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Misconceptions-Chapter 5


Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut. Tiniest amount of fluff

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moye serdtse-my heart


His screams fracture the dream your having, searing into your mind, you have no defense against it, you sit bolt upright in bed, breathing heavily trying to pin point the danger, your sleep hazy mind taking its sweet time catching up with reality, it takes you a minute to realize the screaming is coming from Bucky’s room, you scramble out of bed, not bothering to find your pajama pants, you can feel his terror in your mind, seeping into your every pore as you run down the corridor to his bedroom, you slowly open the door, your heart shattering at the sight before you, Bucky’s back is arching off the bed, his hands fisted into the bed sheets, sweat pouring off him in waves, small whimpers leaving him in between screams, you know better than to approach him, instead you stand at the foot of the bed and gently call into his mind “Bucky, you’re dreaming” he relaxes slightly “moye serdtse, come back to me, you need to wake up” he gasps, one final scream leaving him as he flies out of bed into a defensive position, his eyes scan the room, landing on your form at the edge of the bed “I’m not going to hurt you Bucky, Take a deep breath” you say calmly, he closes the distance between you in two short strides, pulling you fiercely against his chest, he sobs into your hair “don’ please, don’ do that again, you can’ do that again, I need ya, please” you don’t bother asking him what he’s talking about, he’s not going to tell you, he never does “shh Buck. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I promise” his hold on you tightens, “stay” he pleads “stay, I sleep better when you’re here” he’s staring at you with a look you can’t decipher “yeah buck” you reply “I’ll always stay with you”



“you have a baby” Bucky dumbly states “Where’s Tony?” you reply numbly making shushing noises at Adriana, “you have a baby (y/n), why do you have a baby?!” He asks, voice climbing with every syllable “Where.is.Tony” you spit out through clenched teeth “you left. In the middle of the FUCKING NIGHT AN’ YOU CAN’ EVEN TELL ME WHY THERES A BABY STRAPPED TO YA CHEST” oh man he’s mad. Oh shit he’s beyond angry “can you keep it down James? You’re scaring her” you hiss as Ari starts to wail “I do not owe you an explanation James, in fact I don’t owe you a single damn thing, so where. Is. Tony” you spit, “no, ya aint runnin’ out on me again doll, you an me are gonna discuss why there’s a child strapped to ya and why you left me. Right now,” he replies, calm, angry Bucky is not a good Bucky.” Left you? I did not leave you James, there was no us, you made that abundantly clear when you started dating Natalia, when you told me I was nothing but a mistake” you falter “so you can shove any notion of an explanation up your ass because you aren’t getting shit from me” he groans “look kitty, I know I hurt ya, I was a fuckin’ idiot an I’m sorry I really am, I tried ta talk ta ya but you would-“ “hurt me?” you cut him off “no James what you did was so far beyond the realm of hurting me it’s ridiculous” you whisper “you broke me James, and there isn’t anyway I’m coming back from that” he stares at you stunned as you push past him “and if you ever call me kitty again I will rip your throat out. With my teeth” you add as you make your way to Tony’s lab.

Bucky fucking Barnes your fuming, furious, your hands are shaking, Ari is screaming bloody murder as you unsuccessfully try and sooth her, your running through every curse word in every language that you know, you’re covered in blood, running high on adrenaline and anger and you’re going to murder Tony.

“you better be in here Stark” you yell, hearing various implements crash to the floor “Kitty? Jesus, I got your message what the hell happened out there kid? How did they find you? You were secure!” he asks, frantically checking you and Ari for any injuries “I don’t know T, I did as you asked, I made no friends, I didn’t go out unnecessarily, you said you had the threat under control?” you’re so, so tired “I did, I had no indication that HYDRA knew where you were there’s been no chatter. Not a peep” he says “you okay kid? You’re looking like shit” he adds. “I had a run in with Bucky on the way up and I’m dead ass tired, Ari nearly got taken and right now I wanna wake up from this obvious fucking nightmare I’m having” silent tears are running down your face, you don’t notice “you need sleep Kitty cat, give the baby to me I can take care of the little monster while you get cleaned up and rest, I’ll send out for supplies and clothes” you breathe out a sigh “you sure T?” “yes, now give me my goddaughter, you’re of no use to either of us in the state you’re in” you bark out laugh “such a charmer you are Tony” you reply as you unstrap Ari “she needs to eat, she missed her feeding, and a bath won’t hurt her either” you add. “you got it mama” he winks.


(y/n) you need to get out. Now” Tony barks through the phone “I intercepted HYDRA intel, they know where you are and that you’re pregnant, we need to move you” panic, Blind searing panic “how? Why? I don’t understand T, I’m inconsequential” you breathe into the receiver “I’m not important enough for them to come after me T” you take a breath “what the fuck is going on?”

“I wish I knew kitty cat, be ready to go in 5”



Making a quick stop in Steve’s room you grab a shirt and a pair of joggers, you’re covered in dirt and sweat, drops of blood covering your clothes, you need a shower desperately, and a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, you moan at the prospect, you can’t remember the last time you slept through the night, Ari needed to feed every 2 hours and you were running on empty. Trudging back to your old room you find Bucky sitting on your old bed, you sigh “James I can’t do this with you right now” you speak plainly too tired to go another round with him “well then ya best listen doll face, ya haven’t let me say my peace, an’ I need ta get this out” “James please not no-“ He interrupts you “for once shuddup an’ listen ta me alrigh’?” his face is deadly serious, brokering no room for protest, “fine. Say what you have to say, and then leave” you answer, he sighs, “Ya left me, Alone, no explanation, no warning, I mourned ya, ya know?” he falters “I loved ya for so long and you were just gon’, I couldn’ put the pieces together in my mind, why ya jus left like that” your crying, breath coming out in short pants “I knew I had hurt ya after the las’ fight we had, I knew I was an idiot, an’ Natalia offered comfort, I thought i loved her,I couldn figure out what I wanted, who I wanted” you can get through this (y/n) squeezing your eyes shut  “ i ended it with Natalia as soon as i figured out you left,she was a replacement for who i wanted an’ i hurt her too“ he looks disgusted with himself “i looked for ya, i spent months tryna find ya, i felt like i was goin’ insane without ya” his lips curl back into a snarl “you are so deeply in-bedded in who i am, i don’ know what i am without ya, ya saved me from the dark, an’ i pushed ya into it”

“an then ya march back into my life bold as brass, with a baby strapped ta ya, covered in dirt and blood,with that fuckin’ attitude that makes me wanna tear my hair out, an’ ya shattered my heart all over again (y/n)” tears are streaming down his face, Dont let him in You think “I know the babies mine (y/n) an ya aint gonna keep her from me, I’m gonna be her daddy, whether ya wan’ me ta or not” he adds “give me a chance, Kitty, I can make this right, I can be who ya need me to be, please all im askin’ for is a chance” he pleads. God how you want to give in, you want to wrap yourself in Bucky and never let go. You want to be a family, you want Ari to have both parents, but how do you know he wont turn tail when he starts to doubt again? No, Ari comes first. Always Adriana.

“I won’t stop you from being Adriana’s father James” he brightens instantly.

“but you and I, we can never be anything more than we are now. Too much has happened, I’m your second-choice James, your consolation prize, I was just a mistake to you, you said so yourself, I can’t” you sigh “I can’t do that again Buck, I can’t go through that again, I cant put my daughter through that”

“I’m gonna prove ya wrong doll” he stands to leave

“ya were never my second choice” he adds “ya were the only choice.”

“an I was a fool ta only realize that after ya were gone”

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Newsies Christmas please? Race gives up cigars and gambling for a bit so he can afford to get the reader a present? But he doesn't tell anyone why he's doing it. Thanks!

“What are you doing?”

Race looks up from his second slice of bread, frowning at the frown on Romeo’s face. “What do you mean ‘what am I doing?’ I’m eatin’ my lunch, Rome. Which is somethin’ you should be doin’ too.”

Romeo rolls his eyes and takes another bite of his bread. “Why don’t you got a cigar today?”

The older boy freezes for only a second before continuing to eat and and pretending nothing happened. “Just didn’t feel like it today.”

Romeo snorts disbelievingly. “You always feel like a cigar.”

“Shut up and eat your lunch.”

Race’s fingers are beginning to freeze. It’s the week before Christmas, and his gloves could practically be fingerless after being worn down over the past three winters of working outdoors everyday. And his thin, brown jacket isn’t much help either.

But the small box cradles in his hands is worth it all.

He has been courting you, his beautiful (y/n), for almost two years now, and last year he wasn’t able to afford a Christmas present for you, or for your birthday. But this Christmas, he was determined.

Race hadn’t had one cigar since the middle of September.

All of the boys are suspicious, he knows that, but there’s no way he’d tell them it’s for a girl. He’s too stubborn for that. And he can’t wait to give you the gift he was able to buy with the money got from his own blood, sweat, tears, and love.

What he won’t tell you about are the sleepless nights and the shaking hands, itching for a cigar or just a cigarette to smoke. But he knows it’ll all be worth it to see that gorgeous smile on your face.

At that, he knocks on the front door of your quaint Queens house.

You open it within ten seconds, giving him a smile when you see it’s Race. “Hi, Race,” you start, “what are you doing here? Come on in.”

Race follows you inside, shuddering at the change of temper from bitter cold to homey warm. Your mother gives him a smile from the kitchen before retreating to your younger sibling’s room, obviously to give you both some privacy. He takes your hand and stops you before you can lead him to the living area.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stay long. I gotta get back to da boys before it gets too cold.”

You nod. “I understand.” Race smiles at you, at your kindness and beauty, and you smile back. A long, but comfortable silence passes between the both of you, and you clear your throat, smoothing your hair down. “So, what are you doing here?”

“Oh.” Race steps back, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, I, uh…I got ya somethin.’ For Christmas.”

“Race, you didn’t have to-”

He cuts you off with a wave of his hand. “I know, I know, but I wanted ta. We’ve been together for nearly two years now, and I still haven’t been able to get ya anythin.’”

You blush and squeeze his hand. “You don’t have to get me anything.”

Race rolls his eyes. “I know, and that’s one of the reasons I love ya so much. But I should be able ta pamper my girl. So I got you something.” He takes the small box out from behind his back and holds it out to you with a grin.

