ta shi

  • Baymax: Hello, Master.
  • Tadashi: No, Baymax, Tadashi.
  • ...
  • Baymax: Hello, Creator.
  • Tadashi |sighing, exasperated|: No, Baymax, Ta-da-shi...
  • ...
  • Baymax: Hello... Tadashi.
  • Tadashi: YES!
  • |Baymax picks him up and hugs him|: My father.
  • Tadashi: Ehhh. |He pats Baymax's head|: Close enough, son.

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Yamamoto and Dino showing their dark side to their gf


admin Adelheid


You could only sit on the pavement in shock as you watched what was transpiring before you.

There was so much blood… The cries and pleas for mercy were unheard of…

You had known him only as a baseball addict all your lives. Even back in high school you had thought he could only love that game so you had been quite surprised when he confessed to you. Even after you two started dating you still felt the need to pinch yourself sometimes just to make yourself believe you weren’t dreaming. But even after ten years he had stayed by your side and loved you. It was more than you could possibly ask for.

Beautiful, wonderful, sweet Takeshi…

But he had caught that man about to rape you. You were on your way home from a friend’s house when someone pulled you into a dark alleyway and started assaulting you. You had managed one scream. One scream was all it took.

When you saw Takeshi’s face over that man’s shoulder you felt a mix of relief and shame. Relief that he was there and shame that he had to see you like this. But then that shame and relief turned into surprise when his shock melted into something else. Something that made his face look demonic.

And then the shock turned to horror as the man who had been trying to remove your clothes was pulled off you and beaten brutishly.

First Takeshi broke his jaw. Then his nose. Then his teeth. And then he took hold of the stranger’s head and beat it against the wall over and over again until it looked as though it would explode. And even when the body slid down to the ground you saw Takeshi grab hold of an arm and practically twisted it right off its socket. By the time he was finished it looked as though the stranger was a mere smear of filth on the pavement.

There was so much blood. So much blood. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t speak. Your legs were shaking and you didn’t have enough strength to even run. All you could do was stare with wide eyes as Takeshi’s blood drenched countenance stared at the man he had killed with such hatred.

“Ta… ke… shi…?”

Your whisper seemed like a slap in the face to him. The manic rage on his face disappeared as though it had never been there and when he turned back towards you he was normal again. Concern crossed his face. That in itself was nothing unusual. The only difference from the norm was… the blood still dripping from his fists.

Seeing the expression on his face also seemed like another blow. Realizing what you have seen he shook and covered his face with a hand while the other one fished for his cellphone and blindly made a call.

“Hey, Hayato? Yeah I know it’s late. Can you have clean up come over? I’ll email you the address.” When he ended the call he turned to you with a wry, sad, tired smile on his face. It was an expression that you had never seen him make before. It made your eyes grow impossibly wider. “I think we need to talk.”


You didn’t tell him because you didn’t want to seem weak in his eyes.

Sure, Dino had power and money, you already knew that. But you were also fiercely independent and self-made. There was no sense telling him there was an idiot who kept threatening you to sell your small shop and moving out. You knew about these thugs. They were goons from the real estate who had been buying all the land around the area so they could make room for another condominium. You were not prepared to sell.

You were under so much pressure that you had begun to refuse Dino’s invitations to join him for dinner. Guilty, you thought about making him dinner and taking it up to his office. No one was able to notice you since it seemed the whole building seemed busy today so you took Dino’s personal elevator that would take you directly up to his office. As soon as the elevator doors opened, though you were in for the shock of your life.

You were just in time to see Dino shooting a man between the eyes at point blank range without a single flinch.

The man fell on the floor that was then covered in plastic wrap along with a bunch of other dead bodies whose hands were still tied behind themselves. You recognized each and every one. They were all the men who had come to your house to harass you these past few weeks. And the man who had been shot just now was their Boss.

Dino looked… different. The usually warm brown eyes filled with laughter were sharp and cold reflecting the glint of the gun’s metal body. It was Dino but it was not. The sunshine he had always reminded you of looked more like the glint from the golden statue of a merciless god.

The large lunchbox you were carrying fell from your nerveless fingers as you stared at him.

When he heard the noise Dino turned. As soon as he saw you the ruthlessness in his eyes turned into something sad and wry as he brushed back his hair with the gun still in his hand and sighed.

