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Wow a bodyshop preview, ain’t that something. So since this one’s all set to go as is, why not make a post! This here’s a default replacement face template of 08easi, aka my sim Eva (and somewhat matching other ages). There are some vague snooty grown Audrey Horne vibes to the AF stage, especially with appropriate cc involved.

Favorite things about the mug personally:

  • upturned pointy nose
  • that round forehead

If someone wants to de-default this, go ahead, just namedrop me a little if you share.

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Todoroki Shouto was 15, and he had never been in love. 

At least, he was pretty sure he had never been in love. He had been totally convinced about that until recently, but now he found himself wondering.

When he’d first met Midoriya, he hadn’t thought much of him. But then Midoriya had come crashing through all Todoroki’s protective walls, determined to be his friend. 

He sought Todoroki out in the cafeteria and sat next to him. He talked to him between classes, asking about his day and the like. He sat next to him on the bus whenever they left campus for practical exercises. And with him came Uraraka and Iida, and suddenly Todoroki found himself surrounded by genuine friends, which was something of a new experience for him.

Midoriya was kind, and smart, and he had a really really nice smile. He smiled a lot, and every time he did it instantly lifted Todoroki’s spirits. It was infectious.

Todoroki had never been in love, and he didn’t know what it was like. His parents certainly didn’t love each other, so he couldn’t look to them for an answer. And there wasn’t really anyone else who would know that he would have felt comfortable asking for advice.

He wanted to spend more time with Midoriya. He wanted to see him smile more. He wanted to get to know him better. But was that love? Or was that normal between friends? Todoroki knew he wasn’t the only one who thought Midoriya was special. Everyone said so. Besides, they were only 15…could you even fall in love at 15? Wasn’t that a little too young?

He spent several sleepless nights thinking about it, the arguments chasing each other round and round in his head until he was half crazy. And the more time went on, the more unsure he was, and the more he desperately wanted to know the answer.

Eventually the day came when he reached his limit, and he needed an answer or he would drive himself mad. So he asked Midoriya to meet him behind the school after classes ended, and he told him everything.

It didn’t go smoothly. Todoroki felt like he was making a complete fool of himself, stammering and blushing and wringing his hands. But Midoriya listened to him, a surprised but considerate expression on his face.

“I don’t really know what to tell you,” he said sheepishly when Todoroki was done. “I’ve never really been in love either. And I’ve asked myself some of those same questions before, but I’ve never found satisfactory answers to them. I don’t know.”

“Oh,” Todoroki muttered. His face must have been as red as a tomato. He wouldn’t have been surprised to find smoke coming out of his ears.

“But, how about this,” Midoriya continued, brightening a bit. “We don’t have to start out with ‘love.’ We could, um, start with ‘like,’ if…if you want.”

“Oh. Oh,” Todoroki repeated, as the full meaning of Midoriya’s words connected in his brain. “Y-you mean…”

Midoriya nodded, blushing quite red himself. “I like you, Todoroki.”

“I like you too, Midoriya.”

They smiled at each other.

Todoroki still wasn’t sure about all this love business. But it didn’t really matter, he decided. He’d figure it out when he was ready. Until then, he wondered how long he had to wait before it was ok to hold Midoriya’s hand…

Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kibum likes thin clothing, Jonghyun likes the breeze. 

His clock on the wall reads 2:45AM, Jonghyun doesn’t understand why he’s still awake, maybe it’s because he can’t stop thinking about earlier today or maybe it’s because his roommate is looking at him with inquiring eyes and a grin. He can feel the others gaze on the back of his neck and so he scratches the side of his shoulder before clearing his throat and flipping through the pages of his notebook. “Ignoring me huh?” his roommate questions from behind him and Jonghyun hears the smirk in his voice. “Are you embarrassed?” he continues and Jonghyun swallows clenching the corner of the notebook page and biting his bottom lip. Why wouldn’t he just shut up about it?

