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MADDIE is still looking for her forever home. Her adoption link is in my bio, she is about 2 years old, is spayed, tested and vaccinated, and is in excellent health. She is extremely friendly with people, ALL people! She wants nothing more than to be petted and to sit by her human, you can safely rub her belly too! She seems to like other cats, especially if they will play with her, and I’m fairly sure she will be good with DOGGOS too, can she be any more perfect?! She has beautiful thick white fur and very cool tabby striped markings, including a perfect heart on her left side. I am in Phoenix but would be willing to drive halfway if you live in surrounding states, so if you live nearby and think you could love her, please contact me and we can work something out to help this sweet girl. If you can’t adopt, that’s ok, but PLEASE help me out by reposting widely, all she needs is 1 person, and maybe that person follows you on facebook or another social media platform, she and I are both so grateful for your help! .

To see all of her cute pics and videos, search #madelinetheheartkitty on instagram
Thank you!!
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“Dr Banner and Dr Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“He’s a very calm cat, which was… you know, important. He helps me meditate. Tony tried to give me a snake for some reason, but Dr Tabby didn’t like it, so I thought I would donate it to Fury. He seemed like a ‘snake’ guy, but apparently, he has a thing about ‘mothereffing snakes.’ So Nat adopted Dr Slithers.”

Bruce isn’t all that creative with names, but he’s adamant that any animal that helps with therapy is automatically a doctor, hence the title. Dr Tabby has totally owned him.

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i extrapolated out my cat guy into a real actual original character not based on anything else and his name is mayday. also i wanted to try my hand at a reference sheet method that is much less stylised and more clear w/r/t character markings. i may offer commissions for this style of ref sheet in the future idk

Warrior Cats Beauty Standard Headcanons

I originally posted this on the Forums, but I liked the concepts so much I wanted to share them with you all! ^^

ThunderClan - They find broad shoulders attractive, as well as strong legs. Scars are also a symbol of beauty to them. Amber eyes are a huge hit. For she-cats, tortoiseshells are considered very attractive, as their pelts blend well in the forest. Ginger she-cats are also considered very attractive. Toms with dark brown fur, or tabby markings are considered ideal. This means cats like Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Spottedleaf, Brackenfur, Dustpelt, Firestar, Lionblaze and Bramblestar are found extremely attractive. Tigerstar was a hunka-hunka. Excuse me while I go throw up a tad bit for that statement. DX Spottedleaf is possibly the perfect example of ThunderClan beauty.

In contrast, cats like Ivypool, Jayfeather, and Blossomfall, who are small and lean with narrow shoulders, are considered less attractive by ThunderClan standards.

ShadowClan like darker pelts, with narrower eyes and leaner builds. Like ThunderClan, scars are considered a status of attractiveness. Tawnypelt, while not initially born there, is considered very attractive. Cats like Pinenose, Ivytail, and Tigerstar the II are considered attractive. Paler pelts are less desired, because they make terrible stalkers at night.

WindClan love long legs, lean builds, and large ears. They also love green eyes the most of all the Clans, as they blend in with the windy plains. This means Deadfoot, despite his foot, was very attractive. Tallstar was extremely attractive by WindClan standards. Ashfoot, Heathertail, Crowfeather, and even Hollyleaf fall under WindClan attractive standards. In contrast, Breezepelt and Nightcloud, with their more muscled builds and plump bodies, were not as desirable, something Nightcloud fretted about and resented.

RiverClan love a plump, sleek body with silver fur and long hair. The bigger the eyes, the more attractive. Blue eyes are considered very attractive. Males are bit different, as long brown fur is considered attractive to she-cats. Silverstream is the apex example, but Mothwing (large eyes, small face), Hawkfrost (literally every RiverClan beauty standard), Rainflower (may her soul rest in eternal torment), and Feathertail are others as well. Crookedstar too, despite his jaw. Oh, and Oakdadd-I mean Oakheart. Skinnier cats are considered unhealthy, and less likely to attract a mate. Leopardstar resented her stature because of this.

