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Get a grip. Everyone’s losing it 😂

The tag is starting to turn into diary pages. We’re gonna be stuck on the damn video for another century at least.

Day # 3651 ½

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the GCF video. Even now I still can’t wrap my mind around the whole situation. Jungkook did that. Wow.

Jikook are now living together separate from the other members. Reminds me of SECHSKIES Kim Jae Duck and H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn. Now that I think about it.. it’s weird for two unmarried men to live alone together for that long. Now that the legends have come out, it makes so much sense.

I just hope Jikook gets married soon. It’s cool that they’re hot even when they’re 30 (or reaching it) but I’m 34 and the whole fan stan life thing is taking up a lot of my energy and money. I need a rest.

To my Jikookas from the past, if you see this.. they were photographed kissing but the antis are still at it with the bromance, homance bullshit. Don’t bother with them. They’re eternally salty. Good luck.

I need to retire

Too much excitement

Watch: BTS, SECHSKIES, And H.O.T Members Dance Together In "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator" Preview

Watch: BTS, SECHSKIES, And H.O.T Members Dance Together In “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator” Preview

External image

“Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” has shared a preview for its next episode, which will include SECHSKIES member Kim Jae Duck, H.O.T’s Tony Ahn, and BTS’s Jin and Jimin!

The preview starts out with some information about the guys, and then shows them introducing themselves as the unit “H.O.T SECH Boy Scouts,” a combination of all their group names. Jin and Jimin then dance with Tony Ahn and…

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[TsukkiYama] Christening the Bed (Haikyuu!)

Note: this is my first fanfic ever, after reading and digesting too much smut fanfics I’ve finally decided to write one. Forgive me for the errors, I’ll try to be better next time. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading :3

Fandom: Haikyuu!

Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Yamaguchi Tadashi

Title: Christening the Bed

Author: @hinata-de-coco


“Woah. Is that all of it? I think that’s the last box.“ Yamaguchi smiled and stood proudly inside their new apartment.

“That’s all of it. Thank you for using our services.” The two movers bowed and approached the door.

“Ah! Thank you for your help!“ Tsukkishima eyed Yamaguchi as he’s waving goodbye to the movers. His eyes didn’t fall to notice that one of the movers is actually blushing while waving back at Yamaguchi. An annoyance shot through Tsukkishima. He hurried to the door and closed it loud enough for Yamaguchi to frown.

“What’s wrong, Tsukki?” Yamaguchi’s green eyes met his.

“You’re being too FRIENDLY.“ He growled. He wondered why he is so angry. It’s just a wave and Yamaguchi is his but he can’t understand why he’s still so jealous.

Yamaguchi’s brows furrowed. Maybe he’s wondering what caused Tsukki’s weird behavior now. His mouth formed an `ah’ as if he just guessed why Tsukki’s like this.

“Sorry, Tsukki. I didn’t notice you were jealous.” Yamaguchi moved over to where was standing and gave him a hug.

“J-jealous? What the-“

“I. Love. You. Tsukki. Only you.” Yamaguchi breathed into his shirt. His breath warm against his chest. His hair tickling his chin. Tsukkishima felt a surge of happiness. This dork clearly knows how to handle him. He knows too much. He could bend him to his will and he’s fucking got him around his little finger.

Tsukishima sighed and returned Yamaguchi’s hug and broke off seconds later.

“Let’s look around the house.“ Tsukkishima said.

“Yeeees.” The happy reply came as the green-haired dork held hands with him.

They went to see the kitchen first. The kitchen is spacious. The white walls and white tiles made the room looked ultra clean.

Yamaguchi ran his hand over the tiles. “Wow! This faucet has a heater! Tsukki, look!“ Yamaguchi opened all the drawers. No tile remains untouched. Yamaguchi was skipping happily inside the kitchen, like a mother who’s too excited to use it.