Your blue eyes squint at the box curiously before taking it, untying the golden ribbon with one simple pull. Then you peel apart the adorable badly wrapped box to see a small, thin white box with a white lid. Swallowing nervously, you open the top carefully and gasp.

Inside lays a simple silver chain with beautiful silver heart hanging on it. You look up at Race with wide blue eyes, and he looks down at his worn boots.

“I know it’s not much, and you deserve-”

“No, Race,” you take his hand and pull him forward to kiss his cheek softly, “it’s beautiful. I love it.”

He smiles. “You do?”

You nod, giggling at his excitement. “Yeah, I do.”

“Ah, good.” This time he leans forward and kisses your cheek. “Alright, I gotta go. Merry Christmas if I don’t see you, and,” he looks pointedly at your little (brother/sister)’s room, “tell your mom I said merry Christmas.”

You smile. “I will.” Then leaning forward, you take his cheek in one hand and kiss him on the lips softly. When you pull away, Race grins at you, and you blush. “Tell the boys merry Christmas from me too.”

Double Trouble

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Prompt: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Harry Hook imagine where the reader have a twin and Harry thinks that he fell in love with that twin and reader not say anything becouse she is scared of her sister? I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense and I’m so so sorry for my english ” - @meowmeowp

Warning: None. I was a good girl.


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Misconceptions-Chapter 7

And here we are lovelies. The final chapter! 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut sorta. Tiniest amount of fluff, so much swearing.

Song: Avril Lavigne-I wish you were here

I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you, it’s not like that at all


4 Months since the incident in Bucky’s bedroom, you’re standing in the day care centre willing yourself to let go of Ari as the teacher approaches you. Bucky is standing next to you, scanning the room for threats. “Everything’s fine James relax” you whisper. His shoulders relax slightly but his eyes keep moving, “I don’ like this kitty, we shoulda hired a nanny” he replies “She needs to socialize with other children James, it’s going to be fine.” You hand over Ari to the teacher stifling a sniffle. “Be a good girl for Mrs. Patterson, Ari, okay?” you add as you place a kiss on her cheek. Mrs. Patterson gives you a sympathetic smile as she turns to leave and you grab Bucky’s hand as you watch her. you don’t notice him smiling down at you.

There’s a girl
That gives a shit
Behind this wall
You’ve just walked through it


7 Months since the incident in Bucky’s bedroom and you’re man down with the flu. Bucky’s been taking care of you and Ari without fail, hauling in soup and crackers, taking over midnight feedings and grocery runs, he’s slowly pushing past your defenses, proving himself time and again. You’re starting to trust again, feeling more comfortable around him as each day passes “Ya need anythin darlin?” he asks you. You smile at him “Nah Buck, I’ve got everything I need right here.” The look of pure happiness on his face melts your heart.

I love the way you are
It’s who I am, don’t have to try hard
We always say, say it like it is
And the truth is that I really miss

. 11 Months and you’re starting to crack. It’s getting harder not to be with him, harder to keep holding on to your anger and hurt. He spends most nights in your room now, falling asleep with Ari on his chest, you don’t dare wake him. This,you think, this is what I wanted all along.

Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here
Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here


14 months when Bucky broaches the subject of living together. “I think we needa home ya know? Somewhere that isn’t filled with superhero’s an Ari can try an be normal? With a yard an a swing set?” He hesitates “I founda place just outside the city, it has a big yard an plenty of space for a puppy” he watches you nervously. “Well Buck let’s have a look then” you reply, your heart fit to burst with happiness.

No, I don’t wanna let go
I just wanna let you to know
That I never wanna let go

16 months,you think as Bucky sits you down to “talk”. “Darlin I wanna ask ya somethin, but ya gotta promise  ta listen” he adds. “I pomise James. What’s going on?” you ask, slightly nervous. He’s been distant lately, stand offish, you don’t know what to make of it, it scares you. “I’ve been thinkin bout us a lot recently ya know?” he runs a hand through his hair “And nothins changed for me, I still love ya, maybe more now than I did then. Ya and Ari bring so much happiness inta my life, an I don’t wanna lose either of ya.” He continues shakily “I can’ imagine having this taken’ away from me, I need ya and the baby like I need air, so if ya tell me nothins gonna happen beyond what we have now, I’ll be okay with lovin ya and ya not lovin me” he swallows heavily “What I guess I’m trying to ask ya is will ya give me a chance? Ta try and be what I shoulda been ta ya when this first started? Will ya give me a chance ta make up for my mistakes? Ta love ya like ya deserve?” Chewing on your bottom lip, you think back over the past year. Bucky has been a constant presence, never faltering in his devotion to Ari. Or to you when you think about it. He hasn’t pushed you for anything, he’s supported every decision you made, taken care of you when you couldn’t take care of yourself but…

 Do you still love him?/ You think. Yes

Do you trust him? You question. Yes

 Do you want him? You ask yourself. Fucking yes Taking a deep breath you finally answer him: “Yes Bucky, Lets give us a shot” Smiling you grab his hand and pull him into a hug.

 “I aint never letting you go again Kitty cat” he whispers in your ear.

Damn, damn, damn,
What I’d do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here (i wish you were)
Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here

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Partners in Crime pt3

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, angst, light smut (probably just implied)

Arranged marriage, fake relationship

You were in love with someone else, he was in love with himself. Was there ever  a chance for the engagement to work out?

part 1, 2

There was something very strange about Kim Taehyung, but you couldn’t put your finger on just what exactly it was. You hadn’t noticed it to begin with, but as you sat across from him at your dining room table, to your left your mother and to your right his own, you finally had a chance to study the man you were meant to marry in a matter of a few months. 

He never stopped talking about himself, you noted. Every question that was asked, no matter what the subject, he somehow diverted into discussing something or other about how great he was. He talked about how popular he was in school, how many girls asked him to prom, how many boys tried to buy his friendship, and all the details of that one time he volunteered to pick up trash on the side of the road. His mother was particularly proud of that one. 

Your mother didn’t appear to have any issues with his constant word garbage about himself, gushing over how wonderful he was, how kind, how considerate, and how handsome he was. Jungkook, who was there for unknown reasons, didn’t appear to have any issues with it either. You wondered if he was just so used to it that he didn’t even notice. 

It was starting to drive you insane. 

It was a good thing he didn’t want to marry you, you figured. There was only one thing worse than marrying when there was no love between the two of you, and that was marrying someone who was completely and utterly in love with themselves. 

Then you remembered that you would have to marry him, though. And you would stay married for a short time until you destroyed both of your family businesses. 

“It’s only for a while.” You thought. “Only a few months and then I’m free, really and truly free from this insanity forever.”

Your phone started ringing, pulling you harshly from your thoughts and back into realty. You glanced at the screen under the table, and nearly chocked on air when you saw who it was trying to reach you. The rest of the dinner party had fallen silent as they waited for you to end the call, and probably to apologize for forgetting to turn it off.

“Sorry.” You said quickly. “I have to take this, it’s important.” 

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Will you do general poly mchanzo with a reader who is kinda insecure and isn't really sure if they deserve to be in a relationship with the two guys? They just sorta second guess if they are enough and the guys are only with then out of pity or something? Thank

I am so sorry this took me so long to write, I really am!

They’re good men, a little rough around the edges, sure; but good men nonetheless. It had been Jesse who first approached you to propose the new relationship, he’d been smooth and confident as always and you blushed throughout the entire exchange. Hanzo had found you later in the day and made sure you knew there was no pressure to agree to their terms, stressing the fact that you would all discuss the relationship if you decided to join them. It had taken you a little while to think about it, wondering where you would fit in among these gorgeous, kind, intelligent men or even why they would want to you to be a part of their already existing relationship. But you had happily agreed, wanting to kick yourself in joyous disbelief as the three of you got better acquainted.

You’d quickly fallen into a domestic routine and you were elated, never having been showered in so much love and affection. But sometimes you couldn’t help but second guess their decisions, second guess their motives or thought process. You weren’t anyone special, you didn’t have any incredibly skills or talents, you were an engineer. You weren’t particularly attractive and you weren’t the kindest of people, there was nothing special about you and you knew it. But Hanzo and Jesse apparently didn’t. This made you feel like you were taking advantage of them sometimes, like you were hiding your true colors or something.

You really didn’t deserve them, you don’t know why they thought you did.

You were leading them on, you knew it’d never work out so you’re just wasting their time.

All those times you’d taken their clothes without asking? Annoying as hell.

You? Annoying as hell.

The door to the bedroom slid open and although your back was to the door you could see the dark room light up around the shadow of your cowboy, but you said nothing and pulled the comforter tighter around your face, hoping he’d leave you to wallow in your own misery. He didn’t. “Honey, are ya alright?”

“I’m okay, just tired.” When your voice cracked from the hours you’d spent crying you knew he wouldn’t let it go, and he didn’t, instead stepping into the room and plunging it into darkness once more.

“Are ya hatin’ on my sugar again?” Jesse asks, the bed dipping as he sits behind you. You nod but remember he can’t see you around the giant blanket enveloping you. The door opens again and this time you know it’s Hanzo before he steps inside, “‘ey Hanny, seems our baby here is down, what do you suggest?”

“Darling,” Hanzo sighs as he joins Jesse on the bed, turning you to face your lovers but allowing you to remain wrapped in the comforter. He sees you’ve been crying and silently pulls you to his chest, rocking you back and forth as you calm yourself enough to let go of the blanket and allow your boys to slide into bed with you, the three of you remaining quiet for a long while before Jesse speaks up.

“Do ya know how lucky we are ta have ya?”

“Don’t say that, I know I-”

“You say we can have our pick of partners from this base, yes?” Hanzo interrupts you, petting your hair as you nod. “If we did not wish to share our lives with you then why would we ask you to be a part of them?”

“I keep putting you guys through this and I’m sor-”

“Now, there’ll be none of that.” Jesse interrupts you this time, “there ain’t no other way I’d like ta spend my day than tellin’ my sweethearts just how much they mean ta me.” Hanzo hums in agreement. That is exactly how you spend your afternoon, snuggled in bed between the men you love most as they shower you in adoration and praises until you’re a blushing mess.

