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Badass!reader part 6 Request: Are you going to do any more Badass!reader? You said your gonna do a part 5 and y/n has to live because somebody requested it. so assuming that im right and y/n does come back, can you write one where she finds out that shes pregnant and doesn't know what to do and how to tell dean because shes scared of dying and leaving it like most hunters do. but dean reassures her and lots of fluff. ta babes xx

Word count: 3135
Pairing: Dean x reader
Warnings: I can’t weven remember. Just maybe swearing.
A/N: I’m actually sick of my shit luck, and that half of this got deleted, and that I’m short on time because my college work went missing so I have to redo it, so I rewrote the end of this one, but if I get time to rewrite it, I will upload the baby being born and whatnot later. Sorry about that haha. I hope you enjoy this :)
And yeah haha good call with her coming back.

“Baby… You gonna get up today? I made coffee…”

These were the words that woke you from your semi-comfortable sleep in Dean’s bed in the bunker.

You groaned and rolled onto your back, opening your eyes and looking up at your boyfriend who was leaning over you, a small smile on his face.

You tried to return his smile, but when you looked at the clock next to the bed, your eyes widened.

It was 12:56.

You’d been asleep for nearly 15 hours.

Dean dropped the smile and stroked your hair back off your forehead before using the back of his hand to check for a temperature, a frown coming to his face after a moment.

“You feeling okay, Y/N?” He asked, and you surprised both of you by shaking your head.

In the year you’d been living at the bunker, you had never admitted to being ill, even when you’d had the hell beaten into you on a hunt, and you’d never slept in later than 8am.

You felt too hot and dehydrated, so you kicked the covers away and sat up, feeling your stomach suddenly turn, so you threw your hand over your mouth and ran for the bathroom, just making it before you threw up in the toilet.

Dean held your hair back, rubbing your back soothingly, completely unbothered by the state you were in, as he had seen you much worse.

When you were done, he handed you a glass of water, which you used to rinse your mouth with, and then climbed to your feet.

You felt a little better once you stood up, but still sleepy, so you decided to follow Dean to the kitchen for the coffee he had offered you.

However, once you were sitting on the side and taking a sip of it, you screwed your nose up in disgust and tipped it away, not going unnoticed by Dean, who just raised his eyebrows at you and you shrugged.

“I think I’ve got a bug or something. Probably that burger I had at that diner. I said it tasted funky…”

Dean shrugged and nodded, taking your word for it.

But something didn’t fit. Dean had eaten the same as you and he was fine… And when you thought about it, you realised that your food had been tasting a little off for a few weeks, but you’d just put it down to your mind messing with you.

But when you actually thought about it, a thought hit you that made you gasp, drawing the attention of Dean, but before he could ask what was wrong, you jumped off the side and took off running through the bunker, praying that you were wrong, but when you got to your room and pulled your planner from the wall, you knew that you weren’t.

Still you counted the days. Four times.

But it was pretty clear to you then.

You were late.

Trying not to panic, you decided to make sure.

So you pulled on some clothes and threw your hair up into a messy bun and then grabbed your shoes and headed for the door, passing Sam and Dean in the library.

“I’m just heading out. You guys want anything?” You offered, slightly distracted, but luckily they just said no and didn’t ask any questions before you could get out of the door.


An hour later, you were in your own bathroom, the door locked as you anxiously waited with the little white stick in your hand.

Your knee was bouncing around and you looked at your watch.

15 seconds to go.

As the seconds slowly ticked by, you tried to figure out what you wanted the test to say.

The loudest voice in your head was screaming no. You weren’t ready for this and it hadn’t been planned. What kind of life could you give?

But the other voice was happy. Dean would make a great father. You could see it. Him pulling up from a hunt, and your baby running into his arms, brightening his smile.

But you shut that thought down.

Hunters didn’t make good parents. There was always the chance that work would follow them home… Or that they wouldn’t come home at all.

