Night Terrors (Bard X Wife!Reader + Bain)

Based on the imagine from imaginexhobbit


It was a usual quiet night for the people of Laketown. The full moon hung lazily over the sleeping town, with only the quiet trickling of water being heard above the noise of the nightlife. You were fast asleep in the arms of your husband, Bard, and your two children were sleeping in rooms elsewhere in the house.

Except, Bain woke up with a start. Racked by one of the frequent night terrors that the seven year old had. He never told you or Bard about these, fearing that you’d both tell him to “grow up”; not to mention that your elder daughter, Sigrid would torment him for it. So he kept it to himself. Lately, they had been getting worse and he found himself waking up during the night, and staying sat in his room unable to go to sleep again

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Dean O'Gorman

Don’t play the sound yet! Take a moment to imagine the Battle of Five Armies in the end of “There and Back Again”, when every dwarf, elf, hobbit and man has had his hero moment - all but two. We pan over the battle field to where Thorin is lying, wounded and dying, with his nephews fighting honorably to protect him. Imagine a pale orc’s roar of victory and a groan of agony and pain as Kíli is struck down. See the shock on Fíli’s face, the breaking of his heart through his eyes. Hear him calling his brother’s name, then sprawling to his knees, holding Kíli’s head din his lap until all life has drained away. See Fíli, driven to tears and madness, turn to look upon the pale orc, grab his sword with bloodstained hand, rise up and…

*play the sound*

I take no responsibility for heart-break, teary eyes, angst or otherwise sad and unbearable Durin feels.


“No,no, no, no. He could not have! he would not have. How can I live when my sunlight has betrayed me? The only thing that shed me light in this darkness, and even he has forsaken me. He who soothes my wounds has caused me the greatest pain of them all. I will never know love again! It seems I was right after all, but my heart was too foolish to listen- it was all too good to be true. The only thing I can love is gold! Gold, as cold a mistress as she is, will not betray me. Gold is the only love I need! Ah! I shall never be happy, never more! As long as I live.”

Let me tell you something if you think that Thorin didn’t suffer as much-or more- as Bilbo during Bilbo’s betrayal, then you are very, very wrong.

(as good as i could draw with an injured finger! thank you for all the nice people leaving messages in my ask. especially you, anon from seville… it warms my heart to know i have friends in my homecountry, after all these years *UuU*)