SkyClan are a bit odd, as they find paler fur more attractive. They love them some huge back-legs and sleek tails, and white cats are considered very beautiful. This means former full-bred kittypets that joined are considered very pretty.



The Abyssinian is a breed of domestic short-haired cat with a distinctive “ticked” tabby coat, in which individual hairs are banded with different colors. It is named after Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia), the empire from which it was first thought to have originated; more recent research now places its origins somewhere nearer the Egyptian coast. The Abyssinian cat as it is known today was bred in Great Britain. The name ‘Abyssinian’ comes from widely-spread stories of British soldiers deployed to North Africa in the nineteenth century returning home with kittens purchased from local traders.

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Hi, so I don’t know how much you know about cat color genetics, but we have a dilute tiger looking boy at work (I work at an amazing Humane Society) and was wondering if you knew anything about that color pattern. I’ve never seen anything like him before and am pretty amazed. I’m just wondering if it’s a rare color pattern, if it’s rarer that he’s a boy, if it’s similar to how dilute works in calicos/torties, etc. I added some pictures for reference.

He looks very much like a dilute tortoiseshell/calico cat to me. I’s just tortoiseshell colours with a dilute modifier and white patches on top, but it is very striking.

Male tortoiseshell cats are very rare because the black and orange color genes occupy the same position on the X chromosome, so to exhibit both colors a cat need two X chromosomes. These male cats may be XXY, or may be XY/XY or XX/XY chimeras.

He probably also has some tabby markings underneath all of that, but most tortoiseshells do. It’s just harder to see on the very black ones.

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How many different "kinds" of calicos/torties exist? There are silver calico, chocolate and what else?







any of these can be combined with tabby markings or silver/smoke 

cinnamon/red calico

chocolate/red spotted tabico

black/red silver classic tabico 


Ships: I dunno maybe poly if you squint
Tw: swearing
Reasoning: I just randomly had an idea.

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“I curse you to miss your next five shots!” The dragon witch roared and Roman smirks before slashing the scaly stomach of the beast six times, the last one really deep and fast. “Rrrrr” she growled and flew off to heal herself, but not before smashing a potion on Prince’s head right as he exited the daydream realm, he instantly fell to his face in a dreamless sleep.

When Roman finally awoke he was on the floor, he groaned which made no sound as he stood up on… 4 legs? Roman was really confused as he looked at his paws and let out a confused noise… ‘mew?’ Roman tried to cover his mouth resulting in face planting the hardwood floors. He ran to his full length mirror, tripping a few times not used to his short legs.

“Mew! Hiss!!!” His fur stood up and tail fund back and forth. Roman was an orange tabby cat with a marking on his forehead like a white crown. Well he wasn’t a cat, he was a kitten… a really, really tint kitten. Once again his small paws padded the floor as he ran to his door and through the slight crack. Instantly making a swift drifting turn and tumbling on the floor. A pained Mew left his throat now as Patton opened his door.

“AWE!” Patton squealed very loudly and scooped Roman up in his hands and held him close to his chest cuddling the small kitten in his hands while making small excited and loving noises, “Oh my goodness you are just so cute I must show you to the others. Roman is still in dream land though” Patton ran in his socks down the hall, slamming through Anxiety’s door.

“Patton! Please knock first!” Anxiety was visibly exhausted, more than Roman had ever noticed before. The bags under Anxiety’s eyes were not fully covered by makeup and his eyes seemed dull.

“Sorry kiddo, I just had to show you this kitten!!!” Patton skipped to the exhausted Anxiety and set Roman down near Anxiety. Anxiety knew if he didn’t touch the cat then Patton would probably cry so he gently pet the orange tabby. Roman couldn’t help his purr as he leant into the touch and wandered beneath the slight moving fingers. A low chuckle rang from Anxiety’s throat. Patton giggled as Roman rolled on to his back.

“Patton he’s going to claw trap me” Anxiety said worriedly and Roman mewled wickedly. Anxiety took a breath and did small scratched on Roman’s fluffy tummy making Roman purr loudly, unclawed padded traps happened out of excitements but since there wasn’t any claws Anxiety kept up his pets. He and Patton took turns petting Roman, Roman’s purrs were louder and sifted depending on where they pet him.

