tabby look

shklance at the carnival
  • lance and shiro are banned from several booths
    • not because they cheat but because the booths are obviously rigged and they still manage to win a lot
  • keith is actually so bad at carnival games but mostly cause he’s got bad luck and is easily frustrated
  • but he’s the best of all of them at not falling on his ass inside those fun houses with moving floors and rotating rooms he’s got that shit on lock
  • lance wins them prizes at the aiming/shooter games
  • shiro wins them prizes at the strength testing games
    • every time shiro is looking cool af after winning a strength testing game lance squeals and jumps into his arms dramatically proclaiming “MY HERO <3”
    • keith rolls his eyes at them but snaps a photo because he’s a cheese like that
  • cotton candy kisses
    • lance loves the sweet taste
    • keith doesn’t like the stickiness on his cheeks but he tolerates it cause he loves them
    • plus they litter his cheeks with kisses and it tickles so it makes him giggle
  • keith and lance use roller coasters and rides for competition
    • first to say uncle has to wear the silly hat
    • said hat is the only prize keith managed to win by randomly picking a rubber duck with a star on the bottom (only luck he had all day)
    • shiro likes roller coasters but there’s no Thrill in them for him
    • but it’s cute to see lance and keith scream-laughing and having fun
  • lance names a cute little black dog plushie keith and keith blushes
  • shiro names this cute little smug looking tabby cat plushie lance and lance dIES
  • lance and keith holding shiro’s hands and guiding him to open spaces when he’s feeling too claustrophobic cause of crowds
  • lance taking so many selfies with them both
  • so many
  • they all have things theyre bad and good at but they all have fun
  • until the haunted house
    • lance is super superstitious, and only agreed to go in cause he KNOWS it’s all people in costumes that aren’t actually messing with some bruja bullshit
    • keith squints suspiciously at everything but is otherwise oddly calm
    • shiro has died, his soul has left the building, his skin has gone  clammy and pale, he’s constantly stopping himself from making a tea kettle noise
      • lance, clinging to shiro: youll protect me right babe
      • shiro, edging further away: i cant read suddenly i dont know 
      • keith: this is…a verbal conversation??? 
      • [some noise sounds in the distance]
      • shiro: [makes a tea kettle noise and fuckn bOLTS]
      • lance: bABE NOOOOOO
      • keith: don’t worry i can handle this
      • [someone pops out at them]
    • they arrive at the jump scare
    • shiro: gone
    • keith: handling
    • knife: out
    • they are forcefully removed from the haunted house
  • in the end they have to leave a bit before the carnival closes or else the cops risk getting involved aka: best carnival date EVER

thank you to @noiitamina from the shklance discord for the initial idea you truly #blessed us all

Andreil and their cats drabble, based on this post

Neil shuffles through the front door of his dorm room. He is unsurprised to find Nicky lounged out on their living room couch, fingers deep in a bag of chips. He only glances at the flickering television before dropping his duffle bag by the door and padding off to see if Andrew is in the room.

His body aches, his muscles throbbing and tight across his shoulders. He had barely slept between his late night practice the night beforewith Kevin and his early morning run, and had to listen to Kevin’s rant on not over doing it while they ran through drills after breakfast.

He finds Andrew on top of the desks, the window beside him cracked open enough to let the warm wind in and the cigarette smoke circling from the hand propped onto his knee out. Andrew only flicks his eyes up at him for a moment to acknowledge his presence.

Neil doesn’t say anything, instead he stares at the ball of brown fluff in Andrew’s lap. Andrew’s fingers are tucked into the fluff, and in the quiet of the room, Neil can hear the purrs from across the room.

“Another one?” Neil asks as he rests against the door frame. The corners of his lips twitch, threatening to pull up into a smile that matches the warmth in his chest. Andrew had been indifferent to the first two cats Neil had brought home, but it was him who showed up to the dorm two weeks later with bags and bags of toys and treats. And it didn’t take much time for Sir Fat Cat to win the cuddle war with Andrew. Neil finds the cat perched on Andrew’s chest while he sleeps more time than not.

Andrew looks back at him as he flicks his cigarette towards the opened window without response.

“We aren’t even supposed to have cats here,” Neil tells him, waving a hand around to gesture the dorm room as he makes his way towards them. He snatches the cigarette from Andrew’s fingers. Sir Fat Cat is on the bed, and the disapproval of their new furmate is clear in his eyes.

