For those of you wondering #howto,
step 1, curl your hair well in advance and set it for like 4 hours.
Step 2, don’t go crazy on foundation, just even your skin tone out and blend, accentuate with three tones of blush to raise that cheekbone.
Step 3, lighter shadow close to skin tone over your entire eye, slightly darker skin tone in crease, blend and eyeliner starting at the inner corners then lifting your wing up closer to halfway or ¾ of your eye for a more even wing and avoiding globs. Fill, eyebrows, mascara, and nude lip.
Step 4 let your curls down, when curling: spray at the base of each curl and tease before setting, set while still hot.
Step 5: I did not attempt to comb, I am not @sabrinacayne and when I attempt to smooth my liberty rolls I lose my curl. Instead take your curls, roll underneath, pin and spray. Be aware of your hairline and work with it not against it.
Step 6: get your groove on in a @steadyclothing #wiggledress!

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