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"Four. There's been a fourth. Something's different this time."

“You know how they never leave a note? This one did.”

So the fourth suicide was different than all the rest. Jennifer Wilson, the unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. The amount of pink helped Sherlock realize the mistake. Her real-but-technically-never-alive daughter was Rachel Wilson.

Why do you think the Unaired Pilot had five serial suicides but when A Study in Pink came around they changed it to four? Faulty? Or we’ve been hacked and it’s a message.

Why did Gatiss and Moffat talk in 2011 about the emotional climax to Sherlock happening in series 4? Because this arc has been their plan from the beginning.

So what happened in the fourth series of Sherlock?

What’s different about this one?

John Watson, unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. His real-but-never-technically-alive daughter was Rosamund Watson. The amount of references to A Study in Pink helped the audience realize the mistake.

Once you start noticing the ASIP references, everything you see is Mind Palace.

THAT is the clue.


– Mary shooting Sherlock in The Roland Kerr college from ASIP
– Sherlock descending the steps to Moriarty’s cell were the same as the ones in Brixton in ASIP
– “You’ve been reading John’s blog, the story of how you met”
– “Alternatively” opening montage of TAB has ASIP references sprinkled out of order
– Holmes and Watson recreate their meeting in TAB
– Sherlock and John’s ending Montage in TFP being like Mycroft’s in ASIP when he says “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”
– “Perfectly sound analysis but i was hoping you’d go deeper” / “Too Deep, Sherlock, you’re in too deep” / “I shall have to go deep into myself” / “These are deep waters”
– Sherlock having flashbacks to ASIP in TLD
– Faith recreating Sherlock’s adventure in ASIP
– John rushing to save Sherlock from a serial killer at the last minute
– John’s cane
– John (re)starting Therapy

I’m sure there are many others I’m missing, so feel free to add more if you think of them.

TL;DR: Everything since Sherlock got shot is mind palace. The next piece of footage we get will shoot us back in time to series 3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from two men who also write for Doctor Who.

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Can we have some relationships headcannons with Ambulon and First Aid? I love me some docs

I mean… They are pretty good with their hands. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


~He’s actually completely full of anxiety, especially when it comes to being in a relationship with you.
~He’s afraid he’ll mess something up or that he’ll upset you and ruin everything.
~You have to comfort him sometimes because he just is so full of anxiety. Pet him and tell him he’s doing great.
~He likes call you unusual nicknames like Bubbles or Sunflower. Really he’s just not good at nicknames.
~He’ll stop with the nicknames if you ask.
~Dates can be one of two things with him, a quite night in with a cube of energon or some food if you’re human, or a night at Swerve’s and some crazy dancing.
~Sharing a berth is pretty normal regardless if you’re human or not. He doesn’t move much in his sleep.
~If you’re a bot he tends to recharge either completely wrapped around you or with a little space between the two of you, there’s no in between.
~If you’re human he likes to have you sleeping at the crook of his neck or on his chassis. Sometimes he place a servo over you for a little while.
~You can get away with a little PDA now and then, holding his servo or a digit, soft and chaste kisses. He keeps anything more for private, he doesn’t particularly enjoy being that public with affection.
~He’s a little afraid, at first, of becoming conjux, really. He probably won’t initiate himself, it’ll have to be you.
~It may also take him a long time to reciprocate because he’s just not sure of himself. Reassure him that it’s okay to take his time, this is a big decision, you’re here every step regardless of what he chooses. He chooses you, of course.