“Don’t be, I understand.” His roommate continues. “We’re all men in our twenties, we still have hormones. I mean jacking off to your roommates’ t-shirt is new, but it’s not too shocking to me. I mean, I’m a pretty open minded gu—”

“Can you fucking shut-up already, Kibum.” Jonghyun finally snaps, his nostrils flaring.

Kibum’s eyes widen and he backs off with a light laugh.

Kim Kibum and Kim Jonghyun have been college roommates for about a year now—it’s been one chaotic, hormonal and oddly eccentric year. Jonghyun quickly took a liking to Kibum and his odd habits of buying random “junk and shit” (as Minho would say) from the local college store. Kibum wouldn’t just buy random “junk and shit” for himself, he bought stuff for Jonghyun as well. Jonghyun admired his consideration and his liking for Kibum grew into much more over the months. Kibum studied hard, made good grades while still being able to enjoy himself. And what Jonghyun found so extremely attractive about him was the way he stood up for what he believed in. Hell, that was fucking hot.

Kibum’s said multiple times on multiple occasions, that he just isn’t into women. He’s confessed to Jonghyun about dating several guys during highschool and that he almost ran off to the states with a guy when he turned nineteen. “I thought…he was like a shooting star. If I wished hard enough and followed him long enough…he’d make my dreams come true.” Is what Kibum had said one late Tuesday night. Jonghyun wished he could’ve been that shooting star—he would’ve made all Kibum’s dreams come true.

“I’m sorry,” Kibum murmurs as he runs a hand through his blonde bangs. “This is awkward for me too…”

“Well you’re making it that way.” Jonghyun says under his breath finally giving up on the homework he knew he’d never get done. He inhales deeply before turning to face Kibum. They stare at each other from across the room, their eyes never wavering from one another.

Jonghyun decides to speak for himself. “Do you want to leave?” he questions, his hands clenched tightly in his lap. “I can go and see if there are any other available rooms.”

Being with Kibum for those first five months, Jonghyun realized that Kibum dressed frivolously and however the hell he wanted to. Which was hard on Jonghyun’s heart and self-restraint. During the summer Kibum wore light clothes or most nearly no clothes at all. His signature look to overcome the heat was a pair of torn shorts that barely reached his knees and hugged his thighs tightly and a white tshirt as thin as wet paper hung out to dry in the sun. That outfit did a number on Jonghyun’s heart the first time he saw Kibum in it. His thighs, his legs, his nipples—Jonghyun didn’t know where to look, so that day he didn’t look at Kibum. He kept his head low whenever Kibum looked his way.

“What’re doing? Is there something in your eye?” Kibum asked, but when Jonghyun didn’t reply he dismissed him with a wave and went about his day. There were some days when they both agreed on opening the window during the night to let the breeze in. After showering and getting comfy in bed, they would both turn to each other and ready their hands for a round of rock-paper-scissors. The loser would have to get up and open the window. Kibum lost that first time and he grumbled his way over to the window in his thin t-shirt and black sweats. Jonghyun laughed to himself thinking about how cute he was. The moment Kibum opened the window a warm breeze blew into the room. Kibum cursed under his breath and Jonghyun gaped at him, his heart racing. The wind caused Kibum’s shirt to billow out like an upside-down tulip. It was safe to say that Jonghyun didn’t sleep that night.

“Look, Jonghyun,” Kibum licks his lips as he begins the conversation Jonghyun is dreading. “I understand.” Kibum makes a move to get up from his bed, but the deer in headlights look on Jonghyun’s face stops him.

“I—I can go and ask around, Minho probably won’t mind if you stay with him and Jinki.” Jonghyun rambles and he hates it when he rambles, because when he starts rambling he won’t stop and it’s embarrassing.


“I’m sorry, I…I got carried away, I don’t know what I was thinking—actually,” Jonghyun swallows. “I knew exactly what I was thinking…but I shouldn’t have been thinking it.”

“Jonghyun, just shut-up, you’re fine.”

“But, Kibum…”

Kibum shakes his head silently with a smile. “What else of mine have you…ya know.” He gestures with his hands and Jonghyun can tell that he’s embarrassed for his sake, it makes him chuckle.