Tsukkishima stood by the door, leaning on its jamb. Admiring his lover as it’s fussing over the kitchen. Images of Yamaguchi standing in this kitchen with nothing but an apron on flashed in his mind. Damn it, he’s getting hard.

Yamaguchi turned to him. He tilted his head to shake his dirty thoughts away.

“This is wonderful, Tsukki. Now I’ll get to cook for you everyday.” Yamaguchi seemed oblivious to the fact that his smile is so precious and that the room lights up whenever he does. Tsukkishima summoned all his willpower to prevent himself from charging at Yamaguchi and taking him right there, on the kitchen floor.

“Let’s go.“ He growled. He wanted to be out of that room fast. He needs a distraction or else he will really take Yamaguchi there and now’s not the time for that. They’ve got things they need to unpack.

Yamaguchi opened the door that’s 2 doors away from the kitchen. It’s the bedroom. The walls were also white. It looks bare aside from an air conditioning unit and a wall clock. The time reads 9:00 am. They’ve got plenty of times to unpack and go shopping for dinner later.

Yamaguchi pushed the door leading to the veranda aside.

“Tsukki, look! Look! The view from here is stunning!” Beneath them is a a huge playground with lots of kids running around. Beyond that is the Tokyo skyline. Towering building one after the other decorated the view.

Tsukishima smiled. He’s so grateful he picked this one. This apartment is more expensive than an average one but he wouldn’t mind paying more if he gets to see Yamaguchi like this.

Yamaguchi turned to him wearing his ever glorious smile that could melt Tsukkishima. “I’m so excited to start a life with you, Tsukki.“ Damn, Yamaguchi. Why won’t he stop saying cute things?

All his inhibitions flew out of the window and in two strides he was kissing Yamaguchi. Hungrily. His lips devouring Yamaguchi’s, sucking all the sweetness Yamaguchi’s lips could provide. He was crushing him. His delicate body under his mercy.

“Tsukki…” Yamaguchi breathed.

He carried Yamaguchi to the bed. Tsukishima admired the sight before him. Yamaguchi’s flushed face is very much in contrast against the white sheet.

Tsukishima took his shirt off, his hands flew to Yamaguchi’s hair and his fingers twisted in his green locks.

“Why don’t we christen the bed?“ he breathed against Yamaguchi’s ear. Yamaguchi lied there. Panting. Waiting for Tsukkishima’s touch. Tsukkishima’s erection is hurting him. It felt like his jeans is going to rip any minute from now.

He pushed Yamaguchi’s shirt upward and took one delicious nipple in his mouth. He loves this dork’s smell, he loves his taste. He flicked his tongue, toying the taut nipple. Yamaguchi’s breathing came at irregular intervals. His fingers twisted and pulled his blond hair.

“Tsukki…ah…” Yamaguchi whimpered.

Yamaguchi’s right hand flew to Yamaguchi’s other nipple. His fingers pulled. Yamaguchi arched his back as his fingers rolled his nipple in between.

“T-tsukki, the windows, ahn.“ Tsukkishima ignored him. There are no other apartments near this one and they’re on the sixth floor. Actually, Tsukkishima wouldn’t give a fuck if someone will see them doing this. He wants the world to know that Yamaguchi is his. Only his.

“Undress me.” he commanded.

Yamaguchi’s trembling fingers came to find his belt. Yamaguchi’s knuckles brushed against his sex through his jeans. A tingle journeyed down his gut to his erection.

“Fuck.“ he said breathlessly. “Hurry.”

Yamaguchi pulled his jeans and his underpants down. His erection became free. Yamaguchi gulped. The enormous thing is pulsating. He felt heady and wondered how a thing like this could fit in him perfectly.

“Yamaguchi.“ Tsukkishima snapped, lifting Yamaguchi from his thoughts. “Turn your back against me and lift your ass up.”

Yamaguchi obeyed him, his glorious ass in the air. Yamaguchi trembled from embarrassment and excitement. Tsukishima felt high with pride. His beautiful lover is so small, so delicate, and is under his mercy.

