Ethan is not a man of god, he never was

Let me just clarify something here, Ethan never believed himself, he believed Vanessa. In season one, he was already talking to Brona about the sins weighting on his shoulders, how it terrified and ashamed him.  There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around. Remember?

In season one he was working to help Brona and Vanessa, in season two, he’s almost giving up, but he saw that Vanessa needed help, so he decided to stay. Notice how none of these were for himself? Hecate herself pointed that his prayers were not working to keep her away because he didn’t have faith. He didn’t believe them.

And then he killed Sembene. His friend. Another person he cared about as we know now.

It broke him. It pushed him so far in his own disgust for the things he does as a wolf, for enjoying to kill as a man, that even Vanessa offering to run away with him wasn’t enough to pull him back. And he delivered himself to be killed as a punishment.

As far he knows, Vanessa is safe and he has no purpose other than kill his father. Another thing that ashames him. He has no one to save, and no hope for himself.

So how doesn’t it make sense that he just gives in? Vanessa is stronger and she gave herself to the devil a couple of times before going back to the light and she has always had her faith to help her. Ethan doesn’t have it, he just has regret. Sembene believed him a lot more than he himself does.

Given the choice, he chooses the right thing, but right now he has no right choice. He’s being searched by his father and by the London police. It’s not like going back to Vanessa is option right now without putting her trouble with him.

And honestly, I like the idea of him with Vanessa a lot. But the fact that he gave in to Hecate is in no way bad writting. And ,really, re, is not irreversible either.

Ethan is a soldier for God, but he has still to believe it.

And no character in this fucking show is perfect, as Ethan’s father reminded Sir Malcom… And Sir Malcom reminded him back (I so loved that moment, lol).

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White Supremacist Sucker-Punches Black Protester, Says Next Time “Might Have to Kill Him”
John McGraw, 78, of Linden, has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct after authorities say he assaulted a protester who was removed from Wednesday night's Donald Trump rally at Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville.

Did Top Flight not notice the man punched him? Isn’t that assault? Shouldn’t he have been arrested? He blatantly committed a crime in their faces but what do we see? The man who was punched in the face, on the ground and detained. And the so called law enforcement continued to try and stifle his protest. These ‘Rally’s" are more like KKK meetings, I’m so sick of this. #Hate it!

These negligent officers at the rally = Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department.

Call: 910-323-1500

Email: ccsooperations@ccsonc.org