“Sorry,” you heard him say in a voice that sounded as though it were made of crushed ice. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

How Ain’s names are pronounced in Korean(updated):

-아인체이스 이스마엘= Ah-in Cheh-ee-seu Ish-mael

*1st path:
- 롭티 익스큐터=
Lob-tea Eeg-seu-kyu-tah
- 아메 서머터지= Ah-meh Suh-muh-tuh-ji

*2nd path:
- 롭티  엔파서=  Lob-tea En-pa-suh
- 에브루헨 아모치온 = Eh-beu-lu-hen Ah-mo-chi-on

*3rd path:
- 롭티  원더러=  Lob-tea Won-duh-luh
- 아포스타시아= Ah-po-seu-ta-shi-ah

Katamari on the Rocks
Yū Miyake
Katamari on the Rocks


Na na na…

Don’t worry, do your best
Picnic kibun, feel so good
Suteki na afternoon
Furachi na midnight yeah

Katamete korogasu I love you, itsudemo smile for you
Kimi dake ni love moon hey so! Ganbaranakucha
Compression, compression

Osoroi no t-shirts
Teami no muffler nado
Heart-warming mejiro oshi
Hitare etsu! Say goodbye (bye-bye)

Minna katamete shimaimashou, funpatsu shichaimasu
Konna hi wa utte odorou, shuuyaku wa boku da kedo
It’s my way, it’s my way

*Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi

Peace na kibun, yoishirete
Kagayaki heaven akogarete
Sutekisa sono atama
Mou omatsuri sawagisa

Sou suru koto ga marude biku bang, anata iro ni somemasu
Nani ka to riyuu o mitsukete wa, party ga shi ta no desu
Katamatte katamatte

* repeat x 2


Na na na…

Don’t worry, do your best
It’s picnic time, feel so good
A lovely afternoon
Then a wild midnight, yeah

Rolling it all forward, I love you, always a smile for you
It’s a love moon just for you, hey so! You gotta keep going
Compression, compression

Matching T-shirts
Hand-knit mufflers
A heart-warming crowd milling about
Soak up the joy! Say goodbye (bye-bye)

Let’s all roll forward, give it all you got
On a day like this let’s dance and sing, I’ve got the leading role
It’s my way, it’s my way

*Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi

Drunk on feelings of peace
Yearning for the twinkling heavens
It’s wonderful, that head
The deafening clamor of the festival

This is just like the big bang, I’m painting myself the color of you
If you need a reason, I just want to party
I’m rolling on, I’m rolling on

Don't cha
  • tumblr post: don't cha wish your boyfriend was ka ka shi
  • me: *plays over and over in head*
  • me: *plays Naruto with best friend*
  • me: suddenly says "don't cha wish your boyfriend was i ta chi"
  • friend: looks at me like I'm crazy*
  • so basically we took all Naruto names and replaced ka ka shi
  • and we got I ta chi, shi su i, sa su ke, nar u to, ma dar a, O bi to, I zu na, and a few others...
  • Hikigaya: Well, she...
  • Yukinoshita: Don't refer to me as 'she', that's disrespectful.
  • Hikigaya: Fine, how do you want me to call you?
  • Yukinoshita: Yukinoshita-sama
  • Hikigaya: Tch. Yu-ki-no-shi-ta-sama
  • Yukinoshita: I didn't like it, say it again.
  • Hikiagay: Yukinoshita-chan
  • Yukinoshita: *pokes both of his eyes*
Parts of Speech III- Adjectives

In Japanese, there are two types of adjectives- the i-adjectives and the na-adjectives. I-adjectives end in the character /い/ and are inflected, meaning the ending changes when making the adjective show tense and/or negativity. Na-adjectives are not inflective, and they follow the same rules as nouns. You will sometimes hear them called “noun-adjectives” or the like. Na-adjectives are always followed by a /だ/ or /です/ when they are at the end of a sentences, but i-adjectives can stand on their own.

When the i-adjective modifies a noun, it directly precedes it. When a na-adjective modifies a noun, it is followed by the character /な/, thus giving it the name “na-adjective”.

For example:

たかいほん Ta-ka-i-ho-n
Takai (in this context)= expensive
∴  Expensive book.

