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Day 10 - New year, new look.

"Goodnight" One Shot

Author: the-friendly-mushroom

Original Imagine: Imagine falling asleep at the desk while Kevin was translating the tablet and he kisses your forehead before returning to it.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 300

A/N: This is my first time writing Kevin and this oneshot is really short, but I hope you enjoy! Feedback would be really appreciated. 


“Y/N, go to sleep,” Kevin said, taking a small break from the tablet to glance at you.

“M'not tired,” you said sleepily, sitting up and propping your head up on the table with your hand, eyes trying to slide closed again.

“Whatever you say,” he replied, smiling softly.

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"The Bet" One Shot

Author: the-friendly-mushroom

Original Imagine Link: Imagine walking in on Dean and Cas doing the dirty and after getting over the initial shock you run to tell Sam, and Dean is trying to chase after you to stop you, but he’s also trying to get dressed and Sam is laughing because everyone had a betting pool on when they would get together.

Warnings: non-graphic mentioning of Destiel sex

Word Count: 400 and change





You look up from the heavy book lying across your lap. When another noise resonates down the hall, you silently stand, putting the book in your now-vacated seat. You pull your gun out of your waistband and slip silently down the hall. The noises continue, louder now that you’re out of your room. Stepping silently down the hall, you discover the noises are coming from Dean’s bedroom. On a mental count of three, you shove open Dean’s door, gun raised.

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anonymous asked:

I have 2 diagnoses. One I knew about and one I didn't until I googled the code on my form. When I told my t he basically just asked if I agreed. It was really great bc one of my anxiety "spirals" is ppl thinking I'm immature/treating me like a child and it was just so refreshing to be asked my opinion about something as big as my diagnosis and have it explained to me in a non-condescending way! Btw if the term spirals is confusing pls say so I'm happy to explain why I call them that

Jack Frost

Author: lifeofsnark

Words: 2053

Summary: Reader starts to freeze to death after a run-in with Jack Frost. Dean and Sam have to warm her back up.

Warnings: cursing, non-sexual nudity

A/N: I would very much appreciate feedback! Contact lifeofsnark with comments/questions.


Dean cut the Impala’s engine, and steam wafted up from the hood into the frigid Montana night. You and the brothers were looking for a creature that was freezing its victims’ hearts. Sam and Dean had never seen anything like it. 

The three of you slid of out of the car, the door slams echoing across the empty snowy fields. “Well, this is it,” said Sam quietly. “When I looked at the areas around the body finds, this was the only overlapping territory.  Whatever it is, it probably lives up here somewhere.”

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your name is…

no, your name will be..

your name is your name and your former best friend just called you something bad that starts with a t.

"In for a Ride" (Part 1/?)

Author: fanofthefic

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2296

Summary: Reader fic, where you wake up bound in a dark, unfamiliar place where you’re at the mercy of some man or animal — you can’t even see in the dark. Two brothers come along and save you, though, and you’re introduced to a whole new world, where monsters are not just the things of nightmares.

Fic: In for a Ride

You come to, and open your eyes, but there’s nothing to see. Its so dark you can’t see anything. You’re leaning up against a very hard, cold, and altogether uncomfortable surface. Your legs are wrapped together from just below the knee, and tied off at the ankles. There is something holding your hands tight together behind your back. Too tight. It’s cutting into your wrists and your fingers are tingling from lack of blood flow.

Last you remembered you were alone with your thoughts, walking the usual trails through the woods. Now that you’re a little more alert, you can make out that its a little damp where you were. It’s a little cold, and there’s a slight draft coming from somewhere to the left. Thankfully you were wearing your jacket to help with the chill. Then there’s a rustle nearby and you gasp.

"Sunny Days" One Shot

Author: omgtoomuchfandoms

Warnings: Low self-esteem, mention of scars from hunting. (English is not my mother language)

Word Count: 580

Summary: The Reader feels uncomfortable wearing two-pieces swimsuit because she doesn’t like her body and Gabriel tries to cheer her up.

Link to Fic: ☀︎

The sun was shining, the wind was softly blowing and those things made that a perfect day to go to the beach. You wake up early to the notes of your favorite summer song: “Stay the Night” by James Blunt.

You switch off the alarm and finish preparing the bag that you took the night before. Sunglasses, towel, sunscreen — everything was already there except for the swimsuit. You search for it all over the flat, in the wardrobe, in the drawers, even in the kitchen. Everywhere. And all you can find is everything but what you are searching for. You are almost giving up when you hear a sound of wings and Gabriel pops in front of you.