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what are these numbers.. what are you doing?

haha, okay, I asked for numbers between 1 and 10, 1 and 6, and 1 and 4, and then I used those to get season, disc number, and episode number.  and voila, I have a list of Smallville episodes to watch.  but I got soooooo many season 7 answers lmao.

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I agree about the Loisless ones. No point in watching those bad boys. ;) But yes, I will suggest Idol. Oh, oh, I also love Committed!

lmao, yeah, but tbh I’ve seen most of the Lois ones tons of times (well, except season 7…) but I tend to skip the other ones SOOOO…..I don’t know, lol, we’ll just see what happens.  and YES, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Committed more times than I’ve seen any episode :DD.  not necessarily because it’s my favorite but it’s on my ipod and it has this great balance of angst and clois and funny and adorable and, idk, I just love it, okay?  so, I will GLADLY watch Idol and Committed :).