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an 8tracks playlist for the virgin suicides

☽ milk by sea oleena 

♡ born to die by lana del rey

✄ skinny love by birdy

✯ heavy in your arms by florence & the machine

♛ my body is a cage (cover) by peter gabriel

☼ mad world (cover) by sea oleena

★ roslyn by bon iver & st. vincent

♤ satellite heart by anya marina 

ღ crazy in love (beyonce cover) by sea oleena

✖ playground love by air

❀ summertime sadness by lana del rey

✞ my skin by natalie merchant

♥ skinny love by bon iver

☂ after the storm by mumford & sons

LG’s new 55 inch display can hang on wall with magnets

LG have shown off a 55 inch OLED panel that’s only 0.97mm thick and weighs 4.1 pounds (1.9kg). As shown above, the panel can be attached to a magnet to stay on the wall. Of course it still means mounting a big magnet to your wall, so it’s something of a gimmick, but there’s no denying the panel itself is pretty impressive for its thin profile and light weight.

To make the panel this thin, the electronics and power supply are hidden somewhere else - it’s unclear exactly how this is handled but presumably the panel is wired to another unit in the wall or on a cabinet below.

LG announces rollable display.

LG’s newest 18 inch panel can be rolled up into a 3cm (1.18in) tube, without any loss of function in the 1,200 x 810 pixel display.

A key material leading to LG’s accomplishments has been its use of a “high molecular substance-based polyimide film” which LG chose to serve as the backplane of the flexible panel instead of conventional plastic, to achieve the maximum curvature radius. The polyimide film, said LG, helped reduce the panel’s thickness and improve its flexibility.