Logan soon entered the room and after some arguing and urging he also joined the petting train anf Roman couldn’t be happier. He hated being a cat but with this much affection and love coming from ALL three of his favourite people he was happy and purring.

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I thought tortoiseshell cats were cats with nearly all black or blue and red, apricot, or amber speckles. Aren't calicoes predominantly white with black or blue and red, apricot, or amber patches? Torbies = tortoiseshell with tabby markings, right? What are calicoes with tabby markings? Tabicoes?

Tortoiseshell can be a cat with any mix of the black and ginger genes. Calico refers to cats with the above pattern that also have large patches of white. Colour dilution modifiers can affect any base coat colour.

Tortoiseshell is just a colour. That colour can be modified with markings such as tabby, dilution or white patches, but underneath it all that’s still tortoiseshell. ‘Torbie’ is a strange portmanteau that I had not heard before, and to my knowledge is not in common use.

All these cats are torties.

But if they have enough white, they can also be called calico.

If they are calico then they are also tortoiseshell.

Moon’s and Magicians

             Marvin scratched absentmindedly at small bite mark on his hand as he read through his spellbook. He still couldn’t believe that cat bit him. It had been so nice at first. What on earth had gotten into it? He took his mask off and set it down. It was kinda dark in his room and his mask made it harder to read. As he continued to read his scratching grew more urgent. Fucking hell, why was it so itchy?! He winced when he felt his nails dig in a little too far. What the? He hadn’t been scratching that hard.

             He glanced at his hand as his eyes went wide. Claws?! W-why did he- his train of thought was broken when he noticed the moonlight filtering in through his bedroom. He glanced back and forth between the moonlight, the claws and the bite on his hand. Oh no. That wasn’t a normal cat was it? All the air rushed out of him when a crippling pain suddenly surged through him, his legs buckling beneath him. He landed on his side and and started gasping for air. It felt like his shirt and cape were strangling him.

            He clawed at the the clasp to cape and the neck of his blue shirt, desperate to stop the feeling of suffocating. His claws tore up his shirt and cut right through the strap of the cape, causing it to fall off of him. Sweat glistened on his brow as he held himself tightly and curled in on himself, his claws digging into his arms. His normally seafoam green eyes glowed a bright teal, the pupils slitting. It was obvious from the color that his eyes hadn’t changed because of his magic, they would have blue if it was. The marks on his forehead glowed faintly, most likely in reaction to what was going on.

           A sharp cry escaped him when he felt his feet pop and crack, the heel stretching and claws matching the ones on his fingers forming on his toes, tearing his socks to shreds. He grit his teeth and his jaw ached as the eyeteeth on his top and bottom jaw lengthened into sharp fangs, his gums bleeding. His hearing got muffled for a moment before all sorts of sounds came rushing in as he ears moved to the top of his head, becoming pointed and covered in brown tabby fur, the tips green like his hair. There was pressure building up at his tailbone and it felt like his spine was squirming inside him. He emitted a loud screech of pain when it tore it’s way out of him, forming a long brown tail with tabby markings.

            The new appendage curled up against him as he lay trembling, his breath coming out in quick pants. After a few moments the last of the pain faded and he slowly got up, standing on all fours. A startled hiss escaped him when someone burst in through his door. “Marvin?! What’s going on?! I heard screaming,” Chase, the only other person in the house currently, said as he entered the room. His hazel eyes widened when they landed on Marvin. 

            Marvin growled lowly, the sound distinctly feline. “M-marvin? E-easy buddy. I-it’s me, Chase. Remember?” Chase stuttered out, holding his hands out in a hopefully placating manner. Marvin stopped and tilted his head slightly, staring at him in confusion. Chase cautiously approached, pausing for a moment when Marving bared his teeth and started growling again, ears laid back against his head and his tail lashing behind him. The moment he stopped Chase started moving forward again.

