reason #4678617890 why i love Optimus Prime: that moment in Dark of the Moon when he’s just had basically his worst temper tantrum/silent treatment ever because of Stupid Humans, and 2 sec later he’s calmly greeting Buzz Aldrin with the utmost politeness and respect and he smiles and says sincerely “the honour is mine”

(even though like. space travel to them is nothing. it took us almost 2000 years to send a few dudes to our orbiting moon?? psssht. primitave indeed. but Optimus is like “nonono this was a huge achievement for them. this was one of their first humans selected amongst billions to leave their planet’s atmosphere. good job sir. i am genuinely honoured to meet you little spaceman.”)

W A I T … do people not like Dark of the Moon (TF movie #3) ???

shit like it’s my 2nd fave after the first one?? i love DOTM??? like the storyline was actually good and made sense, the humour was good (mostly), the action was great, the humans were pretty good and interesting… yes Sentinel was a treacherous ass but he was so amazing regardless, and personally i loved Soundwave’s and Shockwave’s designs, plus Laserbeak was so well done imo…

sure i’m still pissed that like everyone died lmao (except Que whoopsdidisaythat) but it’s still a great movie???
does everyone hate it because Ironhide died???

i dunno i just keep seeing a lot of distaste for it lately lol


Next review: Takara Tomy Transformers: Movie-the-best MB11 Leader Class Optimus Prime!

Try saying that 3 times fast…. anywho! You may be thinking that if you have the ROTF Leader Optimus then this figure is not for you. Wrong, you are wrong. That figure is certainly excellent, yes… but this takes everything that should have had and adds it in splendour.

The first subject I’ll address is the paintjob. This Optimus has every little detail, nut, gear and sculpting coloured in complete movie accuracy. The flames have been added to by comparison and, rather than that almost hemi orange / light grey plastic / sparkly blue combo they used before, this Optimus is a deep red with dark glossy blue and a combinations of gunmetal and silver plastics. The only downside to them being the off grey flexible smoke stacks which are much looser than the original.

Articulation is nothing new here, but it is stiffer. This does help the figure stand much easier, but it is not necessarily a good thing for the ratchet joints. They are very stiff and I fear too much pressure will break them. This figure will definitely be staying in each mode for long periods of time. An upside compared to earlier incarnations of the figure is definitely the hands. They now have moving fingers and thumbs, adding a nice touch to Prime.

The weapons are everything I could have wanted of Bayhem Optimus Prime and I’m sure many fans will agree. The swords are a nice translucent orange colour with silver paint added to the mix. They can be hand held or plugged sideways into the arms on the pegholes before the wrist. The hooks are much the same but are a solid orange instead. The knuckle duster is a nice little accessory and fits neatly onto each hand. Finally comes the buster cannon. This is a bitch to piece together, but once the joints are loosened up it becomes much easier to transform back and forth.

I give Optimus 9/10 - Still some early flaws and plastic choices can be tricky to work with, but it looks the part and is definitely the crowning jewel Leader Class Optimus Prime!

my favorite thing about the transformers franchise is its consistency

optimus in tf4 - how dare the humans betray us when we have only ever protected them

optimus in tf3 - we let megatron burn down chicago to prove a point

optimus in tf5 - i do this evil now only reluctantly, and for a greater good

megatron in tf1-3 - i do this evil now for a greater good, albeit somewhat less reluctantly

optimus in tf1 - i will sacrifice my own life before i kill megatron, he is misguided but he is my brother

optimus in tf2 - GIVE ME YOUR FACE

optimus in the g1 cartoon - freedom is the right of all sentient beings

optimus in one shot of tf3 - [kills like seventeen decepticons with a sword]

optimus in tf1+2 - my hands turn into swords

optimus in tf3 - i am trapped in a tangled knot of cables! the autobot toys whose accessories are cutting implements need to come get me loose

optimus in tf1+2 - ironhide put away your cannons back inside your arms where they live

ironhide in tf3 - this a mexican standoff, let’s all throw down our weapons which are detachable now bc of the new toy designs

mikaela in tf1+2 - being perved on by the camera but still affects the plot more than sam

not-mikaela in tf3 - exactly the same but they cast someone else and changed her name bc they fired megan fox for being ‘a bitch’

not-mikaela in tf4 - i’m seventeen and here is an entire damn soliloquoy from my 20ish boyfriend about age of consent laws and an hour and a half of mark walhberg gaslighting my capability as a person, and also skinny jeans

sam in tf1-3 - i’m shia labeouf

not-sam in tf4 - i’m mark wahlberg now

half the cast of tf1 - we aren’t even in tf2, let alone 3 4 5

a half dozen new autobots every film - we’ve been here the whole time

optimus in tf1 - we learned earth’s languages from the world wide web

at least one autobot in every film - is a racist caricature