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You Crying Over Last Dance (BIGBANG)

“Hi! Could you do a bigbang reaction to them finding you crying about the one last dance mv?”

basically me every time i watch it don’t even bring up top omg

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He would completely freeze when he came into the room, looking at your tear stained cheeks. He would sit beside you, raising your chin up so you could look at him. Gently, he’d coax out of you why you were crying. He’d instantly feel sympathetic that it was his group that made you cry but would hold you until you felt better. He would rock you a little in his arms to help soothe you.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just a video.”

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(my heart - too pure for words)

He’d sit in silence and hold you as you cried into his shoulder. You were sobbing about his part in the video particularly. He would gently stroke your hair, mumbling words of comfort with his soothing voice. He would lift up your head so he could look at you. He’d wipe a tear away with his thumb and cup your face in his hands. He’d gaze at you sincerely - reassuring you.

“I am right here baby. I am not going anywhere.”

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(this doesn’t seem real, february is too close now)

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on top of dancing, our Tabi is extremely athletic

BIGBANG Reaction: His gf playfully makes jokes about him

Anon said: “Hi :-) Can you do Bigbang reaction when you playfully making jokes about them please ? Thank you xx“

G-Dragon: “Your hair reminds me of that killing doll chucky”

                   “Girl my hair is better than him, please”

He wouldn’t take it serious, knowing your being playful

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Taeyang: “I’ve seen better abs than yours Taeyang”

                “You sure you weren’t dreaming jagi?”

He would take it as a joke and play along

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Daesung: “I’m pretty sure I have better fighting skills than you”

                 “You wanna go?”

He might not even care at all. He just wants to have fun so he will joke about you too

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T.O.P: “You can’t dance Tabi”

           “At least I don’t dance like this” *sassy T.O.P*

He might sass you but he will forget you joked about his dancing even though he knows he can’t dance himself

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Seungri: “I don‘t love you anymore”

                “It’s okay, I already have someone else”

He will joke around and remind you that he’s Seungri from BigBang and then act playfully with you NEVER FORGET THIS MOMENT

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