きれいなほん Ki-re-i-na-ho-n
Kirei (in this context)= pretty
Pretty book.

The pattern to describe a noun (eg This book is pretty) is NOUN は ADJECTIVE. However, some adjectives take the particle が, but these adjectives need to be remembered individually as there is no set rule for telling the differences between which adjectives take wa and which adjectives take ga.

A few  い-adjectives.

  • おもしろい  o-mo-shi-ro-i    Interesting
  • あたらしい  a-ta-ra-shi-i     New
  • たかい    ta-ka-i    Tall/Expensive
  • あかるい   a-ka-ru-i   Light/Cheerful
  • はやい   ha-ya-i   Early/Fast
  • いい/よい   i-i/yo-i   Good/ OK
  • おいしい   o-i-shi-i   Tasty
  • くらい      ku-ra-i     Dark
  • おおきい  o-o-ki-i     Big
  • ちいさい  chi-i-sa-i   Small
  • やすい    ya-su-i     Cheap
  • ふるい    fu-ru-i      Old
  • いそがしい  i-so-ga-shi-i   Busy
  • むずかしい  mu-zu-ka-shi-i  Difficult
  • あぶない   a-bu-na-i   Dangerous

A few な-adjectives

  • べんり  be-n-ri   Convenient
  • かんたん   ka-n-ta-n   Simple
  • きれい   ki-re-i   Pretty/Clean
  • すき   su-ki*    Like
  • だいすき  da-i-su-ki*   Love
  • たいへん  t-ai-he-n   Terrible
  • しずか  shi-zu-ka   Quiet
  • げんき   ge-n-ki    Energetic/Healthy
  • じょうず  jyo-u-zu   Skilful
  • にぎやか ni-gi-ya-ka   Lively

*“suki” and “daisuki” do not have the u- pronunciation. They are pronounced “Ski” and “Die-ski”.

Some sentence examples with the adjectives

このほんはおもしろいko-no-ho-n wa o-mo-shi-ro-i.
konohon= This book
This book is interesting.

そのすしはおいしい。  so-no-su-shi wa o-i-shi-i.
sonosushi= That sushi
That sushi is tasty

このだいがくはしずかだ。 ko-no-da-i-ga-ku wa shi-zu-ka da.

This university is quiet.

そのさしみがだいすきです。so-no-sa-shi-mi ga da-i-su-ki de-su.

I love that sashimi.

Feel free to practice these sentences and send them to me, even if you look up some new words to check with me! 

(Don’t forget you can ask me if you have any questions, follow for more Japanese and delete this text if you don’t want it when you reblog. Please do not repost.)

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So I was thinking of nekoma!yamaguchi and my mind wondered off and what if yamas dad left when he was a toddler and his mom and him were having a tough time and his mom ended up spilling hot coffee on this really cute guy that's divorced but has two kiddos of his own and then ended up hitting it off and start dating and after year he invites them to live with him in Tokyo and about 2 weeks before Yama and his mom move his bullies get worse and that's when tsukki steps in and saves him (1/?)

“Hey! Yamaguchi!”

“Yeah, hey! We’re real sad you won’t be around to carry our bags anymore.”

“We won’t be able to see your lumpy face anymore.”

“Such a shame.”

“You can still carry our bags until then.”

“You’re crying already? Wow!”

Kei stops walking when he sees a group of boys picking on someone just outside the park by the school, and looks on, disinterested until he sees a small boy, who couldn’t be more than five, six years old in tears on the ground. One of the boys is holding a stick, and is angling it in the boy’s direction.

The boy notices him, and locks eyes with him, causing the boys to look over to him and speak with one another. He panics, and does the first thing he can think of.

“…Pathetic.” He says, mustering up a menacing grin.

The boys – including the little boy – seem to deflate, and he thinks he’s done enough, so he turns and books it in the direction of home. Everything else blurs into one, and somehow, the next week, he finds himself being trailed by the six year old – who, was in fact, his age and not six – during their free time in class, and after school, watched the volleyball team practice. Apparently his older step brothers played. Kei had asked why he didn’t join, but the boy – named Tadashi – just shook his head and said something about not wanting to get too connected to the team, so Kei dropped it.

“Hey, Tsukki?..” He’d even been given a nickname. It was endearing.

