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Do you know which Christines Simon Bailey has performed with? (Also, do you think Gina Beck will ever return to Phantom? I think not but one can hope...)

Yes! I have a list. Here goes:

  • Gina Beck (principal in West End)
  • Robyn North (as alt. in West End)
  • Tabitha Webb (alt. in West End)
  • Katy Treharne (as u/s in West End)
  • Katie Hall (as u/s in West End, and as principal in the Restaged Tour)
  • Olivia Brereton (as alt. in the Restaged Tour)
  • Leigh Coggins (u/s in the Restaged Tour) 

I think Gina Beck still is a potential Christine, as she was quite young when cast. She’s gotten some valuable experience from other musicals under her belt, and I think it would be highly interesting to see her return to the role now.


Scott Davies as the Phantom in West End

He has an impressive track record, starting as the u/s Phantom in the early 1990s, eventually becoming standby for Peter Cousens in 1997. Then the principal Phantom in the UK “Millennium Tour” in 1998-99 and in West End in 1999-2001. He returned as the standby in 2009, a position he still holds.

His Christines includes: Celinde Schoenmaker, Harriet Jones, Maria Coyne, Emmi Christensson, Lisa-Anne Wood, Ashleigh Fleming, Olivia Brereton, Sofia Escobar, Anna O’Byrne, Katy Treharne, Claire Doyle, Katie Hall, Tabitha Webb, Gina Beck, Zoë Curlett, Joanne Pullen, Katrina Murphy, Deborah Dutcher, Claire Louise Hammacott, Ana Marina, Charlotte Page, Meredith Braun and Lisa Waddingham Duby. Possibly also others!


The 9 latest West End Christine Daae Understudies.

  • AJ Callaghan (Mia van den Eykel goes between her and the next but there are no pictures)
  • Robyn North
  • Tabitha Webb
  • Sofia Escobar
  • Katie Hall
  • Katy Treharne
  • Claire Doyle
  • Ashleigh Fleming
  • Lisa Anne Wood

 Six seven out the nine ten listed went on to being another form of Christine, wether is be Principle / Aternate / another production, so far.