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for that ask game: pynch and blusey!!

What ask game? THIS ASK GAME!

Asdfghjkl I love this so muchhhh, thank you for sending the best ships in the world, babe. I can’t contain myself so each of the replies will have a little fantasy that I associate with the assignment~~~


  • Werewolf: Adam, Hunter: Ronan.
    The Scenario: Adam has been on the run for a year, after being bitten as the culmination of a life of hardship (he’s such an hungry, angry, starved animal~~~). Ronan was born and raised in a family linked to the supernatural world, but has sworn revenge upon the creatures of the night since his father has been killed.
    When this hunter comes for this werewolf, both of their lives will change.
    Werewolf: Gansey, Hunter: Blue.
    The Scenario: Blue is frankly no sure what would bring any sane werewolf to knock at the door of a house of hunters. When Gansey starts blabbering about finding the reliquia of the First Hunter and his brother the First Werewolf with their help, she quickly reassess her judgment. The dude is evidently crazy

  • Merman: Adam, Fisherman: Ronan
    The Scenario: Everyone in the little harbour town of Henrietta knows that you’re not supposed to get close to Cabeswater Rock, sacred to the God of the Sea and home to His sons and daughters. However, Ronan always dares to get his boat a bit too close to the shores, for just a glimpse of the disconcerting, disdainful face of the merman that likes to sunbathe on the South shore…
    Merman: Gansey, Fisherwomen: Blue
    The Scenario: Gansey is very obsessed with the human world and keeps following Blue around, even though Blue is a Very Sensible Fisherwomen. She knows that you should NOT mingle with merfolks because they bring trouble and they tend to have hidden aims, but this merman can be…sort of fascinating…in the rare moment he’s not being a complete idiot, of course.

  • Wizard: Adam, Familiar: Ronan
    The Scenario: Getting a raven from the Familiar Ritual in the stone circle was a pretty cool catch for Adam. The fact that Ronan has a bit of an attitude (like a lot of a bit) and has a sharply handsome, vaguely handsy humanoid form is a totally different business. 
    Wizard: Gansey, Familiar: Blue
    The Scenario: As if being born without any real magical power is not a humiliation enough, Blue ends up paired with this insanely, unfairly powerful new wizard. She’s supposed to be his assistant or something, teach him the way since she knows more about magic in theory than him, but being called his familiar is a damn MUCH, okay???

  • Barista: Ronan, Coffee Addict: Adam
    The Scenario: When it’s finals times at Ivy League, it does help if the barista at your favourite coffee shop lets you stay there for 8 hours in the most secluded booth and keeps bringing you coffee just like you drink it. Adam might be getting a bit smitten, but maybe it’s just sleep deprivation. 
    Barista: Blue, Coffee Addict: Gansey
    The Scenario: The first fact is that Gansey is insomniac. The second fact is that he stopped cared about it and just grind through life with 3 hours of maximum sleep a day. The third fact is that he’s so beyond caring that he even drinks coffee and now is a vicious cycle. Then his favourite coffee shop hires a new barista and Blue is apparently having none of his bullshit. 

  • Professor: Adam, TA: Ronan.
    The Scenario: When Prof. Parrish appointed him as his TA, Ronan asked him, literally, what the ever-loving fuck was he thinking. There wasn’t much to dispute with the reply of “I need someone to put my most appalling student in their place the way they deserve and I have a reputation, Lynch. Keep glaring, you’ll be fine”. Also, Parrish is hot as fuck.
    Professor: Gansey, TA: Blue.
    The Scenario: Gansey is a really young archeology professor and Blue is the fiercest, boldest, most brilliant student he has ever brought in excavation with him. She is more than knowledgeable, she can see beyond the theory and beyond the practice to see the connections. Of course she’s his TA, he wouldn’t get anyone else this close to his course.

  • Knight: Adam, Prince: Ronan
    The Scenario: Declan had forced him, but Ronan doesn’t really want this knight with him for protection and because it’s expected of you to have a guard, Ronan, for God’s sake. Somehow, though, it does help that Adam doesn’t want to be his knight either and they can bite each other’s head off for the whole length of the journey to the neighbouring realm. 
    Knight: Blue, Prince: Gansey
    The Scenario: Blue wanted many things when she became a knight under the King. Being hired by the House of Gansey to go and recover their stupid ass second son after he got himself kidnapped by a goddamn dragon in a crazy quest for legendary tokens is not one of them. She’s gonna rescue his ass just to give him a piece of her mind. 

  • Teacher: Adam, Single Parent: Ronan
    The Scenario: These counseling sessions with Opal’s father about how his daughter is still a bit unruly in class and has the tendency to swap between three languages when stressed are turning in a bit too much of a heartfelt experience, as much as Adam is concerned…
    Teacher: Gansey, Single Parent: Blue
    The Scenario: Blue is not really anyone’s single parent, but at 300 Fox Way everyone over 18 yo is somewhat qualified to be in charge of one of the many little ones. Gansey has some serious misunderstanding about this, but what is he supposed to think when Blue is the only one coming to the little girl parent-teacher meeting? Blue will argue “maybe something else, since Daphne is 9, how old do you think I am???

  • Writer: Ronan, Editor: Adam
    The Scenario: Ronan Lynch is, without doubt, the crown jewel of Glendower Publications. He is also terrible with deadlines, with a cringe-worthy temper and a penchant for going AWOL at the worst possible moments. Adam absolutely refuses to sacrifice his first big editorial job under Ronan’s whims and tempers, though…
    Writer: Blue, Editor: Gansey
    The Scenario: Writing travel books is Blue’s dream, especially because the Publisher pays her expenses to go to all these places with her camera. She would like it so much better it being a writer did not involve so many practicalities. Luckily her editor, Gansey travels with her. Not that he’s so organized himself, but between the two of them they almost make one functioning person. 

And now I want to write ALL OF THEM. Or read all of them. If someone picks up these accidental prompts that I sprouted out, please let me know! :DDDD

Imagine Crutchie helping you up after you slip on ice:

“Earthquake rocks Santa Monica!” Crutchie yells, holding a pape high above his head with one hand and balancing precariously on his crutch with the other. “Hundreds killed!”

The marketplace is rather empty for a Saturday, but that’s mostly because of the bitter cold and the blizzard that blew through New York the night before. Only the bravest vendors and customers are still there, while the rich folk stay at home in front of the fireplace, nice and warm. All Crutchie has to protect him from the biting wind is his trademark backwards cap, a small, thin brown sweater Jack found for him, and some fingerless gloves.

While a man is handing him a dime for a paper, Crutchie looks over the man’s shoulder to see a pretty woman about his age in a (f/c) skirt and cloak hurrying past the vendors and wagons towards one of the apartment buildings. She puts one foot on the first concrete stair, and immediately slips, falling on her side as the books she was holding go flying into the snow. Quickly shoving the paper into the protesting man’s hands, Crutchie pockets the dime and does his best to hobble quickly over to where the young woman fell.

“You'se alright, miss?” He asks, extending a hand out to the beautiful (h/c). “That looked like a nasty fall.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she replies sitting up. Her cheeks are red from the cold and embarrassment, and she gladly takes his extended hand. He pulls her up. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Crutchie smiles, walking over to pick up one of her books from the snow. “I’m Crutchie.”

“(Y/n).” She replies, still busy brushing snow off of herself.

“(Y/n).” Crutchie mutters to himself, picking up the fourth and last book from the snow and brushing the cold, white powder off. “I like that.” There’s a small silence as the two just look at each other. The young newsboy’s the first to look away, blushing and scratching the back of his neck. There’s something about this girl he can’t quite comprehend. “If ya want, I could help ya carry your books inside for ya. Make sure ya don’t fall again?”

She smiles. “I’d like that.” The (h/c) turns away from the newsboy so as to hide her growing smile. “Follow me.”

(Y/n) leads him inside the building, and they start to walk up the rickety wooden stairs. Crutchie swallows nervously, willing his leg to cooperate just this once. He takes the first couple of steps, maneuvering quite well for a man with one arm full of books and the other holding a crutch steady. But, when he looks up, the lady’s already at the next landing.

She smiles down at him. “Here, how about this: You carry the books, and I help you up the stairs?”

Crutchie smiles up at her from where he stopped in the middle of the staircase. “Sounds like a plan.”

She walks back down the stairs and gently takes his trusted crutch out from under his arm. Then she takes ahold of his left arm, holding his crutch in one hand and helping him up the stairs with the other. They walk up the stairs together, and quite quickly; more quickly than Crutchie’s been able to go up stairs for years. Even with Jack or one of the other newsie’s help.

Crutchie lets his eyes flicker over to the beautiful girl. “Ya know, you ain’t like most goils.”

“What do you mean?” She asks, glancing over at him curiously.

The two step onto the second floor landing and start up the staircase to the third floor. “Well, most girls wouldn’t even thank a crippled newsie who helped them up from the ice, let alone invite them inside.”

“Well, not too many men would help a girl up from the ice, and offer to carry her books. Even if he is a crippled newsie,” (y/n) responds softly. The two stop at the top of the stairs, just looking at each other, until (y/n) blushes and looks away, continuing down the hall. “I’m right down this way.”

Crutchie shakes off his goofy grin before following her down the hall. “This is me,” (y/n) announces, stopping in front of a door with a gold number seven painted on the front. She unlocks the door and opens it for Crutchie to enter.

He looks at her for permission and she smiles, motioning him inside. The apartment is dainty, with a small living space that involves a plump couch, a coffee table, and one end table with a lamp on it. To the right of the couch is a doorway leading to what seems to be the kitchen, and to the left is a bedroom. Behind the couch is a set of windows looking down into the market place.


The boy looks back at (y/n), who is now standing in the doorway to the kitchen, smiling at his awed face. Her apartment isn’t much, but it’s unlike anything Crutchie’s ever seen. “Huh?” He asks.

She giggles. “I was wondering if you would like to stay for a cup of hot chocolate? As a thank you?”

He sighs sadly, looking down before letting his eyes travel through the window and back down to the market place. “I’d love ta, miss, but I gots ta get backs ta selling. My boys and me haven’t been doin’ so good wit’ this weatha.” (Y/n) nods, and Crutchie swears he sees a flicker of sadness in her eyes. “Where should I set your books?”