First Aid
~He’s a little obsessive and very clingy. Not to yandere levels of obsessive, but sometimes you have to tell him to back off. He’s working on it.
~He likes to go wherever you go as much as he can or have you in the medbay, it takes quite a bit of working with him to help him let go of always having you around.
~It’s a working relationship, really. He sometimes doesn’t understand that what he’s doing is actually harmful and you probably go to couples therapy with Rung, mostly because you don’t know how to address what he does.
~You’re both equally understanding and always work things out, he begins to understand and see things from your perspective, the therapy helps.
~He loves dates, especially dates where everyone can see the two of you together and how cute you are. Though, if you say you want to stay in he doesn’t mind that either.
~Probably puts a little bit too much planning and effort into dates, honestly. Might even try and pick out your outfit for you. You have to remind him that you can dress yourself.
~Sharing a berth is out of the question if you’re human, he wiggles in his sleep and he might crush you.
~If your a bot he’s always going to share a berth with you and the position hardly ever changed dependent on height difference.
~If you’re smaller our around the same height you tend to sleep either entirely entangled in each other or one of you is on top of the other.
~If you’re bigger usually he sprawls out on top of you, still trying to entangle himself in you, it’s just a bit harder.
~No matter your size somehow you always wake up with someones pede in someone else’s face and someone half off the bed.
~He’s also all for PDA, you’re the one that has to set limits because he’ll make-out with you in public unless you stop him. It’s up to you to decide what he can and cannot do in public.
~He might try to initiate conjux a little too early and you have to tell him to slow down.
~Of course, when you’re ready, he tries again and you reciprocate happily.

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Anymore Victorian fics?

So glad you asked. ;) Let’s see what I haven’t rec’ed yet…

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning (8k, T, ambiguous ending) by @doctornerdington is a gorgeously written exploration of Watson struggling to let himself grieve and learn to trust again after Holmes’ return. It ends on a questioning note that haunts me, but feels true to the depth of the story. “His light is blinding, when it shines, and I cannot help but reflect it as anyone would; but too, it is fragile, and I would not risk its contamination for worlds.”

Observation, Hypothesis, Prediction, Experiment (3k, T, friends to lovers) is utterly infuriating in how completely Holmes convinces himself not to trust the love he’s offered–but so satisfying in him finding it at last. “I had spent years living in close proximity to Watson and studying the man, his habits, his behaviour and his words. Slowly and painstakingly, I had carved away layers of armour: the layer of affability, the layer of civility, the layer of unassuming stolidity. Finally I had reached the core, which was keen and shrewd, and really rather beautiful.”

I’ve mentioned 24 Caprices & a Bottle of Claret before, but more has been added and it’s still beautiful (10k, T, established relationship)–funny and kind and intricate, as Holmes and Watson remember all their years together over a bottle of claret. “Resurrection is only sweet in the homecoming. And you are home, Watson.”

The Case of the Six Marmalades (2k, G, established relationship) is just silly, but perfect, too–the two of them trying clumsily but with great love to be kind to each other. “It’s very…” Watson searched for a word. “Marmaladey.”

“Ah, I had hoped it would be!”

The Science of Touch (2k, T, friends to lovers) has a very vulnerable Holmes after his return trying not to need Watson too much, until Watson tells him he can have everything he needs. “A panic will overtake my senses when I see you sitting here by the window, calm as you please, as if the last three years never occurred. I question my sanity until I can assure myself you are not a ghost, or some figment conjured by my grief.”

His Heartbeat A Lullaby (3k, T, friends to lovers) by @apidologist begins with Watson’s nightmares. At first Holmes is afraid to offer help, but the more he offers, the more they both heal. “Watson, I won’t say another word. But you’re wrong, you don’t have to be alone in this. You’ve done a great deal for me, and it is never an inconvenience to help you.“

Uneducated Guesses (600w, G, proposal) is the loveliest tiny Christmas story of Holmes trying to find the courage to get the “Yes” that was always his. “He knew the act would only be symbolic. There was no legal precedent and no moral one. Still, Holmes fidgeted with the velveteen box.”

The Christian Names series (6k, everything from pre-relationship to established) by @blaetter is a glorious series of glimpses into their lives–a posthumous letter from a surprisingly perceptive Mary, a flirtation, an illness, a flower picked and pressed and saved for years, a snowy walk, and a bed shared in a quiet inn. “In a moment, we met in the middle, just as we had in my dreams. His lips were soft below mine, unbelieving, and I broke it as soon as it happened. Too much sensation.”

Our Hospitality (1k, G, retirement) by @educatedinyellow imagines Holmes and Watson past the turn of the century, indulging each other quietly in the little things that make them happy. Someone at the scent of orange blossom (3k, T) is a kind of prequel to it–Holmes, post-return, trying to learn Watson again, and discovering more than he’d hoped for. “He shook his head, firming his grip, and bent to brush his lips across my knuckles.  His obeisance was as elegant and formal as that of a knight to his prince or a priest to his bishop.  I could not suppress a soft sound of astonishment.”

