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do you have any links where to find some good H hair?

Hi dear anon!  💚 💙

Sorry for the late answer, I wanted to be as precise as possible. 

So, here are the hair I’ve ever used on Harry!

1. @antosims Echo + @pixelslie‘s retexture, for a messy look. I usually use it for photoshoots.

2. @antosims Blackout, if you want the bun!

3. ELASims 45M, if you wnt that 2014-ish look. 

4. @thepathofnevermore Chain Reaction, maybe followed by a bandana!

5. Maysims 02M, the hair I use a lot now.

6. Cazy Nicholas, thew shortes one, like the hairstyle he has now.

7. Wings OS0415, with a bun on the back.

8. Rowan Sims Heartbreaker + @missparaply‘s retexture, for a 2015-ish style!

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Que blogs me recomendarías?

Aunque si fuera por mí, te recomendaría los 1069 blogs que sigo pero eso se haría eterno. 

1. @marica-callate

2. @here-is-the-food

3. @cor-ta

4. @mariposa–muerta

5. @escritorioinfinito 

6. @las-desventuras-de-jesus

7. @un-ser-melancolico 

8. @el-buen-malo

9. @idolos-frases 

10. @indirectas

11. @mientras-no-estabas

12. @pollo-con-vodka

13. @autremondeimagination

14. @a–z–u–l 

15. @un–angel–con–alas–cortadas


Ford Mustang Shelby FP350S (2017) | Mad-man! | Luxury Sport/Racing Car News | Follow for more

Ford Performance unveils an all-new, non-street legal, track-ready Shelby FP350S race car at the 2016 Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis.

Shelby FP350S - designed for road racing sprint events in classes including, but not limited to, Trans Am (TA3 and TA4), NASA and SCCA club racing (T1 and T2) - is the latest offering from Ford Performance in a long line of turn-key race cars that include the FR500C, BOSS 302R and 302S, and most recently, the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge championship-winning Ford Shelby GT350R-C and GT4, unveiled at SEMA this year.

“Our goal has always been to provide those who want to race with equipment that enables them to compete and win,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “Shelby FP350S is our latest example.”

Highlights of the all-new Shelby FP350S include:

  • 5.2-liter four-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine prepared by Ford Performance Parts
  • Modified unibody chassis with seam welding
  • Six-point FIA-compliant roll cage
  • Performance-oriented oil pan and oil cooler
  • Tremec 3160 manual transmission with integral oil pump, shifter, 3.73 rear final drive ratio
  • Race-oriented exhaust
  • Race-oriented suspension components including electric steering calibrations, ultra-high-performance brake system
  • 19 x 10.5-inch front,19 x 11-inch rear wheels
  • Optional forged 18 x 11-inch race wheel package
  • Optional Shelby FP350S custom graphics
  • Ford Performance splitter and carbon fiber-construction adjustable rear wing
  • MOTEC data acquisition system
  • Sparco FIA-compliant racing seat, quick-release steering wheel

The all-new Shelby FP350S will be available to order at Ford Dealerships throughout the United States.

Two types of people in the sims 4 tag at the moment.
  • Simmer1: OMG I HAVE THE CAS DEMO YAY! If you don't have the demo don't worry you'll get it soon BUT I DONT CARE BECAUSE I HAVE IT!
  • Simmer2: aw man i didn't get the demo #demoless #iwantthedemo #EAiwillgiveyoumyleftarmforthedemolikeseriously