tabitha stephens

Lol, someone was looking at my new phone and I have Elizabeth Montgomery as my background (of course) and she asked me who it was and I said she was my mom and then Erin Murphy was in the picture, too and I said Erin was my sister. The girl said that I looked like my “mom”. OMG, best compliment ever. Haha, this is the longest run-on sentence, oh well. Idk, I just don’t want to tell people about having my favorite actress as my screensaver on my phone.. It’s weird for people and awkward for me :/… hmmm.

He wrote at night of course, after he’d finished his course preparation and correcting homework. Actually, the late night hours had always been a favorite time to write for him. Timing wasn’t a problem but mental energy sometimes was. Still, he always did an hour or two, no matter how exhausted he was. He used my typewriter, a little Olivetti I bought when I was in high school. I have always suspected he married me for it. He pulled a lot more words out of it than I ever did. Eventually his fingerprints were imprinted on the keys.
—  Tabitha King on Stephen King, from the Afterword of the Cemetery Dance edition of Carrie