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I have so many feelings for this… This is the greatest video ever…. not only because i love the try guys and i love memes and YouTube, but also because this makes me so nostalgic… I remember me and my brother watching Smosh on my granpa’s computer in 2006… I remember those memes! (And It makes me feel old…) I love the guys impressions and the songs and the end!!! (the only thing i didn’t like was damn daniel cause i hated that meme…) But in any case, this is really the best video ever!!!



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The Party - PMV (Madeon - The City) Thank you video!

Here we are, the project that is long overdue, i want to thank everyone for their support in following this blog and liking and sharing my posts, and to those who stuck with me as i worked through my struggles to complete this project, but most of all, thank you everyone who had the patience for me to complete this project, all of your combined help has driven me to complete this animatic for you all and i could not be prouder of my self to completing a project this major. and to have all of you to share it with.

i was originally going to celebrate the milestone of reaching 250 followers but as time went on, some how, some way i slowly started seeing more people choosing to follow this blog, despite the lack of content for some time. i really appreciate all of you and wanted to share the exact number of followers i had in the video of 284! but after the completion and rendering of the video, i gained a few more so now it off a bit (Thanks @askfuunsaikipony, @flurryflash, @my-slender-man, @danceshowoff) i appreciate it ^^

with the success of this project and the support of you all, i will be pressing to continue this blog to the very end, and this is just the beginning, i hope you all will be able to stay to enjoy weekly updates (as best as i can)  and not only give you a great story (to the best of my ability) but to have a chants to interact with you all. i hope you’re having a fantastic time in your life and had a awesome weekend ^^

Now to share the list of all OCs featured into the project, i apologize if i somehow missed anyone but everyone who submitted their OCs properly to me have been included ^^ (i drew all ocs to the best of my ability but being a black and white sketch it can some times be hard to find or recognize Characters, if you have a hard time finding your oc) i will be sure to message back at what time in the video your OC comes into frame.

P.S. their is a good chants i may have missed a name in the list below, if you know you sent me an OC for the project, ask me and ill let you know if i was able to include you.

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"Who is A.D.?"

Twitter pll fandom: Oh my god is it Wren? Or Aria? I bet it’s Wren hahaha this show is so fun!

Tumblr pll fandom: It’s Spencer’s twin because one time she changed outfits

YouTube pll fandom: Okay so it’s Bethany Young’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s friend who is also Melissa’s twin who is also transgender alive Maya who is also Shower Harvey who is also I Marlene King’s stepdaughter who is also Cecily Drake-Cavanaugh and A.D. stands for Alexis Drake-DiLaurentis who was also Cecily Drake-Cavanaugh’s dead waitress who also talked to Melissa on That Night ™ who is also Wren’s twin brother Arthur Dunnstock who is also Board Shorts who is also

The Media: Oh my god is it Wren? Or Aria? I bet it’s Wren hahaha this show is so fun!


Kong: Skull Island
Deleted Scenes

All of them!





My cover of Please Please Me by The Beatles for the music contest ‘Come go with me’
Not very good at singing (i’m sorry heh)…At least, I tried 😂
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It’s been a while since I’ve updated y'all on my life and it’s been a rough couple months so I felt like I needed to let y'all in on why I’ve been a little distant.

You get to meet my new baby, Riddle, in this video as well as get a little catch up on what’s got me spread so thin lately! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! 

A Big Brother Chris video will be posted this week as well! <3