Partners (Annalogia Theory)

Note: Yes, I’ve joined the crack ship Annalogia, so I’ve decided to do a theory. (In actuality I’m just procrastinating, hehe.) So, here’s the theory on how Annalogia came to be. Since I have like two followers, Imma tag @the-ss-annalogia because they have way more followers, and they might enjoy this. Oh, and this is basically more headccanon than fact, because we know jack shit about them and what they know of each other.

Anyway, let’s begin by assuming a few things. In order for this theory to be true, the three following things must be accounted for.

1. Acnologia and Anna existed during the time period of the Dragon Civil war, from at least the time that the dragon slayers came about, to the 400 year plan.

2. Acnologia was a relatively good guy? Not bloodthirsty, or vicious…yet.

3. Normal humans who utilized magic other than Dragon Slayer magic participated in the war.

Now lets begin. If all of these things are true, then we can construct a theory around the relationship of Acno and Anna. Let us say that Anna is the leader of a human clan, since she is the greatest celestial spirit wizard since her time.

So, the war is occurring and the Heartfilia clan is battling against their dragon overlords. However, this clan is sympathetic to the dragons who would like to coexist, and thus, Anna meets Acnologia.

Assuming that Acno was a relatively good guy, he would be one of the greatest dragon slayers. His prowess in battle was like no other, and the end of the war was in sight with him at the helm of the front. He would probably be working alongside the other slayers and clans, eventually meeting Anna.

At first, it would be a relationship based around work. One where they only worked together, two leaders spearheading the war front. However, the two slowly fall in love, and begin a romantic relationship. This relationship would be steady and healthy, until Acnologia succumbs to the dragonization that comes with being a dragon slayer.

Once Acnologia turns and proclaims himself the Dragon King, Anna is mortified. How could the one she love, the one she was so sure wouldn’t succumb to his primal nature, be so evil?

In an attempt to stop his swath of destruction, his terror, Anna joins up with the Black Wizard Zeref. She sends the slayers and dragons forward in time, in the hopes that they can stop her love, and end him. Why would she do this? 

Anna, I believe, is benevolent at heart. A wizard devoted to Good and Light; similar to a paladin from Dungeons and Dragons. (I’m a huge nerd, fight me.)

So in the end, their relationship is one of tragedy. One who was doomed to destruction, and one who was devoted to salvation.

End Note: Hope you guys liked the theory! I became infected with the crack ship, thanks to @the-ss-annalogia and sooo many other blogs. Thank you, artists, writers, and other contributors that have fueled this ship. As a side note; look out for a theory on the Fioren Military and the Magic Council, and what their role in the Alvarez Empire arc is. Since I don’t believe that they’d stand by as foreign armies invaded their lands.

For some reason I associate Mat with green and black and Perrin with brown and gold and I can’t remember if Perrin even wears brown that much (but on all of Mat’s cover’s on the older cover art he’s in a green coat so at least that sorta makes sense). And the black and gold makes complete sense for both. And Rand’s red and gold for obvious reasons.

90% I just associate the Two Rivers as a whole with red and that’s hilarious for so many other reasons.




QUESTION: Perrin felt his ta'veren-ness melting away. If Mat lost it too, does he lose his luck?


I don’t believe that he does. Being a ta'veren has a distinct effect on him, but I think there is an innate luckiness to Mat, partially drawn from the fact that the Heroes [of the Horn] call him Gambler. And so in other lives where he would not have been ta'veren he was still a gambler and still lucky. However, I do think being a ta'veren meant that the luck was greatly magnified, and I think it grew stronger and stronger through the series. That’s my read on it from the notes, and I’m pretty sure on that one. I have to give the caveat that there could be something out there that contradicts me.