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Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part2)


Your eyes drifted open slowly. You didn’t wake up in hospital, or at home, or even by the side of the road because you inhaled too much smoke, but In a large king-sized bed. You sat up and covered yourself with the blanket, after realising someone was sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. “Who the fuck are you?” you asked, rubbing your tired eyes. “Robert Greenwood, and you are?” he asked, grabbing your hand and leaning down to kiss it. “You’re awake” a loud, theatrical voice interrupted- entering the room. Greenwood reluctantly let go of you, clearly annoyed. “I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. Hi gorgeous, I’m Jerome” he smiled cockily, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Y/n” you replied, not being able to look away from him. “We were getting to that, before you barged in” Greenwood claimed. Jerome was still starling at you, with a large grin, before he turned around and stood up. “I saw her first” Greenwood added, licking his lips. “Boys, lets not argue amongst our team” a familiar figure said, walking in. “I’m the captain” Greenwood smirked. “Captain of my foot” Jerome spoke with childish sarcasm, making you dare to hold back a laugh. “I’ve murdered a dozen women, terrorised the city-” he began, glancing at you. Fantastic, you were going to be eaten alive by a psychotic cannibal. Jerome stood, blocking Greenwood’s view of you. “See I have vision, and ambition and brains. How many people can you eat before that shtick gets old?” he asked, getting closer to him. “I could eat one more” Greenwood claimed. With that he attempted to make his way over to you, but Jerome had him pinned up against the wall, with a knife to his throat before he could. “I see we have to resolve this once and for all” the familiar man, you now recognised as Theo Galavan said. He took the knife and Jerome relaxed, he instead replaced it with a one bullet loaded gun. Greenwood smirked and placed it to his brain, pulling the trigger. He then passed it to Jerome. “Hey Greenwood, what’s the secret to good comedy?” he asked, placing the gun to his brain. “Timing” he smiled, pulling the trigger. “And what’s courage?” he asked, pulling the trigger again. “Grace under pressure” Jerome continued. “And- Who’s the boss?” he asked, placing the gun underneath his chin. He then pulled the trigger once more, “I’m the boss” he stated, giving a laugh of sinister insanity. “I believe you are Jerome” Theo praised, removing the gun. “The girl remains unharmed” he simply ordered, before walking out of the room whistling.

You walked around the room, not actually sure what this hostage situation was. You eventually got so bored, that you left and entered the rest of the mansion. You heard voices coming from downstairs, so you thought you had about enough time to try and escape. That was until you turned a corner and walked right into “Barbra?” you asked in shock. You recognised her as your Uncle’s insane ex, who tried to kill his girlfriend. “Y/n!” she beamed, hugging you. She was acting as if she was running into you, during some sort of family reunion. “Small world” she laughed. “What am I doing here?” you asked bluntly, not in the mood to entertain her. “Beats me, Jerome seems to have a thing for you, little niece” she winked, before strutting off. “Helpful” you muttered. “Y/N!” Someone called. You turned to see Jerome walking up the stairs towards you. “Yes?” you asked casually, like he wasn’t an Arkham breakout who has kidnapped you. “We’re going out” he claimed, dragging your arm along the hall. “Tabitha, Y/n. Y/N, Tabitha” he introduced, after barging into her room with you. She simply titled her head and walked around you, examining. “My dearest friend here will help you get ready for tonight” he grinned, already walking away. “What’s tonight?” you called after him, but he was already gone. You turned to face her, she had her finger on her lip like she was thinking. “Definitely red” she mumbled. This was definitely a house, full of whackjobs.

“Perfect” Tabitha grinned, after finishing your dark red lipstick. You stood up and walked to look in the full body mirror. Your hair was full of volume and curled, your makeup was elegant but edgy and you were wearing a tight red dress with a slit in the side. You looked good, to the point you forgot your current situation. She then gave you a pair of black stilettos to wear. You slipped into them and checked yourself out once more. “I know you look hot, no need to thank me. Now come on, Theo is waiting” she grabbed you by your hand and pulled you along with her. “Is she ready?” Theo asked, as you walked behind her. “Certainly is” Tabitha responded, moving out of your way. Jerome jumped over the couch, wearing a tailored black suit. He whistled and comically slicked back his eyebrows. He then held his arm out, for you to link it. As defiant as you are, you wanted to. So you complied. “Jerome I assume you know the plan” Theo ensured. “Sure do” he responded, still looking at you. You were seriously trying to conceal a blush. “And I assume you’re not going to follow it” Theo added. “Sure wont” he agreed. “Just be back here by midnight and don’t get caught, especially by Jim Gordon” he told, causing you to break back into reality. With that, Jerome guided you outside and into the back of a blacked out car filled with other henchmen.