Crossing The Water (2k, T, TAB, first meeting) by @mydogwatson has Watson after the war, searching for his battered courage in a cottage in the woods, and finding it, and joy besides. “He finally released his grip my hand and I immediately felt bereft. As one, we turned and started to walk away from the lake. I had no idea where we might be going, but it mattered not at all.”

Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter (11k, G, friends to lovers) is a slyly funny retelling of the canon story, with a Holmes who will do anything to protect Watson–even confess his deepest feelings just to save him from a snake. “To say that Dr. John Watson knew me intimately at that point in our relationship would no doubt be perfectly true. To say that I knew him intimately would be an understatement of the grossest character. I had memorized him.”

The Presbury Letters: (17k, G, established relationship, WWI), in which war comes to Europe, Holmes and Watson try to keep up their sanity and their love via letters and wild hope, Holmes swears like a sailor (as usual) and laughs aloud (not at all as usual), and Mycroft is wonderful. “Holmes knows that where storytelling is concerned, I am a rampant liar.  I am a liar of such spectacular order that I am grateful I lost the diary I had kept during my last war, for fear I might actually grow to believe its contents factual.  I am such a perfect weaver of untruths that even Holmes himself can barely recognize some of the cases he has appeared in, dashing through the Strand magazine like a knight in pinstriped trousers.”


Watching John and Sherlock’s meeting, in ASiP, we can see that they both look pleased to meet each other.  John readily offers his phone (heart) and Sherlock readily takes it.  There’s a reciprocity there that is obvious: Sherlock is flirting up a storm and John is loving it.

The recreation of their meeting, which Sherlock reconstructs in his Victorian mind palace, shows us a significantly more enthusiastic Sherlock and, I think, a more lukewarm John.  It is possible that in Sherlock’s mind when they first met, he was the one who was immediately obviously besotted whereas John maybe was not.  He may not have been as sure of John’s attraction as the audience is.

I was inspired by this post by @merillock of John’s reaction to seeing Sherlock beating a corpse.  I realised that his smile is not a genuine smile, it doesn’t reach his eyes.  His eyes look more concerned or bewildered, even.  A smirk momentarily reaches his lips and then is gone.  He finds this peculiar, it seems.  Interesting enough but not necessarily pleasing.

Sherlock beating the corpse is one of his gayest moments, and he is now beating that body harder and longer than ever.  Maybe this could be showing us Sherlock seeing John seeing how very gay he is and having a lukewarm reaction to it.  John is not pleased, he’s bemused, maybe.  But his eyes are not warm, they’re standoffish.  

In contrast to their actual meeting where John looks guarded but actually pleased, in his own mind he may not have perceived just how much John was really into him.  Sherlock knows for sure that he was into John but he doesn’t seem as sure how John felt.  Not just about him as a potential mate but about him as a gay man.

Later, when they find Mary at Baker Street, Sherlock will refer to himself as, ‘an unsavoury companion of dubious morals’.  On the train, on the way to the Carmichael estate, he will say (as John) that he is, ‘an unprincipled drug addict’, that John convinced everyone is, ‘some kind of gentleman hero’.  I think we can also see this depiction of himself as he introduces himself to John.  Immediately after saying his name and address, half his face is dark, signalling that he may be a morally grey or morally ambiguous character.  He puts on his deerstalker (his straight façade) and his face is entirely in darkness.  This could be because in Sherlock’s own narrative he’s not an especially good person: he’s not a hero, he’s a person of bad morals whom probably no one should trust.  This also works as a kind of Victorian gay-coding.  Sherlock may be a great person but during this time, ‘shady morals’, easily equaled, ‘gay’, and this introduction also reinforces that.      

Anyway, I feel like John looks tolerant but reticent and that Sherlock looks cautiously hopeful yet fears that his nature will turn John off.  Both his nature as possibly not a good dude but also his nature as a gay dude.

Secret Meetings: TAB and TST

There are some interesting parallels in these scenes from TAB and TST.