“Oh, just on the coffee table is fine,” she replies.

“Are all of these yours?”

The (e/c)-eyed beauty nods. “Yes, I’m enrolled in the university down the street.”

Crutchie grins, remembering something Jack told him about Katherine once. “Beautiful, smart, and independent, huh?”

(Y/n) blushes and looks down, making Crutchie smile. He likes making her smile. She really is beautiful.

“Well, I best be goin’,” Crutchie announces, stepping towards (y/n). “But here,” he says, reaching into his bag and pulling out a paper. “Have a free pape for your trouble.”

Laughing, she puts a gloved hand in her cloak pocket, and after a couple seconds of digging around, pulls out a quarter. His eyes widen, and she rolls her eyes, a lock of hair falling onto her cheek. “No way am I letting you give me a free newspaper just for slipping on ice.”

Crutchie looks at her with complete gratefulness and awe for a second before he tentatively takes the cold quarter. “Thanks.”

“No, thank you,” she replies, hugging the paper close to her chest. “For helping me.”

Crutchie grins widely and takes a step back from her, nodding his head. “Until next time, miss (y/n).”

“Bye,” she whispers, watching as he steps out of her apartment, closing the door softly behind him. She listens to his crutch thumping away before she lets a wide smile spread across her features.

Crutchie’s smiling as he makes his way down the stairs and back outside, too. The cold doesn’t bother him one bit for the rest of the day.


I am posting Newsies imagines now, so if you’d like to request them, feel free!


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Breathe me in into the light
Slowly heal the darkness in my heart
I hear you now a taste was all I needed
I feel your love loud and clear to the end
It’s you and me I’ll follow you to the end
I’ll follow you to the end


I. Lean On - Dillon Francis & Jauz Remix - Major Lazer  / II. Lovers Friends - Boy Kiss Girl Remix - Möwe  / III. Do You Want It Right Now - Deep Edit - Ku De Ta, Degrees of Motion / IV. If (Feat. Hazel Fernandes) - Freemasons 2009 Re-Rub Edit - Freemasons / V. Middle - DJ Snake / VI. Love Somebody - Mr. Carmack Remix - Ta-Ku, Wafia / VII. We Did Alright - Jam Xpress Remix - Jumpstar / VIII. What You Don’t Do - GRADES Remix - Lianne La Havas, GRADES / IX. La Lune - Madeon / X. Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker XI. The Seconds (Feat. Jano) - Porter Robinson / XII. Follow You (Fractal Chill Mix) [Feat. Danyka Nadeau] - Au5

Above the Line (Part V)

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Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV


 “So how’s Jack?” Beth giggled as we walked into the production office trailer. Our first week of filming was coming to a wrap and our last shoot was an all day shoot out on the water with 48 hours off before we started back up again. 

“He’s fine I guess.” I rolled my eyes and shrugged. While the night at the bar had ended on a high note, Jack was starting to annoy me ever since. It was like he always knew where I was on the days he was on set, and he was always trying to see if I needed help, wanted some tea or doing something else that managed to distract me from doing my actual job. Thankfully he was only on set three days this first week and spent the rest of the time off doing only god knows what. 

“Y/N,” Melissa’s voice rang as she entered the trailer. “You’re going out on the boat today. So grab a life jacket and boots.” 

“I wish I could be on a boat surrounded by attractive British men.” Beth joked and nudged my shoulder, knocking me a little off balance. 

“What time does it go out?” I asked Melissa as I went to grab a life jacket from the closet. “Do I have time to grab breakfast and some coffee?” 

“You have an hour.” Melissa said from her desk, not looking up. “There are updated call sheets on Charlie’s desk, grab one before you head out.” I slipped on my red hunter rain boots, grabbed a call sheet and left in a hurry trying to make it to craft services to grab breakfast, a coffee and a few snacks before getting down to the crew boat. I studied the sheet as I walked, trying to memorize the talent and shots for today’s shoot. Murphy, Glynn-Carney, Rylance, Keoghan and Lowden. I paused as I saw his name, a groan leaving my mouth. As I made may way through the breakfast line, scanning the room and making my way over to an empty table to study the call sheet even more and maybe shoot a text or two to family back home. 

“Fancy meeting ye here.” A Scottish accent said above me. I froze at the sound and looked up at him as he gestured to the empty chair across from me, “Mind if I join ye?” 

“Yes.” he sat down anyway. 

“Ye look like ye’re ready for an adventure.” He smiled that annoying dimpled smile of his. 

“Always be prepared.” I smirked. He was already in his RAF uniform, his hair combed to the side, and while I was slightly annoyed with him I also couldn’t take my eyes off of him. 

“I have a question,” He asked before taking a bite of his toast, “What made ye want ta be a third AD?” 

“I actually want to be a first AD,” I quickly retorted, “but you have to work your way up.” 

“Okay, so why’d ye want ta be an AD?” he leaned in closer to me, like it was some sort of secret. 

“Because I love movies.” I shrugged. “Now I really need to look over this, so you can stay there but please don’t talk.” I took a bite of my bagel and looked down at the call sheet. 

“That’s it? Because ye love movies?” He laughed. “Why not be a director or writer then?” I glared up at him, a hard stare that I hoped would put the fear of God into him. However when he flashed me that charming smirk of his I knew I had failed. “Answer and I won’t talk ta ye the rest of the day.” 

“Because I don’t want to do that.” I sighed. 

“Not a good answer.” He’s raised one eyebrow. 

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes, “I grew up in the business, my great grandfather was a movie producer and everyone after that followed suite and went into movie making in one way or another. Even my parents are in the business, my dads an editor, my mom is a producer and my older brother is a camera man, so I guess you could say that it runs in my blood.” 

“Didn’t know I was sitting with movie making royalty.” He winked. 

“Fuck off.” I gave another death glare. We sat and ate the rest of our dinner in silence. Every once in awhile I would glance up and see him staring at me with a smirk. When I was done I looked at my watch to see that we had fifteen minuets before we had to be down on the boat. “We need go.” I stood up taking my plate to the trash and grabbing some snacks before we made our way down to the boat and crew. 

The gaffer and cameraman were loading their equipment as we got down to where everyone was. I hadn’t told anyone but boats made me nervous, there was just something about them and I just didn’t think they should be able to float. I also think it’s because I watched Titanic one too many times as a teen. I looked around, trying to find a quite spot to have a quick cigarette before I got on the boat, hoping it would ease my nerves. I thought I had found a place to hide behind one of the electric trucks until I heard footsteps and jumped. 

“Didn’t mean te scare ya,” an Irish accent sang with a laugh. 

“Fuck Cillian, you almost gave me a heart attack.” I said taking a drag. 

“I was wondering if I could bum a smoke.” He asked. 

“You know the rules,” I said looking him up and down in his uniform, “No smoking in costume.” 

“Since when have ya followed the rules Y/N?” He flashed me his charming smile, “Can I just have a few drags from yours?” 

“Fine.” I held out my cigarette for him to take a drag off, gripping tight, making sure it never left my hand. 

“So you and Lowden.” He said blowing the smoke from his lips and up into the air. 

“Fuck no.” I laughed, feeling knots start to form in my stomach at the thought of Jack. 

“Oh come on Y/N, don’t play dumb.” He grabbed my wrist and took another drag. “The way ya two look at each other. I mean I saw ya at breakfast this morning, he couldn’t take his eyes off ya.” 

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes, “I look at him the same way I look at you or Fionn or Harry.” 

“Sure.” Cillian smirked, “Ya know he always ask and talks about ya on the days he’s not called.” He nudged his shoulder into mine. 

“Bull shit.” I blushed. My head started to fill with reasons as to why would Jack be asking about me, let alone talking about me, didn’t he have other things to be worried about? Like acting in a film, or Scottish stuff. Just then Melissa’s voice filled my ear taking me away from my thoughts. 

“Y/N, are you and Cillian smoking behind the electric truck?” I could hear the smile in her voice. 


“Get your Asses down here, it’s time to go.” 

“Well that’s our cue.” I took one last drag and held it out for Cillian to take his last. 

“Thanks Love.” He smiled at me as we rounded the corner down to the boat. 

“You know the rules.” Melissa said shaking her head when she saw us. 

“He didn’t touch it, I promise” I held my hands up in surrender and smiled at my boss. 

“And who taught you that?” She gave me a knowing look. 

“The same person who taught me everything,” I said walking up next to her. “You.” We laughed as she taped my ass pushing me towards the boat. Melissa, Cillian and I all stepped on board the small crew/cast boat laughing together. I wasn’t on the boat for five seconds before I looked up and saw Jack standing next to Barry and Tom, his eyes looking at me intensely. I gave him a small smile and wave, he didn’t smile back, but rather looked towards Tom, my stomach sinking as he did. Why did I have this reaction to him? I had worked on a number of productions before, with many attractive actors, and never once have had this feeling. 

“Did you hear me Y/N?” Melissa said bringing me out of my thoughts. 

“Uh, no,” I bit my lip, “What did you say?” 

“I said we need you over by Pippa.” She shook her head at me. I watched as she walked away to talk to Nolan and the DP. I looked around and saw Pippa standing a few feet away with Amanda from costuming. I made way towards them, looking over my shoulder once more to see what Jack was doing. He was smiling and telling the other boys what looked like a very animated story. A frown formed on my lips, wishing I were the one he was telling it to. 

“Welcome aboard!” Pippa saluted as I came up next to her. The three of us stood around, talking and laughing as the boat left the dock and headed towards the Moonstone in the distance. As we got closer, Pippa and Amanda busied themselves with the cast making sure that all hair, makeup and costumes were good to go. I sat in Pippa’s makeup chair and watched as Jack, Mark and Tom hopped over onto the Moonstone. 

“Alright, quite on set.” Melissa yelled. “Sound.” 

“Speed.” The sound guy yelled. 


“Rolling.” The cameraman yelled. Melissa then pointed to Nolan. 

“Action.” Chis yelled and the slate clapped. 