He reached for the lotion in his jeans pocket and poured the cream on Yamaguchi’s hole. And in one swift motion, he’s inside him.

“Ah!“ Yamaguchi gasped. His face flushed. Tears were hanging at his lashes.

Tsukkishima began to thrust. He can see all of Yamaguchi’s glory in the morning light. His hands clamped down Yamaguchi’s waist. They’ll bruise later but whatever. He loves seeing his marks on his lover’s body. It makes things feel more…real.

With every thrust, he seems to be going deeper and deeper. And with every thrust, Yamaguchi’s moans were getting louder and louder. Yamaguchi suddenly turned around while he’s still inside him. Some good old missionary. Tsukkishima continued to pound into Yamaguchi.

“I, ah! L-like seeing your face, T-tsukkiii…”

Tsukkishima’s chest tightened and something hot flowed to his dick. How can he be saying cute things at times like this?

“Fuck…“ He breathed. He pounded harder and harder until Yamaguchi’s legs were wrapped around his hips. Until Yamaguchi’s nails bit his back. Yamaguchi buried his face deep in his neck. He’s tightening, he’ll come any second. Tsukkishima too. He couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Nngh…Tsukki, please!” he screamed. Yamaguchi’s plea is his unbecoming. His eyes clamped shut, his mouth slacked open as he poured his everything to Yamaguchi.

Still panting, Tsukkishima rolled off and hugged Yamaguchi tightly.

“Don’t Tsukki, I’m sticky.“ Yamaguchi motioned towards his belly which is covered in white liquid.

“Like I’m not the one who caused that.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Hehe. Oh, we’ve got to unpack things but I’m so tired. Geez, Tsukki. You’re insatiable.“ Yamaguchi pouted, scolding Tsukkishima.

“It’s your fault! You’re too sexy for your own good! Stop being like that and I’ll let you off.” He’s a little annoyed. No one can make him lose control like Yamaguchi does. He’s annoyed at himself for not thinking rationally whenever Yamaguchi’s around.

Yamaguchi smiled widely and hummed, “Never. I love you, Tsukki.“



insaniteitime  asked:


“Teirra? Ter lass wha’ be friends w’ ‘yuki? Ah cut ‘er mom’s arm off ahn she’ll still talk ter m’, so ah guess she’s alright?”

“Ah know ‘er well ‘nough t’ trust ‘er round ‘yuki, s’about ah’ll ah can say. She takes care o’ ‘er own ahn t’at be about s’much as ah’ll say bout ‘er…”


“Please dunna make m’ babysit yer kits again lass. Ah…ah canna ‘andle children. T’ey tried ter chew ‘n m’ ‘orns…”

jonathansherwin1991  asked:

From Urban Dictionary: "ahn" 1.) An interjection/specific type of moan often made in slashfics and yaoi doujinshi to indicate sexual pleasure; especially used by the character (hikari) Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh fanfictions. Also seen in yuri, and less commonly other forms of "h"-materials such as doujinshi and hentai. When originally in Japanese, it may also be romanjized as "an". Often used with a ~ between the "ah" and the "n" to indicate being drawn out.

Wait, that’s in yaoi? I’ve read a shit ton of yaoi but I haven’t seen AHN in it. That’s really weird, you guys. Must be in like a certain type of yaoi.

Brainstorm Artist Names from Memory (no white dudes)

Anish Kapoor

Pipiloti Rist

Gia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

Frida Kahlo

Agatha Gothe Snape 

Albert Namatjira

Marina Abramović

Yuki Rinko

Barbara Kruger

Marina Abramovic

Lynne Ramsey

Norah Ephron

Amy Poehler 

Tina Fey

Yuken Teruga

Williams T Williams

Yoko Ono

Ahn Do

Ai Wei Wei

Tehching Hsieh

Zaha Hadid

Aug Lee

Watch: Cooking Show Previews The Reveal Of What's Inside BTS's Fridge

Watch: Cooking Show Previews The Reveal Of What’s Inside BTS’s Fridge

External image

“Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” shared a sneak peek at BTS’s fridge reveal from next week’s episode!

