Fan account #1 of meeting Tarjei & Henrik (and seeing Iman)
  • How i met them: So we went to the school just to see the school and go to the bench when evak first met. It was raining.+
  • Then we saw beautiful people there, and they were tarjei dressed as isak and henrik dressed as even. A friend of mine told them we were fans
  • And i thought it was only tarjei and that he was at school, but then i saw hernik! And & told us that they were filming and they were sorry
  • Tarjei looked at us and smiled and told us bye bc a friend of mine told him bye. Then they left to the shooting. 10 min later+
  • We saw Iman going to a car of NRK and she and crew left. Suddenly Henrik and Tarjei came out again, we went to talk to them +
  • They told us hi and gritted us with a handshake, first Henrik and then Isak.  They told us their names and Henrik told minee i almost die
  • Then we said we were from spain and tarjei shocked repeated :spain! . Then tarjei told us that he was in a rush bc he had to go to the
  • Theatre, so he told us if we wanted pics HEE OMG, he put his arm around my shoulder and omg too cute and soo taall I’m dying