I sat and watched the action in front of me, not being able to hear anything that was being said but feeling the boat slowly rock back and forth. I closed my eyes hoping to adjust to the waves and rocking. However, instead of adjusting my stomach began to sway and I felt the color start to leave my face. I needed to let it out, but the last thing I was going to do was make a huge commotion on a multimillion-dollar film production. I opened my eyes, hoping that if I put all my focus on the scene the sickness I was feeling would go away. But nope, it only made it worse. 

“Cut.” Chris yelled and I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. 

“Are you alright?” Pippa asked with concern in her voice. 

“Yeah, why?” I tried to play it off and act like I didn’t have a mini ship sailing rough waters in my stomach. 

“You just look a little green.” 

“I’m fine, really.” I weakly smiled.

“Alright we’re going to go again.” Melissa yelled. At Melissa’s words I stood up and decided to make my way to the front of the boat, hoping that if I did get sick it wouldn’t cause a scene. 

Thankfully no one was up there and I was able to lean over the side, letting out everything I had been holding in. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, feeling a little relief. I laid down on my back with my knees up, closed my eyes and hoped that the sickness wouldn’t come back. I don’t know how long I was lying there before my stomach started rocking in sync with the boat again. Once again I got on my knees, leaned over the side of the boat and prayed that it would go away. 

“Y/N?” Melissa’s voice rang in my ear. “Y/N where are you?” I didn’t have the strength to answer, as I was still relieving myself and feeling like death had come over me. “Has anyone seen Y/N?” Melissa said again, this time with worry in her voice. 

I leaned back thinking I was done, knowing I needed to pull myself together, rejoin the crew and do my damn job. I stood up only to be taken over again with nausea, throwing my head over the front of the boat trying my best not to die. I jumped as I felt someone start to rub circles on my back with wet hands. 

“It’s okay.” A smooth Scottish voice whispered close to my ear. “yer all right, love.” 

I let out a small moan because of all the people on the damn boat, it had to be him.

i’m going on a semi-hiatus

oh look, here goes ashley making another hiatus post bc she’s overwhelmed nothing new 

hi guys. i’m sure if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve realized how completely out of the loop/inactive i’ve been when it comes to tumblr/the phandom.

if you give a shit to know why i’m going on semi-hiatus, then read under the cut, bc this shit is going to be long. 

if you don’t care, just please reblog to spread the message. 

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bios randons yeey!!

eai gente vcs pediu bio randons um monte bios randons na ask entao aqui vou alias desculpa por demorar p post eh q minh familia(mais eu e minha mae) adotamos um gatinho ai eh filhote e sempre tem q ta de olho entao ta sendo dificil cuida dos meus tumblrs e etc


prazer so aquele que fica sentando na cadeira a festa inteira kjkk qm eu quero enganar eu n vou em festa

o medico me tiro do utero e ja disse “opa volta que essa tem cara de quem vai fazer merda”

au au au au - eu, 2k16

boy/girlfriend acc: @userdoseuidolo (n sei se deu p entender o esquema disso mas eh isso ai)

eu nao minto eu so faço papel da gravida de taubate as vzs

caralho mermao eu sou 1merda

se vc quiser xingar alguem eh so falar [seunome] aposto que vai ofender muito mais que xingar de 1palavrao

descansando no meu caixao favor nao incomodar

aqui nao eh sessao de reclamaçao nao segue a direita e pega 1senha se quiser me xingar

merda merda merda

me chamo? ah nao desculpa achei que tinha escutado alguem falar lixo

tira os dedos do meu twitter linda


talking with my only friend his lives a lie his name is hope(ta, acho q vcs ja sabe de onde tirei inspiraçao p isso)

everyday is my suicide days

im alone

i just want sleep,,,,for my whole life

where is you now when i need?

nobody loves me and i dont love nobody

ok parei pq essas bio n ta engraçada vo tenta faze as bio engraçada em ingles em outro post pq n ta saindo hj em ingles bicho,,

da like ai se pegou ou gostou de alguma eh nois

Why so distant?

Request : Hey love your writing could I request one where Elijah is being distant so the reader starts to hang out with kol in her free time and Elijah gets jealous. Fluffing you could thanks love. A/N: I don’t know how to tag you guys! I sorry T_T but I love this! & I hope I do you proud. This may be fluffy but smutty too. So hope you don’t mind! Warning: smut Elijah x F!Witch reader. Story start: “Elijah! I just learned a new spe-” Y/N stopped as she saw Elijah look her way but then away from her. “Elijah? Darling are you alright?” She tried putting a hand on his arm but he jerked away from her. “Did I-” “Not now Y/N…” Elijah walked away from her. She sighed, Elijah was becoming more and more distant from her by the day. He stopped sleeping with her, he didn’t talk much to her, did she do something wrong? She was a new witch, so she was excited to tell him everytime he learned a new spell, he was happy for her and encouraged her, even telling her she could look at some of his mother’s spells once she reached a certain level in her magic. But now it seems he couldn’t care less. Did he not want her anymore? She started to tear as she stood there. Did she become boring? Annoying? Did she offend him in any way? She turned away and started to walk back home slightly sobbing. She was looking down to her feet as she walked, she didn’t want anyone to notice she was crying. She bumped into someone’s back “Excuse me…I’m so sorry.” She weakly said trying to pass the person. “Y/N what’s the matter?” Kol lifted her face to him, she said nothing, but hugged him crying into his shirt. He ran his fingers down her hair, holding her, he was always a gentlemen when it came to her, in respect for his older brother. He then thought of something “You know what I think will cheer you up sweetheart?” He said as she looked up at him with tears running down her face. “We could practice some magic together.” She tilted her head “But I thought? ” he chuckled “ I may not be able to do magic anymore but I still teach you a thing a two. You have been looking for someone to translate some of the books you have yes?” “Yes..” “Then I’m your guy” he winked causing her to smile and she nodded. Kol held his arm out to her and she hooked her arm with his as he led her to his secret place. ~♡~ Every day Y/N would meet Kol to practice her magic, sometimes Davina will be there too. They were quickly getting close the three of them. Being with them made her feel less lonely when Elijah didn’t seem to want to be bothered. Today she finally learned how to manipulate water. She had been practicing all night, she still hadn’t slept. Elijah woke up to find her sitting there with the bowl of water she used to practice with. “…Have you not slept yet?…"Elijah’s morning voice was so deep, it drove her crazy. “No, I was practicing all night I can’t wait to show Kol! I leared how to-” she looked at Elijah, he looked at her not amused to what she was saying, it hurt her. “Never mind, I’m sorry, I know it’s early.” She said casting her eyes down turning away from him, her depression returning to her. Elijah got up and walked to wear she was sitting he was shirtless in nothing but his boxers. It was very hot the night before, not between them but the weather. She was wearing her short night gown. Her long hair was down to her hips. She started moving her hand again and the water started to shift and move. Elijah looked on but only for a second. He went to the bathroom to start the shower, after 10 minutes he came back to find her gone. He was happy she was learning new things, however, he did not like that she was hanging around with his brother, Kol was trouble. ~♡~ “Kol!” Y/N called out to him with joy. He turned to her voice smiling. “Good morning to you, is this a new fashion statement?” he laughed and spun her around as he noticed she was still in her pajamas. “I couldn’t wait to show you!” “What is it?” He raised his eyebrow. Y/N looked at the glass of whiskey that Kol had, she moved her fingers and the whiskey spiraled upward not spilling or splashing him she made the liquid spiral back down into the cup again. Kol watched in amazement. It was hard for witches to control any sort of element but Y/N was learning very quickly. He looked at her noticing her eyes, she looked tired. “Y/N you should sleep…come see me tomorrow.” Kol started Y/N shook her head “I don’t wanna go home…” Kol looked at the couch he had placed recently and lead her to lay on it. “Then sleep here.” Kol said softly he grabbed the blanket he kept on the side of the couch taking his jacket he made a pillow for her and put it under her head. And placed the blanket on her, he kissed her forehead chuckling because she went asleep as soon as he put the jackets under her head. She was a silent sleeper he noticed. He went back to work on a project, Davina coming in after a few hours,but he made sure both were quiet. ~♡~ “We should get some food, she’s going to be hungry when she wakes up.” Davina whispered. “I suppose your right. Stay with her, I’ll go to Elijah and see what she eats.” Kol looked at Y/N’s sleeping form. He noticed she was waking up. “Or I could ask her.” Kol smiled. Y/N rubbed her eye doing the cutest yawn Kol and Davina ever heard. “What time is it?” Y/N asked in a whisper. “3 in the afternoon.” Her eyes shot open getting up quickly she had to meet with Elijah at 4! Once a month they went to the Bayou to visit Hayley and to help her people. “I gotta go!” She said stumbling to the door. “Wait Y/N!” “I’m sorry I’ll see you tomorrow!” She ran out of there. Elijah was being distant but if she was late or didn’t go to the bayou she would be in big trouble. “She forgot her shoes…” Davina laughed. Kol noticed her shoes still by the couch and laughed with her. ~♡~ Y/N did not stop running until she was back at the Mikaelson house where she almost ran straight into Elijah. She was huffing and puffing, trying to catch her breath. “Am I late!?” She asked in between gasps. Elijah raised an eyebrow. “I already went…” he stated. He turned away from her and walked upstair into their shared room. She followed him. “Elijah I’m sorry…” she said as she closed the door behind him. “Where were you?” He asked ignoring her sorry,“I was with Kol, I fell asleep since I was tired and I woke up thinking I was going to be late in meeting with you an-” he cut her off. “Of course with Kol…” he said bitterly. “It’s because of Kol you didn’t sleep last night. And you went to see him in that?” He eyed her, making her feel self-conscious. Her night gown was very short one good wind would she her underwear. “I was excited to show him what i-” “you were wearing?” He cut her off again. Pouring himself a drink his back was to her. “Elijah…why are you treating me this way? I did nothing wrong..” she began “Sure you haven’t, spending so much time with him every day, and now dressing up for him. I bet he’s been ‘treating’ you better than me” he said coldly now looking at her. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open, did he just accuse her of fooling around? Her eyes darkened and she moved her hand causing his drink to splash him in the face. She picked up a towel and threw it at him. “Are you jealous Elijah that I have been spending more time with your brother than you? Its your fault, you’re the one whos been distant, brushing me off and ignoring me. And you dare accuse me of being unfaithful? You’re the one showing the signs of being unfaithful, you haven’t slept with me in weeks! You don’t spend time with me, you ignore me! You don’t even kiss me anymore!” She shouted tears falling down her cheeks. “Kol has been teaching me magic, and nothing more. He is my friend NOTHING MORE!” She turned to walk to the bathroom to clean her face but he sped past her blocking her way. He smelt like the drink she splashed in his face. His suit was now wet some of his hair clung to his forehead, if she wasn’t so angry with him she would call him very sexy right now. “Move…” she demanded. But he didn’t. She wasn’t looking at his face but at his chest. His eyes softened, lifting her face to him, she quickly jerk her face away. “Move out of my way Elijah” she said weakly. There was always one way to make her give in to him. He was sorry, he was out of line. If she would just let him make it up to her.“Ma douce colombe, laisse-moi aimer ta colère, ta tristesse, ta tristesse …” (My sweet dove, let me love your anger, your sorrow,your sadness away…) he said, this phrase always made her melt. He saw her body shiver. “Elijah please step aside please…” she whimpered. “Ma douce colombe, ne me nie pas … fais l'amour à moi, je te prie …” (my sweet dove, do not deny me…make love to me, I beg of you…) he cupped her face. He pulled one of the straps from her night gown down and he kissing her shoulder. Whispering sweet nothings. She sighed but she did not move away. He walked her to their bed and layed her down kissing her neck, he ontop of her, lifted her nightgown up and off her. His eyes taking in her beautiful body. She blushed trying to cover herself, he pinned her arms above her head. “Ma douce colombe, ne te cache pas de moi.”(my sweet dove, do not hide yourself from me) she shivered under him, when he spoke to her in French it made her body ache in want for him. He snapped her bra from the front causing her to whine. He smirked pushing the bra away kissing her know exposed breasts. As he kissed her he undid his shirt and tie, his shoes long forgotten and his belt was undone. She seeing his chest always made her blush. It didn’t matter how many times they made love, it always felt like the first time. He smiled down at her blushing face. He loved how innocent she could be, that is, until he took it away..she wiggled herself free from her panties,he smelling her arousal causing him to harden. She was completely bare under him. He looked up and down her body, biting his lip. “Please don’t stare…Elijah…” she blushed embarrassed. She still wasn’t used to being naked infront of him. He kissed her lips, “Your body is a beautiful sight my sweet dove, a sight only I can see…” She slid her shirt and suit jacket off him and he pulled down his pants along with his boxers and entered her, causing her to moan out. He kissed her as he made love to her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear and apologies for his distance from her promising her never to make her feel lonely again. ~♡~ She rested on his chest as he held her against him. “What’s wrong Elijah?” She asked suddenly. “ Nothing..” he replied kissing her forehead. “Elijah…talk to me..” she straddled him and placed his hands on her hips. He grew hard again from the sight of her ontop, she squeaked feeling him trying to enter her again. “No no no no” she tried getting off him. “Dove…” he groaned “Not until you tell me what’s going on..” “Later..” he sighed “Nooo now..” she said bouncing on his lap causing him to lowly growl, he wanted to take her again and she was being difficult. “You remember I was taken prisoner by my mother?” He seriously did not walk to talk about his mom with a beautiful naked woman ontop of him. Y/N nodded. “She said things about us, about you, that has been driving me insane. And I didnt want to take out my fustration out on you, but seeing you run off with Kol, seeing how happy when you spent time with him, made me furious more than what my mother put in my mind.” He finished, Y/N was curious what his mother said about her but she didn’t press the issue further. “Now was that so hard?” She raised her eyebrow. He sighed “You could be such a brat sometimes my sweet dove…” she grinded herself against him causing him to moan. “What was that?” Smirking. “Dove…you playing a dangerous game…” he grunted. She smiled and replied “Then play with me…” she was then on her back again with a very horny Elijah. “As you wish my dove..” ~♡fin♡~ A/N I hope you liked it, sorry it was more smut than fluff. But I would love more requests. And I hope I did a good job! There is another Smutshot with Elijah so keep a look out for that. Xoxo GIF is not mine.