You couldn’t do that to a child.

You’d grown up without a dad, and then you’d lost your mom, and you knew how hard it was.

Taking a deep breath, you turned the test over and looked at the little indicator, your breath leaving you in a puff as you saw the little plus sign.

You were pregnant.


You stayed in your bathroom for an hour before you remembered that you were supposed to be going out that night, so you got in the shower, trying not to think too much about what you were going to do.

The test had said you were between four and five weeks pregnant, so you wondered how you had missed it, especially when you thought of all the signs that you should have picked up on.

Until you knew what you were going to do, you weren’t going to tell Dean, scared of how he would react to the news.

You knew that you would have to tell him, but the thought of it was scaring you, so instead, you just focused on getting ready and looking well enough that Dean wouldn’t ask if you were okay.

When you were done, you tried to relax as you headed out to meet the boys, knowing that it was already going to be hard for you to hide.

They both knew you so well.

Turned out that God was against you that day though, as when you stepped into the library, you say that Cas was waiting with the boys.

You smiled at him as you got closer, but before anything was said, Dean jumped in.

“Cas, Y/N has something wrong with her. See if you can heal it?”

Before you could protest, Cas stepped towards you, his fingers briefly touching your forehead before a frown crossed his face.

“Y/N is…”

“Doing much better! Thanks Cas!” You almost shouted, hoping that he would get the hint and not say anything about what he had just found out about you.

Luckily he seemed to be on the same page, and so just nodded and turned back around, acting as casual as he got.

The brothers noticed no change though, so you took Dean’s hand and left with him, the other two men following close behind.

You managed to act normal until you were all sitting at the bar, and without thinking, you ordered your usual JD and coke, but when it was placed in front of you, you remembered and growled, mentally sending a dirty look at the thing in your stomach as you asked for a coke and pushed the alcohol aside.

It was gonna be a long night. You could tell already.

Dean was in a playful mood though, and seemed to notice that you were being quiet, so he pulled you to your feet and then led you over to the dance floor, making you laugh as he goofed off to try and make you laugh. It didn’t take long for you to start laughing and dancing with him, managing to forget about your worries for a while.

But eventually you had to sit down.

Sam and Dean went to play pool, leaving you and Cas at the bar, finally able to talk.

“You are with child,” he commented, looking you dead in the eye, and you nodded, taking a sip of your coke.

“Cas, you can’t tell anyone. Not yet. Dean should have been the first to know, but you figured it out… I don’t know how to tell him… I don’t want to tell him…” You trailed off and took another drink of coke, your eyes watering slightly.

“I’m scared, Cas,” you whispered, knowing that he would hear you over the crowd with his angel hearing.

You couldn’t look at him, so instead you stared into your glass, as if looking for the answers to all your problems in it.

Without saying a word, Cas reached out to you and put a hand on your back, rubbing it soothingly for a second before he moved his hand to your arm and squeezed it so you’d look at him.

“Everything will be okay, Y/N. Dean is a good man. He will protect you, no matter what you chose.”

But what should I choose? You thought, looking back to your drink.

Cas’s words had helped you out a little. Deep down, you’d always known what he had told you, but hearing it out loud made it clearer, so you made yourself a promise that you would tell Dean soon.

Soon came faster than expected as Dean had gotten bored of watching you look worried while he was playing pool, so he had told Sammy and then walked over to you, taking your hand and kissing the back of it.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He demanded, no longer asking if anything was wrong, as he could see that he was getting no answers that way.

You met his worried gaze and then sighed.

What the hell? You figured, standing up and looking around.

“Let’s take a walk?” You suggested, and Dean nodded, his brow creasing in a frown as he followed you to the door.

Once you were out in the cold air, you spotted a wooden bench next to the dark park, across the road. Leading Dean over to it, you mentally tried to figure out how to tell him.

In the end, you just blurted it out as soon as he sat down.

