Very much in my feelings about my big brother getting married. Even though we for sure knew it would be him first. May God bless you and your beautiful wife Henrie! 💕 - Selena Gómez


I’ve got the Fable 2 feelings again. I plan on doodling Garth and, really, more of Sparrow’s interactions with the other heroes but I’m tiiiired rn |’D

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- During ‘Drop That,’ D.O and Kai fought with one another, trying to figure out which one of them was in the wrong position. (video)
- Kai said that he went to Soho, bought shoes, and ate pizza at a pizzaeria that was supposedly the top 3 in the whole world. He also went to a pharamacy and was suprised at how big the pharmacy was. He also said the big pills were hard to swallow. (1, 2)
- Kai missed his part in 'Love Love Love’ which caused D.O to laugh at him, but D.O was supposed to hold the mic for Chanyeol so Chanyeol missed his part too. (video)


Someday I will stop talking about these two dresses. Today is not that day.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress (designed by Helen Rose, two-time Oscar-winning costume designer) is a masterpiece. Rich materials, exquisitely tailored. Part of what makes this gown so appealing, though, is its proportions. The cummerbund extends from the waist to the underbust, which gives visual lift to the bust. The bodice is essentially three different sections—the cummerbund (solid), the bust (lace over solid), and the upper chest/shoulders (lace alone). Each section is roughly the same size, meaning the rule of thirds has been applied. Everything is well-balanced visually.

Another important thing to remember is that women in the 50s generally wore different undergarments than women today. Kelly was most likely wearing a girdle, which helped shape that slim waist, and the skirt had a significant crinoline and probably had hip padding as well to achieve that silhouette.

Kelly’s dress was produced by a team of 36 seamstresses in six weeks. Despite the close fit of the lace bodice, seams are virtually impossible to find. Hiding seams in lace is not an impossible task but it is time-consuming; it involves overlapping lace appliqué on the seams. The swan neck is also perfect, flowing without wrinkles over her collarbones and laying flat against her neck. No matter how she holds her arms, there is no strain on the bodice.

And then we get to JMo’s cosplay version. 

The proportions are off. The cummerbund doesn’t come up high enough. The result is the illusion of a low bust. There’s also no excuse for the bottom edge to be flipping up like that. She isn’t wearing a girdle (which, I can’t really blame her) and also has little or no hip padding, so the dress as a very flat silhouette. The skirt pleats are weirdly off-center, but the line of buttons is not (how is that even possible?). With her arms out on either side, the bodice is straining across the upper chest. The swan neck isn’t flush like it’s supposed to be and the lace edge isn’t even symmetrical. It’s closer to the buttons on one side than the other. An attempt was made to mirror the lace across the placket but the sides are off by enough to make it look weird.

And those seams are visible from space.

Sure, this is a recognizable copy, but in the same way that Yo-Yo Ma and your eleven-year-old nephew both play the cello. At this stage, I’m forced to assume that the costume department had two days and one fitting with JMo, or that they’re actively trolling everyone with this thing.

Recommended books for Sha'ban by our sister Zainab Ismail

With the blessed month of Shaban soon upon us let us irrigate the seeds planted in Rajab with seeking forgiveness (istigfar), goodness and seeking knowledge. ———————————
Here are a few books our teachers recommend to purify the heart, soul, and our intentions. ———————————
1. The Beginning of Guidance, Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
2. The Book of Assistance, Imam Abdallah Ibn ‘Alawi Al-Haddad
3. The Book of Intentions, Al-Habib Muhammad bin Alawi Al-Aydarus
4. Key To The Garden, Habib Ahmad Mashhur Al-Haddad
5. Purification of The Heart, Hamza Yusuf
6. Treatise on Discipline In The Path of The Seeker, Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad
———————————————–Please note: it is ideal to read the book with a qualified teacher that has a chain of transmission (sanad/isnad). If a qualified teacher isn’t available some of these lessons are available on SeekersHub, YouTube, and or SoundCloud. ———————————
“Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave.”