  • The dramatic setting - ruined church/crypt/vault
  • The time - night
  • Secretive meeting
  • The lighting - warm orange tones from the fires/lamps contrasting with eerie blue. Look at the shades of blue in the first and the last pic, they are almost identical
  • Mary summoning Sherlock / Sherlock summoning Mary
  • A story is revealed: the women’s cult / Mary’s past
  • Another story is hidden beneath it: Moriarty’s return / Sherlock’s past
  • Sherlock having a vision of something that does not exist: Moriarty the bride / Redbeard the dog

The one big difference being that one meeting takes place in Sherlock’s imagination and the other one is presented as real. I leave you to your deductions.

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Platonic side daddies

They do exist and they aren’t there to pay an allowance but they will pay for hella expensive dinners ($250+), traffic tickets or airfare for a job interview in their city.

How to get one:

1. While freestyling, meet a guy older than you that is not interested in being a sugar daddy but does have generous qualities. This initial assessment is really important!!! If you meet at a bar and he doesn’t pay for your bill or offer you something after you closed your tab prior to meeting, don’t bother. You don’t need another fuck boy, especially one that is past his prime, crusty and dusty.

2. Do not act too flirty!!! Be subtle here because you want this to stay platonic: he should be able to tell you’re single but doesn’t think you want to sleep with him. Make it clear you enjoy his companionship and literally do not say anything about sugaring.

3. Stay in touch. This may be easy for me because I don’t mind talking on the phone for half an hour just to catch up with someone. If you can’t, you will need to work on this skill because it’s essential. Text conversations don’t bring people across a generation gap closer. It probably won’t make him feel a connection or bond to you so it will waste your time more than a quick phone conversation every once in a while like once a month.

Keep the convo about things he’s interested in so you learn more about him and his personality. What does he get excited about? Where does he like to spend his money on? If you listen, you will learn this faster and easier than if you talk about how much you love the latest foundation at Sephora when he’s interested in athletic hobbies. Yes I know it’s dumb because a woman can be an athlete Monday to Friday and wear makeup on the weekend but some guys cannot comprehend that. However, it’s not your job to teach them that.

When you assess what he likes, you’ll have a better understanding of what he would be more than happy to get you in the future.

4. You should not have to ASK him what you want. If you describe the situation, he should OFFER to pay for it. The benefit in spending “time” talking with him without asking upfront for compensation or gifts is that he sees you as a genuine person without entitlement. (This time shouldn’t eat up your life! The time you might spend mindlessly scrolling on Instagram can be used for a quick chat instead.)

Obviously if he doesn’t feel comfortable paying for something like a plane ticket despite all this means he’s not worth any more of your time and you should block him.

Do not rely on them for bailing you out of desperate situations like coming up hundreds of dollars short on rent. It might work, but it might not because that could make him feel like he’s being used! You don’t want him to feel like that when you aren’t sleeping together.

Bonus tip: this method works even better when you don’t live in the same city. The distance keeps it from progressing into something sexual and allows you to form a strong connection NOT based on your looks. He will love getting to know your personality and, when things come up, will be more inclined to help you out.

Obviously, I’m not including every nuanced thing I do, and there are women out here who finesse cars out of these guys but I thought this could help out someone.

Oh my gosh thank you!

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Although my blog is catered to Pansexual /Panromantics I often post about other orientations as well just for the fact that your sexual and romantic preferences do not have to match. (Maybe I’ll do a survey on this I’m kind of curious now to how many do and how many don’t) other reasons are that maybe you have multiple labels or you’re not really sure where you fit. I want to cater to everyone and make them feel safe and loved as well. Why not be inclusive and make all types of new friends right?

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The effect of John's blog on EMP

This is all pretty interesting because I believe in EMP, but I also really like the idea that series 4 follows the style of John’s blog. I guess that sort of makes sense; the end of HLV had a touch of that, but was still an immediate continuation of the real narrative, so Sherlock was able to imagine it realistically. Then he passed over to the next dream level for TAB (he probably has John’s blog entries catalogued in his Mind Palace, which is how he could remember A Strange Meeting through John’s eyes, and which later contributed to the fuckiness of series 4); the Victorian setting worked well as a metaphor for his suppressed feelings, but also aided in distinguishing dreams from reality, although we saw in the graveyard scene that you can’t trust all “modern” scenes to be real.

