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I've always liked to wonder what an AU where the spirit water didn't heal Aang at the end of book 2. Maybe to that kind of thing?

  • Everything in this au goes the same way it does in canon, only now for some reason the spirit water doesn’t work for some reason.
  • With Aang dead, Katara takes the helm as the leader of Team Avatar
  • She’s definietly more furious than she was in canon.
  • While Aang is dead, Zuko’s arc goes about the same way as in canon, with him having a change of heart and joining the Gaang.
  • “The Western Air Temple” goes differently though, with Katara too blinded by anger to even remotely consider let Zuko join them. But, she eventually gives in. 
  • After the ar, the Gaang manage to track down the next Avatar, and Zuko vows to protect Korra, and becomes her firebending master. 

I’m not sure the world needed another Jily texting AU but I decided to make one anyways, so enjoy

Summary: James dropped his phone in the toilet, classic. It happens. After finding a new phone he tries to round up numbers and names to refresh his contacts. What he doesn’t expect is to receive a message from Lily Evans. What’s her motive? Who knows? Not James, not Peter, definitely not Sirius, but….maybe Remus. After all, texting is a tricky business…it’s never clear when things aren’t face to face.

Word Count: 2,250

Friday 9:02PM, James and Sirius

J: hey mate it’s prongs. finally got the new phone
S: lol about time..hey did you save the old shite one? we can have a memorial for it  😘
J: shut it you git. i only had that thing for a month. just text moony and pete for me and tell them to hurry up. i’ve already ordered pizza
S: i’ll be there in 10. remus’ll catch a ride from pete. i’m picking up ogden’s. paying now.
J: ok
J: wait…padfoot. heafiisdoj PADFOOT
S: ??
S: ok ok i’m coming relax

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salutslut  asked:

5 aus about wwii

I’m going to go with the assumption that all our friends are fighting for the allies in this particular au

  • Katara and Sokka are Native American, Aang is Tibetan, Iro, Zuko, and the Fire Nation kids are all Japanese America(Ty Lee could be Chinese though, maybe?)
  • Katara fervently fights for the rights of Native Americans, and later partakes in the Suffer agate Movement
  • What if Sokka’s a Code Talker?

Sorry,I’m not bing too creative with this au, but, I’ve definietly had WWII based ideas. 

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THAT'S THE ONE I FORGOT! At least I think I did. Okay but imagine Barry being completely terrified of lightning because of being struck and by extension lightning storms and he's fighting Len in a huge warehouse and there's a flash of light and a boom and Barry just freaks out, too scared to try and run for a safer place but terrified of being in the warehouse where the noises echo and he can clearly see the lightning.

He knows it’s irrational, that lightning gave him incredible powers, but he can’t help but be terrified of it. Maybe because he knows just how powerful it can be. It changed his life so much, in some ways for the better, but it also lead to so much pain. He can’t stand it now - it’s far too ominous to him. Mark Mardon making it his signature move didn’t help.

Usually, the weather in Central is clear, but every now and then a storm of incredible magnitude rolls through. Whether it’s Mardon or just nature, Barry hates it. He immediately freezes and panics.

So he’s at this confrontation when he hears the peals of thunder and he just stops. He’s caught like a deer in the headlights. He doesn’t fight anymore, doesn’t talk anymore. Len doesn’t even get a word out before the light flashes through the broken windows and Barry just crumples. He collapses in on himself, jumping back and making himself as small as possible. 

Len’s confused, they were kind of in the middle of something, but he can see right away that all that’s been forgotten. Another peal of thunder and dash of lightning rings through the building and Barry just whimpers, doesn’t even move, doesn’t know where to move. He’s staring at Len and it’s like he’s drowning but can’t cry for help lest the water overtake him when he tries to take a breath.

So Len darts forward, grabs his arms. He can see the kids chest rising and sinking too fast to be safe and he knows the kids about to start hyperventilating, he’s seen the signs before, he’s experienced them.

He’s repeating his name, saying it will be alright, asking what’s wrong, but Barry can’t bring himself to respond. His eyes dart about looking for an escape, a way away from this lightning, he doesn’t even care about Snart anymore, but he can’t find one. The only way back to safety is outside. And he can’t go outside, it’s bad enough in here. The windows are open and broken and the lightning can find its way in. The thunder is echoing through the building, bouncing back and forth of the walls and Barry can feel it in his chest.

Leonard pulls off his goggles, pushes back Barry’s mask, holds Barry’s head between his hands and forces the kid to meet his eyes. Barry looks at him like he’s a life raft, widens his eyes and clings on to this gaze. Doesn’t even blink and his eyes start to water because of the sting of the air on them and the fear behind them. 

Len slowly guides him away, Barry clings on to him the moment Len tries to move him, suddenly jolted into life. He holds on to his arms desperately as Len manoeuvres him slowly away from the open windows and walls, back further into the building and through a door to one of the inner rooms. He’s still repeating it: ‘breath, just breath. In and out, you can do it kid. Deep breath in. And out.’

