t: nyi


The biggest lesson minor hockey has taught me is to enjoy the game and love the game. I think that can be lost sometimes, the game is very competitive, rightfully so. It’s great to be competitive and to push yourself to be the best you can be, but those two things, really, enjoy the game, love the game. And push yourself to be the best that you possibly can be as a person whether that’s on the ice or off the ice, you know, always striving to be the best.(x)


now i was at this summer school in st. petersburg where i go every year, new york-st. petersburg institute of linguistics, cognition and culture. and this year i decided not to do anything serious for the cog fest (it’s like a mini-conference at nyi during which any student or faculty member can give a 5 minute talk about anything related to linguistics or other cognitive fields), but rather tell the nyi people about the -stoph suffix on tumblr. and boy, was it a success!

and after the cog fest, sabine iatridou (she’s a guru in the field, a professor at mit, former student of chomsky, etc., etc.) came up to me and said that she also liked christoph. 

p.s. i enclose my slides. there’s also a video of the talk, but i don’t know when i’ll be able to get it.