ta dah it's b.a.p

The changes of B.A.P members from Ta-Dah! It's B.A.P to B.A.P Killing Camp
  • Yongguk: Loud and swears in Ta Dah, now he is quiet and avoids being in the centre of cameras in Killing Camp.
  • Himchan: Barely changed at all, still the same old PrincessChan.
  • Daehyun: Hardly said a word in Ta Dah, now selling his members out for food and probably the most talkative and dorky member in B.A.P on Killing Camp. Has also become more manipulative and a con artist.
  • Youngjae: Still the same smart and knowledgable Youngjae we know and love.
  • Jongup: Innocent and cute as ever, pure Jonguppie.
  • Zelo: No longer a robot, now a little kid trying to learn Korean alphabet in Killing Camp.
The many phrases of our Robot Jello ♥
  • Zelo: Zelo will do whatever Yongguk hyung tells Zelo to do.
  • Zelo: How can I be mad at Yongguk hyung? I am his fan. Haha.
  • Zelo: I wanted to eat that cherry tomato.
  • Zelo: Cherry tomato, naekkyeoya!
  • Zelo: That lemon, naekkyeoya!
  • Zelo: Steak naekkyeoya!
  • Zelo: Zelo charging! *Does the charging dance*
  • Zelo: Can you say something useful? I only have 30% battery left.
  • Zelo: Zelo's battery is dead! *Shuts down*
  • Zelo: Shutdown sorry!
Daehyunnie's comment towards each member in B.A.P
  • Daehyun: I don't think Yongguk hyung can hide his fighter instincts. He is the most influential in B.A.P but..... he is always shot down by the logical Youngjae.
  • Daehyun: Commander Himchan's plans are always weird. Other members never liked Commander Himchan's plans to conquer Earth. He always get scolded by Yongguk hyung or Youngjae everyday. When he is stressed he plays the Janggu, but..... I don't think he plays that well. (LOL)
  • Daehyun: Youngjae is always talking about manners. But I don't think he has any for me. (LOL Daehyunnie) The place that Youngjae goes to everyday... is the electronic store. He seem to really like it. Why does he like it? It wasn't that interesting when I went...
  • Daehyun: Of all the members in B.A.P, something about this guy bugs me. I can't figure out what he is thinking. Jongup always have a happy face when he does errands.
  • Daehyun: B.A.P's fighter robot, Zelo, he is always riding that thing with wheels. (LOL) Because he is a robot Yongguk hyung made when he got to Earth. He only listens to Yongguk hyung. He hasn't been programmed properly so sometimes he does dangerous things. So you have to be careful.
  • *After Daehyun finishes introducing each B.A.P agents he watches TV by himself*
  • (I don't own the subs, credit to its rightful owner~)
Himchan's plans to become a charming man? XD
  • Himchan: I have been thinking also...... When a girl follows in behind you, there is an opportunity. You hold the door open for her.
  • Yongguk: When a man walks in you close the door?
  • Himchan: Yes, just close it! (LOLOLOL)
  • Yongguk: What if there's a fight?
  • Himchan: Huh? There won't be. (LOL)
  • Yongguk: That's kinda discriminatory, you do it for girls and not for guys.
  • Himchan: Well if you want to appeal to a guy, you can do it for him. (OMG LOL)
The many phrases of our Ninja Daehyunnie? ♥
  • Daehyun: No comment.
  • Daehyun: .............. *gets up and leaves the room*
  • Daehyun: I will leave it as "no comment".
  • Daehyun: I will say "no comment".
  • Daehyun: *confused* Why did we do it? (The cooking competition)
  • Daehyun: *still confused* Why was I on that team, I will never understand.
  • Daehyun: Why did I buy bananas?
  • Daehyun: *eats the salad pizza and shook his head* This isn't my style.
  • Daehyun: *stands up* I have a secret mission, so I need to leave.
  • Daehyun: (being asked if he knows what a writer does) UP UP UPPPPPPPP!!!!
  • Daehyun: *saw Himchan and the girl hugging* Oh they are hugging? It must be an erotic program? It must be an erotic movie. I think it is an erotic movie. Is it not? It is an erotic movie!
The man with and without worries? XD
  • Youngjae: The man without worries, who is it? Jonguppie!!
  • Everyone: *Cheers*
  • Jongup: *points at himself*
  • Himchan: He has no worries because he is a guy without thoughts. (LOL HIMCHAN)
  • Jongup: *smiles brightly* ♥
  • Jongup: The man with a lot of worries, Daehyunnie hyung!
  • Himchan: Ah Daehyunnie!
  • Daehyun: The man who will solve your problems for you, Youngjae!
Zelo's method of becoming a charming man?
  • Zelo: *To Yongguk* Try opening doors first. (To become a charming man)
  • Zelo: You go out first, then you wait until the female earthlings come out.
  • Youngjae: So you follow them 24 hours?
  • Youngjae: Even bathroom doors? (LOL)
  • Zelo: How should I answer that?
  • Everyone: LOLOL
  • Zelo: Out of battery! *Shuts down*
  • *In desperate situations, always out of battery*
  • Everyone: ROFL