The kids gasping now, crying, but he’s trying. He’s choking on his breaths but he’s trying to keep the pace. Len can feel him shaking under his hands. He jolts whenever the thunder echoes through, regresses every time the light flashes. Len moves him over to a corner of the room, lets the kid feel the walls supporting him on two sides and Len in front of him. Barry sinks into the corner, hands coming up over his head as he tries to block out all sight and sound. Len sinks down in front of him, hand on his back as he tries to keep up with the soothing words. Tries to keep Barry grounded as he spirals down.

The storm doesn’t last long, but it feels like hours. It takes Barry even longer to calm down afterwards. He’s a state, tear stained face and messed hair. When he finally regains complete control of himself he sits in silence, not knowing where to go from here, completely lost in the experience. He uncovers his head, looks up at Len, and doesn’t know what to say. Len asks if he’s alright, but Barry doesn’t know if he is. He just whispers ‘thank you’, and disappears in a flash.

What She Loves, Part 4

Summary: Karai and Leonardo were both raised by Oroku Saki. When he dies, Leo takes over as the new Shredder and leader of the Foot Clan, Karai becoming his second-in-command. But the change brings hidden feelings into light, which only escalate when they travel to New York to settle a conflict. 2012 AU, Leonardo/Karai.
A/N: Is there even a point to me saying how sorry I am for being late anymore like oh my god I am the WORST. But here it is I hope you guys will like it!

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ShiHou sad future headcanon

We have a headcanon that Iori and Inumuta (who have been dating for a while) decide to start up their own clothing brand after they defeat Ragyo. With Iori’s skills in designing and making, and with Houka’s skills in financial matters and connections to big companies, they would probably be pretty successful. They adopt two dogs, get married, and grow up as a high class fashionable gay couple. Anyway, this headcanon is the ‘bad end’ I guess, of that particular scenario, brought about by mod Lily listening to The Bed Song by Amanda Palmer and telling me about it. These are from our twitter conversations, with some editing. Some warning though, it’s pretty long and sad (-mod Deva)

okay but shihou that dissolves slowly and quietly and they both know that something is wrong but they dont know what to say

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The soulmates AU where everything is black and white before you meet them and after they die. Barry is just having another normal day where he's getting lectured by Singh but he's too busy of thinking what heist his boyfriend is probably planning or if they're actually staying in when all of a sudden everything goes black and white. OR Len's robbing a place with Mick and Lisa the police are there but he's just waiting for his adorable hero when all the color disappears.


This is painful. Really painful. Like, everything they’ve been through and they finally get to have a semi-normal life. They’re worked out all the kinks, it’s all going well, Len’s doing one of his biannual heists (Barry managed to knock him down to two a year). 

Barry’s just working in the lab when everything /shifts/. He’d finally gotten used to all the colour but now it’s suddenly gone and everything just looks bland. He doesn’t think, doesn’t let himself think, because he knows what this means. He just forces himself to breathe, maybe it will pass. Maybe there’s some kind of glitch in his brain, he might be sick? A tumour in the right place could probably cause this regression. Please, god, let it be a brain tumour. Because the alternative is so much worse. No, that can’t be possible. Not now, not after all this. They wasted so much time. 

They wasted so much time.

And then he can’t help but think it - Leonard Snart, his Len, is gone. He’s seen this before, heard people talk about it. Read about it in books and seen it in movies, movies he couldn’t really appreciate until Len… Len… Until he brought the colour into Barry monochrome life.

Barry doesn’t even realise he’s dropped the vial he was working on at first, he doesn’t care. People are trying to talk to him but he doesn’t care. He just stares at the samples on his desk that used to be a vivid red. He’ll never see that icy blue again.

He flashes away, he has to find him. It doesn’t even occur to him that he wasn’t alone in the room when he left, he has bigger things to worry about. Maybe it’s not too late? Maybe, maybe he can still do CPR. Call an ambulance. He just needs to find him. Has to find him.

But then he does, and he wishes he didn’t. Because he can only see him in shades of lifeless grey, and those wonderful colours are only memories now. Memories of that morning when Len’s shining, gorgeous, intent and ambiguous eyes stared into his from the other side of the too-small bed. Now they’re staring up to the sky and it’s all blank and Barry knows that the stain across his chest is scarlet even if he can’t see it. Why can he remember blood so vividly now? It’s like the whole scene is grey but for this violent dash of red.

Someone’s holding him back but Barry’s pushing forward, trying to reach him. He has to be able to save him. He has to. What’s the point in having all these powers if you can’t save your soulmate? What’s the point in being as fast as light when you’re still too late? He should’ve been there, should’ve moved the bullet, should’ve taken Len away. Should’ve told him not to go, not to do it, to stay in bed with him all day and forget the world. 

But it’s too late. It’s too late. He’s being pulled away, being told there’s nothing he can do and that he has to get out of there, it isn’t safe. But nothing matters anymore. Len is dead and nothing matters except those memories of shining blue.

Patience, my friend.

