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In an Awestruck Night [Max and Chloe]

Today was May 18, 2018.

It had been almost five years.

And tomorrow, Max was graduating with her BFA in Photography. 

But for now, she had to get through the last five minutes at the newspaper before she could go home to Chloe. She was finishing up her work on the computer, copying and pasting images and getting them sized appropriately, her blue eyes glaring at the screen in front of her. She was deep in focus, her fingers anxiously tapping on the buttons on the mouse in between decisive clicks. She was here a little later than normal, only about half an hour, but she felt the time weighing on her. She had to leave soon if she was going to avoid a worried, or hangry, Chloe. 

Five years ago, the idea of running out of time would have made her laugh. But now, and she had promised forever, it was a different story. 

She finished her work, pulled on her hoodie that was hanging on the back of her chair, and stuck her computer into her workbag. She had to settle for something more professional once she had started working… And, unfortunately, she carried around the digital more than she did her polaroid. Not that it was all bad, of course, but it was different. Most papers didn’t take polaroids. 

Max stepped out of the office and walked out the front door into a near-open parking lot. The lights were dim even though they were meant for safety, and Max could just barely see her beat up Jetta across the parking lot. The little red car was perfect, even if it was old, and gave Max similar deja-vu to when Chloe had her truck… Of course, the Jetta lacked the whole ‘stereotypical lesbian’ vibe that a truck gave off. 

Max walked towards her car and fumbled with her keys, trying to dig them out of her bag even though it was packed tight. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings at all, even though she probably should have, this late at night, in the dark, alone.


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