“Yeah, Yamaguchi?”

“Um…” There’s a long enough pause that Kei look up from his book expectantly, to see Tadashi fiddling with his shirt nervously. “I just…really wanna thank you for saving me. Again.”

Kei clucks his tongue. “Don’t say ‘wanna’, it’s ‘want to’.”

“Sorry, Tsukki,” Tadashi says distractedly, “Anyways…Th- thank you. For saving me.”

“Of course,” Kei says, frowning. “Hey, Yamaguchi, you know we’re friends, right?”

“Y- Yeah.”

“You can call me Kei.”

Tadashi smiles, looking sad, and Kei’s frown grows. “Of course, but I like Tsukki.”

And the week after that, he’s gone. He doesn’t show up to school, or volleyball, he’s nowhere to be found. Kei doesn’t admit it, but he’s worried. He asks the teachers, and they tell him he was living in Tokyo now.  Kei says no, that’s impossible, he would have told him, but the teachers just shake their heads and send him back to his desk.

Tokyo. Tokyo.

“Hey! I’m Eiichi, and this is Tetsurou! We’re your new brothers,” Tadashi is slightly alarmed at the two dark haired boys rushing to greet him as soon as he steps foot into the house, and backs into his mother’s legs as she enters. She laughs, hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

“Tadashi dear, don’t be shy, it’s ok; these boys are going to be our new family.”

“I- I know…”

She pushes him forward to the two, and he looks up at them shyly.

“Hi!” One of them – Tetsurou – says softly, approaching him carefully, with one hand outstretched, like he was approaching a scared animal. He gets closer, and pats Tadashi on the head, smiling. He eventually pulls Tadashi into a hug, and Eiichi joins in, causing his mother to coo. 

“Hey, Tadashi,” Eiichi mumbles, pulling away from the hug. “You play volleyball?”


“Oi! Tadashi, look out!” Tadashi ducks as a ball flies past his head, and he turns to Tetsurou, who was practicing spikes. “Sorry!”

“Are you sure you guys should be practicing so hard? Karasuno’s about to arrive.” 

“Oh, we won’t get tired!” Taketora yells back as he spikes powerfully to the ground. As on cue, Karasuno enters the gym, calling their greetings. Tadashi’s eyes lock onto the blonde standing, looking disinterested, at the back of the group. 

“….Looks familiar…”

“What’s that Tadashi?“ Eiichi appears next to him, slinging a shoulder, and Tadashi tsks, turning to his brother. 

“What are you doing here?”

“Wow, don’t want your brother at your first official game as a starter?”

“It’s a practice game,” Tadashi says, rolling his eyes and sliding out from under his brother. “And shouldn’t you be at university right now?”

“Ah, I don’t have class for another…thirty seconds.” Eiichi chuckles, looking at his watch. Tadashi shakes his head, rolling his eyes as Tetsurou calls the team to line up. 

“Mom and Ren are going to be pissed when they find out you skipped class again.”

“Ah, it’s fi–”

“Tadashi’s right.” Kenma says, walking past, and Eiichi pouts, making a face. 

“Ha.” Tadashi sticks his tongue out as he follows after Kenma, lining up. 


Kei sighs, and leans onto the bench. 

“Yamaguchi-san!” Kei’s head snaps up to see the tall half Russian kid – Lev, he thinks – jumping excitedly in front of one of the other boys as Nekoma and Karasuno mingles around the gym. “You served really great today!”

“You did,” A dark haired boy says, clapping the other on the back. “You’ve done your older brothers proud, Ta-da-shi!” 

Tetsurou jumps on him and noogies him, grinning. 


“No way…” There was no way in hell Kuroo Tetsurou was Yamaguchi’s brother

He stands, and walks towards them as Yaku chases Lev off. 

“Excuse me…”

“Hm? Oh, Tsukki, what a nice surprise! Did you want to get some advice from your senpai? Or did you just want to–”

“…Yamaguchi…you used to live in Miyagi, correct?”

Tetsurou and the other dark haired boy look at Kei incredulously, and Tadashi’s eyes widen. 

“Y- Yes,” He says, staring at Kei. “Wh- why?..”

“Do you– do you remember, before you moved, anyone by the name Tsukishima Kei, by chance?”

