oh also a random anxious Jervis I did this morning for warm up

idk I wanted to give him a slightly new look and I like oversized trench coats :Tb

god sometimes i’m watching a video of panic! at the disco performing live and it reminds me how brendon was born to be a front man. he’s so enamoring and captivating that i can’t ever take my eyes off him. he is the essence of pure electricity with energy that will infect you and demand your attention at every moment. he is the sunshine falling so perfectly on someone that you can’t imagine looking away. he is the lightning strike that you would’ve missed if you had blinked at the wrong moment. he is brendon urie and he will never let you forget that

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Touché Amoré // Fingerprints // September 21, 2016

shangulet  asked:

gets ko naaaa! hahahaha sinearch ko akala literal na gising pero kung sa ganung context nga ganun meaning :)) tatandaan ko toh! maayong buntag :))

Haha! Mag-aral ka pa ng other Bisaya words love. I really find it cute and amusing when people are trying to learn our language. I often play tricks and pranks to them. Hahaha! It’s fun when a person is completely clueless! ;))

sikolohistang-baliw  asked:

dear mark,

dear mark,

isa sa mga kinaaaliwan kong blogger kasi ang sarap magbasa sa blog mo kuya mark! Ang lt ng mga kwento mo sa buhay eh, tapos yung mga rants mo pa and syempre mga post mong makabagbag damdamin. Hahahahaha hindi man tayo nag-uusap pero thankful ako kasi finafollow kita tas nagkakaroon ng buhay yung dash ko kapag online ka yey keep blogging kuya @sikolohistang-baliw goodmorning :-)

thetemptressluna  asked:

Siguro if you'll swing by manila refer kita dun sa dalawang kakilala ko hehe. Onga eh. Pero di bale. Worth the wait naman sila kapag nahanap mo na talaga. 😊 Mahirap kasi talaga maghanap ng kahit at least loyal na lang sa panahon ngayon.

Thanks Faye! When the time comes na sure na ang flight and trips ko to Manila, i’ll PM you ahead. Wala kasing female artist here sa Davao eh. Anyway, i second that. Kaya siguro i would rather settle for a baby instead of a partnership. It’s too early to say but for most times i often see myself na single parent. Well if the heaven permits na magse-send siya sakin nang katuwang ko talaga—i’d be damn. But for now, all i can see is a long blessed single life. Haha!