“It was just the shirt.”

“Did it smell like me?” Kibum asks.

Jonghyun shrugs. “Yeah or else I wouldn’t have…” he pauses. “Why are we talking about this?”

“As the victim of your hormones I have the right to ask.”


“Tell me.” Kibum pesters, his knees pulled up beneath his chin and he looks so childish. Jonghyun hides his smile behind his hand.

“Hell no, don’t be gross.”

Kibum’s mouth drops open and then he points to himself. “Me?” he scoffs as he rises to his feet. “Don’t be gross.” He mocks in a nasally tone. “You’re one to speak.”

“I lost control okay? It won’t happen again.” Jonghyun mumbles. Kibum looks up to the room ceiling and then to his feet before looking at Jonghyun.


“I swear on the frog prince piggy bank you bought Minho.”

This causes Kibum to laugh and Jonghyun scoots over to make room on his bed for him. Kibum settles beside him placing a hand to Jonghyun’s thigh and resting his head on his shoulder. Jonghyun goes stiff.

“That really surprised me though…” Kibum begins, his voice soft and gentle. “You should’ve gone into the bathroom or something, I mean damn, Jjong, did you want me that ba—”

Jonghyun pushes Kibum’s head aside and scowls. “Shut-up.”

Kibum cackles loudly as he takes Jonghyun’s pillow and places it over his lap. They drift off into a comfortable silence; the breeze from the window blows into their room and rustles the papers strewn across the floor and desk. Jonghyun looks to Kibum from the corner of his eyes. “I do,” he says softly. “I do want you that badly.”


Jonghyun stares at the shirt Kibum had just taken off and flung aside. He licks his lips nervously and makes a plan in his head. He won’t be back until two, that gives me two hours since it’s only twelve. Jonghyun bites his bottom lip and walks slowly over to Kibum’s side of the room. He stops just before he reaches the shirt.

“What are you thinking….?” He asks himself, but he’s bored and horny and Kibum’s shirt is just right there and he’s been wanting to do this for a week now. “Fuck it.” He picks up Kibum’s shirt and hurries over to his bed, the fabric burning into his hand feeling like the tangible version of a sin. He breathes deeply, his chest rising and falling. Now that he has the shirt, he isn’t too sure of what to do next. Jonghyun’s not the type to jerk off at random, it takes a process for him and this situation feels too awkward and wrong to process.

He brings the white fabric to his nose and inhales Kibum’s musky and fruity scent. His whole body tingles and it weirds him out for a moment because he hasn’t felt such a tingle in a long time. His fingers crumple the fabric and he inhales more of Kibum’s smell. He then pictures how Kibum looked getting undressed and that does the trick because now he’s slipping a hand past the band of his pants and then under his boxers. Jonghyun lays back on his bed with his head on the pillow and his eyes closed shut as he thinks about his roommate.

“Kibum…” he moans because now he’s past the breaking point and he no longer cares. His nipples are hard and catch along the fabric of his shirt. He places Kibum’s shirt over his face and uses one hand to jerk himself off and another to stroke across his nipples. “This…is so….wrong.” he pants, but the realization doesn’t make him stop, instead it makes him feel it more. His hand jerks in an up and down motion and he yearns for it to be Kibum’s fingers pushing him to his limit. Kibum’s hands rubbing up and down his chest and skittering down the flesh of his hips. “F-fuck…” he huffs and as his back arches, he bites down hard on his bottom lip. He’s waited too long to feel this close to Kibum, Jonghyun can only imagine how it’d be to touch him in real life. Would he fall apart like sand in my fingers? Or would I be the one to melt like sugar against an open flame?

Jonghyun’s too far gone to notice the door as it’s being opened. Instead he presses Kibum’s shirt harder against his face and his hips buck up for more. “Kibum, nnngh.”

Kibum steps into the room, the smell of cigarettes and sex on his skin. He doesn’t take notice of Jonghyun at first as he stumbles out of his club clothes. “I’m back early,” he drawls. “I got bored.” After stripping down to only a tank and gym shorts, he finally looks over to Jonghyun’s side of the room. “Jonghyun?”