            Chase knealt down in front of him, offering his hand. Marvin sniffed him curiously. A look of recognition appeared in his eyes as he took in Chase’s scent. “Chase?”  Chase nodded. “It’s me Marvin. It’s okay.What happened? Why are you…..this?” Marvin frowned, going over everything in his head. “Remember how I came home today complaining about how a cat bit me? I don’t think that was a normal cat. I’m pretty sure it was a werecat. I mean, just look at me, look at the moon. What else could it be?” Marvin replied.

           "Is there a spell that can cure you?“ Chase asked. “Maybe, but it’d probably be something that’s too advanced for my current skills. Lycanthropy and similar curses are pretty powerful, so spells to cure them are equally strong. It could take months before I’m able to master the spell to make me human again,” Marvin said, tears welling up in his eyes towards the end. He didn’t want to be a monster that long, he didn’t want to have to go through that horrible pain again.

         "Hey, it’s gonna be alright. I promise you. You’ve got me and the others to help you through this. You don’t have have to suffer alone,“ Chase said, placing a reassuring hand on Marvin’s shoulder. Marvin, who had sat down by this point, buried his head into Chase’s shoulder, clearly needing some comfort right now. Chase hugged him tightly, running a hand through Marvin’s hair. Marvin eventually relaxed under his touch and Chase was surprised when he started purring. Okay, that’s adorable. "Don’t tell anyone I purred or I swear I’ll claw your eyes out,” Marvin mumbled ino Chase’s shoulder. Chase chuckled. “Sure thing bro, sure thing.”

(( my contribution to Egotober for today. Not doing all of them but I just had to do something for today. Lol, everyone’s doing werewolves but I went and did a Werecat Marvin XD Thinking about writing an alternate ending where Marvin attacks Chase instead of letting him approach. ))

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the marauders finding a cat and adopting it because “yES THE MARAUDERS NEED A MASCOT” and taking it to their dorm and feeding it, squeezing it and doing all the sort of stupid things they’re always doing, “LOOK PADFOOT I BROUGHT SOME RAW FISH FROM THE KITCHEN”, “LET’S BATHE IT, IT’S DIRTY OMG”, “LOOK MOONY IT LOOKS SO CUTE WITH YOUR SCARF”, “WORMTAIL WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE WITH ITS FUR IT’S LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING POODLE”, but in the end of the day they realize that the cat is missing and none of them could find it and they’re all so sad because it was a really cute cat…a distinctively marked silver tabby cat with square-shaped marks around its eyes.

shit bro another au? hell yeah

now i’m FINALLY making a post about the Cat!AU!!!! Or also known as…

Catptain Underpants!! (Get it?? =3c)

I’m just going to be posting about what they loom like and what breed they are

ALSO before I go onto writing abt the AU, I want to say that, YES! there ARE DOGS TOO!! And I want to say, I encourage you to put your ocs in this AU!!! Put your oc in and make them a dog, a cat, or, something like that!!!!

onto the AU!!!!

Harold - A pale yellow kitten with orange spots, a golden/yellow tuft of fur, and green eyes.

George - A brown kitten with darker brown markings, white socks, and dark blue eyes

Melvin - A ginger tabby kitten with white markings, and emerald green eyes ( along with quite the attitude)

Krupp - A big, white, chubby, fluffy, Persian cat, with a brown tuft of fur on top of his head (its fake??), with bright brown eyes, broad shoulders, and big, powerful paws

Edith - A massive, fluffy, and chubby, cat with tabby stripes, broad shoulders, and a strong build. With pink, yellow, and white fur. 

Cap - Pretty much the same as Krupp, but with bight calico markings and his cape

Pippy - A small, fluffy, light grey Munchkin cat.

Heads up!! I’ll make a separate post for other characters later!!! 

And also, I WILL BE MAKING ACTUAL CONCEPT ARTS FOR THIS AU!!! I’ll post them after the two posts about these kitties AND doggos (bc I can’t forget the doggos!!) themselves!!

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Do you have any Snape/McGonagall friendship headcanons? I adore your blog btw!!

