I really hate it when people try to plant doubt into trans folks’ minds (especially young trans folks) for stuff like surgery and hrt by saying things like “you need to be 100% sure here, NO hesitation” and “this is too sudden a decision, you need to think it over more." 

Because like, 1) duh. But 2) these are never spur of the moment decisions. Trans people DO think this over. A LOT. And I guarantee we have thought about this way more and know way more about this stuff than any intrusive cis person who thinks they get an opinion on trans bodies. 

 Plus, I feel like the only reason anyone says things like that is to make sure the trans person DOES feel doubtful of their decisions. But hey, guess what, trans bodies are not public property!! You don’t get any say in what we do with our bodies!!! Stop trying to lowkey have control over trans folks. Stop making people feel uncomfortable about their own decisions. 

 Trans folks are already accustomed to feeling self doubt about our identities, so I promise that you really, truly do not have to worry about us being hesitant, especially for these big decisions. You’re not helping by offering unwarranted opinions.

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your smile

we’re a rare moment that ends in a flash
and before we know it, there is nothing to
hold on to… the moonlight searches for
your sweet face but it’s nowhere to be found

i carry you with me but you bare no weight
you make me light i can almost fly i’m
just afraid to try

i string memories of you together into a
beautiful song but when i start to sing
i can’t help but cry

i listen to the stories of the moon wishing
to see your pretty face – would it be too
much to ask to see your smile one last time?

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