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October 7, 2017: Kaner and Jonny coming over to say hi to Panarin during pregame warmups :’)))

Thoughts of a Hockey Penalty Box Attendant

  • ‘Get a job in the NHL they said, it’ll be fun they said, fuckin’ lied though didn’t they.’
  • 'Here comes our first prisone–I mean player.’
  • 'Why do you guys have to hit the glass with your sticks? Why? You could poke an eye out.’
  • 'Oh no, no no no, not the camera– damnit, we just got a new one.’
  • 'How many times is this guy gonna get a penalty.’
  • 'Oh great, here comes another one. Joy.’
  • 'Okay guys, I’m running out of roo- okay honestly, I have no where to sit now.’
  • 'Ew, I just stepped in some sort of bodily fluid.’
  • 'Just once I’d like to see a fan come in the box circa Tie Domi. Just once.’
  • 'It’s a good thing there’s no hot mics in here. A sailor would blush after hearing some of this shit.’
  • 'Can–can you not try to continue the fight while in the pout palace? You’re basically in a glass case of emotion and no one can hear you but me.’
  • 'I will either go deaf from players yelling or fans. Probs both.’
  • 'I am the keeper of the bad children and I alone can release them from their prison.’

In 40 years, I’ll tell my kids about Game 1 against Nashville. I’ll tell them what it felt like to lift the Cup. But more importantly, I’ll tell them about Johnny and Brent and Duncan and Crow and Kaner and Shaw and on and on. I’ll tell them about all the time we spent in hotels, and on buses and airplanes, just talking about hockey, and about life — and if it was Johnny, probably about life on Mars.

It all means more to me than anyone will ever understand.

I love you, guys.

I love you, Chicago.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



—  Scott Darling in The Player’s Tribune

Types of Hockey Tumblrs

  • I love this one team and they are all my precious babies.
  • I love this team but fuck that one guy that got traded here, he’s the white crayon.
  • I love many teams and I don’t even care if they’re rivals.
  • I like a bunch of players from all the teams.
  • I like a single player from a bunch of teams.
  • I like goalie but honestly, fuck the team.
  • I like this player but he got traded to a team I hate so now I love/hate him.
  • I hate all the teams but like one player. He’s the pink starburst.
  • Chicago Blackhawks only.
  • I love this team but the coach needs to be fired.
  • I don’t really like hockey but these dudes are hot.
  • I know nothing about hockey but there’s some really funny posts.