It’s time for FORESHADOWING and GIFS. As soon as I knew this chapter was coming up I wanted to draw all the boys. I’m sure Min doesn’t have her viewings as pictograms but I like to imagine what if. I remember loving this sequence when I first read it, getting goosebumps at all these future hints, but in retrospect I wish some scenes weren’t foreshadowed. When you build up something for so long it can make it feel perfunctory when it actually happens.

There’s so much journey and heartache ahead for all these characters. I was flipping through A Memory of Light the other day and for all my waxing and waning interest in the series it was still emotional to see it all come to an end.

headcanon: bisexual mat cauthon

imagine it, tho! mat flirting with serving girls and stableboys alike as he travels across the land.

maybe he only figures it out after he obtains all the memories of past lives, and remembers loving both women and men throughout the ages.

maybe the reason he has such a hard time leaving rand and going away in book 5 is because he realizes he has raging feelings for rand but he also knows it is hopeless, so he’s stuck like “i have to be hear him” and “oh light i need to get out of here”

just imagine flirty charming mat seducing all the cute men and women with his mad dancing skills and crooked grins


Finished WoT: Knife of Dreams

I’m dying imagining Rand when he meets up with Perrin and Mat again

Mat and Perrin: Rand, blood and ashes, where’s your HAND

Rand: Yeah, Semirhage blasted it off when I tried to make an alliance with the Seanchan… Nbd but I still gotta figure out this alliance thing

Perrin: Uh… I may have allied with thousands of Seanchan to rescue Faile… Also, you’re welcome for annihilating the Shaido?

Mat: *shifty eyes* I uh… kindamaybemarriedthefutureEmpress so… there’s also that

Rand: *head a splode*

  • Rand: Am I such a monster now that you need the Power to protect yourself from me?
  • Egwene: I don't need anything to protect me from you.
  • .
  • Despite her inner dialogue that she wanted to 'gibber and wail' about Rand being a man who can channel, I think Egwene really does believe when she says she doesn't need anything to protect herself from Rand. Like she isn't truly afraid he'll hurt her; she's apprehensive he's going (or gone) mad, but doesn't fully believe he's dangerous to the point of harming her. I think embracing saidar is just her instinct now in any situation, which makes sense as an Aes Sedai. And having been a Seanchan captive where she could only touch the True Source with permission.
  • But let's be honest, saidar helped her fight his ta'veren influence.

Because whatever the Prophecy of the Dragon said, he was sure the only chance he had of winning Tarmon Gai'don lay in having all three of them, three ta'veren who had been tied together since infancy, tied together once more.