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Search the Galaxy Ch.8

Yondu waited outside of the room with Quill and the Guardians and Jacar while the clan’s doctor helped y/n. He paced back and forth down the hall as he waited for any word on his love. When the door opened just a crack his eyes snapped over and saw Jacar’s mother, y/n’s aunt standing there. 

“Yondu, you may come in now.” Brela said in a soft voice.

Walking over to the door she opened it for him to go in and he heard as she shut it behind her. Looking around the room that had been turned over he saw the doctor, Kal standing by the door in the room. Going over he looked into the dimly lit room to see it was a bathroom. His eyes stopped when he saw h/c hair. The small omega laid in the large tub filled with a bluish gray water. He couldn’t see to much from here and when the doctor cleared his throat Yondu tore his eyes from her to look at the older male. 

“I won’t lie to you boy, she is in rough shape. There is no doubt that Ekon was beating her, starving her too judging by how much weight she’s lost. He poisoned her, we found the antidote stashed away in the bookcase. I’m guessing he was going to use it if he won the fight. Be glad you got to her when you did, any longer and she wound’t have made it. That poison has made her weak but on top of all that her heat has started. Her body is beginning to show signs of the cycle. There is no getting around this, I can’t give her anything to stop it…”

“So I’m supposed to mate with her when she is already battered? When her body is already exhausted.” Yondu asked in a voice mixed with both anger and worry.

“I got her soaking in a herbal bath to help her heal sooner. She will need to stay in there for a little bit… But yes she will need to mate soon or she will die.” Kal said in a tired voice as he ran his hand over the back of his neck.

When Brela came over they looked to her. “Me and Sphi are going to get the room cleaned up. If you would like Yondu you can stay with her until we are ready to get her back in the bed.” She said with a soft and gentle voice.

Taking a deep breath Yondu nodded, “I’m not leaving her.” He said as he made his way over to the tub. Hearing the door close he moved to sit on the floor beside her. Looking at her now he saw only her shoulders up to be out of the water. He was glad the water was masking the smell of her heat for the time being. He could see the herbs floating in the water and moved his hand to cup some of the water and bring it to her bruised cheek. When the water touched her face he saw as her eyes fluttered open a bit. She looked so tired but he saw as her lips turned up into a small smile. He smiled when she whispered out his name. “There’s my girl.” He said and saw her eyes watering up. “No baby please don cry. Wats wrong?” He asked and watched as her hand came out of the water to rub over his blackening temple. Taking her hand in his he brought it to his lips and kissed it. “It’ll be aright. Ya don’t worry bout’ me. ya worry bout’ gettin’ yerself better.” he told her. When she pulled his hand to her face he felt as she placed her cheek in his palm and leaned to cuddled into it. Closing her eyes she let out a deep breath and before long she was back asleep. He left his hand where she had put it, stroking her cheek with his thumb until he heard the door open. Looking over he saw Brela standing there and nod at him. 

Standing from the floor he gently pulled his hand from her cheek and moved over to grab a towel. Holding it up he watched as Brela and Jacar’s wife Sphi went over and helped y/n stand from the tub. He avoided looking over her body, no matter how much he wanted to. That was the last thing he needed, to jump her bones right in front of her family. When he saw her having trouble he wrapped the towel around her and lifted her into his arms, feeling her head lay on his shoulder. He held in his growl when the smell of her heat hit his nose, making his fin glow red. Turning he limped into the room to see it now clean. Going over to the bed he let Brela pull back the covers before he gently placed her down. 

“Let us know if you need anything. Supper will be brought up shortly. There are some clothes on the chair I thought you may be able to fit, if you would like a shower.” Sphi said before both her and Brela left.

Yondu helped y/n to lay down on the bed and pulled the covers up over her towel covered body. Looking down at his dirt and blood covered body he saw the pile of clothes on the chair and limped over to grab them. Taking one last glance at y/n he saw her to be sleeping peacefully and knew it would be a good idea to shower before laying in her clean bed…. or matting for that matter.

After his shower Yondu walked out to see two trays of food on the table, along with a pitcher of what he guessed was wine and two glasses. Going to her side he ran his hand over her arm and saw her wake up. At first she recoiled away from his touch and he felt his heart clench, had Ekon let that big of a imprint on her? “Supper’s ready.” he told her but she only looked towards the table and shook her head. 

“I’m not hungry. You go eat.” you told him. You did not want to go over there. So many days you had been forced to sit on the floor by Ekon’s feet like some animal while he ate. He would only feed you when it was clear you were about to pass out. Looking at the chair he had always sat in felt your hands shake.

Yondu furrowed his brows at the omega. He knew she was lying. He could hear it in her voice, but why? Seeing her eyes glance to the table he felt the blankets moving and looked down to see her hands shaking. Then it hit him. He remembered the first night he had come to rescue her she had been laying on the floor beside that table. “Hey darlin’. Look at me.” he said and watched as she looked back at him before looking at her lap. That would be one thing of what he was guessing of many things he would have to un-teach her. Curling his finger under her chin he lifted her gaze to meet his. “Ya ave’ ta eat, princess.” he told her but saw her sigh. “Girl now ya listen to me. I know he urt’ ya. I know he did and i’m sorry. I was mad and I let me anger get ta me. I turned ya away, I turned my mate away. But I am here now. And I promise I will take care of ya and love ya till me last breath. So baby I’m tellin’ ya, eat, at least somethin’.” Yondu said in his alpha voice. Seeing her nod her head he took a deep breath before lifting her again and carrying her over to the table with the blanket wrapped around her. 

As they ate Yondu watched her. She stayed quiet and every so often she would cringe up, closing her eyes and fisting her hands in the blanket. He had been trying to breath in through his nose as her hair dried making her scent fill the air. He could feel the tightening of the pants he was wearing and subconsciously kept running his tongue over the sharp tips of his teeth. Shoving a piece of meat into his mouth he stared at her neck and felt the low growl in his throat. Closing his eyes he tried to steady himself. ‘she is hurt you idiot. you can’t just fuck her brains out.’ he told himself. Shaking his leg he took a deep breath and poured himself another glass of wine. Bringing it to his lips he drank down half of it in one go. Sitting the cup back down he saw her looking at his glass before her eyes fell back to her lap. He could see the saddened look on her face and furrowed his brows. “What’s wrong beautiful?” he asks.