“Dean, I’m pregnant.”

It took a few seconds for it to register what you had actually said, and then you watched as his eyes traveled from your face and down to your belly, then back up again.

You waited for a reaction, your body trying to tell you to run, but you stood where you were, and after a second, Dean stood up, a huge smile on his face.

“Really?” He asked excitedly, placing a hand on your stomach, even though there was no bump yet and the baby would still be tiny.

You frowned but nodded, watching as he looked down at your stomach again, the smile not leaving his face.

Pushing his hand off you, you took a step back, your internal conflict about what to do getting even worse.

The smile dropped from Dean’s face when he saw your reaction, and he stood up straight.

“You don’t want to keep it?” He asked bluntly, and you flinched a little.

“I don’t know,” you whispered, looking away and trying not to cry.

Your life had been going so well. Everything had been great between you and Dean, and you’d settled in at the bunker, gotten better at hunting, and you were happier than ever with your little pick n mix family.

But then this had happened, and now you didn’t know what you wanted.

Dean knew what he wanted though, more than he wanted the baby, and that was for you to be happy and safe, so he tried to push the images of the future he had already imagined of you and your baby, and instead, he took you into his arms.

“Y/N, it’s okay. Whatever you decide, I am here for you, 100%,” he promised, only making you feel worse.

You could tell that he wanted the baby, just by his reaction to the news, and him giving up his own dreams for you made you feel wretched.

“How did this even happen? We were so careful…” You wondered, and Dean sighed, not answering as he had no answer. Some things just happened for a reason.

Sitting back down on the bench, you sat facing Dean, who was staring at the park in front of you.

“We can’t have this baby, Dean… This is not the kind of life you bring a baby into. It’s not safe…” You started, but Dean looked over at you for a second before taking your hand again and making you look at him.

“Then we can leave. Get out of this life. Like Juliet. We can go for the white picket fence, apple pie life. Just say the word,” he offered, his tone light, but you could tell that he didn’t want to. His whole life had been hunting, and giving it up would be hard. You knew that too. You didn’t want to give up hunting.

It was your life too.

“Dean, you don’t mean that. I couldn’t do that to you. You love hunting, and so do I. We have a job, and it’s protecting people, and kicking evils ass. We can’t stop that… But even if we didn’t give up hunting, and we had this baby. What if something happened to us? We’re hunters and it’s not like the life expectancy is very high. You and I are both living on borrowed time already. The baby would grow up with no parents! It would be alone in this big scary world!”

You paused to take a breath, and Dean tried to speak, but you spoke over him.

“And it would be born with a target on its back. A baby Winchester? Do you know how many demons would come for it? And what they’d do to it, turn it into? I can’t do that!”

You hadn’t noticed, but your hands had moved to protect the baby in your belly, without you telling them to, and when you realised, you felt a bit choked up.

Dean watched you, weighing his options, but he could tell that at least a small part of you wanted the baby, so he moved closer and put his hands over yours.

“Y/N, do you really think that I would ever let anything happen to you or this baby? Do you think Sam would? Or Cas? Or Bobby?.. No they wouldn’t. And I know that you wouldn’t let anything near it… This baby would be the most protected child in the world,” he urged, and you had to mentally agree.

Even if something happened to you and Dean,there was still so many people who would protect it. Who you could rely on to raise it…

You shook your head when you realised what was happening. You were wanting the baby. You were coming up with reasons why you should keep it.

As soon as you realised that, all of your worried seemed to dissolve and your shoulders slumped briefly before you stood up, pulling Dean up beside you.

You took his hands and placed them back on your flat stomach, looking up to see Dean looking at you with barely contained hope in his eyes, and you smiled, suddenly feeling weightless.

As soon as you smiled, he knew, so Dean laughed and picked you up, spinning you around once before putting your feet back on the ground so he could kiss you.

You laughed against his lips and when you pulled back, you realised how much you had been wanting that baby, and how much better you felt knowing that Dean did too.

