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Ivy and Nari having a girl’s night out at the spa to get away from some stressful stuff that’s been happening their lives. :o

Nari belongs to the wonderful @flowerjelly. Go check her out, she’s an awesome person and artist!! :>


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   ’Ey, ‘d I ever tell you?”
     His gaze was locked onto the horizon, ocean waves rolling back and forth among dimly illuminated patches, provided by streetlights, and what little light came from the moon.
   ‘Bout all the fucked up shit they did to all the conduits in that hospital?”

     Of course, recalling such traumatic events in vivid detail would usually be unwise, but he figured it might help to finally talk to someone about it.

hey you. yeah you ! you ever seen a comma in a tag and wondered how the fuck did they do that? well guess what kids, so did i !! so i’ve devoted a good half year of my life ( not rly but it felt like it ) trying to figure out how and today, for those of you who don’t know the answer, i’ve gotchu. i’m like pikachu’s cousin, okay. anyways.

basically, there’s a little loophole that there’s the ascii character for something called  FULL WIDTH COMMA, and LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS, this guy is your best fuckin friend. you wanna know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN USE THIS LITTLE SHIT TO ADD COMMAS TO YOUR PRETTY LIL’ TAGS. it’s super simple, too. all you have to do is fuckin’ copy and paste. so here you go kids. the full width comma in all of its beautiful glory. tons of ‘em, in case you missed one. copy and paste it everywhere, share it, whatever. go fuckin’ wild.

look at that beautiful bastard. LOOK AT IT. HAVE FUN, BUDS.