“You can not possibly call me that. I am covered in black and blue bruises and have a buster lip.” you say and feel as your eyes begin to water up. How in the galaxy could he think you were pretty. How could he want to touch you. Maybe he didn’t really want to, maybe that’s why he was drinking so much. 

“What’s wrong wit bein’ blue?” Yondu said with a small chuckle. “Ya are always beautiful ta me baby. The scars will go away wit time. But untils then tat jus’ means I’ll ave’ ta kiss em’ better.” He said giving her a sly smirk. When he saw her swallow hard he placed his fork down and stood. Going to her side of the table he grabbed her chair and turned it towards him making her jump slightly. Crouching down in front of her he saw her eyes look up at his bare chest before shooting back down. He smiled when he realized she was embarrassed. Lifting her chin he looked into her e/c eyes and smiled. Leaning forward he pushed his lips to hers. Flicking out his tongue he swiped it over her lower lip and heard her gasp. Moving his hand to cup her cheek while his thumb pulled down on her chin he opened her mouth. Rolling his tongue into her mouth he couldn’t stop the loud growl at tasting her. Rubbing his other hand down her side to rest on her hip he pulled her close to him, feeling her legs on either side of him. 

Continuing to work her mouth he finally lifted her up from her seat and walked over to the bed, not breaking from her mouth. Sitting her on the bed he dropped the blanket from her body and looked down at her. He could see the bruises from where Ekon had kicked her and when a line had caught his eye he looked at her eyes to see her looking extremely embarrassed and sad. Holding her hip in one hand he grabbed her shoulder with the other and turned her so he could see her back. When the dark lash marks met his eyes he felt his blood boil. Everyone went a different direction and he could see the slight welt on some of the newest ones. “Oh darlin’..” he said in a soft voice. He knew from experience how much whipping hurt. Thinner scars than hers covered his back from where the Kree had whipped him. Hearing her soft cries he looked back at her face to see her crying again, her lip quivering. 

“You…if you chan…changed your mind. We don’t have to..I mean you don’t have to…” you sobbed as you looked down at your feet, trying to pull the blanket back over your form. No doubt it had to be a hideous sight.

“No y/n. Stop it.” Yondu said as he gripped her shoulders and gave her a small shake. “What did I just tell ya? I don’t care about the marks, I love ya. I love every part of ya…Yer lips.” he said as he moved to kiss her again, “Yer cheeks.” he said placing a kiss to her cheeks and moving down to her neck. He peppered the skin there with light kisses before nipping lightly at where his claiming mark will go. “Yer body.” his voice deepened when he got to placing kisses on her shoulder and chest. “And yer scars.” he said, moving to lick where a small welt wrapped around her side. “All of it.” he growled. Locking his lips with hers he guided her back to lay on the bed. Crawling after her he held himself up on his forearms. Trailing kisses and licks to her jaw and neck he began to groan at the tightness of his pants. Pushing them down his legs he grabbed her hands and held them beside her head as he kicked the pants to the floor. Sucking marks into her skin he heard her begin to moan. Smirking he move to take one of her nipples into his mouth, making the soft bud become hard. His female let out a high gasp and he chuckled. “What other sounds can I get from my girl?” he said. Biting down on the mound of her breast he listened as she let out a whine. He was careful not to bit the bruised area, not wanting to hurt her.

Rubbing her sides he moved one hand to her thigh and spread them. Looking down he growled out and moved his hand to rest between her legs. He traced the slit of her sex with his finger, feeling as she bucked her hips. Chuckling he kissed her ribs as he slowly pushed one of his fingers into her hole. She gave a moan at the new feeling and before long was melting into his touch. Smelling her heat covering his fingers made the captain have to shake his head to remain calm. Licking down he settled himself between her legs and licked up her slit. At this the female let out a high pitch squeak. Smirking Yondu pumped his finger in and out of her as he lapped at her sex like a starved man. He groaned and growled at how sweet she was on his lips and before long he felt her fluttering around his fingers. Ripping them out of her he heard her whine in need. 

“Shhh sweet girl I’ve got ya. I know what ya need.” he said in a low voice that sent chills down her spine. Moving between her legs he lined himself up with her and kissed at her neck. “You trust me baby?” he panted and felt as she nodded. “Good girl.” he said, grabbing her hands again and pinning them down beside her. Looking into her eyes he saw fear and lust. “I love you.” he said in Centaurian and saw her smile. Pushing in he felt her stiffen and buried his face in the crook of her neck when she began to cry out in pain. Closing his eyes he kissed at her neck.

“Ahhh.” You cried out at the sharp pain between your legs. Feeling Yondu pushing in deep you felt like he was going to rip you into. Flinching away he held you tightly under him. You felt him kissing your neck as he tried to sooth you but it hurt so bad. You cried and shook as he fully filled you, when he stopped moving you heard a soft whistle you stopped your crying and listened. 

Yondu whistled a soft tune while she adjusted to his girth and the pain passed. He felt her relax under him and heard her cries stop. Smiling he nuzzled his cheek against her jaw as he whistled. By the time the tune was over she had relaxed fully and he kissed her neck before pulling out and thrusting back in. He heard as she gasped at his movements. In and out he thrusted his hips against hers. Moving one of his hands to her leg he threw it over his back so he could get deeper in her. She moaned and whimpered when he hit her sweet spot. Letting out small growls he nipped at her neck, suckling on the thin skin under her ear. 

When his knot began to form he pulled out of her flipped her over onto her stomach. Looking down at her back he gave a growl before kneeling and taking hold of her hips. Pulling her up onto her knees he pushed back into her sex. Yondu moaned out at how tight she was. Holding onto her hips he pulled and pushed her off his cock. Pinning her down to the bed he heard her hiss in pain when he laid on her sore back. Fisting his hand in her hair he gave her growls as his alpha was fully released. He gripped her wrist so hard there was no doubt there would be bruises to show. Holding her down beneath him he mated her. Soon his movements became difficult when his knot locked behind her pelvic bone. Hearing her scream out in pleasure he let out a roar as he began to fill hr with his seed. Biting down on her neck he heard her scream in pain. She thrashed with all her might trying to get him to let go of the hold he had on her neck. Drinking down the blood rushing in his mouth he moaned around her skin and felt his eyes roll back. Feeling y/n go limp under him he realized what he was doing and unlocked his jaws to look down at her.

A trail of blood rolled from the deep oval wound on her neck and her eyes were closed. Knotting his brows Yondu moved the hand he had in her hair to her hip and held her close as he rolled them over. Even the slightest movement pulled on his knot in her and he didn’t want to hurt her more. Leaning up he grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them. His mate was still was he ran his hand over her the slight bump on her belly. Licking at the claiming mark he made sure to clean it.  Stroking the side of her face with his knuckles he sighed. So this was love. Never in his life had Yondu felt so much for one person. He wanted nothing more than to keep her safe. To care for her. Smiling he looked back at his pile of clothes on the floor. Giving a whistle he made his arrow go bring him his jacket. Fishing out his communicator he pressed a button and waited. 

“Yon..dude?!” Quill said and Yondu watched as the boy covered his eyes.

“Hush boy. I need ya ta bring me somethin’ from my ship.” He said.

“But your naked.” Quill groaned.

“I’ll still eat chu’…” Yondu growled.

“Fine. What is it?” Peter asked in an annoyed voice.

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candy-and-constellations  asked:

Thanks for the answer, love! Made me feel a lil better! I havent been asking since I thought you were taking a break, but This made me wanna ask you another really bad,haha! Okay, so, how about something where Crush finds UF/SF/ skeletons and UT Alphys and US Undyne writing a love and confession letter to the Crush? But like, a REALLY embarassing one! With 'I love you s' and mushy gushieness. Bonus points Fell AU's cannot belive they have stooped to such a low level of writing. haha! ILY bye!💚

[ If I was taking a break for more than a couple of weeks or so – and for a reason, most likely – I would probably say so xD I’ve just been a bit slow lately because I wrote so much on the start and now it’s sort of just… gone xD Anyways, here you go! :D Mushy love notes time! xD ]

UF! Sans:

He really, really has no idea what he’s doing, but when you find him, he’s bright red in the face and chewing on the end of the pencil, consistently tapping his feet on the ground out of nervousness. He doesn’t know why he ever decided to go to Alphys for help, if this was her suggestion. He doesn’t even know why he agreed, but if she says it’ll work, then he’s willing to try it. But it’s a lot harder than he thought it would be. Stuck into the note, he didn’t notice you were in the room until you speak up, and he jumps, looking up towards you. “U-Uh, hey! W-When did… ya get here?” he asks nervously, shoving the note against his chest so that you can’t see what he’s doing. Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, he thinks nervously. “Oh, um… just a little bit ago. So, what are you doing?” Gah! Red tenses, looking to the side. “U-Uh, just… tryna write somethin’…” he mumbles, thinking for a bit, before quickly carrying on. “I-It’s, uh, somethin’ for Undyne. Yeah! Very important. So, uh, should probably… get back ta it?” he says, looking terribly nervous and sorry at this point. If you head away, he’s going to feel even more bad, but at this point he’s more determined to finish the letter than ever. As embarrassing as it is… he’s going to get it done. He can. He has to.

‘Dear  To (y/n),

First, I want ta apologise for any suspiciousness from my actions at any point, but… well, now ya know why. I’m writing this letter to you because I thought it would be the best way to tell that I love you. I’ve felt this way for a while now, not long after I met you, and I want you to know just how I feel about you. I would love it if you would return my feelings more than ever. But if not you can just, uh, forget you ever saw it.

Love, Red’

UF! Paps:

What on earth is this??? He’s so tempted to chuck it out and throw it to the side with how ridiculous it is. Is this really how humans confess?? Whatever, he would never be able to say it out loud anyways. It’s a lot easier to write, admittedly. He isn’t so caught off guard when you head into the room, and instead just slowly slips the paper behind his back as you walk towards him with a smile. “Hello there, human! What can I help you with?” he asks, placing a hand on his chest. “Uh, actually, I was just wondering what you were up to. You’ve been writing a lot lately.” Edge freezes a little, but tries not to show it. “Oh, nothing! Important stuff that I’d rather not explain – it doesn’t matter. But I think it would be best if I got it done sooner or later. We should… speak later,” he says, lies pouring out of him one after the other. He feels terrible when he sees your slightly sad look as you make your way out of the room, then quickly picks up the letter. Time to rewrite this thing.

