Oh. My. GOD.


That’s how Tabi waits for his turn under the stage😂😂😂💖

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favorite people: Choi Seunghyun  

“ When i was younger, I was very sensitive so it was like hell inside my mind. I had too many thoughts in my head. I spent a depressing time for a few years. And i was really emotionally unstable. I was unable to see where to go, so I always restless. I also used to lose my temper easily. But now that i look back at it, I think I can do music and acting because I went through those times. Maybe I was born to express something. I didn’t know this in the past, but I’ve been thinking about this nowadays.”


In case you didn’t know why VIPs were so emotional about Tabi singing the song ‘Act Like Nothing Happened’ yesterday…😔
this post is specially for those who want to know the story behind the song which @choi_seung_hyun_tttop performed it today after so long and made all the VIPs cry 😭 This song is a song which Tabi wrote for his ex girlfriend. This girl is the one who introduced him to YG and gave his demo to GD. But in order to not affect his career, the girl chose to leave Tabi after that. And so Tabi wrote this song for her. Ever since the girl is married, Tabi never sang this song live on stage anymore and until today, he chose to perform it again but with a special way, instead of singing it on the stage, he performed it backstage. So is he really moved on or not, nobody knows. #bigbang #bigbang10 #bigbang2016 #choiseunghyun #kpop #yg #choitop #tabi

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tabi: i think this tour was the most fun😆
seungri: why’s that why’s that 🐼
tabi: cause of you 🙃

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