The conversation in my head about this outfit:

- Well, that was unexpected! But cute. Definitely cute.

- You’re dressed like a 5 year old.

- Cute tho.

- You’re 30.

- But I look lovely!

- The last time you wore something like this was 5 years ago?????

- Oh age is just a num-

- This was your aesthetic 5 years ago?????


I’m still putting this up here because I mean, this is cute. I look like I should be in a Ghibli film! I think there’s something about heels with knee socks that takes any outfit right into EGL territory, and it’s been a long while since I’ve done that. These Bait Footwear oxfords from Unique Vintage are hands down the comfiest heels I’ve worn though. Highly recommend, 10/10. And how adorable is that brolly? This was an unexpected way to put together all the elements of this outfit, a lot more costume-y than I go for these days, but then no one ever died of a bit of over the top cuteness so *shrugface*

♥  Primark denim dress { Similar by Alice & You, also similar styles at Forever 21and ASOS } ♥  Unique Vintage umbrella  ♥  Bait Footwear oxfords  ♥   Tabbisocks crochet socks  ♥  Old ASOS velvet bow  ♥ 

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Leaving her apartment | New York City, NY | September 16, 2014

Thanks Lola!

Tabbisocks ‘Crochet Over the Knee Sock in Merlot’ - $16.00

Taylor’s merlot-coloured knit socks are by a brand called Tabbisocks. These socks did briefly retail at Free People as ’Kawaii Crocheted Over the Knee Sock’. But has sold out via FP.

Worn with: Free People top, Dolce & Gabbana bagRD Style skirt and & Other Stories pumps


I grew up having Christmasses, you know. It was the one time of the year when my mother and I would temporarily declare truce and things actually felt festive. I’m so excited I’m doing Christmas this year, after like more than a decade - AND it’s going to be my first proper Christmas with my partner, which makes it doubly exciting! In anticipation of which I pranced around with some tinsel in the front yard today afternoon.

This dress was gifted me by Voodoo Vixen ages ago, but what with being busy and sickly, I just couldn’t find the time to take photos in it. It’s the Susie Meow dress, and while pinup is still not my thing, I thought this would adapt very well to being dressed down - which it has, I think! I adore woolen dresses with all my life, and this is a lovely thick wool, fully lined and incredibly well constructed and finished. The size does run quite small though, as I got the XL and it was a bit of a struggle to zip up on my own! 

My socks are the Tabbisocks over the knee ones from my last post, and incase I didn’t mention it before, these are the only OTK’s I’ve found that actually go above my knees and stay up! I have stupidly long legs for my height and over knee socks rarely make it past my knees. Like, seriously, I’m all legs and belly. 


Voodoo Vixen Susie Meow dress  //  Old Alice Takes A Trip blouse  //   Tabbisocks Pointelle Diamond Over The Knee Socks  //  Bass Wayfarers 


Airy Knee High | Tabbisocks

Soft, semi-sheer and gauzy stripes combine dreamy coverage with lightweight loveliness.

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information. If in doubt, Email Us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!


Free shipping in the USA • Free International Airmail for orders over $30USD to most countries
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I took these photos (with a little help from my colleague Pathika) and then I more or less just jumped into the sea and spent all morning swimming. It was one of the most glorious experiences I’ve ever had. I’m too exhausted and sleepy to go into any detail about it, but I did spend about 10 years dreaming of swimming in the sea, which might explain how I feel about it. I was born to be in water. 

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *    

The coat was gifted me by Choies, and it’s lovely and snuggly and the perfect tartan coat I’ve been wanting for ages. The dress is one of my current favourites and I tend to wear it a lot - it’s still available in a couple of sizes at ASOS. The woolly socks are c/o Tabbisocks and they are quite amazing. They’re big enough to accommodate calves a few sizes larger than mine and they’re not the least bit scratchy and uncomfortable, which is amazing. I love socks like that. And finally, the glasses are the London Retro Nancy frames from AW13 that were gifted me by MyOptique last year, but I’ve only got proper lenses put in them recently because I’m a bad blogger boo hiss


French Affair Opaque Printed Tights by Tabbisocks!

The fanciest floral lace pattern and their bold use of black and white gives these printed tights the perfect je ne sais quoi.

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information. If in doubt, Email Us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!


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…and my hair was curled before I left home today 😅😖. My outfit for today: Rococo inspired lolita for meeting up with dear @murikuma 💖🎀. Thanks, dear, for taking the pic 💖💖! I wanted to finally wear out my new ‘Maiden of Versailles’ JSK from Inori, which I’d purchased quite a long time ago, yet never had the chance to wear it yet. We defied the rainy weather, walking around in the city and went to the castle of Hämeenlinna to take some pics. The rain did drive away any potentially annoying tourists and harassers, so we were left alone (which was nice after being somewhat harassed during the Hellocon weekend 😓). I really had a great time and it was time to leave before I even realised. Thanks, dear Laala and Appa, for a great day ❤️! Outfit rundown ~ JSK: Inori, blouse & long petticoat: IW, hat: @cloudberry_lady, bag: Ank Rouge, tights: @tabbisocks, shoes: AP and shoe-clips: BtSSB. #ootd #lolitafashion #classiclolita #rococololita #rococoinspiredlolita #inori #maidenofversailles #innocentworld #ankrouge #cloudberrylady #tabbisocks #angelicpretty #glitterpartyshoes #btssb #elegant #eglcommunity #lolitafinland #ロリータファッション #ロココロリータ #かわいい

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Wearing ★ ASOS Mustard Dress {Similar at Simply Be} Sumissura Tailored Tweed Blazer {Similar style available at Boden} Wooden Brooches by The Twenty Fingers on Etsy Tabbisocks OTK Socks Clarks Brogues {Similar at ASOS} Unique Vintage Tote Fave vintage hat 

Munnar, Day 4: No journals were kept on this day for this day was a pain in the ass. Almost a month later, as I sit down to recall the series of memorable buttaches that comprised this day, my predominant impression is that of cold. How cold it was, how cold! The hotel shunted us out in an auto at 6 in the morning, claiming apocalyptic strikes and road barricades. 11 kilometers of bumpy hill-riding later, we reached a shady motel in town where we decided to rest our feet and bags. Following which, Munnar completely failed to rise to the occasion, remaining sleepy, tranquil, and pointedly strike-free for the rest of the day. I wanted to dress for travelling, so I picked the comfiest possible outfit from my greatly diminished pile of clean clothes. Then we heard rumours of a flower garden in the neighbourhood, so Mooshu had to be pressed into action with the camera.