‘Dear human!

Deepest apologies for my actions before; I was… admittedly very embarrassed about this simple form of a confession and did not want you to find out, but… well, suppose you know now. This may seem silly – I think so, anyway – but I wrote this to say that I love you, (s.o). If you wish to return the feelings, come see me at my house whenever you can – no rush! I do hope to see you there though, for I will be very happy.

From Edge (who was blushing when he wrote this)’

SF! Sans:

Most likely he’s chucked out about fifty pages of unfinished letters that even if he wasn’t holding one at the moment you’d be able to tell what he was up to. Well, for the most part. He’s pacing back and forth, grumbling and throwing his arms up in frustration because even this is difficult – stupid, too! He doesn’t really know why he’s trying, but apparently, his love for you is stronger than he thought, and he hates it. Not you. Just it. And the fact that he’s fallen to this level of a confession! Granted he doesn’t think he’d ever be able to say it out loud, which is stupid, too! He stops in his tracks suddenly when you head into the room, craning his head towards you, before lowering his eyes as you just stare at him…. In silence…. “What are you looking at, human?!” he remarks, causing you to jump slightly. “Oh, um, I was just wondering if you were okay…” you say, and he lets out a huff. “Just fine, human. But busy. Very busy,” he lies, sort of, making his way towards you as he lightly pushes you out of the room. “I’ll talk to you in a bit!” he adds, not giving you much room to speak before he shuts the door in front of you.
Letting out a sigh, Blackberry glares at the pile of papers in the bin, and then to his almost empty notebook. He’s going to do it this time. He just knows he can. No, he has to, no matter what.

‘Dear human.

I’m deathly sorry for my actions before. I was not thinking clearly, and I did not mean to push you! I hope this letter makes up for it, as much as it is meant to do so! The truth is, human, I love you. I was afraid of what would happen if it got out, but I cannot hide my feelings anymore. I love you too much to do so. I hope you will accept my feelings, and… hopefully not make too much of a deal about it, but! I promise to always care for you if you do so! And no more shoving, of course.

From, Blackberry’

SF! Papyrus:

The least embarrassed about doing so; he’s had a bit of a thing for poetry, so knowing there was a way to express his love in the form of a letter was more reassuring to him than anything. He didn’t worry so much about mistakes and preferred to just be himself, though he wanted it to be perfect, at the same time. You can probably still see the previous lines, but he used an eraser at least more than fifty times. Oh, well. He’s a bit surprised as you walk into the room, but unlike the others, doesn’t try to hide the letter. “Oh, hey there. What can I help you with?” he asks, looking slowly up from the letter. “I was just wondering what you were up to,” you say, and he looks a bit to the side. “Eh, it’s nothin’, really,” he says, and manages to keep up a calm conversation until you leave the room, doing whatever he can to make sure you don’t look without coming off as too suspicious. In the end, he casually turns back to the letter, though this time he’s smiling.

‘Hey, (y/n),

I’ve got something to tell you. I probably should’ve said it before, but I just wasn’t ready. I want to tell you that I love you. I love your hair, your eyes and your laugh. I love being there for you, and I love keeping you safe. I love everything about your personality, no matter what. I think you’re perfect, and I want to know if you’ll be mine. I may be lazy, but I promise I’ll always care for you, if you agree to be mine. I would never leave you hanging, I promise.

From Slim’

UT! Alphys:

She’s the perfect definition of a mix between nervous and excited. Her entire face is bright red as she sits up on the chair in a ball, staring at the letter. Is it okay??? She isn’t sure in the slightest, but at the same time she is?? She just wants it to be perfect, and not sound like the nerd that she is. She wants it to sound cool and romantic – not lame. She hasn’t written anything beyond your name at the top. She doesn’t know what to write. Just like Red, she’s caught off guard by you making your way into the room, shoving the piece of paper behind her back, but instead she quickly speaks up before you can say a word. “I-I wasn’t doing anything!” she barks, before quickly blushing and sinking back into her seat. “I-I mean, not really….” She wasn’t lying, not really. She hadn’t done anything, no matter how hard she’d tried to. She’s nervous the entire time you’re in the room, but manages to get through the conversation, and in the end she’s smiling, staring at the spot at the door whom you just left through, before snapping herself out of it with a bright red blush. “R-Right, letter,” she stutters, picking back up the crumbled piece of paper… and then throwing it out and reaching for a smoother one.

‘To (y/n),

I’m sorry if I seemed suspicious before – I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I… I want to tell you that I… I love you. You drive me so crazy sometimes, and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to be with for the rest of my life. I hope you accept… I’m sorry if this bothers you though… but you deserve to know how I feel about you.

With love,

From Alphys’


US! Undyne:

The calmest when it comes to writing the letter, and yet the most obvious when it came to hiding it. She’s tapping her pen on her chin with a small smile, despite the blush, and writing stuff down – whatever comes to her mind. She’s erased a few times, but most of all she’s just certain she knows what to put down, more than ever. However, just like UT!Alphys, when you enter the room, she freaks. She’s stuttering and blushing and hiding the note behind her back, though tries to keep more of a refined composure, sometimes. She tries, anyway. And, of course, after you’re gone, she feels bad for having lied, not to mention she was pretty convincing about it too. She turns back to the letter with a sad look at first, but then, determined, she gets back to writing. She knows she can do this. She has to.

‘Dear (y/n),

I’m writing this letter for you to tell you about how I feel about you – that is to say, that I love you. I’ve felt this way for a while now, and I wasn’t sure how to say it, so… I decided to write it for you instead. To tell you how amazing and kind you are, and tell you how much I would love to have you if you would accept. I’m sorry about before, I was a bit surprised, but I hope this letter helps explain everything.


A wishing Undyne

impossiblerebelblaze  asked:

"Hello again, Sir. You had said something about wanting to meet with my Figment, Sorrel, if I recall correctly..? If you have the time, that is." The aforementioned Figment barges past me and lounges boldly on your desk, looking far too comfortable for his own good. "Hey, daddy Dark, heard from the little bitch over there that you have some words for me. Words, and.. something else that might persuade me otherwise?" He smiles. I'm in the distance, shaking my head and silently mouthing apologies.

His eyes lifted away from his scribbled notes, large blotches of ink from his scratches and edits showing the rough draft of his first made projects. Blinking for a moment, he finally set his pen aside and leaned himself back, seeing his personal space was being so blatantly ignored.

“A pleasure to meet you Sorrel. And yes, I do have some words for you. You are to treat my lovely properly.”

He began, his voice smooth, lacking fluctuation which somehow made it all the more demeaning.

“Because if you do not, I will personally crash out each and every one of your teeth and staple your tongue to the roof of your mouth so you will never speak poorly to them again. Can you do that for me friend? I’m sure you can. Ta ta now.”

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 134

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can we just admire all of them being so cute, yes i consider yoongi being yoongi as cute too, but oml taehyung and all the pokemon plushies!!!!!!!!! im screaming !!!

do check out my selling post as well with the tag #fafsells 

lets start~

1) Hotline

by @nchu

a yoongi x y/n fic 


( this plot was cutE)

2) Video.mp4

by @taerestrial

a yoongi x y/n fic 


yoongi has been in love with you for 6 years and has finally come to his senses to confess but through a video 

3) You Deserve Punishment

by @mochijamz

a yoongi x y/n x jimin fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

university au

( this is my one of my favourites !! )

when you have a handsome TA and a model TA, life was just interesting until you found out that the model TA was actually a man and that they both were dating, but that was in high school, now youve met them again in university, and unlucky for you, they still remember you, so what now?

4) August Burns Red

by @yoongiisii

a taehyung x y/n fic 


moving in was something you looked forward too, till you met taehyung, one of the usual fuckboys and his group of friends who lived right next door 

5) Sex Tape

by @malikscofield

a jimin x y/n fic 


jimin wants to rememeber his last day home and he wants to do it the right way

6) Behind The Scenese

by @bts-for-life

a hoseok x y/n fic 


7) Trip 

by @fightmejeonkook

a jimin x y/n fic 


when you thought your friendship was over with jimin, a trip with your friends rekindles these feelings


8) Sharing

by @btsstoriesand-astrology

a jungkook x y/n x hoseok fic 

oneshot, sequel to wanted

hoseok tells you what kink he has, and you knew who would be the perfect guy for it 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

I’m honestly not surprised that I’m writing a Part 3 for this. The first two got so much love that it only seemed like a matter of time before the requests came in for this one. However I will say now that this will be the last part. As much as I love Bucky, if I write any more for this my well of ideas might run dry I’m afraid. It initially was a much darker plot that this with Bucky having a near break down and running away and then the reader nearly catching hypothermia in order to find him. But I prefer this one much better - more fluff, same amount of angst. Much love to iamwarrenspeace for this request, I hope it’s okay. :) Ta ta, my darlings.

Prompt:  Well, now I wanna request a part 3 for your Instinct story! It’s so super cute and adorable!!!!!

“Instinct” (Part 3)

Part 2

You knocked twice but Bucky didn’t respond. Twisting the handle, you peered around the edge of the door to see a shirtless Bucky sat nonchalantly on the bedside. In front of him was a photo album. He didn’t look up when you stepped into the room.
“Buck…?” You whispered, walking forward. Again he ignored you, continuing to stare at the book. His hand trailed over one of the pictures nostalgically but he quickly pulled it away to wipe something from his eye.

Bucky remained silent, even when you sat on the bed behind him. Wrapping your arms around his torso, you peered at the album over his shoulder. Lots of black and white photos lined the pages containing two familiar faces. The pair were always smiling. You allowed a smile of your own to creep its way wistfully onto your face as you pored over the images.
“What’s wrong Buck?” You said, letting your arms loosen around him. He turned, acknowledging your presence for the first time, and looked at you. His eyes were red and bloodshot and, upon further inspection, you could see see-through silver lines decorating his cheeks.

Keep reading