The sound of utensils clacking against plates was broken only by Anakin’s nervous tapping. He was usually very good at hiding his anxiety and impatience, physically, at least, Obi-Wan always seemed to notice despite his efforts. This time, he wasn’t trying to hide it. No, he was done hiding it, done waiting. Patience was a virtue reserved for people who didn’t mind waiting, and Anakin had done enough of that. If he waited any longer, he feared he would lose his chance, or worse, his nerve. His foot kept up the steady rhythm of tapping while his hand was occupied moving food from his plate to his mouth. Occasionally he would throw a glance at Obi-Wan, silently asking him to say something, and wondering if he wouldn’t, just on principle. It seemed to Anakin that Obi-Wan only liked pointing out his mood when he least wanted him to. 


TanaAsaNoya… but my brain went to Asahi being the only one realizing that all three of them are going out. Noya knows he’s dating Asahi, sure. But it doesn’t even occur to Tanaka that he and Noya (and by extension he and Asahi) are basically dating until they’re doing some cuddling one day and he’s like “Hey, uh, Noya.” “Yeah?” “Are we dating?” And Asahi just starts snickering from the other end of the couch where he’s reading something.

Tanaka frowns and shares a look with Noya and they both jump to the other end of the couch and practically knock Asahi off it. Hugging and getting into his space and tickling him, demanding to know when he was going to tell them he was dating them both. Noya fake crying about Asahi being such a player and Tanaka doing dramatic sighs and fanning his face like he’s scandalized.

Noya calling Asahi a player

the three of them being in a relationship without fully realizing it and when they finally do they all just kind of… oh okay

Asahi probably panicked a little at first but then realized that neither Noya or Tanaka seemed concerned and honestly he can see how well the three of them work on a personal level… so, oh okay, we just have an unusual relationship

Tanaka probably makes sure to sit down with Asahi and talk it out with him.  Like he doesn’t want Asahi to feel pressured into “letting him in” on the relationship

because Tanaka is a goddamn sweetheart

Noya worrying he was like lowkey cheating on Asahi and going all frowny about it until Asahi assures him it’s all good

Roma ||  i-have-the-heart-of-a-king

|| i-have-the-heart-of-a-king

It had been ages since Raoul had visited the empire’s capital. For most of his life he had lived sheltered in his family’s estate which was located north in the Gallian countryside. To Raoul, Rome was a sight to be seen. It was a hustle and bustle. Vendors lined the street, obnoxiously trying to get the attention of pedestrians. Carts raced down the road, in a hurry to get supplies where they needed to be. He saw an elderly couple walk hand in hand on the side of the road, a young boy chase after his puppy, a little girl tug on the hem of her mother’s dress. Raoul was in awe at the sights and sounds of the city.

Caught up in everything, Raoul did not look where he was going, and because of this, he knocked right into another woman. He only snapped out of his trance when he saw her fall into the dirt. He gasped, “Oh my! I am so so terribly sorry!” He held out his hand to help her up, “Here, let me help you!”

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Pirates of the Caribbean AU? Iris as Elizabeth, Barry as Will, and Len as Jack maybe?

Man, I need to rewatch those films. I can hardly remember them.

Also I’m going to start this off by offering one thing for consideration: Barry as Elizabeth and Iris as Will? Coz I can see that so well, and I have a weakness for Barry as a damsel in distress (not that Elizabeth is for more than like 15 minutes).

But considering Elizabeth is totally kick-ass by the second act, Iris does actually fit pretty damn well. But tbh my main focus here is pirate!Len. On the quest for the booty (I’m sorry). I mean, he’d need a drastic personality change, which would also change his motivations, but I’m really interested in how that could turn out? Like, is he doing it as an escape, to get away from his past? Does he have this Cap’n Jack Sparrow persona just like Captain Cold? Does he have a crew of Rogues working the sails?

Tell me more this is intriguing


Ezzy: I just like to imagine Daichi sighing endlessly because Suga refuses to listen to his complaints about Kuroo and Bokuto anymore

Ezzy: like he starts on about something dumb they did and Suga tunes him out immediately

Ezzy: puts on headphones or turns up the tv

Sawamura Daichi has a little voice inside his head, like so many of us do, that he knows is his conscience and it sounds a lot like his best friend Suga.  Which is why he knows not listening to that voice is a bad idea.  Kuroo and Bokuto have a way of making him do it anyway.  It’s hard to imagine all of stupid things that they get Daichi to do (and the even stupider ones that happen when they have been drinking) including possibly the stupidest one: falling in love with them.

Ezzy: it also kind of popped into my head because I want to read (or write) a fic that doesn’t end with the ship falling in love.  I want it to start there and then we get to see the dorks trying to like go on dates and talk about moving in and forgetting bread in the toaster so the entire apartment smells like burnt toast for a week,

Ezzy: and i just imagined it starting out with Suga & Daichi sitting somewhere talking and Suga’s like “You like Bokuto too.”  And Daichi’s all “I do?”  And Suga just sighs because Oh Daichi you’re lucky you’re adorable cause sometimes you are not observant

meowable-chan: poor daichi

meowable-chan: you know they will gang up on him

Ezzy: oh yeah.  Kuroo and Bokuto would so gang up on him

Ezzy: the worst part for Daichi would be that Kuroo is cunning.  But he’s also enthusiastically stupid sometimes like Bokuto.