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Wes Attacked By Simon On His Birthday; Wayne’s Complaints Are Full Of Love

SpeXial’s leader Wes celebrated his 27th birthday on the 26th. He was filming udn and iQiYi’s “High 5” in Miaoli, and on the night before the crew got him cake to celebrate his birthday. Before this, Wes believed that his fellow members wouldn’t dare to “violate the authority” and prank him on his birthday, but his co-star and fellow member Simon was very into the game. He used cream to “attack” the leader, but in the end Simon ended up with more cream on his face than the birthday boy.

Wes made wishes on set, saying that he hopes that since the actors play ball for real on the court and during training so he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt and hopes they can protect themselves well. Wayne, who is often paired with him, recorded a video with a birthday wish for him too. Not only did he transform into his character in “K.O. One 4” and complained that Wes “loves playing basketball lately.” When Wes watched the video on set, he smiled and accepted the “love.” Even though Simon pranked Wes on set, he emotionally posted on Facebook: “I’m thankful for him leading SpeXial to move forward… ‘Ge, it’s so good to have you. Thank you!’”

“High 5” has been filming training scenes in Miaoli lately, and every had a barbeque for Wes’ birthday like it’s a party. Wes thought back to celebrating his birthday in Korean with the first generation members in Korea right after he got discharged from the army. “They wanted to give me a surprise at the time, and they hid in my room trying to throw pie at me, but I avoided it completely and it made them look stupid.” He didn’t think that he would finally get pranked this year.

Article from udn (16.07.26)
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The United Kingdom got a new prime minister Wednesday, as David Cameron resigned and Theresa May stepped in.

But the nation’s prime mouser remains the same: Larry the cat, beloved by the British for his charm … and sloth.

In early 2011, the prime minister’s residence had a mouse problem. Larry was at an animal rescue center that enthusiastically endorsed his mousing skills. It seemed like a match made in heaven.

The former stray arrived at Downing Street on Feb. 15, 2011 — and promptly scratched a TV reporter and got busted trying to photobomb Kevin Spacey. But hey, he wasn’t there for the convenience of the press. He was there to catch rodents!

The only problem: He wasn’t good at killing mice. At all.

Larry The Cat Stays Put Amid Upheaval Of British Politics

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