Cuddling with Josh Dun would include:

Requested by: anonymous

-him whispering sweet nothings into your ear

-forehead kisses

-you being the little spoon

-it probably being really intimate

-cuddling whenever one of you can’t sleep

-him playing with your hair

-his smiling at you

-Being really happy

-him humming random songs

-talking about anything and everything

-you falling asleep first cause his arms are just comfy

-him falling in love with you all over again

-having your legs tangled up underneath the covers

-sometimes the cuddling would lead to sex but most of the time it wouldn’t

-it would only lead to sex if you were both horny and it was night

-you falling in love with him all over again

AN: Hey guys! Thanks for all the likes on the imagine! I really appreciate it💜and thanks for this request anon! I hope I did it well, sorry there isn’t a lot of points but it was getting hard to think of some! I finally decided on what I’m going to do with updating and I’m just going to stick with my regular updating schedule If that’s okay with you guys! Please request for next week, thanks❤

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Precious Moments

Time shared,
Time spent,
Time given
Time taken–
each moment
in time
so very precious
and dear.
For every moment
for each time
you’ve given to me
a smile, a laugh
a warm hello
I am grateful to you
beyond any words.

I have come to know
that all moments in time
are so very precious and dear
but moments spent
with you
are so very cherished –
whenever I need a tranquil
escape from the chaos
of life–
I will reach within
and remember
the moments (precious moments)
we two were able to share.
Thank you, my friend
for being there!

Pamela Rae

For a dear friend who soothes my soul, happy once around the sun day.


Hey guys! I finally sat down and I feel like I could actually put some coherent thought into a sentence. 

Yesterday was awesome~ Just gotta say that right off the bat. It was so cool. I never actually thought I’d be picked for a call, especially not first! I was pretty shocked when skype started to ring. I’m so glad that this was something they decided to do. I think it was a great idea to interact with the community more. 

They were all so nice and it was fun talking to them. I hope I have a chance to talk to them all again in the future. I was also really glad I got to tell Mark that I’m also from Cincinnati! And so the Skyline, Goldstar discourse continues lol

I feel very lucky to have gotten a few minutes to talk, it’s more than a lot of people get so I really appreciate that. Thanks Ethan for saying I was nice cause I was really unsure of how I came off lol And thanks to Tyler for laughing at the silly things I said.

Also Amy mentioning my blog later in the stream to Mark! That was so awesome of her! Like wow! I know I’ve said that on my other social media but that was really cool, thank you~

I’ve been here for a long time, over 2 years now and I’ve been watching Mark for just a little bit longer. I’m so happy to be a part of this community and I’m so happy that I get to make things and get creative. Just thank you all so much for being here and following my blog for all this time. And thanks for tolerating me talking about the game all the time. It is coming, don’t worry~ 

I’m getting rambly so I’ll leave this here. Thank you Mark for inspiring me to make things and thanks to all of you (team markiplier) for talking to me yesterday~

Also if any of you want to see the part where I get called on skype, you can see it here~


anonymous asked:

hello~ You are a very sensible person and I wanted to tell you something that is bothering me a lot these days, now that youngjae is much more handsome (considering what several people have been saying) new stans have appeared for him and this is very annoying because Before hardly anyone paid much attention to him. 😓 i am disgusted

Hello dear,

Oh, don’t feel that way dear. Don’t you feel happy seeing many fans are started to pay attention to our Youngjae and appreciate him? I know it might be difficult for some Youngjae’s fans especially those who have been with him since the very beginning but I think as a fan we should be happy that more and more people are started appreciating Youngjae and acknowledge him in GOT7 after noticing him getting handsome these days though I always think Youngjae is handsome since debut. I said this many times before, that the reason why I started this tumblr was because to help spread Youngjae’s love to everyone so that people will start to pay attention and appreciate his presence and eventually love him as much as I do. You know, when I first started this blog three years ago there were only a few people followed my blog but now my followers are growing each day and that’s because of Choi Youngjae and that makes me really happy.  Before this, I often searched about Youngjae on tumblr & twitter but there were so few mentions about him. It got me really sad because these people love GOT7 but they didn’t pay attention to Youngjae. Honestly, I cried when I saw some fans were saying bad things about Youngjae and back then almost none mentions about protecting him. I’m sure Youngjae knew that he was the least favorite member among GOT7 but he was still happy with the love shown by some fans to him. I still remembered Youngjae said he knew he was ugly in a radio and he always didn’t acknowledge when Nichkhun choose as the visual because he knew he didn’t handsome like the other members that fans love so much. Still, he was happy. You know, after three years I see a lot of changes when it comes to the love showed to Choi Youngjae. Every comeback, I saw many people started to pay attention to him and appreciate him because that the most important thing for me ‘appreacition to Youngjae’. Many fans started to realize that our Youngjae is indeed beautiful not only on the outside but also the inside. He started to gain more fans and he often received praise on his looks & his talents from them. Now, we can see many fans are protecting Youngjae whenever people started saying bad things about him by calling themselves Youngjae protecting squad and honestly I’m really happy. Before I always thought I would fight for our Youngjae alone but now many fans wanted to fight for Youngjae together. I know sometimes it’s hard to accept but maybe you can try to accept it slowly especially when seeing our Youngjae’s happy face when he knows many people are started cheering, appreciated, giving him attention & showing their loves towards him. Don’t feel disgusted dear as we need each other to march on and show our love for our sunshine, Youngjae. I think the beauty of being fans is though we don’t know each other but we are united in hearts and spirits because of one person, Choi Youngjae. I love all my fellow Choi Youngjae fans and I’m deeply thankful for all of you for all the supports and love you gave to Youngjae which I lacked off. I’m just thankful really.

So, I hope I can help change the way you feel dear. I have to stop writing because I can’t stop crying when remembering all those three years. Anyway, Youngjae’s stans fighting. I love you  ❤

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Diana’s Room and what a room’s design can tell us about a person.

Warning: This is long. Really long. And probably not that important or interesting.

*Cracks his knuckles*

Ok, so, as always, this is going to relate to diana. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s actually about Diana, it just relates to her character.

Today i will analyze everything i think it’s important in Diana’s Room and how it conveys things to us without speaking.

Let’s begin for this first shot. 

It’s remarkable that they start here, and not with the whole room. Focusing the camera first on the Desk let’s us know that that’s the important thing on this room, at least for now. Yet here we can see things that are already telling us something.

The Books, aligned as they are, are not in a shelf but in the desk, meaning that they probably don’t belong there. Maybe burrowed from a library, or maybe just there temporarily while they are being used, probably because the readers of those books study them constantly, so having them there saves time and effort.

At the sides of the line of books we can see: A Crystal Sphere, Ink & Quills and a mirror.

The left side, with the Crystal Sphere and one set of Ink & Quill well aligned, shows us that, whoever sit’s there, is probably interested in foreseeing and is well organized, while the other, with the mirror and the other set of Ink & Quill not aligned, shows a more down to earth personality, someone who probably doesn’t take his studies as seriously as the other person.

I must point at the fact that here we can see only 2 chairs, when by instinct we know that there should be 3 students per room. Which, knowing who’s room is this, makes us thing automatically in Hanna&Barbara.

Then we have this.

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