An old commerical with the Baby Raptor looking even more like a baby. He’d be, what, 17 in this?

(also I totally believe that all the rangers do this during their breaks at the cafe)

Anyone here knew that on Nick’s newest cartoon, the Loud house, two of the sisters are voiced by Clone Wars VAs. Catherine Taber, voice of Pdmé, voices Lori Loud, and Nika Futterman, voice of Asajj Ventress, voices Luna Loud.  so this is a sort of mash up of the two characters each actress plays or something like it. And it’s rather amusing to me because Catherine  plays the oldest sister, while Nika is well not the youngest but I think she is only a couple of years younger, and Lori has to take care and control her younger sisters on nearly each episode.

some of the characters look like their VAs, so it makes me think that they have a higher chance than other characters to show up in the movies (as well as possibly meaning that they survive swr for now?)

for starters, numa looks like catherine taber, gobi looks like corey burton, azadi looks like clancy brown, rau sorta looks like kevin mckidd, ahsoka looks like ashley eckstein…

the interview w/ PAR seemed to suggest that some characters are designed first (so they don’t look like their future VA) before getting their VAs, and obviously, the season’s story and scripts are likely nearly finished at the least by the time of auditions, so if a character dies, it doesn’t really appeal to movie writers to bring them in unless they’re from the movies.

i mean yeah, they could always get a different actor, but it seems that filoni and co. would like to help VAs make it to the big screen if the opportunity comes around.