Hi there guys! pokemon-i-choose-you here with yet another Pokemon Art Challenge! :D So get your tablets, pens/ pencils and paper out cause this one is going to be fun!!

August 6th will mark the 1 month release date of Pokemon GO in North America and it has taken not only the Americans but THE ENTIRE WORLD by storm! We have surpassed Candy Crush by a landslide! And this app is a BLAST to play and I’m so happy this is a thing. xD So in celebration I’ve created just a simple 5 day Pokemon GO Art challenge that I hope all of you will take a part of, whether you’re a novice artist or a veteran in my art challenges!

Of course in every art challenge I’ll reblog each drawing everyone posts so long as they use the tag #goartchallenge !

Even if you are not an artist, but love Pokemon GO, make sure you reblog this post for everyone to see! :D The Art Challenge begins on Saturday August 6th! Hope to see all of your drawings!!

#sketchnearlyeveryday #sketches #sketchbook #art #watercolor #illustration the bubble says: “i really like your style.. including that monkeything… uhm oh i see now you’re a bit older…” uhrg… this creep came up to me and must have taken me for 16 or something cause of the plushie i had with me(i don’t usually carrie plushie platypusses with me but i had got it at work that day) anyhow that dude was probably my age, just out to chat up young girls… i was pretty disgusted and outraged! i’m NOT OLD! xD well maybe a bit old.. 33 is oldish xD

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Cléo-Nikita Thomasson

Le Complexe du Homard / Carnet I

C’est en suivant des effleurements de regards, trouvés aléatoirement via les réseaux sociaux ou la rue, que je me propose de jouer aux anthropologue.

Le complexe du Homard parle de la relation entre ces adolescents et moi. Je photographie l’atmosphère entre nous. Ce qui arrive entre nous et ce qui n’arrive pas. La manière dont je les regarde et la manière dont parfois je me vois en eux. Mon travail repose sur la confiance. Le carnet joue simultanément sur plusieurs niveaux. Il est a la fois intime et universel.Ma confusion assumée induit un visuel expressif. C’est créer une relation d’intimité avec le spectateur. (artist statement)