Dislike the people that complain that their hasn’t been a doll released in 1 month, but when they all come out at once they complain that they can’t keep up. How about you appreciate the dolls you have cuz a lot of people aren’t as fortunate as your greed booty…

  • me trying to get a rare item:fuck FFFFUCK AA why am i nOT GETTIGN IT i have tried 50BILLION TIMES ALREADY GIVE IT TO ME GAME YOU ASSHOLE
  • me when i find said item:hey, patience is a virtue all your efforts will pay off as long as you keep calm and dont give up this truly is a wonderful game

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Square Enix Collaboration

During the MH Panel with the Director and Producer of Monster Hunter, they told a story of how they were having dinner with the big guys down at Square Enix, they joked about “how would it be if they all did a cross-over?” The guys of Square Enix are also big fans of Monster Hunter, and called Tetsuya Nomura and told him “Go design a armor now for Monster Hunter” and from there it kicked off.