The car pulled up, to what seemed like a club. The henchmen got out and Jerome helped you out. He then suddenly turned around to you, with a grin. He informed you on the plan, In his own dramatic and enthusiastic way. Theo had an important business deal, with one of the underground groups. He however doesn’t trust them and so he sent Jerome and you in the place of Tabitha and him. The problem was, that the group were expecting you as intimate partners. “I am not pretending to flirt with you” you stated, crossing your arms. He ignored your defiance and handed you a gold gun, with ‘Queen’ engraved onto it. You immediately pointed it at Jerome’s head with a smirk. He laughed and took a step closer, so the end of the gun was pressed against his forehead. “You’re not going to shoot me” he grinned adamantly. “And if I do?” you asked cockily. “You know you’d regret it for the rest of your life” he answered. You stared at each other for a moment, both refusing to back down. You eventually lowered the gun and he began to laugh, before holding his arm out again. You tucked the gun into the garter on your leg, before entering the club together.

“Jerome” a muscular man greeted, as you made your way over to a table in the back of the club. He handed him a whisky and slowly handed you a type of cocktail. “And who is your women?” he smirked, scanning his eyes over you. “Y/n, and he doesn’t own me” you answered. “Feisty, I like it” he breathed down your neck. You rolled your eyes and glanced at Jerome, who was gripping his glass tightly, close to breaking point. “Please, take a seat” he told, issuing you all to sit back down. You sat close to Jerome, with crossed legs. You weren’t scared, you just felt a lot safer being with him, which should be hard to believe. “So, $500,000.00 offer on the table” the man began, opening a briefcase and turning it to face the pair of you. Quite frankly, you had no idea what was going on and yet you still managed to keep your front up. Maybe it wasn’t even a front, maybe part of you liked the idea of being part of the underworld. You just couldn’t ignore the sense of guilt for your uncle, who you knew would be stretching the offers at the GCPD to try and find you. Before Jerome could speak, you began to tap on the table with your nails. You then slammed the briefcase closed and slid it back over to him. “Don’t like my offer?” he asked, pouting at you patronisingly. “No, I don't” you pouted, equally matching his sarcasm. “We’re not taking less than what we asked for″ Jerome interrupted. The man stopped looking at you and drew his attention back to Jerome. “What are you? Her bitch?” he laughed, issuing for his own henchmen to join in. You and Jerome looked at each other, you could see the anger building up inside of him, which quickly returned to insanity. He began to laugh with them, before pulling out his gun and shooting one of the henchmen in the head. Silence soon fell (as well as his body), before everyone from both sides pulled their guns out. “I liked that guy, looks like we have a problem here” the man claimed, taking a swig of his drink. “Looks like it” Jerome smirked. “Here’s a deal, I give you £750,000.00 and Galavan stays happy. But I get your girl, in place for my man you just shot” he offered. You swallowed thickly and took a huge sip of your cocktail. “Hmmm” Jerome began to consider. You looked at him with furrowed brows, was he really going to hand you over to some hitman in a club? “No deal” He answered abruptly. You gave a small sigh of relief. “No?” The man asked with shock and rage. “Who are you, to reject an offer from one of the most respected and feared underworld groups?” he asked, standing up. Jerome simply smiled and leant back, putting his arm behind the back of your seat. “We’re the King and Queen of Gotham, who the fuck are you?” you answered once again, causing Jerome to widen his eyes in amusement and slight arousal. With that, both sides started to shoot at one another and screams and panic followed in the club. Jerome grabbed your hand and the briefcase, before you both ducked out of the club. Your car was still parked in the alleyway, this time you two were alone due to your hitmen being predominantly dead. He was putting the briefcase away in the trunk of the car, when you looked up at the club window, to see a gunman pointing a gun towards him. You knew it was too late for you to get him to move. Your heart was racing, it was the first bit of adrenaline you had felt in ages. The smartest thing you could have done was to let him get shot, and get the fuck out of there. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion, you weren’t even thinking. The man was about to pull the trigger, as you pulled the gun out of your garter and pulled the safety off. Jerome looked up at you, before glancing at the window. You pulled the trigger. Shooting the man in the head. You watched as his body fell, covering your mouth in disbelief. You couldn’t look away, you couldn’t even fucking move. Jerome wasn’t laughing for once, he pulled you into the car and the two of you drove out of there, as the sound of police sirens echoed around the streets.

