ta dah bap

that’s my jam or feel so good? crash or stop it? bap one fine day or fan heart attack? guests on weekly idol or after school club? fav part of killing camp: wandering seol&the shop, games in the mud flats&camping or finding clues&colelcting items? matoki earthventure comics or ta-dah it’s bap? 

B.A.P in a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Yongguk: *goes into war movie mode* Let's go, rock and roll
  • *loads a gun*
  • Himchan: We got da power- *runs away when a zombie approaches* I DONT WANNA BE EATEN. I'M TOO HANDSOME TO BECOME A ZOMBIE
  • Daehyun: *grabs all his food and hides in a closet* They will never find me here
  • *noms on a chocolate bar*
  • Youngjae: *runs away screaming* YAAAH! STOP CHASING ME. *runs around in circles*
  • DAEHYUN AH! WHERE ARE YO- AAAAAAH *screams some more*
  • Jongup: Zombies????? Wow, thats some cool costumes, zombie hyung! :D
  • Zelo: Yonggukie hyungggggg!!!! Take me with you! *trails after Yongguk*