently and it rocked you to sleep perfectly.

He was comfortable as well; there wasn’t a thing to complain about. He thought it would be inappropriate if he were to caress your neck or even run his hands through your hair even though the urge to do it was unbearable. He settled for just resting his hand on your back to make sure you didn’t  fall off and waited for the right time to lift you and carry you to bed.