It was a beautiful pre-spring morning. The Sky was bright blue, the sun was warm and the breeze from the ocean nearby was cool.

Balia and Ali had spent the night before they were to go to the Boardwalk by the beach like true girls hanging out. They’d watched movies, played with their hair, gone shopping for cute outfits to wear the next day, and had played with what makeup to wear. Though on that Score Balia was a little lax on the subject. She usually just put a little lip-gloss and eye-shadow on and that was it. It was a fun night and they talked and laughed till they fell asleep. With little to worry about since Balia had gotten the tickets already.

The morning went pretty well too. Balia made breakfast and got ready. Helping Ali with everything she could. Soon however they were headed to the boardwalk and Balia’s Noivern was flying off to take Balia’s things back to where she was now keeping her campsite.

“I have a feeling the boys are already there and fighting…” Balia murmured to Ali. She could see the Ferris wheel behind dome buildings not too far ahead of them.



d i n o s a you are a dinosaur!

me: I post a lot of star wars already

me to me: we shall double our efforts