No-No Tables | Note Design Studio + Norm Architects

Inspired by a meeting in Italy, and an old marble floor, these two Scandinavian firms saw potential. The table itself manifests in a number of differing sizes and heights, allowing for collaboration amongst the collection to create vignettes and to allow for use across a number of spaces. Each piece has its own character and tension between the natural pieces of marble laid out in a graphic pattern, echoing the tiled tables of the 1970s in a new and contemporary way, and was the result of a process that saw them play with the idea of micro-furniture, creating something that was in between furniture and accessories.


Liquid Table by Mathieu Lehanneur

Based on his Liquid Marble art installation the designer Mathieu Lehanneur imagined a coffee table called Liquid Table, but he switched the marble for Aluminum. The shiny, silver surface was created by using the same 3D modeling software of movie special effects, as he did with his marble installation. The table is part of the “Spring” exhibition at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London, joining other fascinating design objects as the String chandelier.

Mathieu Lehanneur: Website