“I don’t care,” Andrew says as he blows the smoke towards Neil’s face. Neil doesn’t care either. He sort of loves coming home to find another unfamiliar cat in the dorm, and how Andrew just looks at him like he hadn’t been the one to sneak in five cats whenever Neil mentions it.

“What’s it’s name?”

“Stabby!” comes from the living room. A moment later, Nicky pops up in the doorway. There is no shame on his face for eavesdropping. “Stabby the Tabby Cat.”

“I named her Striped Cat,” Andrew says, ignoring Nicky as he scratches his fingers through the cat’s fur, which is marked with lighter brown stripes across her torso and around her face. She rocks her head up, knuzzling against Andrew’s palm, the purring growing louder.

“I like Stabby,” Neil says, nodding in approval. The last cat Andrew had snuck in had been a bright orange cat with yellow stripes, and Andrew had called it Orange for a week before Nicky and Neil finally won with Foxy Queen.

“Right?” Nicky chuckles, but his smile fades into something more like a grimace after a moment. “It clawed me when I tried to pet it.”

“You deserved it,” Andrew says, scratching behind the cat’s ears as if it to reward her for it.

Nicky grumbles something under his voice as he pushes away from them and heads back towards the living room.

“Stabby,” Neil says, reaching down to tuck his fingers in the thick fur near Andrew’s. “It is fitting.”

“Shut up,” Andrew grumbles.

His usual retort is just starting to form at the tip of his tongue before both of Andrew’s hands are curling around his collar and tugging him forward to shut him up.

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Oh Boy

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I don’t want a baby.”

Pairing: Jared x Reader

A/N: This is from a while ago. I just found out it was deleted. So reposting.

Just getting the best news ever, you bolt upstairs to wake up your ridiculously handsome husband.

“Wake up, sleepy head!” You exclaim jumping on the giant. 

“Ughhh. Seriously, Y/N…” He groans dramatically under the covers. 

 "I have a surprise! We will soon have an addition to the family!“ You say all giddy. 

"Wait…you’re pregnant?!” Jared asks now wide awake. 

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Hoshi, Peko and Toujou Friendship Event

Ryouma Hoshi: Hm? That on that gate’s shadow is…


Kirumi Toujou: Hoshi-kun, good morning. Did anything happen… for you be standing still on a place like this?

Peko Pekoyama: It seems to me that you have been glaring at the gate…

Ryouma Hoshi: Oh… It’s nothing, I just saw a cat.

Peko Pekoyama: A… a cat, you say!?

Kirumi Toujou: Perhaps it came here from somewhere and got lost?

Peko Pekoyama: My apologies… The cat having ran away is probably my fault.

Kirumi Toujou:  No… It’s hard to think you were the cause, madam. Cats being alert around humans is a normal occurence.

Peko Pekoyama:  No… all animal sense my bloodlust and escape. If you were the only ones here, Hoshi and Toujou, it might have not fled.

Ryouma Hoshi:  Certainly, the energy around you is quite sharp… The animals might see you as an unsheated katana.

Peko Pekoyama: Hoshi…  What kind of cat did you see?

Ryouma Hoshi: A brown tabby. Probably crossbreed. Its looked quite comfy to pet.

Peko Pekoyama: I see.. I wish I could have seen it.

I’m wondering how good of a feeling I would get if I could pet the fluffy fur to my heart’s content…

Kirumi Toujou: The two of you… like animals a lot, don’t you?

Ryouma Hoshi: Not really… I just happened to notice it had a collar.

I’m just concerned… whether or not it will be able to come back safely to its owner’s home.

Peko Pekoyama: That’s right… This academy is vast. There’s a risk it might lose it’s way to the exit and stay lost here.

Kirumi Toujou: In that case, how about I search for the cat?

We still have time before the start of the activities so I can promise to find and keep it under my guard.

Ryouma Hoshi: That’s good… It’s an state of emergence, I want your help.

Of course, I’m not leaving all the work to you. Let me search it with you.

Peko Pekoyama: Toujou… I’m thankful.

I would like to join the search too, however…

Ryouma Hoshi: Oh… You’re saying the cat will run away if you come close, huh.

Peko Pekoyama: …Ugh-!

Kirumi Toujou: I see… Pekoyama-san, perhaps could you help us by calling Tanaka-kun and Saihara-kun?

I’m sure those could be of good help for us. Meanwhile, let’s start the search, Hoshi-kun.

Peko Pekoyama: Excellent suggentions. I’ll go call them immediately.

Ryouma Hoshi: Hmph… Thanks for all the help, Toujou.

Kirumi Toujou: Leave to me. I’ll definitely complete the job the two of you hired me for.