t: van


CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN IN CHICAGO! so I finally got to meet Van!!! The show in Chicago ended at 10:15 and my friend and I waited outside. We had to catch a train at 11:30 (and leave by 11) finally at 10:45 Van and the band came out!!! when it was my turn to meet him He looked right at Me and smiled and gave Me a huge hug!! After that I pulled away and started saying how amazing he was and talented and he laughed and said thanks so much! I was shaking so much and freaking out so he asked IF I was okay and rubbed my back (I died on the spot omg) then I asked him if we could get a selfie on my phone and he said of course! So then he put his arm around me again (HEAVEN) which was amazing. After the selfie I hugged him again and said goodbye!!! Van was so sweet and really paid attention and met everyone! I still can’t believe I got to meet him. Its unreal. After watching YouTube videos of them live and seeing photos of him nothing compares to hugging him and taking to him in person. It makes standing out in the cold for 4 hours and missing school so worth it. I’m so happy that they followed their dreams and are doing what they’re doing because it’s a blessing to hear the amazing music they make. LOVE YOU SO MUCH VAN YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!#