“It’s stunning that a Congresswoman would listen in on this conversation.”

She was in the car to assist Mrs. Johnson. To be a comfort. To accompany her to the destination.

She was not leaning over and listening. The President was on speakerphone. Everyone could hear the conversation. This happens all the time.

If the President had called her at home, earlier, this would not have been a thing.

Don’t. Blame. Congresswoman. Frederica Wilson. For being. A. Witness.

That is beneath you, General Kelly.

As someone who’s bad with change as an autism thing, I totally understand having a hard time adjusting to people’s name/pronoun changes

But y’know what? Even though I’m bad with change I still try

And I resume trying, eventually I get it fluently

There are certainly good reasons for struggling to adjust to name/pronoun changes but there is no excuse for not even trying in the first place

Names/pronouns for trans/non-binary people are especially mandatory compared to cis people, when you don’t even try to adjust congrats that’s transphobia

i fuckin , got past my anxiety and purchased Mens Underwear for the first time and let me tell u. its nice.