“I’ll ask you again, who was with Jerome Valeaska?” Gordon asked, punching the man in the face. He was covered in blood and handcuffed in the interrogation room of the GCPD. “Some girl, I don’t remember her name” he told, his face coming into contact with another punch. “Jim, come on” Harvey stepped in, after watching him completely pummel the guy. “I need to know if it’s Y/n!” he snapped, turning to Harvey. He went to punch the man again, until he spoke. “Wait, Y/n. That’s her name, I don’t know anything else I swear” he pleaded. Jim let go of him and turned to Harvey. “Was she hurt?” he asked. “No, she was WITH him. She even gunned down one of my men” he answered. Jim’s eyes widened. “Are you sure?” he asked, not really ready to hear the answer. “Positive” he said, breathing heavily. Jim let go of him, staring at the ground. Harvey tried to reassure him, listing off every possible reason for you have to do something like that. Jim wasn’t listening to any of it, he simply turned around and slammed out of the door. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Theo sat counting their new found fortune. “Well done Jerome” he said proudly. Jerome simply raised his eyebrows and finished his whisky, slamming the empty glass on the table. Not his usual reaction. “She’s almost there, I would give it a week” Tabitha smirked. “It’s gunna kill Jim Gordon” Barbra laughed, walking into the room. “Y/n Gordon will join the Maniax by her own accord, it’s in her blood. It’s in every single Gordon” Theo claimed. “I say she should pay her uncle a very special visit” Tabitha hinted. They all soon began to laugh, with the exception of Jerome- who simply rubbed the back of his neck and hung his head.

This part was more of a transitional part, so it isn’t as good as the others. Stay tuned for part three, because you ain’t seen nothing yet x


Christines with auburn/reddish wigs (not a complete list by any means)

  1. Tabitha Webb, West End (u/s 2005-06 / alt. 2009-10)
  2. Robyn North, West End (u/s 2003-04, principal 2007-08)
  3. Katie Hall, West End (u/s 2008-09, alt. 2011)
  4. Anna O’Byrne, West End (alt. 2012-13)
  5. Harriet Jones, West End (principal 2013-15)
  6. Beatrix Reiterer, Essen (u/s 2005-06)
  7. Katy Treharne, West End (u/s 2009-10, alt. 2012)
  8. Anne Görner, Essen (principal 2005-06)
  9. Nicky Adams, West End (alt. 2003-04)

Nicky Adams appears to have been the first West End Christine to don the auburn wig. After her it’s surprisingly often been worn by the alternate Christine. Apart from West End, the Essen wigs were also very much on the reddish side.


The 9 latest West End Christine Daae Understudies.

  • AJ Callaghan (Mia van den Eykel goes between her and the next but there are no pictures)
  • Robyn North
  • Tabitha Webb
  • Sofia Escobar
  • Katie Hall
  • Katy Treharne
  • Claire Doyle
  • Ashleigh Fleming
  • Lisa Anne Wood

 Six seven out the nine ten listed went on to being another form of Christine, wether is be Principle / Aternate / another production, so far.


Scott Davies as the Phantom in West End

He has an impressive track record, starting as the u/s Phantom in the early 1990s, eventually becoming standby for Peter Cousens in 1997. Then the principal Phantom in the UK “Millennium Tour” in 1998-99 and in West End in 1999-2001. He returned as the standby in 2009, a position he still holds.