At first Jonghyun thinks his mind is playing tricks on him, so he goes with it and lets it take him to the edge. “Yes, Kibum, aaah.”

Kibum—realizing what’s going on—has a shit eating grin on his face. “Well,” he says. “I’m here. Tell me more.”

And just as Jonghyun’s about to climax, his brain realizes it’s not his mind tricking him, but that it is in fact Kibum in the room. Kibum who is watching him with a smirk. His body goes rigid and for a moment he thinks his heart has stopped beating.

“Jjong?” Kibum calls and Jonghyun rolls over onto his stomach in embarrassment and shame.


“What was that?” Kibum asks, but Jonghyun doesn’t repeat himself instead he looks to Kibum with an unreadable gaze.

“Did you know that I liked you?” he asks.

Kibum tilts his head, his blonde bangs falling to the side. “Maybe…but I kinda thought you liked the white t-shirt I always wore.”

Jonghyun rolls his eyes. “Dumbass.”

Kibum smiles sweetly and then reaches down to take Jonghyun’s hand. “Your hand must be tired…” he murmurs sympathetically. Jonghyun tries to yank his hand out of Kibum’s, but the blonde holds on tightly. “You can tell it to rest.”

Jonghyun stops moving and looks to Kibum dumbfounded. “Do you realize how much that implies?”

“Yeah and?”

“Do…do you like me too?”

Kibum doesn’t answer immediately instead he leans over to Jonghyun and kisses the corner of his mouth. He pulls back with a bright smile. “Does that answer your question?”

Jonghyun touches his lips dazedly and then shakes his head slowly. “No, not really because I would like to know: when and why and how?”

Kibum laughs and tries to bounce onto his feet, but Jonghyun pulls him back causing Kibum to stumble a bit before collapsing onto Jonghyun’s lap. “Tell me.” Jonghyun demands as his arms wrap around Kibum’s waist. Kibum squirms for a bit, but then gives up. He scratches the top of his head and then glances at Jonghyun with a playful glare. “What?” Jonghyun questions. “We have all night…indulge me.”

“Like you indulged yourself in my shir—”

This time Jonghyun shuts him up with a kiss.

The breeze blows into the room and Jonghyun thinks about how sudden and refreshing it is, how it’s different each time. And maybe that’s why he loves the breeze because it reminds him of Kibum.

In an Awestruck Night [Max and Chloe]

Today was May 18, 2018.

It had been almost five years.

And tomorrow, Max was graduating with her BFA in Photography. 

But for now, she had to get through the last five minutes at the newspaper before she could go home to Chloe. She was finishing up her work on the computer, copying and pasting images and getting them sized appropriately, her blue eyes glaring at the screen in front of her. She was deep in focus, her fingers anxiously tapping on the buttons on the mouse in between decisive clicks. She was here a little later than normal, only about half an hour, but she felt the time weighing on her. She had to leave soon if she was going to avoid a worried, or hangry, Chloe. 

Five years ago, the idea of running out of time would have made her laugh. But now, and she had promised forever, it was a different story. 

She finished her work, pulled on her hoodie that was hanging on the back of her chair, and stuck her computer into her workbag. She had to settle for something more professional once she had started working… And, unfortunately, she carried around the digital more than she did her polaroid. Not that it was all bad, of course, but it was different. Most papers didn’t take polaroids. 

Max stepped out of the office and walked out the front door into a near-open parking lot. The lights were dim even though they were meant for safety, and Max could just barely see her beat up Jetta across the parking lot. The little red car was perfect, even if it was old, and gave Max similar deja-vu to when Chloe had her truck… Of course, the Jetta lacked the whole ‘stereotypical lesbian’ vibe that a truck gave off. 

Max walked towards her car and fumbled with her keys, trying to dig them out of her bag even though it was packed tight. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings at all, even though she probably should have, this late at night, in the dark, alone.