BUT - here’s the weird part: we thought that Sherlock woke up for real at the end of TAB, right? Well, there are two reasons why this might not be the case:

  1. According to EMP, none of the tarmac was real, so unless he wakes up in the hospital bed, that isn’t very convincing.
  2. We get the very last scene with Holmes and Watson in front of the fire AFTER the tarmac. This shows that he is still in his Mind Palace, and also that (as the camera pulls back) this dream can bleed into the “real” world setting.

Does Sherlock know that he’s not awake yet? Maybe he’s been submerged too long to remember that he’s dreaming (and he’s probably being given drugs in the hospital, inspiring the tarmac-level overdose, and the Victorian-level cocaine use. This is why he’s acting so manic and citing a “natural high” at the start of TST; in his mind, he hasn’t taken any drugs lately, but the reality is that his body is still hooked up to the morphine, along with anything that Mary might have given him), or maybe the weird haircuts for John and Mary are a way for him to keep track of reality. Either way, he’s slipping.

Upon “waking up” for TST, he begins solving cases very very rapidly, completely throwing himself into the Work. Maybe this has to do with feeling unable to confront his feelings for John directly… OR it’s because he feels like John only wants him for the exciting cases, and he’s worried about letting John slip away. Just think – he’d come back from the dead, used cases to distract from the impending wedding but then watched the wedding go through anyway, and then John disappeared for a whole month and he relapsed on drugs. He managed to rope John back in for the Magnussen case, but that went spectacularly wrong. John forgave Mary. (But only in Sherlock’s head; in real life, he still doesn’t know who shot Sherlock.) So now, Sherlock is trying to be exactly what he thinks John wants him to be. That’s why there’s such a huge fixation on the blog. We get Sherlock analyzing the blog content, trying to see things through John’s eyes. He’s looking for the elements of the cases that John likes, but inevitably begins to pick up on the negatives, which is why we get Sherlock The Semi-Sociopath again (not paying attention to John, always on his phone – versus series 3 Sherlock, which was from his own POV) and John’s feelings that he’s nothing more than a sidekick.

Sherlock is using the blog entries that he’s catalogued as a template for TST, but also trying to resolve the Mary storyline that he set up in HLV. (Remember, we still don’t know the truth about Mary; these are all predictions by Sherlock.) He gets the A.G.R.A storyline from H.O.U.N.D. and from his own torture experiences (which is why Ajay is a Sherlock mirror), and the Thatcher busts from The Six Thatchers blog entry, and never quite figures out if Mary is a villain (she shot Sherlock) or a hero (John loves her). So he writes her more action scenes (remember what he imagined her telling John in TAB: “it’s not your going that bothers me, it’s your leaving me behind!” based on how she rushed after them at the wedding reception, and how she insisted on coming along for the Happily Ever After case on John’s blog), and gives her a heroic death, trying to figure out how John would react once she’s out of the picture.

He imagines that John would not react well at all. He is probably thinking about how greatly he underestimated John’s grief at this own fake death, and mentally combines that with all the times John has ever been angry at him and blamed him for things (especially the Fall). So Sherlock imagines that not only is John taking Mary’s death very hard, but he is blaming Sherlock for it. Sherlock tries to figure this out by imagining John’s therapy sessions, although he changes the therapist because it would take to much effort to also imagine Ella, who he doesn’t know too well (and he had tried imagining her in TST). Remember, Ella was the one who made John set up his blog in the first place. Maybe Sherlock consulted her to get a better idea of how to structure the narrative.

Meanwhile, someone must have just given him another dose in real life, because in TLD, he’s absolutely losing it. He points out his ability to predict people’s behavior up to two weeks in advance; this is proof of the possibility of EMP, since he could easily imagine those situations in his head. (But this also shows that Sherlock thinks he always gets these predictions right… but we know that some of these characters seem to be acting a little off, so we know that he hasn’t gotten it completely accurate.) He pictures Bill Wiggins keeping him company… is this how he acted when he only had Billy the skull? We clearly see that Faith was inspired by John, specifically by their first meeting in ASIP. In the hospital, a number of people bring up John’s blog, stating that it’s gone a bit downhill (rather like this show has, now that Sherlock’s spiraling into blog-style characterizations instead of realistic depictions), and he gives a speech to the kids about how logic and reasoning is the most important aspect of crime-solving, not John, because he thinks that’s how John sees him.