His Christines includes: Celinde Schoenmaker, Harriet Jones, Maria Coyne, Emmi Christensson, Lisa-Anne Wood, Ashleigh Fleming, Olivia Brereton, Sofia Escobar, Anna O’Byrne, Katy Treharne, Claire Doyle, Katie Hall, Tabitha Webb, Gina Beck, Zoë Curlett, Joanne Pullen, Katrina Murphy, Deborah Dutcher, Claire Louise Hammacott, Ana Marina, Charlotte Page, Meredith Braun and Lisa Waddingham Duby. Possibly also others!

I like drawing small scenes. Can you tell I’m more comfortable drawing pokemon than humans *sigh* I’ll attempt Maxie at some point, but for now, you’ll have to do with this *hides face in hands*


Another fic. Closely related to my previous one here. It’s not so much a sequel as… a prequel, because of this prompt:

“For prompts, how about the first time May took Maxie up on his offer, since in the Groudon fic he says he wasn’t expecting her to?” from leonawriter

This has, again, not been beta'ed. I did my best but… you know. *shakes fist* Betaing is important.

Anyhow, yeah uhm *points* I’ll leave this here and just go. This one’s a bit all over the place but the art above IS related to the fic, so there’s that! The shipping is mostly in undertones like the previous one, but yeah.

Posted HERE in Ao3 in case it’s hard to read on my tumblr

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“Hannibal” backstage at Royal Albert Hall: 

1. Anna Forbes as Slavegirl.
2. Wynne Evans (Piangi) and Layla Harrison (Slavegirl). 
3. Layla Harrison as Slavegirl. 
4. Tabitha Webb as Wild Woman. 
5. Deborah Dutcher as the hithero unknown role “Madame André”. 
6. Matthew Gent as Hannibal soldier. 
7. Siani Owen and Robyn North as Hannibal princesses. 
8. Wendy Ferguson as Carlotta. Nice makeup!


Full Evolution of the West End Star Princess Costume

Starting at the Saloon Girl (UPDATED!)

  1. Sarah Brightman
  2. Claire Moore (Alt.)
  3. Maria Kesselman (u/s)
  4. Rebecca Caine (Alt.)
  5. Claire Moore (1988)
  6. Jan Hartley-Morris
  7. Jill Washington (1994)
  8. Annalene Beechey (u/s)
  9. Beverley Worboys (u/s, picture may be from her run in Basel but it looks like a UK dress to me!)
  10. Zoe Curlett (Alt., picture possibly from her time in the UK Tour, it’s really hard to tell and is never labeled with just “West End” or “UK Tour”)
  11. Meredith Braun
  12. Charlotte Page
  13. Claire Louise Hammacott
  14. Deborah Dutcher
  15. Celia Graham
  16. Katie Knight Adams
  17. Rachel Barrell
  18. Tabitha Webb (u/s)
  19. Robyn North (she had been a u/s in the past but this is when she split the role 50/50 with Leila Benn-Harris)
  20. Leila Benn Harris
  21. Gina Beck
  22. Katie Hall (u/s)
  23. Katy Treharne (u/s, 2009)
  24. Tabitha Webb (Alt.)
  25. Sofia Escobar (2012 picture however it is the old styled dress)
  26. Katie Hall (2011)
  27. Claire Doyle (u/s)
  28. Katy Treharne (Alt.)
  29. Sofia Escobar
  30. Anna O'Byrne (Alt.)
  31. Ashleigh Fleming (u/s)
  32. Olivia Brereton
  33. Harriet Jones (current 2014 dress)
  34. Emmi Christensson
  35. Lisa-Anne Wood (u/s)

(There were also no pictures I could find of Irén Bartók, Shona Lindsay, Lisa Hull, Debra Stables, Megan Kelly, Nikki Ankara, Ana Marina (u/s), Josie Walker, Zoë Curlett (u/s), Myrra Malmberg, Fay Richardson (u/s), Colleen Patrice Taylor (u/s), Amanda Jane Callaghan (u/s), Katrina Murphy, Louise Walsh, Mia van den Eykel (u/s), Nicky Adams, Jane Mark, Sarah Ryan. If you know of any PLEASE submit them to me and I will add them!)

NOTE: I tried my best to do the list by dress and not by actress or year but the ended up badly and this was the easiest way, if you see any errors and I am sure there are a TON let me know and I’ll start a list and try to fix them all! <3