  • Minerva notices Severus has a nervous fidget.  She teaches him how to knit because it’s a good way to keep one’s hands busy.
  • It becomes their Sunday afternoon ritual to take tea and knit together while Pomona and Fliwick are doing the rounds.
  • In the summer, Minerva invites Severus to visit her for a week.  She lets him putter around in her herb garden and take clippings for potions ingredients.
  • They complain ALL THE TIME about stupid things that their students (or the DADA professor of the year) has done.
  • Minerva is one of the only other Hogwarts professors who knows that Severus’ patronus is a doe.
  • Minerva lets Severus pet her in cat form. Also pick her up and carry her around. She quite likes it.  So does he.
  • Severus taught Minerva how to play cribbage.
  • Minerva taught Severus how to play wizard’s chess the Scottish way (it is like 10X more violent).
  • They snipe at each other about Quidditch all the time but neither of them are actually hardcore Quidditch fans.
  • They always share Wizard Crackers at Christmas. One year Severus got a stuffed tabby cat with spectacle markings.  Minerva got a plush bat.  They both thought this was hilarious.
  • Minerva always gets stiff finger joints the first few weeks of winter as the weather gets colder.  Severus has perfected a tonic that helps her to reverse the pain and limited range of movement.
  • Minerva doesn’t care that Severus was a Death Eater. She once joined a Muggle biker gang one drunken night after brawling in a pub and has the tattoo to prove it.
  • Minerva was the first one to ask Severus to call her by her first name when he first started working at Hogwarts.
  • She’d never tell him, but she foiled the Marauders many times over the years when they were trying to prank Severus.  She never knew about the Marauder’s Map, which allowed them to bypass most of the teachers so they could sneak up and attack Severus.
  • They’ve fallen asleep on the couch together before after a particularly tough night, their heads leaned against one another in exhaustion.
ThunderClan overview



ThunderClan cats have a sense of duty and loyalty stronger than any other clan. However, this comes with a rigid set of rules and expectations.

ThunderClan cats are expected to be able to work together as a team. Apprentices are given extreme responsibilities that help enforce a good work ethic, sharpen their skills, and help them understand that the life of the clan is the most important thing, over any individual.

ThunderClan values conformity. Until recently, when Firestar became leader, accepting kittypets and loners into the Clan was unheard of, causing the second highest inbreeding rate of all the clans. Now they are tentatively allowed, but they must strictly conform to clan life by taking a clan name and showing themselves to be useful- because if they can contribute and are loyal, ThunderClan is one cat stronger. One notable cat in ThunderClan, Millie, decided not to change her name. This was only allowed, some suspect, because of Firestar’s favoritism towards Graystripe. Regardless, Millie has shown herself to be a tough, hardworking member of ThunderClan.

Every ThunderClan cat must contribute, unless they physically cannot. Elders and wounded cats are given the highest honors and protected. She-cats are expected to have kits, as well as normal duties, to contribute to the survival of the Clan. Toms are also expected to contribute to this by having a mate. While homosexuality isn’t necessarily looked down upon, most gay ThunderClan cats never consider it as an option, because having kits is given such importance. It would take a very independant and free thinking cat to recognize themselves for who they are.


Despite recently taking in so many outside cats, ThunderClan has a negative view of the outside clans. They will do anything to protect their own, and other clans are treated with disdain. This attitude makes ThunderClan one of the best fighters out there, battling with skill and precision.

ThunderClan cats are excellent ground hunters, with rudimentary knowledge at tree climbing. Mostly, they can get up three branches before feeling dizzy and having to come down. They accomplish this by jumping out of the tree, or if they’re higher up, clawing their way down backwards. Although by living in an abandoned quarry, ThunderClan has become astute rock climbers. This is a necessary skill, both to leave the camp as well as to escape the floods that occasionally come in the rainy season.


ThunderClan cats are huge, muscular cats, with powerful legs and shoulders. Their muzzles tend to be broad and round, with large paws, and short to medium length fur. They have a good sense of smell, because undergrowth in their territory stops them from seeing most of their prey. They also have excellent hearing, as any snapped twig or leaf can indicate a piece of prey.

Fur colors vary greatly, however most cats have tabby markings. White is present very little on full-blooded ThunderClan cats. Green eyes are extremely common, as well as yellow. Amber or blue eyes are much rarer. Eyes also tend to be very round in their shape.