He imagines a plot line with a memory drug, because he’s starting to forget what the purpose of this whole exercise was, or whether or not he’s still dreaming… and a killer… there was murder somewhere, wasn’t there? And a hospital? He remembers a hospital, and a sinister blonde person threatening to kill him if he spills the secret of their murderous tendencies… but he’s got it wrong, all wrong, and Mary has told him to do something, and John is in the dark, and he’s really dying this time. (Is someone trying to smother him in real life?)

But then – John saves him. Because of course he does. John, who saved his life in ASIP and who has always followed and protected him. “There’s always two of us.” But he remembers how much Mary’s death must be affecting John, and he imagines that John would still be angry with him. He saw John speak to him at his gravestone, and so he personifies Mary, to try to guess how John would act with her shadow still over him. (Also, a part of him remembers that John is still in danger from Mary, hence the sinister ambiguity of her first scene in TLD.) Rosie is off somewhere – who knows, who cares. Sherlock remembers the wedding, which was supposed to be perfect but which featured an attempted murder anyway.

Perhaps the TLD hug reminds him of the Stag Night, when he thought they were headed for something big but weren’t quite able to reach it. That was the Mayfly Man case… he thought is was unrelated, but it turned out to be tied to John and his wedding, and his previous romantic interest… and so we get Eurus, the unexpected danger. Because Sherlock can’t actually imagine anything past that hug; he’s still unsure of how John would react.

TFP could be a number of things:

  1. Sherlock’s imagining of what John’s Mind Palace would look like after he gets shot (because they can’t have a happy ending; John is in danger and Sherlock has been stupid and now he might lose John forever).
  2. Sherlock has fallen down another dream layer, like the waterfall scene in TAB.
  3. Sherlock is on so many drugs and/or he’s been in the Mind Palace so long that everything is getting reeeeeeally weird.
  4. Someone has the TV on and is watching horror movies and Bond, and/or Sherlock has taken the blog influence too seriously, and now things really are written in the style of John’s blog: romantic and clipped and half unbelievable.


TL;DR: Assuming that S4 is all EMP, Sherlock is using John’s blog as reference when creating the narratives for the three episodes. We saw him read the entry about their first meeting in TAB; this shows that Sherlock likely has some (if not all) of John’s blog entries stored in his Mind Palace, and he is now drawing from them.

  • okay but au where the deal with the Moriyamas for Neil goes through and someone in one of Andrew’s Fosters Homes sees Andrew’s violence way earlier in his life. And they become Riko’s Number 4 and 5 when they’re still children.
  • And yet, even though their numbers mark them as Riko’s, they have been each others since they met.
  • The two of them learning Japanese and French alongside the others, then picking German up so they can talk to each other
  • Andrew who takes knives as his weapons and makes it clear to Neil that these ones are for protecting him, not hurting him. 
  • That same night, the two of them pool some money together and buy a book of baby names. They choose the name Neil to replace Nathaniel because Nathaniel will always be afraid of knives, but Neil will never be afraid of them in Andrew’s hands.
  • The two of them always by each others side. It is never like Riko and Kevin, wherein Riko walks in front like a king and the others fall into line behind him, because they are always equal. 
  • Andrew who has already been through enough foster homes to slice into hands and forearms anytime someone touches him, but who walks thigh-to-thigh and shoulder-to-shoulder with Neil always.
  • Andrew and Neil who know each others bodies inside and out because while they were growing, they were also exploring. 
  • Andrew and Neil who share their first kiss at fifteen without any though because they have always been a “we” because there is no one else for either of them.
  • No one ever flat out says it, but Andrew and Neil make a more deadly team on the court then Kevin and Riko ever will. Kevin and Riko may be synced perfectly, but Andrew and Neil know each other inside and out not because they were forced on each other but because they wanted to be with each other
  • Neil and Andrew holding down the defensive line almost single handedly because Neil and Andrew don’t need to communicate, they just know what the other is thinking.
Question for you

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Can you make a headcanon of Floyd Talbert from meeting him to marriage/kids? I've been having slight feels for that Tab ( because I want to tap him :3 )

-When you first meet Tab omg, he’s latched into you

-He follows you everywhere you go, always complimenting you, always tries to be as close to you as possible

-but he’s also super respectful and makes sure to never make you feel uncomfortable

-When any other guys try to hit on you, he yells out, “Hey, back off she’s mine!”

