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Poses №4 by Rin-Anj

You need:

Pose player and teleport any sim x2

TOU: (От вас)

1. Don’t claim my creations as your own (Не претендуйте на мои творения, как на свои)

2. Don’t re-upload my creations (Не перезагружайте мои творения заново)

3. Tag me if you use them (Пометьте меня, если вы используете их)

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“My creation! My lover! Wake up and live with me again!”

((while i’m still not sure for pros, but here’s my submission of Sorbet and Gelato for the @jjbahalloweenball! Gelato is the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein and Sorbet is, well, the Frankenstein monster! 

You can ask them stuff and interact with them. 

I still accept asks for normal sorbet and gelato, just clarify which one the asks are for!))


happy birthday @accidental-rambler

Caroline Forbes. Master thief. Assassin. Spy. But before she was wanted by nearly every government in the world, Caroline was part of an elite FBI team, the Originals. Hunting rogue criminals around the world, the Originals were led by Special Agent Klaus Mikaelson, her lover, and consisted of his siblings and her best friend Stefan Salvatore. But, tragedy struck the team, a betrayal orchestrated from inside the FBI, and, beliefs destroyed, Caroline turned to the wrong side of the law. But, did everyone perish in the blast that killed her team? Or, is Klaus still alive, biding his time for revenge? 


@pocpotterweek day six // marauders era

to be a black made you practically royal” ; the black cousins


Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:) 

That’s Not My Name

A cheesy pickup line isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 713

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this is for @andtheraincamefalling Bad Pickup Lines Challenge. I signed up with my main blog @chumi-la-chula This didn’t have much flirting not only because I don’t know how to flirt, but it kinda just flowed with not much flirting. The pickup line will be in bold. Enjoy :)

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