Suddenly Tadashi gasps, covering his mouth. “Tsukki! It’s really you!”

Kei chuckles at the use of his old nickname. “You remember me, then?”

“I– I saw you earlier and I thought you looked familiar, and I– I remembered Karasuno was near our old elementary school, so I thought it was a possibility, but…” Tadashi laughs, and launches himself at Kei, surprising him. “I thought it was just wishful thinking, to see my hero for the first time after just suddenly leaving. And even if it had been you, there was no promise you’d even remember me after all these years.” 

Kei smiles to himself as he pulls Tadashi closer. “How could I forget you? You were my only friend, and then you just left.” 

Tadashi pulls away quickly, and bows, startling both Kei and the two brothers standing near by. “I’m sorry! I tried to tell you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to! I didn’t think you cared, otherwise I would have gotten your number, I’m sorry–”

“Shut up, Yamaguchi,”

“Ah, sorry, Tsukki!”

“Oi, don’t talk to our brother like that,” In an instant, the boy standing next to Tetsurou is stepping between the two, growling at Kei, who frowns. 

“Eiichi-nii, it’s ok! That’s our thing, it’s fine,” Tadashi place his hands calmingly on the elder boy’s – Eiichi’s – shouders and he relaxes, though, he does glare down Kei as Tadashi steps around his brother and smiles up at Kei. “Sorry about him. He’s very–” He whips his head around to glare daggers at Eiichi, as well as Tetsurou, who was following his older brother’s steps, before turning back, smile still on his face. “They’re very protective of their little step brother.” 


“Ah, our parents married, so we’re not related by blood, but we love each other all the same,” Tetsurou, who seemed to have recovered quicker than Eiichi from the fear that Tadashi instilled, explains, walking up and slinging an arm around Kei’s shoulders. “Isn’t that right, Tada-chan?”

Tadashi blushes at the use of the old nickname, but nods anyway. “Of course.”

“But that’s not the point,” Eiichi, now recovered as well, says, crossing his arms firmly. “How do you know our little brother?”

“Guys…” Tadashi whines, pouting. 

“Now now, let him answer the question, I’m quite curious myself; it’s such a coincidence he knows both of us, Tadashi!” Tetsurou grins smugly at Kei, and he scoffs. 

“It’s nothing interesting,” Kei grumbles, pushing Tetsurou’s arm off him. “I saved him from some bullies, and we became friends, is all.”

“So you’re the one we heard about almost non-stop when he first arrived!” Eiichi exclaims, and Tadashi’s face grows even more red. “Man, he would hardly ever shut up about how he had a friend, named Kei, who was so cool and so nice to him even though other people thought he was mean and that he let him call him nicknames– it was adorable, but it was tiring, to some extent!” 

“You– talked about me?..”

“All the time,” Kuroo groans, fond smile on his face. “He really liked you back then– don’t know how long that will last now, with the abrasive attitude you have now.”

Kei grumbles, but makes no move to defend himself– instead, Tadashi does. “Tsukki’s about the same as he was in school all those years ago, actually,” He says, tilting his head to the side. “He’s rough, but he just needs a bit of smoothing out.” Kei flushes as Tadashi takes his hand, smiling. “Isn’t that right, Tsu-kki?”

“Y- Yeah…”

“Oi! How come he gets to call you Tsukki?!”

“Because I don’t like you.”

“If you’re going to be friends with my little brother you’d better!”



“Guys,” As Tadashi separates the boys, Eiichi grins, knowing now that his brother’s hero was back, he and Tetsurou would have to save some of the saving for him. 

“Oi, Tetsu. Let’s leave them. They have a lot to catch up on.”

Tetsurou grumbles, but complies, allowing himself to be dragged away by his older brother. 

“I’m really sorry about them…” Tadashi laughs nervously, rubbing at his neck. 

“It’s fine.” 

“I, uh– I’m sorry I left without telling you.”

Kei chuckles. “It’s fine, just– don’t disappear on me again, ok?” He pulls out his phone, and hands it to Tadashi. “Put your number in here, and give me yours so I can put mine in it. We won’t lose touch again, ok?”

Tadashi takes it, blushing, and hands Kei his own. “O- ok…”

They exchange numbers as Tetsurou and Eiichi watch on, smiling fondly. 

Tadashi’s hero was home.