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harry is the light of my life 

PARTY BOY PRIME - a rodimus mix 

01. titanic vandalism - the go! team // 02. sorry for party rocking - lmfao // 03. domino prime (jessie j vs. stan bush) - perestoika // 04. ride on shooting star - the pillows // 05. im in love with myself - bad sports // 06. scott mescudi vs. the world (ft. cee lo green) - kid cudi // 07. troublemaker - weezer // 08. pretty boy swag - soulja boy tell'em // 09. shake it off - taylor swift


WIP plus the finished piece

Midnight Sunflowers
Handmade silk paper collage with gold leaf and abalone inlay…18"×24"

By Laurel W Carnahan

This is a submission to a contest for the poster/t shirt design for the Tanana Valley State Fair (one of the multiple state fairs in Alaska). The fair motto this year is “Raven About the Fair” and they wanted something with yellows and blacks with sunflowers. I’ll be pleased if it’s chosen, but even if not, I’m really happy with the piece!

“Nowhere in my travels, not in the heart of the Imperium nor the streets of Orzammar, have I felt so much an outsider as in Rivain.” ()

The Return of the Eagle - Atli Örvasson // Spirit of Damascus - Jesper Kyd // Shanty for the Arethusa - The Decemberists // Merry Men - Mark Streitenfeld // The Cascades - Fleet Foxes // Dead Bird Hill - Gaelic Storm // The Sailor and the Sea - Xandria // The Islander - Nightwish // In This World or the One Below - Brian Tyler


T. Hanuka aka Tomer Hanuka (Israeli, b. 1974, Israel, based NYC, USA) - 1: Ghost Warriors  2: Htoo Jux  3: Wind Riders from 2015 Graphic Novel The Divine, written by Boaz Lavie, illustrated by Asaf Hanuka (Twin Brother) & Tomer Hanuka.

Random Movement - All Cities Mix


Random Movement - Fresh Off The Market (Vandal) 
BCee - Double Take (Fokuz)
Redeyes - Goodnight Brooklyn (Vandal)
Pharrell Williams - Happy (?????? Bootleg ??????)
Calibre - Things R Re-Arranging - Creative Source
Glen E. Ston & Flaco - Transcendence (dub)
Andrezz - There Is No Time To Lose (Vandal)
Andrezz - Neanderthal (L-Side Remix) (V)
Command Strange - Movin (dub)
Glen E. Ston & Flaco - Freak (dub)
Flowrian feat. Chrizzor - Perception (Vandal)
Boosta & Atmos T - The Things You Do (Innerground)
Dramatic & Command Strange - Try To Understand (dub)
Quadrant & D-Struct - Sexy Beam (Intrigue)
Soulculture & DJ Hyprid - Losing You (Audio Addict)
K-Jah - Clap For That (Ruffneck Ting)
Ram Trilogy - Titan (Ram)
Submorphics - Pacfic Heights (Liquid V)
Random Movement, Jaybee & Adrienne Richards Ahead Of It All (Liquid V)
Level 2 - When (V)



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