There would always be that little voice of fear in the back of your mind, but you figured that was just a mom thing, and you’d learn to get over it…

It was two days later when you decided to break the news to Sammy.

You and Dean had decided the night before that Sammy would be the first person you told, not including Cas as he had figured it out with his angel mojo.

So when you were all in the library, all doing various tasks, when Sam stood up and started heading for the kitchen.

“I’m making lunch. Anyone want anything?”

You and Dean both nodded, but as Sammy was walking away, you shared a quick grin with Dean before you called over to Sam.

“Hey Sammy! Bring me two sandwiches please?”

He stopped and turned around to face you, his eyebrows raised as you rarely ate that much in the day time, and mostly stuffed your face at night, or in the car.

“You trying to put on some weight or something?” He asked, probably already thinking of ways to help you bulk up.

You smiled and shook your head.

“No. But it’s gonna happen soon anyway… But I’m eating for two now, so I need two servings,” you shrugged, acting like you hadn’t said anything different, but you could see that Sam had figured out what you had said, and he looked over to his big brother, a small smile on his face.

“Really?” He asked him, not daring to believe it until Dean nodded and then Sammy grinned and walked over to his brother, pulling him into a tight hug. One of those weird man hugs that involves lots of back pounding.


Dean laughed and they separated.

“Thanks Sammy,” Dean grinned and then the mooses attention was on you.

You smiled as he crossed the room and hugged you, picking you up off your feet to do so and squeezing you tightly.

Quickly he let go and put you down though, taking a step back and looking at you with worry.

“I’m sorry. The baby, I was squeezing you and….”

You rolled your eyes and punched him in the arm.

“Sammy it’s fine. She’s fine…”

That got everyone’s attention, and Dean frowned.

“Surely it’s too soon to tell? How do you know it’s a girl?” He asked, and you shrugged, a small smile on your face.

“Just a feeling… Besides. Everyone starts out as a girl, at least until the hormones come into play. So right now, it is a girl,” you smiled, a feeling telling you that it was gonna stay that way.

Dean watched you for a second and then grinned and shook his head, knowing what you were thinking.

A daughter would undoubtedly end up just like you, and that thought made Sam laugh and clap his brother on the shoulder

“Good luck with that, bro.”

Scowling at your friend, you threw a pen at him as he ducked out of the room laughing.

Sitting back down, you ran a hand down your stomach and smiled faintly.

“How about it baby? You wanna be the new family princess?”

Have you noticed how many freaking animals Zayn and Perrie have? You know that’s all Perrie. I can just imagine the conversations:

Perrie (coming in the front door): “Zaaaayn!”

Zayn: *oh fuck, please don’t be another cat… please God no…*

Perrie: “Zayn, look what I bought today.”

Zayn (nervously): “What, babe?”

Perrie: “TA-DA!”

Perrie holds up a Victoria Secret bag.

Perrie: “I got you something special for tonight!”

Zayn (relieved): “Oh thank God, I thought you were gonna bring home another cat…”

Perrie (giggling): “No, it’s not another cat.”

Suddenly a little puppy races into the room and jumps onto Zayn‘s lap

Perrie: “I got us another dog instead!”


okay it’s bed time.

do you guys ever find yourself making the act of constructing a story, scenes, setting, narrative…part of your falling-asleep ritual?

like, just laying there with your eyes closed, setting up the pieces for your brain to hopefully dream out the perfect fiction? set it and forget it (though hopefully not)

i don’t do it a lot, but it IS something i engage in when an idea won’t leave me alone.

Hi, you guys!! So I’ve been wanting to do tumblr awards of my own for quite some time, but I’ve never found the time (nor have I believed that anyone would like to participate), but now I can’t resist anymore! I really hope that some (as many as possible!! :D) of my followers will participate, because I’d love to include as many lovely people in this as possible :)


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