Aki and the rain don’t get along… And I got sad all day because of that.

So… I truly am working on finding a style and look i feel good to draw them and yet I fell back at drawing R… sketching a cute Enj while sick.
The one in the background is supposed to be Ferre…
And the adorable mug, needless to say, is a gift from Jehan.
And yes again, Enj has a scarf with the French flag colours.

Will I ever draw someone else? Let’s hope so!!

This is actually the reason why I don’t like talking to people that much anymore. You see, I am someone who always try to keep a certain conversation going and be that person who’s very fun to be with no matter what. However, I can only hear the same words coming out of different mouths. “You’re annoying.” And that’s literally dragging my self-esteem down to my feet even when I don’t have any of those left inside me. Perhaps they’re right about who I am and I just have to believe them – I’m unwanted.