BTS’s Jin and Jimin are currently appearing as guests on the cooking show along with H.O.T’s Tony Ahn and SECHSKIES’s Kim Jae Duck over two episodes. With the fridge of roommates Tony Ahn and Kim Jae Duck shown in this week’s episode, BTS’s fridge is due to be revealed next week. Following…

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miss-bullets-and-booze  asked:

Law :: What do they think about abiding rules? Are they selective about it? 
Magic :: In a magic series or not, are they accepting, or is each instance a shock?

“Ah good law protects ter people from ter folks wha’ be lookin’ ter use ahn ‘urt ‘em. Ah bad law protects ter folks wha’ be lookin’ ter ‘urt ahn use from ter folks wha’ pay ‘em back. Ah’ll abide ah law t’at makes sense ahn aids ter common lot; S’why ah avoid Gridania s’ah fuckin’ rule, cause if’n ah ‘ave ter ‘ear bout ter fuckin’ Elementals one more twelves-damned time ah’m goin’ ter torch ter Godswood ahn salt ter ashes.”

Subetei’s face sets in a harsh grimace as he speaks of the Elementals and if one watched, he gripped his tin cup hard enough to leave a small dent in it.

Then the question of Magic comes and he quite literally throws both hands up into the air, mug and all. “Ah dunna shite ‘bout aether. Ih hurts if’n ah lad ‘er lass sets m’ ohn fire, ah’ve been frozen a’fore ahn some fuckin’ prick electrocuted m’ once.” he explained, rolling up his sleeves to show some particularly painful looking electrical burn scars winding from the back of his hands upwards to his shoulders at least.

“Ah canna use ih. Ah dunna if’n ah’m just dim, ‘er if’n aether doesna work fer m’, ‘er maybe ah just naturally canna make fireballs ‘er wha’nah. Makes aetheryte ah tad useless fer m’, but ah like boats more n’way.” and now he looked to Neyuki, grinning brightly. “When ah get m’self busted up ah jus’ turn ter ‘yuki ahn she patches m’ up. ‘er ah just bleed fer ah while…”


kimheenim: Give this group a name please🙊🙊🙊🙊 #astyle4you #KimHeechul #GooHara #YoonBora #AhnHeeyeon #Yeongcheon-Younghwa
(t/n: Ahn Heeyeon is Hani’s real name. Yeongcheon-Younghwa is the name of the place that they’re dining in)(cr)

kimheenim: Tomorrow at 12 in the afternoon 미아리&단계동(M&D)’s songs will be out. Wipe your tears while you listen to it 😀😀😀😀 #미아리n단계동 #MnD #youguysaregoingtoseemeagain (cr)

Kangnam Faces Criticism Over Questions He Asked Sam Okyere About Ghana

Kangnam Faces Criticism Over Questions He Asked Sam Okyere About Ghana

External image

Kangnam is facing criticism after he asked what many have said were ignorant questions about Ghana to Sam Okyere.

On the October 22 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn and Kangnam visited Ghanaian television personality Sam Okyere.

As they sat in the living room talking, Sam Okyere, who has been living in Korea for nine years, said that he had a busy schedule when visiting…

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H.O.T's Tony Ahn And SECHSKIES's Kim Jae Duk Recall Legendary Fight Between Their Fans

H.O.T’s Tony Ahn And SECHSKIES’s Kim Jae Duk Recall Legendary Fight Between Their Fans

External image

H.O.T’s Tony Ahn and SECHSKIES’s Kim Jae Duk appeared on the October 23 episode of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” along with BTS members Jin and Jimin.

Back in the day, almost everyone knew about the fierce rivalry between H.O.T. and SECHSKIES fans. Nowadays, Kim Jae Duk and Tony Ahn are more famous for their friendship and appeared on the show as longtime roommates.

Tony Ahn…

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