A couple of things I was grateful for that day: my tweed blazer from Sumissura and my Unique Vintage tote which doubled up perfectly as a carry-on bag. Rarely have I worn clothing that’s been tailored to my exact measurements, and the difference is ever so surprising and pleasant. We wandered around the garden, took a mini hike to a ‘sightseeing point’, napped in the shady motel bed, and slept through 12 hours of two different buses in hills, forests, and finally the long dusty plain. My jacket became a pillow, a comforter, a blanket to hide in from the mountain blast, a window shade against the highway lights. I was a wayfarer and that jacket, my towel. We saw the stars that night as I’d never seen them. The milky way like a sheet of galactic dust stretching from hilltop to hilltop, merely an arm of the spiral faint with starlight old and new, but so immediate, tangible, the star crown of our little slice of the universe. If the ancients were obsessed with the stars, seeking patterns, prophecies and portents in them, they did so for a reason. Seldom have I felt such profound nothingness in my being as I did that night, my consciousness extinguished as the pinprick of a dying star, a dust trail dissipating dim in the nether reaches of the cosmic dark. The stars alone were worth the journey, and after them everything else felt incidental.

There were meals to hunt down, drunks to ward off, language barriers to overcome and a house to be cleaned when we got back - the fine print of daily life that weighs us all down in its infinitesimal details. Later, there are meals to cook and outfits to blog and precious nuggets of time that Moosh and I spend together before I bundle him into a taxi in a blur of tears, and eventually, as the days trickle past, I forget that night we drove through the forest, and I forget the stars. Yet in times when the world ebbs away from me, and I’m left alone in the echo chamber of my head, I think of the galaxy. I think of the night forest, and the dome of the universe arched above our heads, the wash of light dusting across it, and I think of what filled my puny little heart to bursting then. It’s stardust I think, the stardust in my bones, calling me home to the infinite.


Vintage Vines Backseam OTK | Tabbisocks

A richly detailed panel of twining vines runs up the back of these over the knee socks; an opulent touch to simple socks.

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information. If in doubt, Email Us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!


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Valentines Day Coord by sydpiggy1 featuring pink tops

Bodyline peter pan blouse / Bodyline pink top / Bodyline skirt, $0.43 / Tabbisocks red stocking / Bodyline bow flat / Red crossbody handbag / Crystal heart jewelry / Forever 21 key necklace / River Island bracelet jewelry, $8.23 / JTC Baby Girl Red Roses Lace Flower Headbands Hairbands Hair Clips… / cosplay wig 30 inches brown mix pink japanese harajuku lolita wavy…

So le fiance (who is called Moosh/u for purposes of clarity) and I are back from our vacation, and I thought I’d share my travel journal for the 4 days that we were there! This is what happened at 

Munnar, Day 1: 

Mooshu got bitten by a leech. A leech! How is it that these antediluvian horrors still live amongst us? Neither of us had seen a leech outside textbooks and Game of Thrones. We spent a long time shaking leeches out of our clothes and recoiling in abject fear. Munnar is beautiful though. Dreamy and misty and rainy as I’d hoped it would be. The hotel is a bit pants and I’m the one playing the precious tourist. Moosh has been a trouper all through this visit, bless him. He was positively delighted when we discovered the bus to Udumalpet had sleeping seats. The Night Bus! We shall travel like kings, he said and promptly passed out. I spent the night trying to get a phone signal and woke up cranky.

 Wildlife glimpsed so far: a solitary wild boar, an abundance of peacocks, and an embarrassment of monkeys. The leeches too, if we’re counting them. Kerala’s forests are as magical as I remember. Driving along the mountain road, the smell of acacia sap overpowering the diesel, valley tumbling down to a stony stream and tufted with woolly heads of trees old and new - it’s not so hard to imagine the hills as they might have been in a time before people. Before the logging and the littering, the mud tracks and roads, the dry beds of once rivers, the dust. Sometimes it’s comforting to know that we’ll be extinct long before we’ve made a desert of this earth. I’m glad these hills live on here and now, in their mulchy undergrowth, trickling streams, beds of moss and trees crowned by the evening mist. We slept in a cloud last night. It rained around us and over us and when we woke, 11 hours later, the sun was out, warming the flowers and our toes.

I wore: Vintage Silk Shirt {similar style at ModclothASOS Denim Skirt {similar style by Alice & You here} ★ Herschel Survey Backpack {Available at Backcountry and Farfetch} ★ Tabbisocks Tyrolean Over Knee Socks {Which I wear as knee socks, generally} ★ Clarks Brogues {similar available at ASOS

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New Item Spotlight: Harajuku Chic Super Cable Leg Warmers!

Extra long, comfy and, best of all, warm! These come in eight gorgeous colours, and measure in at 27" long! They have great stretch (up to 20"), but are best* (and warmest!) when scrunched below the knee.

*A subjective opinion appears! They are also fantastic pulled up as long as you can get them!


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