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New Wave Diner

A 70s-80s mix of punky, catchy and direct new wave tunes with bouncy vocals fit for a drive-in diner’s radio/jukebox.

The menu:

Hanging On The Telephone + Atomic - BLONDIE / Monday - THE JAM / 52 Girls - THE B-52S /  Vanessa Vacillating + One More Trauma - SLOW CHILDREN / My Best Friend’s Girl - THE CARS / U.S. Drag + Walking In L.A. - MISSING PERSONS / Precious + Brass In Pocket - PRETENDERS / Echo Beach - MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS  / Try This For Sighs - ADAM ANT / Secret Life - DEBBIE HARRY / Yeah Yeah - CYNDI LAUPER / Beckoning Strings - ALTERED IMAGES


this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation


“No. You won’t care by then,” she said, wondering even as she said it if she could stand the idea of a Jace who didn’t care. She hadn’t thought as far ahead as he had, and when she tried to imagine watching him fall in love with someone else, marry someone else, she couldn’t even picture it, couldn’t picture anything but an empty black tunnel that stretched out ahead of her, forever. “Please. If we don’t say anything, if we just pretend—”
“There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.” ─ City of Glass, Chapter 14.


GET BETTER: for when it’s 3 am and you’re having a breakdown and decide the best time to turn your life around is Now 

this year - the mountain goats / zoom - last dinosaurs / medicine - daughter / don’t let it get to you - rostam / dust - childcare / amy aka spent gladiator 1 - the mountain goats / first - cold war kids / second - magnus bechmann / just do it - copacabana club / unicorn tolerance - the mountain goats / i wanna get better - bleachers

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slow sensations; let the spark of something more consume me (listen on spotify)

i. hunger | sam sure, ii. things i’d do for u | astronomyy, iii. good together | honne, iv. turbine blue | seekae, v. talk baby talk | emma louise, vi. ilysb - stripped | lany, vii. vines | golden vessel & goode, viii. i | foreign fields, ix. meet in the middle | ta-ku & wafia, x. all we do | oh wonder, xi. warm | sg lewis, xii. outside | tender xiii. anaesthetic | thomston

1. Rain- SWV
2. Set It Off- Bryson Tiller
3. Teenage Fever- Drake
4. Love- Keisha Cole
5. Get You- Daniel Caesar
6. Cater 2 U- Destiny’s Child
7. Every Kind of Way- H.E.R
8. Say Yes- Floetry
9. All yours- Submotion Orchestra

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[Ruby Centre] Kinmirai Happy End!
[Ruby Centre] Kinmirai Happy End!

While I like the original song, the fact that it wasn’t a Ruby centre was a little upsetting. So I wanted to rearrange the song to make it a little “Rubier” I guess. I know some of the timing is off but I really tried so I hope you enjoy,, ;; (and i had to repeat ruby’s solo twice so sorry about that too,,) 

Acapella by @lovelive-musicbox


A 45 minutes set containing 9 soundscapes recorded live during a private event at an undisclosed location.

00:00 Ouverture
04:13 First Movement
11:10 Polyrhytmic
16:23 Second Movement
18:36 Third Movement
26:06 Lento
30:30 Drone and its relation to Dream
35:51 Finale Movement
40:16 Coda

All tracks composed and mixed by yours truly.