-you’re just like ‘no I’m not lmao’

-after senseless flirting he finally approaches you to ask you out

-and you did not expect to see him, super dressed up, at your door with flowers and a shy little smile.

-you figured after all this trouble, you might as well try. So you give him a chance.

-he treats you like a Princess holy acorns

-after the night is over asks you if you would be willing to go on another date and he leans into you but whispers, “Stop me if it’s too soon”

-He gets everyone to help out when he asks you to marry him

-Winters calls you into the hall for a ‘briefing’

-but when you walk in, all the boys are standing in a line on each side of the room.

-as you walk down the middle the guys on the left side are handing you roses while the guys on the right are each holding up a sign that reads ‘Will You Marry Me ?“

-At the end is Tab, looking very nervous but also super smiley

-Welsh is the priest for the wedding shhh

-He dips you for the kiss and everyone goes hollering

-When you tell him you’re pregnant and he starts to smile, “You’re joking..Are you serious? Babe oh my god, really?” And you just keep laughing because he’s so shocked and he just keeps asking if you’re kidding or not.

-He cried when your child was born and picks out all the little features that belong to you

-He is a baseball dad omg his own little league!!!

(Hope you enjoy these!!)

sosoamro  asked:

Be my hannigram dealer please! Give me all your favorite hannigram headcanons

Pre-first date during the innocence of season one

  • Will flirts with Hannibal first (okay he might be sick and hallucinating, but Hannibal is fine and those suits do shit to hide how built he is and Will just wants a hug for god’s sake, fuck he’s so goddamn lonely)
  • And by ‘flirt’ I mean Will asks Hannibal out to dinner
  • And by ‘ask’ I mean Will is in some sort of Hannibal induced daze and blurts the words out interrupting one of Hannibal’s weird little monologues he goes into during one of their sessions
  • He totally blushes
  • Like, he couldn’t be more red
  • Hannibal wants to eat him from how cute he is 
  • And by ‘eat’ I mean everything that word might insinuate
  • Hannibal says ‘yes’ (he crosses his legs, regal and subtle, because he really likes when Will takes control and that’s what he’s wanted all along in his sad cannibal life, a strong man to make pretty murder with and hold him at night)
  • Once Will is in his car, the panic sets in hot like the fires of Mount Doom because he hasn’t been on a date in *incoherent mumbling* and he doesn’t even know how to talk like a person who isn’t a jackass and Hannibal is way too good for him and his dog hair coated self (he hasn’t had a date in years and he has dust on his dick and he would have forgotten what sex was if it wasn’t for his Internet connection)
  • While Will is panicking, Hannibal is preening and giddy and happy because Will likes him and his school boy crush is mutual apparently (he can’t wait to tell Bedelia omg)
  • Will drives the hour back home running through all the ways this dinner will go horribly wrong and how Hannibal will most likely get a restraining order against him and at the very least drop Will as his not-patient (the thought makes him so emotional he has to pull over and breathe and god he hates himself and he might actually cry)
  • But he doesn’t, he makes it home and hugs his dogs and wears nothing but his shortest boxers while he looks through his closet in search of something respectable that’s on the level of Hannibal and his suits (he doesn’t like any of his clothes and he thinks about going shopping but that means people and Will can’t even handle dead people, live people are the worst, so he settles on a shirt that isn’t covered in dog hair and some pants that show off his ass in some sort of flattering angle. He sets the clothes aside and gets drunk before passing out on one of the dog beds)
  • And Hannibal is in his kitchen with his little apron on, grilling someone’s face because it’s just him and he doesn’t have to be subtle, and thinking about Will in his little short boxers and how he’s definitely going to be seeing those soon (Hannibal knows how to get the pants off of anyone and it’s been a long, long time since he’s actually wanted to do that and it’s either fuck Will or propose marriage and he knows Will isn’t exactly ready for their wedding just yet so he settles on buying warming lube and prepares himself for the upcoming experience of seeing Will beg for his well endowed self)
At the beginning, very much, Sherlock needed to transcend his intelligence because he was trying to woo Watson into being his companion. 
As far as that relationship goes, I think, it was very important at the beginning for Sherlock to really entertain and just sort of, encapture–captivate Watson and really impress him.

Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘A Study in Sherlock’ (the behind the scenes documentary after TAB)

confirmed sherlock was trying to woo john in their first meeting

anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I just wanted to say I've read all of your sterek fics and I am absolutely in love, you are such a good writer and I hope you continue! ^u^ if it's okay, I saw you've taken prompts in the past—could I maybe ask for a bit of expansion on an idea I /think/ you've talked about before? Derek took a lot of pride in his body, does he ever get self conscious or down when he looks in the mirror and sees the chub and the big belly when he was once totally ripped? Does stiles help him through?

Derek had always sort of, in the back of his mind, thought of himself as someone who was above vanity.  What the fuck did he care about looks, when he had so many more pressing concerns, so many other legitimate problems?  His body was a tool.  A weapon.  A manifestation of his strength and power.  Not something “pretty.”  

It turns out, though, that it’s really easy to say looks don’t matter when you have them. 

When he first started putting on weight, he was able to ignore it.  He put on a solid twenty pounds before he really even had to consider it–and even then, he could still see his abs–at least the top ones, at least when he flexed.  And his shoulders, his arms?  Still looked fucking great.  He just went up a size in jeans and tried not to think about it. 

Another twenty, though–all of which seems to have landed directly on his gut–and he can’t pretend it’s not happening, or that it’s not a big deal.  It is a big deal.  His abs are long gone, buried completely under a ball of pudge that sticks out even when he sucks in, which is increasingly hard to do. 

And his face.  His fucking face.  Look, Derek knows he’s good looking.  The Hales are all blessed with a genetic disposition toward incredibly bad luck and incredibly good bone structure.  But now that bone structure is blurred under soft cheeks, his dimples are deeper than they’ve ever been, and he has–insult of insults–something perilously close to a double chin.  Especially when he looks down.

When he outgrows the new jeans, when he gets dressed one morning and just absolutely cannot get them to button, even when he lies down flat on his back, he has to admit it to himself that he’s getting–fuck.  Fat, he’s getting fat. 

Of course, Stiles walks into the bedroom at exactly the moment when Derek has given up trying to button his jeans and is sitting on the edge of the bed, round ball of his tummy sitting shamelessly over the never-going-to-meet-again tabs of his jeans. 

“Hey,” he says, grinning like a kid on Christmas. 

Derek just glares at him. 

“Aw, don’t look so pissed,” Stiles says, keeping his eyes wide and innocent even when they’re darting down to Derek’s belly shamelessly. 

“My jeans don’t fit.”

“I see that,” Stiles says, mouth tugging up at both corners. 

“Goddamn it, Stiles.”

“What, baby?”  Stiles plops down next to him, expression shifting to something more serious.  “So they don’t fit?  So fucking what?  We’ll go buy you new jeans.”

“I don’t want new jeans.  I want to fit in the jeans I have.”

“Why?”  Stiles reaches out, carefully laying a hand over the roundest, most embarrassing part of Derek’s tummy.  He looks up at Derek, big brown eyes intense.  “I don’t want that.  At all.”

Derek frowns.  He knows Stiles has been weirdly on board with his weight gain, taking a sudden interest in baking, shoving cookies and brownies and cakes and shit on him at every available opportunity, but they’ve never really talked about it.  He runs a hand over the side of his gut, jostling it a little.  It jiggles under Stiles’ hand, and Stiles inhales sharply. “You don’t miss the six pack?”

“God no.”  He rolls his eyes, his cheeks a little pink.  “I–uh–this is better.  So much better.”

“I’m fat,” Derek says, partially because it’s true but also because he, perversely, wants to try the word out, roll it around in his mouth and see how it feels to say it. 

“Just chunky,” Stiles says promptly, squeezing a little on Derek’s tummy.  He grins.  “You could get fat, though.  I would–ah, I would be so okay with it.  I would make you cookies every goddamn day.”

“You made me cookies every day this week, Stiles.”

“You ate ‘em.”

“That’s the problem.”

“If I wanna make ‘em and you wanna eat ‘em, then what’s the problem?”

Derek rolls his eyes.  “I guess just the jeans.”

“See?”  Stiles grins up at him, obnoxious and sweet.  “I told you so.”

Thank you so much for the kind words, anon!  I’m sorry this prompt took so long for me to write–especially since it was such a good one!