A Climatic Control Table That Will Make You Say Goodbye to Your Air Conditioner

Some of the earliest tables in history have been recorded and occupied by the Egyptians, mainly to keep things off the floor. As the progression of civilization rose, the Greeks and Romans made more frequent use of tables, specifically for eating. Since the invention of the table, its functions has seldom evolved. It is a source of decoration and practical use.

Paris-based industrial designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange partnered up with Raphaël Ménard, a French engineer, to create the Zero Energy Furniture table, also known as the ZEF Climatic Table.

Similar to any other contemporary table the ZEF table is sleekly designed, has a solid plank oak top and four angle legs. The major, yet impressive difference is that it cuts energy costs by as much as 60%.

Underneath the oak table there are a series of phase-changing materials (PCMS), which are located between the wood and anodized aluminum bottom. These materials’ purpose is to absorb the excess heat in the room when the temperature reaches around 71 degrees, thus creating a comfortable environment. It also has the counteractive effect: when the temperature drops below 71 degrees, it releases the trapped heat with the aid of the presence of the aluminum. Lagrange and Ménard call its function a “thermal sponge” since it consumes heat and reuses by expelling it when the room’s temperature decreases. 

Its inventors claim that the table holds the potential to reduce stifling temperatures by 60% and cooling needs by 30%. These statistics will hopefully save a lot of money and energy. This special feature is suitable for most homes that do not own a climate control system or shy away from the use of an air conditioner. It is also perfect for geographical locations that drastically swing from hot to cold in a daily span. Overall the ZEF table is an ideal piece for rooms which often experience significant temperature changes.

TS2 to TS4 - Banquet Dining Set & Add Ons

Hey guys!
Here’s the Banquet Dining Set from The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff!
Just in time for your luxury parties :P
I made some add ons as well because I have no life and I went crazy :P
Anyway the set consists of:

Banquet Dining Table: Costs: 1050$
Banquet Dining Table Single: Costs: 850$ (Add On by me)
Banquet Dining Chair: Costs: 1200$
Banquet Coffee Table: Costs: 500$ (Add On by me)
Banquet Coffee Table Single: Costs: 350$ (Add On by me)

All of them have their original colors from TS2 along with the catalog descriptions and prices.
In total we have 25 swatches for the chair (All the possible variations from TS2.)
and 5 swatches for the tables.

Also seekingtheseaking hope you like them :)
I really hope you like them..
Feel free to recolor them!
More to come!

Grab Them: