anonymous asked:

do you have any links where to find some good H hair?

Hi dear anon!  💚 💙

Sorry for the late answer, I wanted to be as precise as possible. 

So, here are the hair I’ve ever used on Harry!

1. @antosims Echo + @pixelslie‘s retexture, for a messy look. I usually use it for photoshoots.

2. @antosims Blackout, if you want the bun!

3. ELASims 45M, if you wnt that 2014-ish look. 

4. @thepathofnevermore Chain Reaction, maybe followed by a bandana!

5. Maysims 02M, the hair I use a lot now.

6. Cazy Nicholas, thew shortes one, like the hairstyle he has now.

7. Wings OS0415, with a bun on the back.

8. Rowan Sims Heartbreaker + @missparaply‘s retexture, for a 2015-ish style!

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