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Our boys are gifts from above. Like honestly they came into this game wanting to win SO BAD. And they showed it. They played great. Every single post game interview, each guy was trying to hard to say what we were all thinking but without coming right out to say it. NHL refs hate us. And its not just one game or one game every other month. We’ve dealt with this for way too long. I’m so fed up. We get such bullshit calls all the time. I don’t care if you hate our team or not, but you HAVE to respect how they’ve been playing lately. Worst team or not, we’re trying to climb just nobody seems to let us. I know they all wanted to say how the refs were being assholes but in reality they couldn’t. All in all, I’m very proud with the boys. They’re showing everyone how the game is played and how they CAN play it. 

And especially MY BOY JOSHY who scored tonight<3 

Getting a point isn’t what it should take to get you to step up your game. After Josh’s assist he definitely changed in his game. You could tell he was working and trying harder. He needs to be like every night and improve. He shouldn’t be sitting back and doing nothing until something happens and makes him step up. He needs to give his all no matter what. Even so, seeing him FINALLY step up and get his first point of the season, I was proud. 

Joshy I love you I do, but you need to step up your game. This picture got me really excited, I had proof you were really trying and working to get better…then I saw the puck was BEHIND your stick. Come on buddy, please step up your game. I really don’t want you to go back to Bridgeport this season, even just for a week or two.